winter storm
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Valparaiso, IN

#23 Mar 5, 2013
heard on scanner police requesting one of the hills needed salt and to call street dept. Does Jobe not check the hills/main streets? Just wondered how it works.

Francesville, IN

#24 Mar 5, 2013
hey , lenny ! ile plow the park road sidewalk 1x for $6000.00 . just like before . ile also plow the Trail to the China shop for $16,000.00 additional .

United States

#25 Mar 5, 2013
Looks like everyone is settled in for the night in C'ville topix. Just checking to see if anyone was out and give any conditions update.

United States

#26 Mar 6, 2013
Wow, is internet down? Is this site working? Nobody mentioned roads or schools or anything this morning.
Inclined Killer

Granger, IN

#27 Mar 6, 2013
I want the job. Where do I apply?
how much

United States

#28 Mar 6, 2013
I'm thinking we got about 5 inches down at everton. How about elsewhere locally?
Sally Mander

Chicago, IL

#29 Mar 6, 2013
concerned wrote:
and ONCE AGAIN the new street superintendant BLEW IT with little to NO PREPARATION!!!!
Be more specific,in what way were they not ready??.We need to know what you mean,we are union workers are you saying that we are slacking off?..Can you do a better job please attend the meetings and let your selfelf be heard.

Francesville, IN

#30 Mar 6, 2013
Skewer your union . That is the problem . You don't work for the city , you work for the union . You union but wholes don't care about those who pay your wages . Do the street department really do as good a job as a scab ? No. They just get paid more to do less . "Sorry . The Union Handbook says that is not part of my job description ." I say , "Fire the lot of them and hire those willing to work." Urban cut the summer help from Union wage to half that because he said the County doesn't pay union wages . Well a county road cop starts at 1/3 that of a city cop , so why hasn't Urban cut the worthless lazy bums pay 75%? Instead he gives them more benefits . What a bunch of BS . Attending meetings does nothing . This town is broke due to BS spending on BS projects like the Trail to the China shop or the huge waste of planting a few trees along the private railroad . All the while the real problems continue to be ignored . The landfill has NOT been capped with a foot of clay , I can see trash all over the surface . Not even the Conner Trail has been capped all that was done was some riprap and a tiny pile of dirt . Why didn't the state come and see for themselves before allowing Urban to waste $500,000 on windows at Visteon when that money was intended for the landfill ? Obviously most of this stink hole town could care less but a few (2or 1) would love to see an honest politician . Leonard E. Urban You sir are a piece of dog doo Please dispose of yourself in the proper receptacle . Paid for by the Council To Recall Urban . Thank you and have a unpleasant tomorrow .

Connersville, IN

#31 Mar 6, 2013
street dept does a crummy job with the snow plows.. 10 ft from the mailbox.. The post office wants the area cleaned around the mail box.. but i am not cleaning snow from the center of the road..

Lafayette, IN

#32 Mar 6, 2013
jobe wrote:
Hey iam still on vacation on the beach. That reminds me of a funny saying,"lifes a beach" ain't it lol. Anyways dropped in to say hi. Be back when there isn't anymore snow to clear and I don't have to hear everyone whine and complain about it. Its indiana don't like it move south or get a job like me and use tax payers money to go on vacation lol.
Illinois beach? Is that like Indiana Beach? Nice try. ISP dipsh*t

Lafayette, IN

#33 Mar 6, 2013
Senseless wrote:
street dept does a crummy job with the snow plows.. 10 ft from the mailbox.. The post office wants the area cleaned around the mail box.. but i am not cleaning snow from the center of the road..
What about your sidewalk dipsh$t? You're responsible for your mailbox.

Chicago, IL

#34 Mar 6, 2013
You people ever think about HOW MUCH TERRITORY the street department workers have to cover? A lot! All you do is complain that nothing is good enough. I'd like to see the whiners get off their rear ends, go out into cold and extreme conditions and do what these workers do.

How about a big THANK YOU to the folks that get out there in dire weather conditions, putting their safety at risk, and try their best to make the roads safer for the residents.


Chicago, IL

#35 Mar 6, 2013
DDC wrote:
Wow, is internet down? Is this site working? Nobody mentioned roads or schools or anything this morning.
People aren't on this site to be educated or informed. They are here to whine that nothing is good enough. Whining always accomplishes a lot. Not! No gratitude for what can be accomplished by a few workers covering a large territory in dire conditions. That on top of the multitude of other complaints plaguing this site daily. People should try being grateful and their outlook on life would improve.

Francesville, IN

#36 Mar 6, 2013
Neither Snow nor .........zzzzzzzzzzzzz The postal employees work for a PRIVATE company yet 100% federally funded ??? Just like the federal reserve system . The republican and Democratic wings of The Party are to blame . Its a 1 party country not two . If you refuse to get involved in politics then STHU when your constitution is publicly burned and shat upon . You that vote for the same old get what you deserve . You knew what BS Urban was about when he was a councilor . You put him in office twice . It is YOUR fault that our city is in such a mess . Maybe Gordon or Harrison would have been a better choice ? Gordon said he has ideas yet has never mentioned a single one , Harrison on the other hand DID mention several . But no no no you pos voters kept putting Urban in charge . People seem to blame Lenny but he only voted for himself 12x not 2500x . That means 2500 of our neighbors screwed us . Most of the city employees votes are cast by the Unions they belong to. As mayor the first thing I would do is NOT agree to renew any contract with any union . The police and fire want a guaranteed job ? Then they will either work for the CITY or find other employment . Secondly I would cut overtime to 0 , yes 0 . The only reason there is any overtime is because these unionists are allowed to set their own schedules . Since the contracts are not weekly how is there any overtime at all ? A 2000 hour work YEAR not a 40 hour work WEEK immediately removes all overtime . Closing a firehouse or two will not jeopardize the public safety. Understaffing at 20 different firehouses is the problem . 1 firehouse is plenty it assures that there will always be someone available and not have the appointed chief say we can't leave the firehouse due to not enough staff .If off duty employees need to be called in fine , but their work hours will be reduced in the future to make sure there is no overtime .$1500 clothing allowance for park employees who do not even wear a uniform ? BS Who wrote in that clause ? These contracts need to be rewritten . Now let's grab our trash toters and tie them to the bumpers of city vehicles and have some Fun being pulled through the snow before it all melts .

Peoria, IL

#37 Mar 6, 2013
Supposed to be in the 50s on Sat. and Sun. Bring it on!
accident waiting

Zanesville, IN

#38 Mar 6, 2013
I saw a lot of elderly people out in the bad weather today. Is it really necessary for you to go to the bank or the grocery in ice and snow?? It's a broken hip waiting to happen. Be careful and stay in!
THE Old Man

United States

#39 Mar 6, 2013
Wimp, can't take you too far from your electronic devices.
I have a nosey neighbor, I pretend I have fallen and she helps me out. Devilish, I know. This old man has to have some fun.

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