the bluegrass conspiracy

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#1348 Aug 11, 2011
Bathtub deaths, "suicide" or murder...

p. 150-151, "The Bluegrass Conspiracy," Sally Denton
"..Homicide investigators in Florida and Georgia continued to seek clues in the strangulation murder of Robert Walker, who had been named in one of the early China Lake Indictments, and had then agreed to testify against Bradley Bryant.

In Lexington, in the middle of a hot, muggy afternoon, the bodies of Danny Sheppard and Cindy Baker were found. They had both been stabbed several times in the heart, and left in the bathtub of their home. The shower was running and the bathroom walls were drenched with blood. The two were known drug couriers, and had been identified by Ralph's undercover men as regulars at Lambert's house on Old Dobbin road.

Like Walker, Sheppard and Baker had become government informants against Company members just prior to their deaths. Apparently the Company had impeccable sources within both local and federal law enforcement agencies in order for them to learn the identities of snitches so quickly."
(ABOVE was taken from: p. 150-151, "The Bluegrass Conspiracy," Sally Denton)
Danny Casolaro
(Martinsburg WV where Danny was found dead is about 80 miles from Washington D.C.)

Joseph Daniel Casolaro (June 16, 1947–August 10, 1991) was an American freelance writer who came to public attention in 1991 when he was found dead in a bathtub in room 517 of the Sheraton Hotel in Martinsburg, West Virginia, his wrists slashed 10–12 times. A note was found, and the medical examiner ruled the death a suicide.[1]

Shortly before his death, Casolaro told people that he was nearly ready to reveal a wide-ranging conspiracy spanning the Inslaw case, Iran-Contra, the alleged October Surprise conspiracy, and the closure of BCCI.[7] David Corn writes in The Nation that the papers Casolaro left behind reveal few clues, except that he was in over his head, but was tenacious.[8]
His papers included old clippings, handwritten notes that were hard to read, and the names of former CIA officers and arms dealers. Corn writes that the notes show Casolaro was influenced by the Christic Institute and that he had pursued material fed to him by a reporter who worked for Lyndon LaRouche.[8] Richard Fricker writes in Wired that Casolaro had been led into a "Bermuda Triangle of spooks, guns, drugs and organized crime."[9]

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#1349 Aug 11, 2011
The truth is Casolero's information came from impeccable sources that used the PROMIS software to get the goods on anyone.

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#1350 Aug 12, 2011


In Re:
INSLAW, INC., Debtor.
CASE NO. 85-00070 
(Chapter 11)

INSLAW, INC., Plaintiff
CASE NO. 85-00070 
Adversary Proceeding
NO. 86-0069


I, MICHAEL J. RICONOSCIUTO, being duly sworn, do hereby state as follows:
1. During the early 1980's, I served as the Director of Research for a joint venture between the Wackenhut Corporation of Coral Gables, Florida, and the Cabazon Band of Indians in Indio, California. The joint venture was located on the Cabazon reservation.

2. The Wackenhut-Cabazon joint venture sought to develop and/or manufacture certain materials that are used in military and national security operations, including night vision goggles, machine guns, fuel-air explosives, and biological and chemical warfare weapons…….
……7. In connection with my work for Wackenhut, I engaged in some software development and modification work in 1983 and 1984 on the proprietary PROMIS computer software product. The copy of PROMIS on which I worked came from the Department of Justice. Earl W. Brian made it available to me through Wackenhut after acquiring it from Peter Videnieks, who was then a Department of Justice contracting official with responsibility for the PROMIS software. I performed the modifications to PROMIS in Indio, California; Silver Spring, Maryland; and Miami, Florida.

8. The purpose of the PROMIS software modifications that I made in 1983 and 1984 was to support a plan for the implementation of PROMIS in law enforcement and intelligence agencies worldwide. Earl W. Brian was spearheading the plan for this worldwide use of the PROMIS computer software………
……13. Videnieks also outlined specific punishments that I could expect to receive from the U.S. Department of Justice if I cooperate with the House Judiciary Committee's investigation.

