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#2786 Sep 3, 2012
Settle down a little, people. First wave of leadership retreat is, understandably, for the top *leaders.* Not just the staff – Pete, Sharon, Connie, Jimmy, Michael, Dave, Land, Brad - but also the elders and other out-front people like Todd Burris and Robin Meeks. Just about every church I know of has similar retreats. It's just that they don't make a big deal out of it the way Quest does.

A few years ago, they expanded the retreat for second wavers and third wave, with third wave being for anyone who was willing to pay the $80 to $90 fee. I went a couple of times. It was interesting stuff for the most part. It also was the testing ground for some things Pete introduced in Celebration, some of which found its way into the weekend service. Some of that stuff had value; some not so much.

But I suggest you back off saying first wave was "elite of elite." It's simply the part of the retreat that helps focus the hearts of Quest's leaders, as any church's leadership retreat does.

Beattyville, KY

#2787 Sep 3, 2012
And before anyone accuses me of softening my attitude about Quest, let me reassert that I remain adamant that Quest - and Questers - would benefit greatly by restructuring the church's governance.

I have great respect for each of the elders individually. But the fact remains that a majority of the elders have potential conflicts of interest because they, or their spouses, are paid staff.

Questers have no input on the church's operations. Too much is left to trust the leaders. I have no problem with trusting God; I have a lot of problems trusting human beings who are frail and prone to sin. The current set-up gives Pete too much authority in appointing the governing teams. Did Peter appoint Mathias as Judas' replacement? No. That was done via the leading of the remaining Eleven by the Holy Spirit. I'm pretty convinced the Holy Spirit would lead Questers - who are *attendees* at the church, not *members*- to elect elders, finance team members, and core team members who would be good overseers.

Helen has been doing an excellent job of making inroads toward Quest regularly offering Bible study opportunities - at least to women. But what about Quest's men? Where are their opportunities to gain a deeper, richer understanding of Scripture?

It's been nearly three years since I left Quest, so I don't know if lifegroup sessions still center around a "curriculum" that focuses on the Sunday sermon. When I first started attending, Pete, Sharon and others said the weekend services were developed with this ratio 2/3s of the sermon was directed to seekers, 1/3 to helping edify believers; at Celebration, the ratio was reversed, to encourage believers' continued spiritual growth. Now, unfortunately, there is no weekly Celebration. This is my point: If the lifegroup meetings are still centered around the Sunday sermon, that means Quest has reduced the opportunities for spiritual growth even further. Not a good thing, that.

And I still see where Pete and others continue to take Bible verses out of context in their sermons, essentially attributing a meaning to those verses that was not intended. Naughty, naughty; more than that: misleading.

As for the changes to Questapalooza, is there really any doubt that a less ambitious version of it was coming? Questapalooza in its original form was unsustainable from a financial standpoint, especially once the recession started. Is it a good idea for Questapalooza to encompass a week of service by Questers to Lexington? Sure, as long as the goal isn't simply an invitation drive. It would be great to see Quest do things that don't have the ultimate goal of aggrandizing Quest. It would be greater for Quest to be encouraging Questers to develop lifestyles of service. We'll see.

United States

#2788 Sep 3, 2012
I wasn't saying it as a bad thing. But, wave 1 is the elite of the elite. No person hardy gets invited to wave 1 unless inside the inner circle. Is that bad, no. There does need to be time for the top leaders to bond and grow together.
Still Attending

Franklin, OH

#2789 Sep 4, 2012
Pete actually seemed really humble at retreat. It wasn't all about Him... I was, surprised. Maybe the sabbatical changed him?... They also hired new people. The giving at Quest has been up and up and it's made a way for a new college pastor apparently to come in since Brad has been doing middle and high school ministry along with college ministry.

I guess all the money that Quest isn't a terrible thing. And from what I heard of the new college pastors story... He has a good head on his shoulders and an amazing testimony to boot.

