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Why you should sign your kids up for Little League not Dixie Youth

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Big Steve

Bean Station, TN

#1 Jan 15, 2011
Ok folks this is the truth Lexington Little League has been apart of Lexington forever!!! The Dixie Youth was started by Two Idiots that has never played ball before since then the Dixie Youth has let travel teams play as league ball teams and has made fake roaster and has had fake insurance and why pay alot of money when it goes to only god knows what I mean its bad when you cant even pay your concession stand bills cause the league is BROKE (DIXIE YOUTH) Do I need to say more.... I mean come guys I know u see what they put in the paper about We give you hat,jersey,insurance,and a pool party ok folks you dont get JERSEYS you get a five dollar T-Shirt and DUH you are already suppose to have insurance that makes me think umm they havent had insurance in years!! come on people think about it before you want to risk signing your kids up for DIXIE YOUTH!!!!!!!!!! Little League where its at you know you dont ever hear about them doin this dumb stuff like insurance and jerseys. They have already have the real stuff as in fitted hats and true baseball jerseys not T-SHIRTS I mean come on PEOPLE what else do you need to know????

Paris, TN

#2 Jan 16, 2011
Sounds like someone is awful worried about Dixie Youth for them to be such a bad organization. My son played fall ball with them last year and we had no complaints.

United States

#3 Jan 16, 2011
You just wait buddy the Dixie Youth SUCKS worst organization ever!!! I can asure you that if you was under Little League you would love it!!!! Just like the one guy said with L.L. you will have true legal insurance and have a better playing enviroment you should give L.L. a try!! But I guess ur just like all those other DUMBASS people down there
baseball dad

United States

#5 Jan 16, 2011
People with the false information to assume something is just to make an ass out of you and me! You don't know crap about Dixie Youth : they have and always have had insurance. The jerseys you get is because Little League keeps theirs year after year! They make you pay for your under shirts and hats. Dixie Youth is not and has not been broke just a scared rumor put out by Little League cause their numbers have been falling off the last couple years. Dixie Youth don't have to travel to east Tennessee for allstar tournaments. People its time to get the coaches who have coached for 30 years and don't even have kids playing out and get our kids and talent back in one league that's about the kids not the league! They won't make room for new people unless your in their little clique! In Dixie youth you can be a part of your childs baseball experience if you want! To sum it up Dixie Youth is the better league and this league don't have to get scared cause of a poor signup and get on here and start bashing a league that's for the kids just to try and get your numbers up. Grow up little league!
Joe Dirt

United States

#6 Jan 16, 2011
Ok guy for one Little League is all about the kids u just saying that about the coachs cause u prolly have a son that plays first base and really be at home playing with his sisters barbi dolls cause he is no good and the reason he is there is because ur the dad and coach ok so how's that fair Little League puts players where they need to be played at!! I could give to shits who coachs my kids just as long as they was haven a good time. And as far as the numbers go buddy Dixie is slowley faden away it won't be long till DIXIE is OVER
John Doe

United States

#7 Jan 16, 2011
L.L. Is the best League this town has ever had the Dixie Youth has about 5 dumbass guys trying to run the show(Chris Moral,Jeff Stanfill,Brian Bailly and a couple of more Idiots that don't no shit about baseball) you will find that kids that play Little League makes it a lot further than kids that play DiXie Youth cause it a lot better League everyone will soon figure that one out cause in order for your kids to play ball it will either be Little League or nothing cause the Sucky Youth is going out the door
honest opinion

United States

#8 Jan 16, 2011
I have been a part of my childs base ball for nearly seven years. all of that until last year was spent in dixie youth. I was there when we voted to expand dixie youth. I know why it was done. I know why it was told to the coaches it was done. the two don't match trust me. a previous poster was right. though im not gonna cuss a league or dad or kids i will say that dixie youth is run by coaches that are parents. ask yourself this.... where does your coaches son play? in little league the coaches that (have been there for 30 years) do it for the love of the game and the kids. that should be obvious. your coach does it for the kids too... his own more than yours. how many coaches kids WON'T make the all star teams in dixie this year? i have witnessed league stacking, roster changing and the like just to compete with selmer, who rightfully had the better team. little league doesn't do that crap. sure LL tournaments are a little further away, but it is the granddaddy that every one pays attention too. it is on tv, and it is a better organization. when i saw my son playing against the level of pitching and competition that they offer and doing fairly well i was proud. it doesn't take much to get on base in dixie. watch four pitches and ta-da, you're there. im not trying to convince you though. i know what the right decision SHOULD be, but if you are curious, then check out a game from each league for yourself. you will see the difference. by the way, the dixie guys will tell you that nine year olds shouldn't face twelve year old pitching, but one of the very guys that tells you that put his eight year old in ten year old all stars last year. i guess that is because he thinks his son is better than all of ours though. that is why he will play first base as a nine year old this year and your son will be a ten year old out-fielder and sub. if you want fair, you live in the wrong planet. if you want as fair as you can get in lexington, go little league. thanks.. im just a concerned father.
About the kids

