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#269 Oct 17, 2012
kentuckian wrote:
<quoted text>
It is NEVER the deceased person's "fault" for being killed unless they presented a clear and immediate threat to the life of the killer. That's why "none of this will matter". Neither the public nor the Court care what problems he had. They care that he is dead because someone shot him multiple times and left him to die, and THAT is what will be on trial.
There isn't a charge or sentence for having issues. Fortunately there's not one for being stupid, either.
completely agree with you. I think most everyone agrees It is not his fault. It is most certainly her fault unless it was self defense. but none of us were there, so only time will tell. but i think most people on here know he is most certainly the victim but there is definitely some gray area with the dynamic of their relationship. He had issues, just like her, but she should have never taken it that far. I don't think any of this talk does matter, its simply questioning the situation and wondering what could have possibly driven her to that point.

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#270 Oct 17, 2012
So according to many of you if a man calls a women fat or any other hurtful words, he deserves death and drug use is something that deserves the death penalty as well...if you believe that i would assume you would expect a pretty harsh punishment for a murderer too... One person is at fault here and its not Ryan

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#271 Oct 17, 2012
@child please...your comments have been so insightful and have summed up this horrible tragedy better than any on here. I can only assume that the majority of Shayna supporters are those girls who also can't let go when a man says "get lost." I'm quite sure they also have the stalker mentality and most likely blame men for all of their problems. Who else in their right mind would EVER make excuses for a blatant murderer?

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#272 Oct 17, 2012
This thread has been interesting considering the two "sides" posting. There are the older and quite intelligent friends and family of Ryan discussing the facts. Then there are the obvious children who don't want to assign blame to Shayna but can't decide which sorority she was kicked out of or when her facebook was taken down, or what her twitter name was.
I know none of these people and can easily tell the difference based entirely on this thread.
Not okay

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#273 Oct 17, 2012
curious wrote:
Howd they meet?
someone said she stalked him out on facebook
Child Please

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#274 Oct 17, 2012
@Newsie @Bethy...thanks! I try to mince words but generally fail.:) Clearly I have some heated feelings about this.

@lol Lexington...I agree. There are some posts in here where age/perhaps education level are apparent.
I personally am disobeying one of my cardinal rules of presuming innocent until proven guilty -for a myriad of reasons I'm making an exception this time. This forum is nothing more than a way to vent frustration and see what's on people's minds.
At the end of the day we can voice opinions all we want....all that matters is what happens in that courtroom.

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#275 Oct 17, 2012
The Law wrote:
To constitute self-defense, the evidence must establish that, at the time the defendant used physical force, the defendant believed that such force was necessary to protect himself from the use or imminent use of unlawful physical force by another person. Under those circumstances, a defendant can use deadly physical force when he or she believes that force is necessary to protect the defendant against death, serious physical injury, kidnapping, or sexual intercourse compelled by force or threat, a felony involving the use of force,or pursuant to KRS 503.055
Interesting. Given her alleged background and her wild mugshot look, I'm going to place my bet and say she claim he tried to rape her.

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#276 Oct 17, 2012
QRS wrote:
So according to many of you if a man calls a women fat or any other hurtful words, he deserves death and drug use is something that deserves the death penalty as well...if you believe that i would assume you would expect a pretty harsh punishment for a murderer too... One person is at fault here and its not Ryan
There is no excuse for his death other than self defense which i think is highly unlikely. I do think however that a combination of emotional abuse among other things on a young girl could drive her to do a stupid selfish act. she should have left the relationship. No one is "defending shayna" simply searching for answers or some unjustifiable reason to this hyannis crime

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#277 Oct 17, 2012
I personally think this whole society is getting a little trigger happy. We really don't have to kill people every time we don't like what they say or do. There are valid reasons to defend yourself, but it's being abused now.

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#278 Oct 17, 2012
According to court documents, Hubers called police Friday around 9 p.m. and said she shot her boyfriend in self defense.

She said "she knows he is dead, she shot him 15 minutes before calling," according to a uniform citation filed in district court.

When Highland Heights police interviewed her later, she said she shot Poston in the face. "Then he fell and started shaking and she shot him again," the citation said.

Read more here:
anonymous person

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#279 Oct 17, 2012
Child Please wrote:
<quoted text>
He gave her his number over the summer…..AND WHAT? So far we’ve established he’s guilty of treating a ho like a ho. Allowing her back into his life shouldn’t have been a death sentence.
How do you know whether he wanted her there at the end or why he didn’t file a restraining order? I can’t see him taking you out for coffee to explain his thought process.
I’m responding to you with anger primarily because of “this is not all her fault.” Have you lost your mind? I don’t care if he used her, if he called her fat, if he told her to drive her happy a$$ back to Lexington last Friday…shooting him was not the answer and only one person did that! Many times! So yes, that’s all her fault and she’s guilty of a lot more than “bad taste in men.”
I wish his family the best of luck. I hope they use every single resource they have to draw attention to this case and make sure Campbell County doesn’t act a lenient fool as they have in the past with some of the women who killed men in domestic violence situations.
Short of finding her body riddled with bullets there is no logical explanation or excuse for what she did. Period.
ok well obviously you didn't know either person so maybe you should keep your opinions about Shayna to yourself...

