Georgetown lawyer attacks Gormley's f...

Georgetown lawyer attacks Gormley's family court

There are 316 comments on the story from Nov 2, 2007, titled Georgetown lawyer attacks Gormley's family court. In it, reports that:

“If that was the case, then you would recuse yourself from over 50 percent of the cases.”

A family court race for a recently created judgeship is gearing up to be among the most contentious races this election.

Judge Tamra Gormley was appointed in May to the bench in the 14th Judicial District, which consists of Bourbon, Scott and Woodford counties. Her opponent is Neil Duncliffe, a Georgetown lawyer.

Gormley's campaign ads note that she holds family court in a smaller courtroom 'so private family matters are not aired before a public audience.'

That's precisely the problem, her critics say. Although adoption and juvenile cases are closed to the public, Duncliffe said 'courts otherwise are public because public courts are accountable to people who they serve.' Read more

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Better Person

Lexington, KY

#22 Sep 17, 2008
Daniel, you have my upmost respect and support. Years ago it was not uncommon for children to live with family members when their parents could not or would not care for them.Today they are made to stay with the lessor threat. If indeed Judge Gormley precides over your case I hope and pray she takes the time to weigh what you are willing to offer this child and what the parents have given thus far.Please keep us updated and I hope all of you that read this will support Daniel.
Paris Guy

Pikeville, KY

#23 Sep 22, 2008
Gormley is a pitiful excuse for a judge.
friend of gormley

Lexington, KY

#24 Sep 23, 2008
i think you all should look at the laws before you go attacking a judge... A judge takes an oath to abide by the rules which were passed by our congress/senate... why dont you talk to them too? And get them disbarred or fired?
Better Person

Lexington, KY

#25 Sep 24, 2008
Dear Friend of Gormley,Oath or not the court room has no room for personal bias.If you want to compare a family court judge to corrupt congressmen and senators go right ahead but I dont think Judge Gormley would consider you a friend.The system its self is the problem,its about personal gain not protecting children.
Christian Mom

White House, TN

#26 Sep 25, 2008
It is sad to see that a Judge would not put our families first especially the Father. Doesn't the word say, Men are the head of our households. When a Judge makes the decission to take away a GOOD Father from his children, then you would have to think that she is not a beliver in Christ. Until we put Godly people back in our courts,political world, we we all live in turmoil. It is time for all of us Christian to take a stand for what we know is the right thing. Dad's should have rights!! Sometimes they are the right parent for the Job.
A Disturbed Christian Mom
Very Disturbed

United States

#27 Sep 25, 2008
This woman needs to be removed immediately, She is not checking out the facts, she is only listening to what she wants to hear. If a man is not working 24/7 and turning his paycheck over to the ex then he is gonna be proven unfit. How can you say a man is unfit just because he has morals and trys to be an example of a caring father and does not believe it's all about "stuff". When a woman will let children do, have, & say anything they want and will not discipline them why would they not want to stay with her.In her case it's all about more, more & more... Sad Very Sad even more sad to think this so called judge can't see thru situations like this and she is the one who said the children will always want to remain with the parent who gives no discipline!!
Folks we must start writing and calling and get this woman removed.
Upset Attorney

United States

#28 Sep 25, 2008
Folks you must get your facts together and head to Frankfort, Ky. Seems to me this Judge has no business to be a family court judge. Please I urge all of you to get her out.
another upset father

Morehead, KY

#29 Sep 26, 2008
Kentucky Judicial Retirement and Removal Commision
(six zero six, two three three, four one two eight) Call, leave your name and address and the voice mail says they will mail you an application. Also there is some interesting info at the link below. I am encouraging you all to take the time to do this. If we all act maybe something could get done. At the very least I want the Honorable Judge Gormley(not:) to know that attempts are being made to bring some justice to our counties and to let her know that she does not have a court room, it belongs to the citizens that she supposedly represents.
another upset father

Morehead, KY

#30 Sep 26, 2008
Sorry you all, the website listed above has very old data on it but it does describe the Removal Commission. The phone number is accurate. I recently called it.
another upset father

Morehead, KY

#31 Sep 26, 2008
This site is more recent. You can even print out a form and mail it in or call and have one mailed to you.
sadieville lost father

Mount Washington, KY

#32 Sep 26, 2008
another upset father wrote:
I was ready to beieve that the dozens of stories that I had heard about Gormley were not true. On the day of our final hearing she said that 50/50 timesharing was not out of the question, that she would speak to the children but they would not have the final say, and that children typically want to stay with the parent who gives the least discipline. I left the court room thinking that I was going to at least get more time with my kids. Then about a month later when the written court order was given to was 180 degrees diffrent from what she said in court. Instead of getting any more time with my kids she actually took time away. Where are the family values that she claims to have? There is no justice or fairness in her courtroom. How did this lady ever get behind the bench? I would be interested in knowing what the procedure is to have her actions investigated.
This happened to me as well. When will this lady get the boot off the bench?