United States

#9 Jan 16, 2011
Dixie Youth is the largest growing baseball organization in the U.S. And Little League is dying all over. I mean its all they can do to scrounge up one district in west tn. With places like union city,parsons,big sandy and thats about it in there district. The competition is in Dixie Youth all your surronding big counties, Selmer,Savannah, Jackson, Bolivar, Adamsville, acmd countless others throught out west tn. Why play in a league that failing throughout our country. You say Little League is about the kids your full of crap Dixie Youth has tried for two years running to work out something with Little League to get our kids all back together and they dont want to even try. Its all Little League way or nothing. Your Little League city officials have kept Dixie Youth from being able to make upgrades to the fields they play on so obviously they care nothing about the kids or they would have your city workers do something to some of the other fields besides the Little League field. Dixie Youth has tried to have something done to fields but your Little League officials wont have it. They would rather have the kid that signed up Dixie youth get punished by letting them get hurt on a field that they wont allow work on. The old "Minor League field" dont get me started on it but Little League sure did get a new pitchers mound for their field why your Little LeGue officials that work for city wouldnt let Dixie Youth work on its mound Their reason cause it has to be hired out by the city ,but they allowed their coaches to work on theirs. So tell me again they are their for the children. If they were then yourlittle league city officials would fix all the fields for the kids safety regardless of the league they play in. As far as where your kid plays Joe dirt if your mad he didnt play the position you wanted him to then you volunteer to coach and and put the time in with the kids just dont sit on sideline on your butt and complain about the people who are there for children to have fun. Which is what its all about anyway the Kids!!! Dixie Youth is the only way to go !!!!
to honest opinion

United States

#10 Jan 16, 2011
Little League is and has never been fair. They do have good pitching and competiton at their level but they are wanting you to compare their twelve year olds to Dixie's. The Dixie Youth expanded to the 9&10 year old league to give the kids the experience that little league dont give them. Honestly anyone who watches or played in Little league how many time have you seen a 9 or 10 yr old getting experience on the mound or in the field. You dont they sit them on the bench and let them have 1 bat a game. With Dixie Youth these kids are learning to pitch and play these positions they have never played before and gaining experience they would not have gained had they been in little league. Im mean up until two years ago ( when they lost their dominance and Dixie Youth started their 9&10 yr old age group.) Little league got the kids they wanted and throwed anyone they didnt jnow or any child they didnt think had talent into minor league or have you people forgot. They pick up the good stuff and discard the trash is the way they want it back! Dixie Youth gives all kids the opportunity to play ball with their friends not throw the ones they dont want in some demeaning league that has no allstar potential and counts for nothing.
Stephen Lowrance

Bean Station, TN

#11 Jan 16, 2011
Listen I could care less who you play for Little League or Dixie Youth but you don't have to run down the City workers because if you didnt know it Iam a CITY EMPLOYEE we do more to all the other fields than we do to the Little League the Dixie Youth had a nice coach pitch field till there so called wonderful league presidents came in ruind the nice grass in field that was on it and put camden clay on it all that did is just made it a big ole shop bowl when it rains out and as far as the Minor League Field goes it was a nice field untill Dixie Youth started playing on it then it went down hill so whoever you are i know you want put ur name out cause ur ashamed but thats fine. Until you know the facts dont run down the City Employees!!!! You come work with us for about a week in the summer and you will see why the Little League field looks so good its not us its the Little League parents and coaches that do the most work..... Thanks
About the kids

United States

#12 Jan 16, 2011
Stephen when has dirt been put on coach pitch field? When has Dixie Youth been allowed to work on the minor league field? You just said in your post unless your lying that Little league parents dine most the work on their field which us funny cause parents and coaches are not suppose to touch the fields is what Dixie Youth is told and if you say different your wrong and know it cause you yourself have jumped coaches on minor league field and coach pitch field for just raking the field to try and hwlp it a little for practice or a game and you sit here and say Little League does most their work so where my friend oh where is the fairness in that. We have gates falling off on the coach putch field. Does the little league or do you just fix theirs? Im just saying Dixie Youth should have same rights as Little League to work on the fields they play on for the kids sake!
honest opinion

United States

#13 Jan 16, 2011
well, the little league funds its own field upgrades. the city doesn't. the last time i checked dixie youth doesn't have the funds necessary to properly care for, or especially upgrade or replace broken items. when the city is funding the repairs or upkeep they have the right to ban anyone from working the fields. the tarps that keep the mound looking good on the LL field, were bought by LL not the city. they do all this.. and supply insurance to the kids ALL OF THE TIME with a smaller registration fee.(until this year). Like a poster above said, in dixie youth, if you are unhappy with where your child is playing then coach a team. which screws everyone else's child. yes in little league MOST nine year olds will spend some time "subbing", but with my son having played his nine year old year in dixie i can tell you he had as little or less time on the field in that league than from what i saw in little league. the only age groups in dixie where your child is not going to sit is the coach pitch... well guess what- its the same in little league. as far as the minor league goes, in case you didn't know, it hasn't been here for a few years. even when it was it was a developmental league and yes, nine year olds could still make the nine year old all star team for little league. in dixie youth the nine year olds do get to play and even pitch, but it doesn't really help the other kids to face ball after ball after ball. some of that falls on the sorry umpiring on display in that league. but i won't even get started on that. if the biggest gripe is that little league cares enough about its things to sink money in it, well compared to stacking a league or coaches kids being the primary ones with opportunities its not contest in my opinion. you will absolutely have to bring it better than that. I just got tired of watching my son go a whole season without striking out and playing excellent defense only to watch him beat out for the all-star team by younger travel ball players because their travel ball coaches were the all star coaches. like you admitted, the competition in little league is better and yet he went down there and was an all star the first year. man what a confidence booster for him!!

