Bradi Louden
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Richmond, IN

#1 Feb 16, 2011
What do you think of this Nasty Skank?
egg head

Richmond, IN

#2 Feb 16, 2011
She is a dum ignorant slut that needs to stop running her damn mouth!

Richmond, IN

#4 Feb 16, 2011
ha she is so NASTY and is a wh*re!!! she needs to quit tellin people lies then maybe everyone would like her!!! but who cares she is so nasty! yuk!! no one lieks her! BAHAHAHA!
hell ya

Richmond, IN

#5 Feb 16, 2011
well where do i start???? oh i know she is a nasty bitch who talks so much shit about people and than when things get to hard and she can't handle things she crys like a little baby. I think if u talk shit about people and start trouble than u need to be able to back your mouth up. I also know a family that there son went out with her over the summer for a while and it took them most of this year to get her to live him alone they even talked about going to the cops. can we say holy cow when i hard this i didn't know what to think. I also know that she is only 15 when she tells every body she is 17 i really think this girl needs help!!!!!! if any guy goes out with her look out cause your in for trouble.
Just Sayin

Richmond, IN

#6 Feb 17, 2011
The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, her father is a child molester so od only knows about her childhood and her mother has washed her hands of her. She is 16 and a freshman. She needs help from a professional before she ends up in jail or hurting someones family really bad

Bensenville, IL

#7 Feb 17, 2011
Who is the childs father? A child molester.. in UC. Please do tell. Who is the mother...basically who are these people?

Richmond, IN

#8 Feb 17, 2011
well i will say that i absolutely hate bradi.. she is a good for nothing hoe bag and has NO friends because all she does is run her mouth and everything that comes out of it is all lies.. you cant believe one word she says!!. i dont kno her family enough to talk about them but something needs to be done because its getting WAY out of control..
hell ya

Richmond, IN

#9 Feb 17, 2011
her mom has her hands full with her and just don't know what to do with her any more and i think her dad is from richmond and in jail i think. the girl is deffantly in need of help its sad that she has to lie to make her look cool but all it does it make people hate her which is sad.

Richmond, IN

#10 Feb 17, 2011
her mother thinks that bradi does no wrong and whenever she gets in trouble she defends her. she has been in all kinds of trouble has to do community service calls her father when she doesnt get her way. she is very rude and impolite. her mother could do something with her if she wanted to but she doesnt want to. the apple doesnt fall from the tree. her mother was a druggy and is now addicted to adipex. like i said apple doesnt fall far from tree.

Minneapolis, MN

#11 Feb 18, 2011
its obvious the same person is writing all these! get a life!!
Get a life

Richmond, IN

#12 Feb 18, 2011
Who doesn't lie in Union County to look cool and just about every girl in this town is a nasty whore. She can't help that her sperm donor of a father is a child molester, her mother left him while she was pregnant. Her mother tries to get Bradi to stop lying and being derespectful to people but like most teenagers shes rebelling in her own way.. And everyone has a "Bradi" in there family so think about it before one want to make fun of someone.

Willowbrook, IL

#13 Feb 18, 2011
This is an obvious issue of cyber bullying and it needs to stop or you can presume that legal action will be taken. You fit into the classic definition of a bully. Bullies are angry at their own mental incongruity. So I will go ahead and offer you some friendly advice, you have serious personal issues of your own so instead of bullying other people perhaps you should contact your social worker, welfare officer, or shrink. People get paid a fee to help people like you deal with anger issues like this. If I were this girl or her parents, I would send you and your parents an invoice for $50 bucks an hour for my time spent dealing with this matter. The fact is that most bullies chose targets they visualize as weak, because they do not want a real fight; they just want to believe they’re superior to someone else and make someone feel bad about themselves because it makes them feel better about themselves. In reality most cyber bullies have very low self-esteem which is why they bully online. In addition your IP address can be tracked and, Bullying is illegal in Indiana.