Greenville, KY

#33 Sep 27, 2008
Sounds like this must be the pattern for gormley, same situation is going on with my brother....What is this world coming to...
worried family

United States

#34 Sep 28, 2008
It really hurts to sit and watch a family being so torn apart all because a woman whom we all have seen in action for years continue to find ways to be untruthful and try to destroy a man who is a loving person and has been a great provider not to mention husband and father. When you have to sit and watch knowing gormley is going to listen to all the untruths and rule in her favor as she has for several monthes, it is really a shame. If it wasn't for the love of a family who says we must hold on to the faith because in the end we know who the Judge will be.
God be with all of you who are heartbroken.

Madisonville, KY

#35 Sep 29, 2008
Public opinion remains a powerful weapon in this country. Thankfully, we still have the freedom to state our opinions. Perhaps the best course of action to remove this biased, unfair judge from the bench is to produce a tidal wave of correspondence--to write government officials, post on websites such as this, and keep phone lines buzzing. Still, wheels turn slowly in the legal system. To add fuel to the fire, those concerned might investigate the judge and share any damning facts or statistics with the public by writing editorials. The media can be our ally.
Better Person

Lexington, KY

#36 Sep 29, 2008
I am simply amazed at the response to such a personal and emotional subject.I hope the dialogue will continue and just maybe Judge Gormley will get wind of this site and become aware of how she is being perceived. I would encourage more attorney response and all of the above responders to email this to someone. I dont know that removal will ever be possible but letting Judge Gormely know she could be doing so much more good for the children with an open mind might benefit so many in the future.
A bit confused

United States

#37 Sep 29, 2008
When she was appointed she was quoted saying "I look forward to serving as family court judge and will work to provide continuity and a more responsive outcome in court cases tailored to families and children’s needs.” Perhaps she has forgotten her promise.
Loving Heart

Owensboro, KY

#38 Sep 29, 2008
If the father has always been there for the children then I think they should have just as much right to them as the mother (joint custody) if not full. Sometimes the father is a more responsible parent than the mother. I think all cases should be looked at fully and with an open mind. No one should ever make a decision before entering the court room. This is about the children. What is best for them. You don't want to mess there routine up anymore than you have to when a family is spliting. What is wrong with this judge is there not any love in her heart?
another comment

United States

#39 Sep 29, 2008
I too am amazed at all the responses on this issue, going on just what I'm reading here this judge is doing alot of double talking. It's really sad to build someone up in thinking they may be given joint custody to throw a bombshell at them by reducing the amount of time altogether.
This judge has truly forgotten her "quote" when trying to get appointed. I bet her name will be real familiar at the next election. I will surely be waiting for the chance to vote!!!!
another broken heart

Cincinnati, OH

#40 Oct 3, 2008
I don't know what to do, my family is so torn and upset because of the decision of this judge. It seems I have no where to turn and I can't get any place without an attorney and I honestly can't afford one. I have sold everything I own to try and prove myself a good father. She simply does not listen and therefore I'm at wits end. If anyone has any advise please post because I don't know where to turn except to God.. I know He sees all and even if gormley has no heart I know God will help mend mine..
another upset father

Morehead, KY

#41 Oct 5, 2008
As I look at the list of items that the Judicial Conduct Commision will investigate I am thinking that we need to find some things that our cases have in common. Expressions of bias based on race, gender, or ethnicity. Rude abusive and otherwise improper treatment of parties, councel, witnesses, jurors, court staff and others...just to name a couple. We can't just complain that the judges decision just didn't go our way. The commision will not hear or do anything about that. The complaints have to be based on something from the list of Types of Judicial Misconduct. So look at the list and try to identify something you can use when you send in your complaint form. Also for those who may not can go to the circuit court clerks office (1st floor of Justice Bldg.) and ask for your hearing on CD for a cost of $20. Just have the date and time of the hearing. You have to pay in advance and they may not be able to give it to you immediatly. It may take a day or two. In some of the above paragraphs I see possible examples of gender bias and rude or abusive treatment so use these if you can.

Lets pull together and see what we can do. Take the time to call the number listed and request your complaint form.

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