Jobe friend

Lexington, MO

#41 Aug 8, 2012
Wow, just because a person supports a friend, he/she is labeled "enabler" and "drama queen" - seems very sad. Family members talking about her outside the investigation. Also very sad. Guess I shouldn't be shocked but i am - and I remember now why I didn't really care for this site/forum. Freedom of speech is a valuable right and freedom even when it's offensive and hurtful. You are all entitled to your opinion as am I, and I remain a Jobe friend and will stand by them regardless of what may lie ahead. In my opinion that's what friends (and family) should do. I don't mean to sound offensive to anyone and I apologize if I have - blessed are the peacemakers...words from Christ Himself.
Concerned about Lexington

Lexington, MO

#42 Aug 8, 2012
come on wrote:
Why are the Jobe supporters so hostile? Can anyone really believe this? Im going to leave out all the rumor/drama and ask fiends of family to correct me if im wrong are these the FACTS!
*candle burns down house
*log rolls outta fireplace burns down house
*dryer catches on fire almost burns down house
*same day fire under the sink almost burns down house
*meter/electricity pulled house spontaneously combusts and burns down
*car burns at church
*another car burns at church
*alleged assult.

sooo 4 "accidental" fires and then a teenage girl is so jealous she targets them burns their home and cars then enlists 2 thugs to rough her up.
Really? sounds like someones been watching too many LifeTime movies...

You list of facts is mostly true...but in that list there is no factual evidence that Shawna did or caused all that. In fact there is actually evidence of other people being involved and the candle fire and fireplace fire were investigated and declared accidents. Facts yes - evidence of guilt no.
lexmo oldy

Harrisonville, MO

#43 Aug 8, 2012
This women is idiotic, i have lived here my whole life and i know the family. This women is sick in the head and there is new effidence out that says she raped her self with a pop bottle. There are reports that state she was caught on camera with her daughter setting one of the fires. Hell her son goes to school saying "mommy was letting me make fires in the house". And her husband was stated to be on sleeping pills and could not hear the commotion but as soon as she came in the house he smelt that she was on fire, what is he a blood hound? For the people that do believe them i feel sorry for you because they are going to drag you into it some how. she clams that these "attacks" are from someone that hates her daughter.... weeeeelllll if they were because of your daughter then why are they not happening to your daughter. she is sick and does it for the attention. She is nosey and always looks for drama, she used to sub at the highschool and would go through the teachers stuff and log on to their email to see what they were talking about and wander why she was not in the loop. She needs to be locked up and not let out. like "scratching-head said if it looks like tuna, smells like tuna then it probably is tuna

Holden, MO

#44 Aug 8, 2012
Common sense wrote:
Jobe Friend here are the charges
Theft/Stealing (Value Of Property Or Services Is $25,000 Or More){ Felony B RSMo: 570.030
Next Charge/Judgment
Making False Report { Misdemeanor B RSMo: 575.080 }
So it is not only for $25,000 and it was stated that additional charges are expected to be filed
Also, I found this in a Lexington newspaper from 2008 •
Members of the Missouri National Guard Company C Support Command in Lexington for their donation to the Kenny and Shawna Jobe family. The Jobes home recently was gutted by a fire. Kenny Jobe has been a member of the Guard for 15 years. It’s pleasing to see such groups take care of their own. Here is the link
So I think it will never be determined how much she was given for her years of "fire damage"
Other attacks! What about all the "attacks" she has made on members of this community!?!?!?! I love how her friends are all like "If this isn't modern day persecution and evidence of evil, I don't know what is." Just because she is a "christian" doesn't mean people are persecuting her. She has endangered the lives of children at that church.

Lexington, MO

#45 Aug 9, 2012
Let us state some facts that have not been stated before.


Before there has been house fires that have happen in the past,and Lexington has felt sorry for her and her family.

After there last house fire (Before the newer house in Indian Hills caught on fire 5 time) The Jobe family went on a family vacation.

Since The daughter started dating her current boyfriend she has been getting letters from someone unknowned calling her a virgin slut, which no one would really call her that, and if they do they are retarded, because that statement is fighting itself.

The thought someone was feeding their dog poisoned food.

The daughter has a very strong opinion that she is a virgin when no one asked.

Shawna is fixated on her daughter more so on her step son or real son.

Shawna and her daughter got in a minor car wreck.

The daughter had to major events that were coming up that her father could not make it to, because he was going to have surgery.

In one weekend there was countless number of electrical fires before it was thought someone started the fires.

Then another, and before this one Shawna canceled her hair appointment 15 minutes before.

The another fire right as Shawna and her daughter were leaving for Spain.

Then the get back and their first car caught on fire, at the church parking lot while kids corner was away.

Next while the kids in kids corner were watching a movie on the other side of the church the jeep blew up from a gas bomb, as in her gas tank.

Then there was the assualt on Shawna which the police did do a rape kit, and in return took her in a few days later.