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#280 Oct 17, 2012
anonymous person wrote:
<quoted text>
ok well obviously you didn't know either person so maybe you should keep your opinions about Shayna to yourself...
Can you explain why she'd shoot him in the face and when he fell on the floor shaking, shoot him 3-4 more times - then wait 15 minutes to call the police and let them know? Do you have any idea, knowing her well, why she would do that? Why anyone would do that?

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#281 Oct 17, 2012
this clearly isn't self defense

1) she knew how to shoot a gun and hit him in the face which NO ONE does

2) she shot him after he was on the floor dying

3) she could have called the cops after the hit to the face so paramedics could try and save his life but nooooooooooo she shoots him again

4) i can tell she hasn't been crying in her mugshot- I know her very well and have seen her cry and her face gets very red and puffy which it was not

if you are defending her you are truly ignorant and do not know anything. go read a book and educate yourself please

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#282 Oct 17, 2012
Angered wrote:
I call crap on the self defense claim. I know for a FACT that she is vengeful against ex boyfriends. She tried to ruin the reputation of a doctor she was dating a few years back. She showed me the awful/horrible things that she would write about him on professional referral websites. Girl is NUTS
I know her too and this is totally true. She is still obsessed with him. She was thinking of writing a letter to his wife saying how they still talked

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#283 Oct 17, 2012
She is best to just sign a plea deal odds are she will get a life sentence if she doesn`t sign a plea. I see her having to serve 30 yrs via plea deal.

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#284 Oct 17, 2012
I've been sitting here trying to be civil, but I can't. My daughter is in her first year of law school, and she is the biggest part of my world. She's kind, honest, intelligent and a person I try to emulate in my own life. I look forward to being in the courtroom for her first appearance, attending her wedding, playing with her children, sharing her life until mine is over. Because that's the way it's SUPPOSED to be; she should bury me.
I'm just so angry that these parents are burying their son, and hurt for them so much. I tried to put myself in their place and it scared the hell out of me - I couldn't go there, it was just too dark. To realize that Ryan's parents had to go there, and past there, and will be there the rest of their lives...
And then someone wants to make his death partially his fault? The "bad taste" counsel comment? That attorney obviously knows bad taste well, but he didn't know the victim.
I don't either but my heart is broken and I'm furious.
Child Please

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#285 Oct 17, 2012
anonymous person wrote:
<quoted text>
ok well obviously you didn't know either person so maybe you should keep your opinions about Shayna to yourself...
There is nothing obvious about whom I know or don't know, what I know or don't know. What I do know is that I'm not dense enough to be in here defending a whack job murderer. That and every other opinion I have of her I'm going to keep on sharing as long as I see fit.

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#286 Oct 17, 2012
I think she will serve about 20-25 years...not saying she doesn't deserve worse just what i think and secondly for all those sticking up for her...lets reverse roles if she was a man and Ryan was a girl...the situation would be totally different

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#287 Oct 17, 2012
anonymous person wrote:
<quoted text>
Ryan didn't file a restraining order because not only did she still want to be with him but he gave her his new phone number over the summer and wanted to get in contact with her. He was just as crazy as Shayna and this is not all her fault. He had serious drug addictions and I know for a fact she was not a drug addict. She might of done it when her friends were. Ryan's family is trying to play it off that he didn't want her there and it is ALL her fault but it's not. He kept putting himself back in her life. But none of this will matter because his family has SO much money that whatever comes out negative about Ryan his family will pay someone off to keep it under wraps.. so good luck to Shayna. She's got her work cut out for her fighting his crazy family full of lawyers.
Anonymous person, you are a moron. In case you don't know what that means, it's a stupid person with a mental age of between seven to twelve years.

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#288 Oct 17, 2012
Anyone who has studied criminology knows that people who kill someone that they know (a friend, loved one, acquaintance) don't shoot the victim in the face. Most people cannot look hat person in the eye and shoot them. People who kill people they know udo it when the person is not looking because they are too coward to see that persons face when they die. THIS WOMAN SHOT THE GUY IN THE FACE, WATCHED HIM SQUIRM FOR A FEW SECONDS AND SHOT HIM AGAIN. Obviously she has mental problems

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