Jackson, TN

#14 Jan 16, 2011
My son has played Dixie Youth and Little League.

I prefer Little League. It seems more organized. I like that the managers do not have sons on the team. I am a single mom, and I have never felt like my son was treated unfairly because his dad wasnt coaching him (I felt like that at Dixie Youth)
I never felt like allstars were picked before the season starts.
what a joke

United States

#15 Jan 16, 2011
Honest opinion first get your facts Dixie Youth owes no one and is not broke! It has and always has had insurance! The stuff you little leaguers come up with! As far as the fields kniw what your talking about the fields belong to the city not the little league. The city is in charge of what is done to the fieldd Dixie youth has tried to get them to let Dixie youth put more dirt down and pay for it and free labor had been volunteered to do the work on theounds and all and was told no thr city has to do the work. You can say all you want bout allstars cause on either side theirs coaches kids on the team as wellost should be cause most of them dont juzt show up to practice. They practice at home as well as at the park not just their scheduled practice. I mean there are 12 spots on an allstar team so for every kid that makez it there are three screaming its set up or its fixed. Its the same in both leagues in baberuth and every other league that had allstars. Every parent had an allstar and unfortunately they cant all make it. Ive been on both sides of that. Cant every kid make it so instead of being hateful cause it didnt hapoen tbis one year be proud for the kids that did make it. They arent all coacges kids. There are only so many coaches in any league and way more allstars. You little league people should have more class than to spread false rumors and assumptions that come from made up gossip to spun and twisted far away from the truth!!

Jackson, TN

#16 Jan 16, 2011
I dont know why the city wouldnt let Dixie Youth put dirt down if they paid for it. Little League puts their money into the Little League field. Not a dime from the city. You may not have your facts straight on that.

Is it true Dixie Youth's president resigned because the rest of the board and coaches were having meetings behind his back?
honest opinion

United States

#17 Jan 16, 2011
funny thing is, the x-presidents son is signed up for little league. hmmm.... im not the one getting nasty here. i have been in both leagues and all im saying is from one parent to another, dixie youth is and always has been about the 12 kids that will make all stars. little league has the challenger league that plays on their fields on saturday. they give the less physically able kids a chance to play on a field they keep up with their money and the grace of the city. does dixie youth do that? little league gives scholarships, does dixie youth do that? you can say im bitter and make it sound like it is just because my son got left out all you want to. i guess your son hasn't ever broke into tears asking what else he could've done.. when i have no answers. the real answer is nothing.. he just could've had a different name. that is what matters in dixie youth. deny it all you want, there is a reason why dixie youth parents and players defect to little league and not the other way around.

Lexington, TN

#18 Jan 19, 2011
My son has played Dixie Youth every since it was started in Lexington. Dixie started off with a bang, and was a really good league that I thought would eventually kill the Little League numbers. Dixie did hurt the numbers of LL, but I think after the debacle that was last season, Little League will be back.
Its not just about All Star selections, although the process used this past year in Dixie Youth was quite laughable at best and dirty at worst. Its a lot of other things also. Just look at my son's league last year, we only had 2 teams. We basically played each other every other night. I know you have to give a league time to grow, but Dixie Youth has been in Lexington for 6 years now.
Basically, to me it seems like the people that were committed to this league are now elsewhere. The committee that runs it now, basically got handed a broken system and I don't think they will be able to revive it. My son will spend his 12 year old year in Little League, we've waited long enough for Dixie to turn the corner.

Elizabethton, TN

#19 Jan 21, 2011
u know my kid has played and the coaches kids good or bad get all the glory of allstars.....sorry our ballpark has turned into whos momma or daddy they like and who they gonna work with,,politics my friend
For real

Toledo, OH

#20 Jan 23, 2011
I will not be letting my son play for either after reading all this bullshit. I mean come on what happened to parents acting like adults instead of children. This is so ridiculous and I will make sure that I share this with everyone I know. I hope y'all are happy acting like children. Maybe if it was more fun for the kids than being all about politics then both leagues might have morekids sign up. Open your eyes people and realize what you are doing to our children.
honest opinion

United States

#21 Jan 23, 2011
well a lot of what you are reading on here is B/S. 90% of the people involved in either league doesn't know any of this. pretty much everything you are reading here are from people on both sides that know the workings and have differences of opinion. if anything i have said has made you decide to not let your son play then i am sorry, though i do stand by my beliefs. i agree this is ridiculous but i will not let someone bash something that has helped my children and boosted their confidence to defend something that nearly took my childs desire to play away. i would urge you to reconsider not letting him play, but totally understand should you not.

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