This is all fact, anyone want to prove me wrong.
I know of one person that hates the Jobe, but I can assure you it was not him.
Shawna has made herself the victim, and I promise you if it was not her that had these downfalls and someone else, Shawna would be on the opposing side. Shawna always wants to be in people's shit. No one has really like her, but she has always been at a higher power. Once she fell, yes people attacked. But at other's downfall she attacked, she talked behind their backs.

Above the facts I do believe that Shawna is a main suspect. She is evil and a bitch. She needs to go away before she really hurts herself, to where her family loses forever, or hurts someone else. She is in to deep so she went in panic mode and tried to make herself innocent. I feel more safe that she is away, so I don't have to fear my life or my friends or anyone else in this town.

I promise you that every town talks. Lexington is no different. But we are normally safe. Beside the fact that our last murder was years ago, and our last really creepy murder was the guy that shot that girl then walked the streets. Or the guy that put cat litter on his mother to keep collect her money.

Shawna is ill in her mind.

and if her family won't get her help, nor will her friends, well then you really are not helping her or anyone else.

Yes Shawna will help you if you need it, but enough is enough. If she leaves to get help and comes back, I will gladly accept her into this town, but until then they really need to take it to a new town.

If it was not for the fire and assualt, not one would really talk about the Jobes because no one really gives a shit. Just saying.
cantwrapmymindar oundit

Warrensburg, MO

#46 Aug 9, 2012
ok....setting fires to collect money is one thing, but to make your daughter and family BELIEVE someone is out to get supporters stand behind that?????? Help the family....but you will never be able to help her, she is too far gone, she will need YEARS AND YEARS being in a mental hospital!
And where is this evidenice of outsiders doing this??? Why would you supporters leave her ALONE and not have people stand watch, sleep at the house, move them to your house if she/they were really in danger....TRUE FRIENDS WOULD HAVE STEPPED IN AND HELP GAURD THEM, set up cameras, SOMETHING!!!!! HOW MANY PEOPLE IN THIER RIGHT MIND WOULD NOT DEMAND 24HOUR SURVALINCE FROM THE POLICE????????? That speaks for it's self! Wake don't have to hate her, please be there for her, but come on you know way back in your mind you knew this didn't add up....people can change over time, and that is what happened.

Windsor, MO

#47 Aug 9, 2012
Jobe Friend wrote:
You all don't know what you are talking about! I know this family personally and have been in touch with them as recent as Saturday. You all are believing lies and it's pathetic. Shawna is not nuts...She IS a victim...her family ARE victims. Stop posting your stupid, narrow minded opinions when you don't know what you are talking about. Leave this family alone...if this was your family and people were being as harsh and critical as you all, you'd want it stopped. Have some damn compassion, people. Mind your own business.
They are the victims? Then why is she in jail? You are the one that is narrow minded. I mean if you honestly cant see thru this bull shit then you have a serious problem. I live in Lexington, and I am now scared to death of Shawna. SHE DID IT. Stop being in denial or shock or whatever. Everyone sticking up for her, which there arent many people, need to shut up. It's annoying to listen to people sticking up for a psycho bitch that is making this town even more shitty.
mother weller

Columbia, MO

#48 Aug 9, 2012
dear jobe friend. enjoy the kool-aid.

Warrensburg, MO

#49 Aug 9, 2012
Yes, I do feel sorry for the children. But, her husband...HELLO! Do you not see what is going on here, it always involves her and her surroundings.
Then he is all over Facebook on her account no less, defending her and pointing fingers elsewhere. Surprise!! those posts are all gone. Then there are her "so called" friends, defending on the same site. Are you that stupid?? Well I guess so, one thinks she is Gods gift to Men and has 3 different daddys for her 3 kids and still not married, the other is a bar ho..yea, these are the kind defending her all the way. This lady is SICK QUIT ENABLING HER. Kudos to her husband for taking up for his wife-yes, but there comes a time, when he had better start using his brain, he is wrapped up in it as much as she is now. You know he excepted all the money and handouts as much as she did.
Sleeping pills...HUH! Maybe he needs to make sure that is what he is really taking also. I bet a change of oil price will sure be going up!!! I know Lexington feels safer with her behind bars!

Warrensburg, MO

#50 Aug 9, 2012
Munchausen syndrome, look it up. Watched a show on this one time.. Most very hard to detect.

Kansas City, MO

#51 Aug 9, 2012
Okay, I know Shawna...or did years ago. She showed signs of being "off" even in the second grade. My Mother forbid me from playing with her anymore because she would always upset me. She would say sick and twisted things. I would come home and repeat them and that was the end of that friendship. I ran into her in highschool at a party and she told me she had "terminal cancer" yet she had all of her hair, looked healthy and was smoking and drinking a beer. Not quite the look of a dying person. This story doesn't surprise me at all but I do hope she get's help for societies sake!

