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Hockessin, DE

#1 May 15, 2011
My hypothesis is that it's only been "race mixing" between moorish people and whites intermittently over the ages that's kept white people from inbreeding themselves into oblivion. Be clear about the effects of inbreeding before reading further.

Here's the thing...I'm African-American and my fiance is primarily White. I don't have anything against White people as a whole, but there are a Hell of a lot of evil people and Sheeple within that group. There are somethings that need to be said and the fact that White people are in all likelihood heavily inbred is one of them.

Basically the reason this is a "Non-issue" now is because generally speaking it's accepted that "White" people are the most advanced people. However, under close historical, anthropological and genetic scrutiny that fabricated concept just doesn't hold up. The thing is "White/American Global Influence" up to this point has pivoted on their ability to subjugate non-white groups either physically, psychologically or both. Once some other non-white group (like China) comes into significant power that veil will come down. My suggestion is that the truth telling should start early, because if it doesn't when American/White social domination ends there's going to be a lot of backlash at that small group which will stand alone if a lot of these issues aren't dealt with now. The Chinese, generally are not like many Asian-Americans and immigrants they don't like White people.

Sarah Tishkoff is one of the foremost nuclear geneticists in the field, from UPenn, she published this 11 years ago and has not found anything since that would suggest that a deviation from her earlier and ongoing comprehensive research is necessary "..these observations support the hypothesis proposed by other nuclear-genetic studies —that populations in northeastern Africa may have diverged from those in the rest of sub-Saharan Africa early in the history of modern African populations and that a subset of this northeastern-African population migrated out of Africa and populated the rest of the globe."

A preview of those papers published is here: tinyurl.com/3pvgs3x (add www at beginning, also Youtube may add a space at the end of the address that you would just have to close) on page 18 less than a quarter of the way down the first column (page 918 in the full published text)

This tells us that the origin of modern man is from Africa (Black Africa-there is only one African).

Inbreeding is the source of blue eyes that would not exist without it as defined by Dr. Eiberg in Denmark: http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,327070,00...

White skin and particularly European White skin (albino and not "light" as Asian skin is) is recessive as defined by Dr. Cheng and only appeared in the originally dark skinned Africans in Europe 6,000-12,000 years ago: http://img46.imageshack.us/img46/4784/eurospa...
&fe ature=relmfu

It is also true that birth defect conditions like Autism, Down Syndrome and others are more prevalent in Caucasians than other groups.(I trust you can look that up if you want to) Also low fertility is a condition that is disproportionately higher in Caucasian communities than other communities. http://www.familyfacts.org/charts/217/total-f... . These are all inbreeding red flag markers.

It's also important to note the Dr. Cheng found that SLC24A5 mutations that effect skin color are found in Caucasians and not fair skinned Asians. It's also known that Albinos skin mutation is found on SLC4A5 and no other groups have been found with a mutation in that location until now. At this point it's fairly clear what happened, but due to the socially inflammatory nature of an announcement it's not being researched further or broadcast much. As I said it's just a matter of time for that to happen.
Fetus T Bluster

Winter Garden, FL

#2 Jun 7, 2011
white people do not get sickle cell anemia from lickin`food stamps.

Glen Saint Mary, FL

#3 Jul 16, 2011
You people sound like a bunch of black muslims who believe Elijah Muhammed's theory that white people were created by an evil black scientist Yaccub who started with black genes, created Asians, Jews, Arabs before ending up with white people--described by Louis Farrakhan and other muslim leaders as "blue eyed devils". This is such a load of BS--you can't breed a white person out of any other race and vice versa--The Bible is the WORD of God the Creator and explains the creation of mankind and it's existance. Inbreeding may explain the flapdoodle printed in this article though I'm not panglossian about the education of those making these statements are any more than troglydytic or perfidious. These are turgid comments made on this blog by picayune cretins with supercilious, mooncalf attributes.
tom chap

Hatfield, UK

#4 Jan 7, 2013
wow if this is a joke it is quite funny if not i think maybe a little less from the black history channel and a bit more biology homework for this young man
HB Rules

Portsmouth, VA

#5 Jan 10, 2013
I guess it is something to think about while I take a crap.

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