We need to get a class action lawsuit...
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#63 Oct 25, 2010
i am currently in the nursing program at spencerian and i totally agree with all of your postings .....'d.c.' is one of the biggest problems there... hes changed everything
Ex-Admissions Officer wrote:
This will be long-winded, but hopefully someone finds this valuable.
I used to be an Admissions Officer at Sullivan University (Harrodsburg Rd). The "Sullivan University System" also owns Spencerian College.
Sullivan is accredited, which is the one thing making it a half-step up from other joke "career universities" like Strayer, Kaplan and ITT. Spencerian is about 3 steps down. The whole system is an ABSOLUTE SCAM designed to make con artists like Al Sullivan (the CEO), Jim Crick, David McGuire and the rest of the head goons rich. These guys have enormous homes, extravagant cars, season tickets to every sport imaginable, etc, all paid for by the university.
Sullivan's training program for admissions is parallel to what I would imagine a car salesman goes through. Several AOs I worked with often lied to potential students about how much money they would make after graduation. We were taught to use high-pressure sales tactics to guilt trip/coerce people to apply when they came in for an "interview" (the key here being the absurd $100 application fee). These "interviews" were said to determine whether Sullivan was a good fit for the individual, which is laughable. AO's are implicitly instructed to blindside these people with talk of a bachelor's degree in 3 years, job placement, and the real world experience of the instructors while glossing over the ridiculous costs and the fact that all financial aid comes in the form of loans. They use this to try to get an application from every person who comes through the door, and it is a black mark against you if you fail to do so.
Sullivan/Spencerian accept ANYONE who will pay them. They have ZERO academic admissions standards. All that is required is a high school diploma or GED. You can have a 1.5 GPA and a 10 on the ACT and they'll take you with no questions asked. If your ACT score is low, they have their own entrance exam called the CPAT which is another joke. Look up some sample CPAT questions online, find a 12-year-old, and 4 out of 5 times they'll score 80% or better.
The tuition is OUTRAGEOUS (around $20k per year). The majority of people who graduate from these places spend 3x the yearly salary of their post-graduation job on their schooling. I've talked to a few Sullivan students since I left, and they say it was a big mistake that set their families back. They offer no academic scholarships and force-feeds loans that people don't need/can't afford down their throats. The only scholarships they do offer are often won through contests at hokey admissions events, and are usually around $500-$1000.
When I was there, there were 8-10 students who actually enjoyed their time there and they were the face of the school. They were used for EVERYTHING from helping w/ admissions events to the "candid" photographs taken for school publications to video advertising. If a potential student wanted to speak with a current one, we were instructed to go to them and no one else. Several of those students are also employed by Sullivan now, BTW.
For the most part, the teachers are elitist windbags who are more concerned with sleeping around and touting their "real world experience" (a commonly used buzzword around campus) than they are with helping students.
With all this being said, I do want to say however that Sullivan's Travel & Tourism and Culinary Arts programs are solid. Pam Hamilton, the main instructor of the T&T program, is a rare good one. And the Culinary school is one of the best in the country, although my previous statement about spending 3x on your degree what you'll make in a year after graduating holds true there as well.

Murray, KY

#64 Oct 26, 2010
lol wrote:
Your best bet is to file a complaint with the Department of Education. It's looking into for profit education, and if they're willing to come forward, you may find current and former folks in admissions who can tell you a lot about how Sullivan University System gets students to come to school.
Al Sullivan luvs him some money, yes sir he does...
Am I wrong or does the Executive Director of THE Kentucky Board Of Nursing have financial interest in Strayer University which decided to and did open schools in Lexington and Louisville in the beginning of 2006? Wasn't that just a few months after the Board of Nursing withdrew it's approval from Spencerians Associate Degree Program? Although the offerings are different, the type of students who attend both of these private for profit schools come from the same population base don't they? They are competitors then, for students or is that incorrect?

Louisville, KY

#65 Oct 28, 2010
kLhave their been any complaints against national college of louisville Ky. I have had nothing but problems from these guys. they have increased tuition by 33% and the financial aid dept. is a joke.

Nicholasville, KY

#66 Nov 16, 2010
I attended Spencerian when I was 19 for the massage therapy program they had. I withdrew soon after, and my tuition was covered by Federal Stafford Loans and a Pell Grant. These loans along with a portion of my Pell Grant was sent to Spencerian,but since I withdrew before a certain time the loans were all refunded and cancelled. Well from 2008-2009 I received calls nonstop from places like Nelnet stating that I had a balance and owed somewhere near $6000.00 (I hadn't even earned the first credit, nor attended beyond 2-3 wks). Well, when I finally realized that NSLDS (National Student Loan Data System) had it in their system that the loans were completely cancelled they apologized and quit calling me. Now, it's 2010 and I just NOW started receiving calls from a collection agency called ICR stating that Sullivan/Spencerian turned me in stating I owed $6000.00, but this time it was a loan of theirs. This is all fraud, because as soon as they NELNET realized Spencerian/Sullivan was holding their money they forced them to return it and now these money hungry idiots and trying to make me pay Sullivan University for nothing! Never attend this shitty university.