14. One punishment that Videnieks outlined was the future inclusion of me and my father in a criminal prosecution of certain business associates of mine in Orange County, California, in connection with the operation of a savings and loan institution in Orange County. By way of underscoring his power to influence such decisions at the U.S. Department of Justice, Videnieks informed me of the indictment of these business associates prior to the time when that  indictment was unsealed and made public.

15. Another punishment that Videnieks threatened against me if I cooperate with the House Judiciary Commitee [sic] is prosecution by the U.S. Department of Justice for perjury. Videnieks warned me that credible witnesses would come forward to contradict any damaging claims that I made in testimony before the House Judiciary Committee, and that I would subsequently be prosecuted for perjury by the U.S. Department of Justice for my testimony before the House Judiciary Committee.

[Signed]: Michael J. Riconosciuto
Signed and sworn to before me this 21st day of March, 1991.
John M. Rosellini 
Notary Public
My Commission Expires: Sept 19, 1993

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#1351 Aug 12, 2011
Taken from:
by Virginia McCullough

"…..Seven days after the declaration was filed on March 21, 1991, Washington state law enforcement arrested him and several days later, a search warrant was executed on property controlled by Riconosciuto. Law enforcement stated that evidence of a “clandestine laboratory believed to be operated by defendant and others” was seized.….

…..Michael continued to detail the many historic high profile cases he had participated in over the years. He claimed to be a member of the McKee team that went down in the Lockerbie crash of Pan Am 103. He played a part in the infamous October Surprise. He had developed explosives similar to those used in the Oklahoma City bombing. He controlled the millions stolen in the Nugan Hand Bank scandal. However, no amount of tale tales diverted the government from his prosecution. Riconosciuto’s trial moved forward and ultimately he was found guilty as charged. He was sentenced to 30 years in a federal prison. Michael Riconosciuto will remain in jail until 2017 unless he can strike a deal that gives give him an earlier release date……"

READ MORE:,phillip,arth...
Note: this article also details Michael's 1970's history of drug involvement and experience.

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#1352 Aug 12, 2011
The end is near wrote:
<quoted text>Guess we can ask Maddox and Southerland if Frank needs to be on death roll,O never mind he murder them both.
They were my cousins, but older than me. I had no idea they even connected with "The Bluegrass Conspiracy"

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#1353 Aug 12, 2011
Larry wrote:
When I stop posting, the thread goes silent. I am the only one who will talk with you wacko's.
LOL, you even suck as a troll. This isn't the only thread on the subject.
chuckie chuckles

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#1355 Aug 13, 2011
Larry wrote:
It's Marathon refineries, retard. Ashland Oil is no longer in Ashland and hasn't been for many years.
<quoted text>
Thank you for the correction. But your technique needs improvement. By the way, what are you guilty of? You attack this thread consistently. People only do that when they have something to lose. Your behavior is a good indicator you are involved in some way or possibly a family member?

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#1356 Aug 17, 2011
Just curious, wonder if the new owners at 805 Old Dobbin Road found anything left behind by Jimmy Lambert when he moved out. Maybe in the attic or basement? I had read an article awhile back about a sealed indictment that stemmed from the confiscated contents of his safe. You never know....
solved I think

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#1357 Aug 17, 2011
Mary Ruth wrote:
The man (McCoy) that was murdered was from Pike County and he was in the coal business. I don't believe the case was ever solved. The last person McCoy was seen with supposedly fled to Canada and the trail went cold.
<quoted text>

Copied from the Lexington Herald Leader 10/22/85 Edited

An investigation into the 1983 contract murder of a Lexington coal executive has taken a dramatic turn: Authorities revealed yesterday that a state penitentiary inmate who hanged himself Friday had been identified by police as the "trigger man."

Billy Birch Cox, 47, of Corbin, tied a bed sheet to his cell bars at the
Kentucky State Penitentiary at Eddyville and committed suicide less than two hours after Lexington police told him that he would be indicted and that prosecutors would seek the death penalty for his alleged role in the March 1983 murder-for-hire of Earl Thomas McCoy, authorities said.