Clinton, MO

#52 Aug 9, 2012
I believe she got herself in so far that she will now play the mental card. This is how manipulative she is. From what I've heard her mother is also a piece of work. They have always created alot of drama. The husband too, so maybe we should be concerned about him. Many have been victims of this family in many ways, but everyone just chalked it up to they were idiots and severed any friendships with them, so I understand why your mother ended the friendship. The truth always prevails.
PaytonPlaceisgoi ntocrap

Clinton, MO

#53 Aug 9, 2012
WTF wrote:
Okay, I know Shawna...or did years ago. She showed signs of being "off" even in the second grade. My Mother forbid me from playing with her anymore because she would always upset me. She would say sick and twisted things. I would come home and repeat them and that was the end of that friendship. I ran into her in highschool at a party and she told me she had "terminal cancer" yet she had all of her hair, looked healthy and was smoking and drinking a beer. Not quite the look of a dying person. This story doesn't surprise me at all but I do hope she get's help for societies sake!
Anytime I have seen her out and about she always had a pissed off look on her face. That often made me wonder why she was so upset....then as time went on I would see her smirk or roll her eyes at people. Having a mental illness is a terrible thing, but don't drag your family, and your community into your insanity because you so greatly seek attention. Get Help! That's what she should have done, and didn't. Now, lets hope the courts put her somewhere,where that is mandated so that if she ever walks the streets again she won't hurt anyone else.

Clinton, MO

#54 Aug 9, 2012
I also saw all the posts her husband put on facebook that are now completely all gone, but they always posted negative things and then deleted them, no surprise.

Kansas City, MO

#55 Aug 9, 2012
I heard she put "I don't know how I'm going to feed my family" on a post after the last housefire. Didn't she just go on an amazing European vacation? How can you go to Europe if you don't know how you're going to feed your family? I would LOVE to go on a vacation like that, but times are tough, and I can't afford a trip like that. Does anyone want to donate money to me so I can go bask in the sun in Barcellona? Anyone? Anyone? Hmmmm, I guess not. Don't worry, I'm not going to burn my house down now. I'll get over it!
Shawna is freakin crazy

Kansas City, MO

#56 Aug 9, 2012
I met this woman shortly after our children started school together. She was loud and needed to be the center of attention at all times. I always knew that she was not quite right. She has received a great deal of money from the community through the years. In fact, I personally gave her money after her second house burned down. This is their 3rd house to burn down. This third house burned 5 times. Is anyone really stupid enough to believe that someone cares enough about the Jobe's to set all these fires in their house and 2 cars? Then risk prison to injure an insane woman? She has been involved in teenage drama since she was a teenager. She needs to be the victim.

Personally, I did not appreciate when the Jobe's took a vacation to Hawaii after receiving thousands of dollars from the community.

She is freakin crazy.
Shawna Mother of Year

Kansas City, MO

#57 Aug 9, 2012
Shawna and her daughter turned on those people that did not support them in their time of need. Shawna was ruthless. She is not a good person and she is a terrible mother. Who would portray their daughter in the manner that Shawna did? During the fires, there were sexual threats made against the daughter by the so called perpetrators. When all along, it was Shawna scaring her daughter. She has no soul. No loving mother could do this to a teenage daughter.
shawna IS NUTS

United States

#58 Aug 9, 2012
So she is getting charged with writing a false police report on the rape. on the news it was said that there was a note that said "katelyns next, you did all of this shawna" so is that shawna saying she is going after her daughter next and also admitting to everything? i think so.

United States

#59 Aug 9, 2012
It is a very sad set of events. Sad for Shawna that it has taken this long for her to get the obvious needed help she needs. Sad for the events that has taken place that not only put her family in jeopardy but lots of innocent people. Just think what would have happened if an innocent bystander would have been close to the car when it went up in flames. She could be up on murder charges.
Now that she has confessed at least to some of what has happened maybe Shawna will get the help she needs and the family can return to a somewhat normal life. I will continue to pray for the family and especially Shawna. She needs all of God's help she can get.

Lexington, MO

#60 Aug 9, 2012
Jobe friend wrote:
First of all, in America a person is innocent until proven guilty. Just because she is charged with insurance fraud does not make her guilty and it certainly do not make her guilty of arson as she was not charged with arson. Second, there is more evidence of other attacks against the family that have gone uninvestigated. Third, if I had the money for bond, I'd give it to her in a heartbeat! No one I know has $100,000 lying around, and that seems extremely high for a charge that is $25,000 - especially when the insurance company willingly paid that claim! Also, if anyone gives them a dime, the police will add that as motive so they cannot accept help! I will stand beside her regardless of what happens to her - I love her and her family and am praying for them.
Are you blind? She nees mental help. These are just the first charges. More charges are to come. She confessed to the assualt, that SHE did it to herself. Quit blaming the police department. Open your eyes. Your friend needs serious serious help. She is a danger to herself, her family and to society!

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