Indiana State code IC 35-43-2-3(a) defines harassment and if you are found guilty of any of these counts you can be imprisoned for up to 5 years. You could possibly even see more time if your harassment were categorized as a hate crime. Hate crimes are felonious. This means that if the person you are harassing is the member of a protected group, i.e. religious organization, sexual orientation, or ethnicity, you could be convicted of a hate crime. See Indiana State code IC 35-43-2-3(a) section 2. This states that; A person who, with intent to harass, annoy, or alarm another person but with no intent of legitimate communication:
(1) makes a telephone call, whether or not a conversation ensues;
(2) communicates with a person by telegraph, mail, or other form of written communication;
(3) transmits an obscene message, or indecent or profane words, on a Citizens Radio Service channel; or
(4) uses a computer network (as defined in IC 35-43-2-3(a)) or other form of electronic communication to:
(A) communicate with a person; or
(B) transmit an obscene message or indecent or profane words to a person;
commits harassment, a Class B misdemeanor.
(b) A message is obscene if:
(1) the average person, applying contemporary community standards, finds that the dominant theme of the message, taken as a whole, appeals to the prurient interest in sex;
(2) the message refers to sexual conduct in a patently offensive way; and
(3) the message, taken as a whole, lacks serious artistic, literary, political, or scientific value.

United States

#14 Feb 20, 2011
maybe the children should man the hell up and stop being whiney ass babies... time to cut the umbilical cord. Cybermom's threats are empty, this isn't cyber bullying, this is freedom of speech and people posting on a public forum with their opinions, if you do not agree leave the thread. if you think the thread should be removed go join up with the peoples republic of china.
who died

Morrisville, PA

#15 Feb 20, 2011
and made you boss?

United States

#16 Feb 26, 2011
If you really knew what you were talking about you would know that her mother was NEVER with her father. Besides that Bradi is her mothers daughter, she is just like her mother was when she was younger!
Cybermom you really do have good info for the family there, maybe they should look into that. It's a shame that people are so unhappy in their own life that they have to do things like this to make themselves feel better. I hope that Bradi and her WHOLE family get their heads on straight and learn right from wrong!

Huntington, IN

#17 Sep 8, 2011
Bradi is gross. she's the last thing i want to see. i'm GLAD she dropped out.
Cyber Uncle

Lafayette, IN

#18 Sep 9, 2011
LOL wut?! look up the definition for bullying AND harassment cyber mom. I think you mean slander. Because people primarily get in trouble for cyber bullying/harassment for stalking, constant bothering with e-mail or social networking sites, and straight up threats. Slander however has to do with what things are said online. The statement said has to be PROVEN false and not an opinion for the case to be legit. Funny thing is you posted a whole Indiana code for something that had nothing to do with the problem you are stating. Your info is crap and doesn't pertain to anything. Completely clueless.
This One Chick

United States

#20 Oct 26, 2011
ewwwwwww wrote:
What do you think of this Nasty Skank?
isn't she dating almost a 30 yr old?! Nasty much? She dropped out of school & takes care of his kid... Ewe.
big Ber

Euclid, OH

#21 Oct 26, 2011
she claimed to be pregnate over the summer well we said something to her mom cuz she told us she knew that she was pregnate well her mom freaked out and claimed that we was talking about the wronge bradi. she got so mad that we said something to her mom well one day she siad she had lost the baby this bitch lies and lies

Richmond, IN

#22 Oct 28, 2011
Get a life wrote:
Who doesn't lie in Union County to look cool and just about every girl in this town is a nasty whore. She can't help that her sperm donor of a father is a child molester, her mother left him while she was pregnant. Her mother tries to get Bradi to stop lying and being derespectful to people but like most teenagers shes rebelling in her own way.. And everyone has a "Bradi" in there family so think about it before one want to make fun of someone.
speak for yourself on every girl in this town is not a ho im not and i dont appriciate being called that get a life

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