A note was found near Cox's body, but prison officials would not release its contents yesterday.

McCoy was shot several times on March 13, 1983, after he talked briefly with a man at his home on Standish Way in The Colony, an affluent and secluded Lexington neighborhood near Versailles Road.

Lexington police detective William Fockele identified Cox as a suspect in the shooting in August; police traveled to Eddyville when Fockele confirmed that someone who wanted revenge against McCoy had hired Cox to kill him.

Lt. John Bizzack said the contract was prompted by McCoy's suspected involvement in criminal activity, but he declined to identify the alleged crimes.

After Cox provided crucial evidence that police think could lead to the identification of other people involved in the contract killing, Cox said he was anxious to talk with Fayette Commonwealth's Attorney Ray Larson.

McCoy, 38, was a Pike County native who said his work was leasing coal. The trim, brown-haired man lived opulently at 1236 Standish Way in southwest Lexington.

He rented his home - with towering oaks, a servants' wing and a heated driveway lined with the five cars he owned - and conducted his coal business
from his house.

A search of the homicide scene turned up drug paraphernalia and sexually oriented materials, according to a source familiar with the investigation.
Because of the paraphernalia and "information that arose in the investigation" authorities looked at whether drug trafficking might have been involved in McCoy's death, the source said.

McCoy worked at a bank in Washington, D.C., and later at two coal mines in Pike County as a repairman.

He also promoted bluegrass concerts in Merrimac, W.Va., whose stars included Bill Monroe, the father of bluegrass music.

Before moving to Lexington, McCoy lived in Morehead. Until 1982, McCoy spent his winters in Key West, Fla., and his summers in Lexington.

Bizzack said police also looked into McCoy's previously known associations with convicted drug smuggler David Caldwell before determining that his death probably was not linked to Caldwell.

Caldwell was arrested in March 1983 after Lexington police and federal Drug Enforcement Administration officials confiscated 600 pounds of marijuana that was flown into Lexington. A small private plane landed on Military Pike with the drug cargo the same week McCoy was slain.

The airplane was seized, and authorities estimated the cash value of the marijuana at $180,000.

At the time, Fockele said, DEA officials had been watching Caldwell "and through that investigation became familiar with McCoy's residence."

Bizzack said McCoy also knew drug smuggler Andrew Thornton II, a former Lexington narcotics officer who parachuted to his death last month in Knoxville with 75 pounds of cocaine strapped to his back. "But we're adamant that he was not involved with Thornton on any level," Bizzack said.

Lexington Herald Leader


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#1358 Aug 17, 2011
Calilou wrote:
Just curious, wonder if the new owners at 805 Old Dobbin Road found anything left behind by Jimmy Lambert when he moved out. Maybe in the attic or basement? I had read an article awhile back about a sealed indictment that stemmed from the confiscated contents of his safe. You never know....
(Would it be at all surprising if it was still sealed?)
In an article dated November 10, 1987 in the Atlanta Journal & Constitution entitled "Two charged in Tenn. drug case involving parachutist killed in jump," two people were indicted with conspiring to help Andrew Thornton smuggle 880 pounds of cocaine from Colombia, South America to TENNESSEE.

Their names: Rebecca Sharp of Lexington, Ky and Ruben Soto, a fugitive.

No other information was provided about Soto.

The grand jury kept the information secret for six months hoping to arrest Soto.

The article states:
"The indictment marked the first time authorities have acknowledged that Thornton's scheme allegedly involved the late David "Cowboy" Williams, a former Atlanta developer. Williams, 35, had been a friend and sky-diving partner of Thornton, 40, a former Lexington narcotics officer and the son of a wealthy Kentucky horse breeder."

The article goes on to say, "The indictment said Thornton, Williams, Soto, Ms. Sharp and other unidentified people began planning the conspiracy in July 1985. On Sept. 9, Thornton and another person, who wasn't identified, flew an airplane from near Fort Lauderdale, Fla., to Colombia to pick up about 880 pounds of cocaine.."


