Richmond, IN

#1 May 6, 2013
I think t is absolutely pathetic that a 40 something year old woman hangs out and runs the streets with 19 20 year olds... Hey Miranda why don't you stay home and teach your kids how to be adults. Instead of having your 14 y/o out till 2 or 3 am running the streets. You could also pick better friends. Ashley Burch looks like a Man and that Martika is a damned snagel toothed skank. Damn you old ass grow up.

Goshen, IN

#2 May 7, 2013
Too damn funny.What you doing watching her anyway sicko? I think there has been enough topix on her. leave her be. And if she hangs out with 19 and 20 year olds that is her business. I have seen her kids and they are being raised just fine. Liberty needs to get off her back and move on. Her life is nobodies business and if you dont have anything better to do with your life then follow her maybe she needs to go to cops and have restraining order put on you.Sure she knows who you are! So leave her alone and you grow up and get a life maybe then she can have peace.

Young America, IN

#3 May 7, 2013
I have to agree she needs to spend time with her kids, like go home after work, school fix dinner help kids with homework then spend quality time with them. Instead of sitting in a vehicle texting and acting like a teenager..

Goshen, IN

#4 May 7, 2013
It's pretty pathetic you spent five minutes of your life to post this. You & your buddy can quit following us around, taking pictures & flipping us off. Grow up & get a life. Worry about you & your kids, leave us alone. Thanks :)

Liberty, IN

#5 May 7, 2013
Martika take care of your kid also.... Where is your son while you are out with Miranda? Miranda is not a good mother at all. She abuses the system and LIES to people about her car being repoed and her cell phone being shut off and no Christmas for her kids... She lied straight to my face and she flirts with all the guys at the bell. It's just sad that the kids are the ones being punished by being abondanded by their mothers Martika and Miranda... Shame on you both.

West Lafayette, IN

#6 May 8, 2013
First of all, seriously?!?! I am a close friend of Miranda's and I will tell you that she takes care of her kids in the best possible way that a single mother can. If I have been in a hard place she was there and vice versa. She has a huge heart and doesn't deserve to have it stepped on by idiots. Great minds discuss ideas and small minds discuss other people, so stop being small minded. These gossip sites are ridiculous and are created by people who like to gossip. Very seldom does anyone tell the truth on these sites and the ones that create them to start drama are usually the ones that are please do us all a favor and get happy and leave others alone!!!!!

United States

#7 May 8, 2013
Better keep an eye on your man ;)

Liberty, IN

#8 May 8, 2013
Well Miranda's new victim is G.M I know his wife and she knows.. He comes up to the bell and eats all you can chicken with his baby..... I always text his wife to let her know, they have kissed several times.. I seen it with my own eyes....

Liberty, IN

#9 May 8, 2013
Miranda is nasty and a home wrecker watch out.

Francesville, IN

#10 May 8, 2013
Why not tell us who g.m. is, if its true call him out fu**cheaters.

Connersville, IN

#11 May 9, 2013
G.M. Does not exist! And can you tell us who's home she's wrecked bc pretty sure a certain someone is still married bc his wife is dumb enough to stick around? Just stating facts gossip from this end :)

Liberty, IN

#12 May 10, 2013
Went to the bell today there was Miranda making out with G.M. Again Greg Mullins how freakin nasty... Andy say something to her you are not running a hotel it's a family restaurant I do not want my children to see this. I will NEVER come back to the roach hotel...... Lmfao...

Liberty, IN

#13 May 10, 2013
All I can say is ewwwwwwww
Taylor Lackey

Richmond, IN

#14 May 10, 2013
Okay. You guys have cat to be kitten me right meow!!! Pretty sure my moms name isn't a dick, so keep it out of your mouth. This is like the 4th or 5th time I have to to go off on you shit faced cock masters. Meow, I don't want to see anymore things about my mom. Kay? Because I know who started this and this person only started it because my mom WON'T have sex with him. So shut the hell up, and leave us alone. I'm done with your shit. My mom is an awesome mom, and so I martika. and leave Burch alone too. So what if she looks like a boy. She is who she is. Nothing wrong with that. So no more shit about my mom. I see anything else, God so help me...the whole town of liberty better take cover. And it is really fucking funny that we don't even leave in liberty anymore, and you idiots still talk about her. She doesn't talk about you, so don't talk about her.
Greg Mullins

West Lafayette, IN

#15 May 10, 2013
I will say this is quite embarrassing never thought we would be caught. So sorry to all those who are jealous. guess the one who started this is jealous he couldnt have her. miranda sweetie your a pretty woman and so sweet just ignore the idiots who want to hate on you.. I care.
Kimberly Wesler

West Lafayette, IN

#16 May 10, 2013
I still don't understand why it's anyone's business what Miranda does. Everyone's judging, and doesn't personally know her, nor what she's done for her kids. Her kids, her life, her business. no one else's. & teach her kids how to be adults? LMFAO. honestly. you don't know her kids. all three of them are wonderful kids. I think everyone whose bashing on her just needs to worry about what's going on with their life. obviously y'all are too busy causing drama.

Chicago, IL

#17 May 12, 2013
That has to be one proud mom....look at her young daughter using such nice words! How pathetic! You can get your point across without sounding like an idiot.

Liberty, IN

#18 May 12, 2013
Awful agree to point but apparently she felt upset enough to say what she said. She is teenager I am sure u have said things in anger before too and used bad language. And you are calling a fourteen year old and idiot how mature is that? If people would stay off these gossip sites and stop bad mouthing people no mothers doing the best they can then these things wouldn't happen. So get off your high horse!

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