Evansville, IN

#67 Nov 16, 2010
Read this. Don't know how far the investigation will go, but maybe contacting your state rep will help:

http://www.courier-journal.com/apps/pbcs.dll/... (article called "Kentucky lawmakers hear complaints about for-profit colleges")

Dayton, OH

#68 Nov 16, 2010
The Radiology program is the pits...the students are not competent...i know the director....very OCD...and out of touch with the real world.....

If looking into a radiology career...stay away...

Lexington, KY

#69 Nov 17, 2010
Also they dont tell you in the radiology program that you are getting a certificate for a limited Rad Tech, meaning, the only place your gonna find a job is in doctors offices that have an xray machine. Theres is no hospitals in Lexington that will take a limited rad tech, they want someone that can do it all and when you get into a real radiology program your taught everything from exray to ultrasounds so call the human resource offices of hospitals and see if you dont believe. The differance in pay from hospital job to dr office job is probably about 10,000 a year.

Dayton, OH

#70 Nov 17, 2010
Missy ur correct.....beaware of the radiology program and director

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#71 Dec 20, 2010
PetiteLady wrote:
My husband graduated from Spencerian with a Graphics degree around 2005. He still hasn't been able to find a job with it.
Now he's attempting to get another degree at the University of Kentucky and they wont take any of his transfer credits. Apparently UK sees 6 accreditation places as valid, and the one(s) saying Spencerian are accredited is/are not on this list.
So if you try to transfer from Spencerian to UK, you have been warned that you will have to start from scratch.
I graduated from Spencerian in 2005 in Computer Graphic Design also, what is your husband's name if you don't mind me asking? I probably know who he is, or had classes with him because our group was a small group, and most everyone knew each other. I too have had trouble find work in my field. Since 2005, I have worked 3 design jobs...1 lasted 6 months and then I was laid off because work was so slow, the second job lasted 3 months because the pay was HORRIBLE, and the last job I worked was part-time! So much for the yearly salary of $40K+

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#72 Dec 20, 2010
I meant "working."
Another Former Employee

Louisville, KY

#76 Jan 30, 2011
To Miss Piggy

Learn how to spell, or were you one that blames the rest of us who actually have the first hand knowledge because you didn't qualify to extend your education?
Another Former Employee

Louisville, KY

#77 Jan 30, 2011
Oh and another thing I worked in a portion of the admissions office and all is correct they are in fact corrupt and will do whatever it takes to keep anything secret under wraps. I have personally seen people fired because they knew too much and were set up to violate some stupid "office rule" or something without even knowing they were doing it and having a mole in the office to spy and report to the boss when they did it and they wouldn't even investigate they just let them go once they started catching on to the real workings, why do you think they have such a high turnover in a job market that SUCKS and they get paid really good money? Ponder over that one for a few......

Ann Arbor, MI

#78 Jan 31, 2011
True_Blue_Fan2010 wrote:
This is for anyone who attends or attended Spencerian College in Lexington and wants to get a class action lawsuit started. They've scammed so many people into attending this "so called" school. Read how many people on studentreviews.com ( http://www.studentsreview.com/KY/SC1.html ) want to get in on a lawsuit. C'mon people, we need to do this!
It's a glorified GED and you couldn't figure that out before you wrote them a check. Try UK, Transy, or Georgetown if you want a real education. Besides a class action just gets the lawyers money, you won't get much...but then again you thought Spencerian was a real school...lol

Franklin, OH

#79 Apr 3, 2011
Not only are there admission officers crooked so are there business practices. Favoritism, discrimmination and I could go on. Someone needs to look into there payroll. Some people in higher positions don't even have a college degree. What does this spell out to the students? You don't need a college degree to have a high paying job. Family members are rampant in the system even if the "Employee Manuel" says it'a against policy. Notice how they have a high employee turn over and not just in admissions? And why don't they drug test employees?

Latonia, KY

#80 Apr 9, 2011
Why why is this school still open?

Latonia, KY

#81 Apr 9, 2011
Amen....) I just spent the last year of my life at Spencerian college-nursing program in KY. I m a person that comes with peace and that put a target on my back. I have a clean background, love my family, and go to church every time the doors are open. I was pulled out of class one day put on a White Van and DRUG TESTED....I was told I was to happy and they found that odd. I passed my test but long story short I experienced emotional abuse from ignoring me when I asked a question, acting annoyed for having to speak with me
the female instructors lined up outside the director office like he was God.
I was unjustly dismissed last week with weeks away from graduating I know justice will come soon because it's going to be my mission everyday until I get my money back and that school is closed.

Latonia, KY

#82 Apr 9, 2011
I almost forgot to ask. How they can sleep at night?

Beware Karma is coming".
you know who

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#83 Apr 19, 2011
Aaron wrote:
Class action ONLY gets the lawyers rich....don't tell me your such a fool you don't know this.
Lawyers only get paid if you win

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#84 Apr 27, 2011
spencerian victim wrote:
hey can i get an email address for you or something? im totally for this please let me have some way to contact you!
anyone that would like to get a class action lawsuit against Spencerian please visit my blog www.dontbavictim.wordpress.com

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#85 Apr 27, 2011
I attended Spencerian College in Louisville Ky
I was unjustly dismissed. please visit my blog

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