"The indictment also acknowledged for the first time that another person, who was not identified, allegedly parachuted into Knoxville with Thornton."


"[U.S. Attorney John] Gill declined to discuss the indictment or say whether others involved in the alleged conspiracy have been identified. He said the investigation is continuing, and more indictments could result."

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#1359 Aug 23, 2011
G Bennett wrote:
This women is nuts, please leave her alone.
From the Lexington Herald Leader, 6/29/89

Former Fayette County Sheriff Lones Taulbee, testifying in his own defense yesterday, vehemently denied he participated in a conspiracy to plant cocaine on one of his former deputies.

But Taulbee's explanation for giving the money to informant Sirley Gordon Bennett came under sharp attack during cross-examination by the prosecutor……

…..But Bennett, the prosecution's key witness in the case, said the money was to buy cocaine. He said Taulbee wanted Albaugh arrested to discredit his testimony in Taulbee's then-approaching trial on charges that he stole money from his office.

……Abrams, 42, of Lexington said he thought Bennett was cooperating with the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration in an investigation of Albaugh. He said he met frequently with Bennett to get updates on the investigation. Abrams said he introduced Bennett to Taulbee, knowing that Taulbee also would be interested in the information.

......Freeman, 40, of Harrodsburg was recruited by Bennett to open Albaugh's locked truck, prosecutors said. But on the stand yesterday, Freeman said that when he learned why Bennett wanted the truck opened, he decided not to cooperate.

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#1360 Aug 23, 2011
Lieutenant Kristine Lafoe, the only female defendant so far in USA v McQueen et al, the Fayette jail inmate abuse scandal, had good reason to steer clear from the official misdeeds of which she is accused....

.....Kristine Albaugh Lafoe is the daughter of former Fayette County Chief Deputy Sheriff Joe Albaugh. Mr. Albaugh assisted in the indictment and conviction of former Sheriff Lonas Taulbee, who did hard time for theft and malfeasance after getting caught stuffing cash in the ceiling of his office.

Read more:

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#1361 Sep 1, 2011
Dan Lassiter was connected to Calumet and therefore J. T. Lundy.

“It's Possible”

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#1362 Sep 2, 2011
Is the Blue Grass Conspiracy more widespread than thought? Was the book merely a tiny glimpse inside? I wish I knew even a few of the answers.

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#1363 Oct 3, 2011
its connected in ga at least thru savanna and bonnie kelly was i valdosta so the dixie mob is part of it too, all drug trafficking same old people still doing the same old things- same old politicians and families involved by looking the other way guilty as hell - blood on their souls for it- and landing strips in belize mandeville and venice - storing cash and dope in storage lots - all rich boys now! money overseas in offshore accounts for sure! give some of that money to the politicians! and judges!

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#1364 Oct 4, 2011
Are they still having those gentelman poker games in Lexington, the ones with the hundreds of thosands in cash in the car trunks while the bets and payoffs are made inside with IOU's? And do they still have those illgal poker machines all over the state in the bars and pool halls, or did they get rid of those?

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#1365 Oct 5, 2011
Gaby are you still in the third grade? gentelman--thosands--illgal

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#1366 Oct 5, 2011
Larry wrote:
Gaby are you still in the third grade? gentelman--thosands--illgal
I looked inside your trailer, why your kids so dirty and eat off that nasty floor while your gf lays on a blow up bed? Worry about your own, Larry.

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#1367 Oct 5, 2011
Just trying to help your girlfriend(sister) with her spelling. Perhaps your family should spend more time getting their GEDs, instead of posting on Topix all day long.
I got this- wrote:
<quoted text>I looked inside your trailer, why your kids so dirty and eat off that nasty floor while your gf lays on a blow up bed? Worry about your own, Larry.

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#1368 Oct 6, 2011
Does anyone remember Danny Freeman? He was a business owner on the old drag strip in Nicholasville. He was murdered about 7 years ago at his shop late one night. Supposedly drug related.

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