Welfare Babies
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Liberty, IN

#42 May 11, 2012
just offer a one time payout of 5,000 dollars and a carton of cigs and a case of beer (your choice)to get snipped. men or woman.problem solved. i should run for president

Richmond, IN

#43 May 11, 2012
I work my ass off and wish I got food stamps.... I do get medicaide but both myself and my other half work full time jobs... and take care of our kids...I hate that I feel like I put in my tax dollars and i cant get free food... thats where I think it is wrong... Groceries are so expensive and that littlest bit would help.. What I hate are the drug addicts, worthless pieces of crap that mooch off the government... I do not feel bad for getting medicaide because I have worked since I was fifteen years old..and yea.. i hope I get something out of all of that.... Thats what is not fair about the system.... or the people who do not pay thier child support.. I have to pay for thier kids every month... thats some crap....
I dont remember if they passed the drug test law to get help or not..but they should...

Cincinnati, OH

#44 May 12, 2012
Pissed Taxpayer, get a f*cking life. You're a dumbass.
got brains

Cicero, IL

#45 May 16, 2012
WOW! looks like I set off quite a debate!
According to the census, 35 million people in 2008 were on food stamps, in 2010 it was up to 40 million. As of 2011, 46 million Americans were on food stamps (1 in every 7 people, better look out pissed off tax payer one of them could be sitting right beside you!). This percentage exceeds the populations of California and Colorado combined. In 2009, 457,000 of those were college graduates. In 2011, 22 million individuals with a masters degree or higher were on some kind of public assistance. Almost 34,000 of those had PhD's! This is clearly not an issue of lazy, drug addicts, no good for nothing people. NEARLY HALF OF THE PEOPLE WHO RECEIVE WELFARE ARE COLLEGE GRADUATES AND ITS INCREASING DAILY.
got brains

Cicero, IL

#46 May 16, 2012
Nobody graduates from college and expects or wants to go on food stamps.

Nobody graduates from college and expects or wants to live in poverty.
thinking out loud

Oxford, OH

#47 May 16, 2012
its me wrote:
if everyone planned for a baby and based it on their financial things, then no one would have kids. no one will ever be financially ready unless your rich or famous. just the way i think about it. not being negative towards anyone!=)
no, but if you don't have a job- can't afford to even support yourself or can't make ends meet I'd think twice and be very cautious! Granted, sometimes accidents do happen and you roll with it- but there sure seem to be a lot of "accidental" pregnancies in this world considering that a woman really only can get pregnant about 2 days of a month???? As well, look at the teens that don't even seem to care if it happens or TRY to get pregnant because they think it's cool- with not a clue how or who is gonna pay for it!
just saying

Kokomo, IN

#48 May 16, 2012
I think well should be as hard as getting a building permit .......just saying
just saying

Kokomo, IN

#49 May 16, 2012
Oops meant to say welfare sorry

Valparaiso, IN

#50 May 16, 2012
It should be for those who need it. That does not mean young adults or teenage pregnancies that don't want to get off their butts and work. Excuse after excuse, they don't want to take on responsibility aside from changing a diaper and feeding. Stop playing high school and house and play life. To get welfare they should be drug tested, have a case worker to report to and made to work or lose their welfare and child. Children would be better off.

Cicero, IL

#51 May 16, 2012
You guys are really missing the point. You are using logic born from the 1960's and your not seeing the big picture. Welfare takes all forms, subsidy's, tax credits, grants, etc. Everyone lives on government assistance in one way or another. If you use gas, or buy food you are taking advantage of government subsidy's.
I am not a bleeding heart liberal, I am not even a democrat. However, I am very educated, and I also understand that ignorance is bliss. So you idiots go ahead and blame those who are in poverty for all of the problems in the nation, and us educated "welfare" recipients will work on solving the real problem (your welcome).
Teen pregnancy rates in the United States are sadly at an all time high. There are 750,000 teen pregnancies per year. First, not all teen moms live on welfare. Secondly, That doesn't even make up a small fraction of the 46 million individuals that do receive government assistance. All of the people who are on welfare need the assistance and comply to all mandated state requirements. If you don't like it VOTE!
strange world

Oxford, OH

#52 May 16, 2012
The system is set up in a way that if you are really trying, working, paying taxes, getting married and being responsible you get screwed to a point all you can afford to do is go to work and home. Any extras damn near put you into poverty. If you lie or just shift the numbers a little, don't work, pop babies out you get reduced lunches at schools, help with your housing, and free food. Shit with school fees, food, home cost I'm broke all the while I get in line behind someone on food stamps at Krogers then they get into a new lexis. Might not be theirs but come on.... Pisses me off.

Valparaiso, IN

#53 May 17, 2012
I get you cybermom, however, we are talking about something that pissessome of us off. It's the ones who don't work, don't try and work, but take handouts and then ask for more. The able body people, and come on, a big majority is 18 19 20 range are abusing the system. It is not an equal playing field when those that go out work and struggle then term around watch food stamp cards go to pop or chips. Those people can work yet don't. Maybe it just doesn't bother you, which is fine, but to some it does. You missed the point there are some teenage moms that do it right and therefore they are not part of this, its the ones that get government help in housing food etc, able to work but don't. To me that's a big difference.

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