If anything, Reverb is the best part of Quest. Mainly because it's not a part of Quest. Reverb is it's own thing. You don't have to be a part of Quest to be a part of Reverb and to thrive in Reverb.

And Reverb is mainly funded by the students and the volunteers. Quest hardly puts any dollars towards college students until now with the new pastor.

I'm excited for Reverb honestly- I think those who hate Quest should still root them on. Since the new pastor can think for himself and isn't totally brain washed by Pete.

Beattyville, KY

#2790 Sep 5, 2012
Still Attending, I sincerely hope you are correct re Pete's new-found humility. Let's pray it leads him to see the need for structural reforms at Quest, as well as a greater focus on after-conversion discipleship.

My fear is that Pete will find himself awash in Questers' praise and fawning, and that he will drift back into his control issues.


#2791 Sep 5, 2012
I remember years ago, hearing a humble, devout Quester with a long record of service tell me delightedly that she'd finally been invited to a leadership retreat. Her fluttery excitement at being so 'honored' by church leaders made me sad and sick. It was like hearing a lonely high-school geek say, "The cool kids have been letting me do their homework all year. Isn't that nice of them! And now, they're even gonna let me sit at their lunch table today while I help them study for finals!"

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#2792 Sep 18, 2012
truth wrote:
Each wave costs different.
.so to attend qcc u have to pay? what if u don't have alot of money and u just want to learn the gospel. ive never heard of diff levels in a church..i thought all people were equal in yhe eyes of the Lord

United States

#2793 Sep 19, 2012
No, you don't pay to attend church. It is a retreat they take that we were discussing

Lexington, KY

#2794 Sep 19, 2012
At quest you have to pay to simply breath. They say give more for this and that, but whats its going toward is petes pocket. That is sad to say but its true. Also thats the problem with alot of mega churches now a days, not saying all do that, but they say give more and goes into someones pocket.

Georgetown, KY

#2795 Sep 19, 2012
Never been there, never will

Lexington, KY

#2796 Oct 30, 2012
quest is now never about jesus, bu pete.Pete is the way to ge into questopia

Lexington, KY

#2797 Nov 8, 2012
As I think about this pete is alot like obama. He lies about everything, covers things up, and will help illgeals get on there feet.

Beattyville, KY

#2798 Nov 20, 2012
One of my main issues with Quest has been its lack of discipleship and Bible studies. I'd have to say, I've heard a lot of good things about Helen Musick's "Engage" Bible studies for women. Snaps to Helen and to Pete for recognizing the need. Prayers that similar studies will soon be available for men at Quest!

Masontown, PA

#2799 Nov 20, 2012
youtube.com/watch... …Old Fart or Young Stinkers? Pew is available
Free in Christ

United States

#2800 Nov 21, 2012
O my imagine that ! Bible study for the men folk + What will they think of next? btw + whats with Pope Pete being "away" so long on his trip to the mountaintop to hear from God ? while he was there heard he got a tummy tuck on the congregations dime and now he's having complications to the elective surgery ! Think maybe he should have gone to the mat first to learn how not to eat so much and lose weight? whats the word from the inner circle cause you wont hear about this from the pope !+++

Lexington, KY

#2801 Nov 21, 2012
Do you people understand that you are paying to go to a building to worship an invisible man that no one has ever seen or heard? Do you not understand that the Bible was written by men, and changed often to suit this king or that in ancient times? How soooo many people fall for this bunk is crazy.

Mount Washington, KY

#2802 Nov 22, 2012
Free in Christ-- Is that really true? Did he get a tummy tuck?? Wouldn't surprise me.

Masontown, PA

#2803 Nov 22, 2012
youtube.com/watch... ……Old Fart or young Stinker
quester in the past

Lexington, KY

#2804 Dec 1, 2012
Question...has anyone had quest take money from your account without approval? I have tired to call the church but the person is always out.I've never asprove this.
pete hise

Lexington, KY

#2805 Dec 18, 2012
Hello everyone come to quest and be my children. Gay is a blessing that encorge be that please.

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