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Pain Management Medicine

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Concerned Citizen

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#2 Mar 1, 2013
I'm so very SORRY I don't have any information to give you regarding this doctor. Hopefully, someone out here with experience regarding this place, GOOD or BAD, will be KIND ENOUGH to post something.

My friend had that same type of Lupus SLE and I do know that it is the WORST kind. She died from it at the age of 42. This particular kind of lupus really does affect every system in your body and does cause severe debilitating pain in most people who have it.

She had problems with cellulitis and recurring infections because of the lupus. It seems as though she was in the hospital all the time for pneumonia and infection. He family doctor had her shuttled all over Lexington with appointments to several different specialists, a rheumatologist, infectious disease control specialist, immunologist, kidney specialist, neurologist, and ONLY for the last few years she suffered, finally a pain management doctor---if he could honestly be called that without laughing.

As bad off as she was, she NEVER received medicine that would REMOTELY COME CLOSE to touching the PAIN. I think it was hydrocodone along with some type of muscle relaxer. Consequently, the clinic she was sent to was called KY Spine & Brain. Avoid this place at all costs because you WILL NOT receive ANY HELPFUL TREATMENT from them!

I went to these doctors appointments with her on several ocassions because she had become too sick to drive herself for quite some time and we live about an hour and a half from Lexington.

She told the doctors every time that the medicine wasnt helping and damn near did all but beg them to help her.

However, EVERY SINGLE time he gave the SAME SPEECH about how the DEA was "watching" all of the pain management doctors and WOULDN'T ALLOW them to prescribe ANYTHING stronger, regardless of the situation. Even though she followed all of their rules, passed the urine screenings, had well documented records including ct scans, mri's, bloodwork, several surgical procedures, and was in the hospital at least 3-4 times each year for the past 10 years due to her declining health.

Her medications remained the same until the day she died!!!!!!!

It SHOULD MAKE NO Difference HOW MANY PEOPLE are abusing drugs if that PREVENTS people who REALLY NEED THEM FROM BEING ABLE TO GET THEM!!!!!!!

We PAY POLICE OFFICERS Salaries to DO THEIR JOBS; which CONSISTS of Investigating, Locating, and Arresting Those People Suspected of Abusing, Illegally obtaining and Selling Drugs.

It IS NOT the GOVERNMENTS JOB to "POLICE" practicing physicians by THREATENING them with LOSNG their Lisence for prescribing patients pain medications. THIS has what's been going on in the state of KY for several years now!!!

As long as the Doctors/Pain Management Facilites are doing THEIR JOBS, which Consists of Attempting to WEED OUT those people who Do Not Need Treatment or are Doctor Shopping by: Running KASPER/Pharmacy Reports, Requiring a Pain Contract, Requiring 1 Pharmacy, Periodic Urine Screens, Random Medication Counts (if deemed necessary), and records from their primary care physician documenting their NEED for Long-Term Pain Management, THEY SHOULD BE ABLE TO PRESCRIBE ANY MEDICATION THEY FEEL APPROPRIATE, WITHOUT BEING HARRASSED BY LAW ENFORCEMENT OR LABELED A "PILL-MILL!"
To ask or require ANYTHING else from these clinics is UN-REALISTIC!!!!!

This is the main reason I get so ANGRY whenever people get on topix and give people a hard time and call them drug addicts and WORSE if they ask a question about finding a pain management doctor OR when they tell them that "TOPIX ISN'T the PLACE to ask for MEDICAL ADVICE."

Customer/Patient REVIEWS & Questions about doctors, dentists, pharmacies, contractors, plumbers EXACTLY WHAT THIS FORUM WAS CREATED FOR!!!!! In fact, it's essentially the exact same thing as you mentioned, ANGIE'S LIST, with ONE MAJOR DIFFERENCE, HERE IT'S FREE!!!!
Worst Healthcare in USA

United States

#3 Mar 1, 2013
The above poster Concerned Citizen hit the nail on the head! I couldnt have said it better myself! It's the doctors and patients who are going to have to take a stand against the way people here are being treated.
I have friends who live in other states that honestly dont believe me whenever I tell them thats how the medical community works around here.
Im sorry to hear about your friend who passed away and at such a young age too. Her family should sue the doctor for malpractice who was treating her for pain. Thats exactly what would happen in any other state. Thats why they dont have the problems with getting medication that we do. Its in direct violation of the oath they take as physicians, as well as the american medical association NOT to treat patients sufficiantly for pain. I had a friend who recently passed away as well from lymphoma and she had just turned 50. The doctors did her the same way as far as treating her pain. She'd been in and out of the hospital for 4 or 5 years and complained about her pain to both her family doctor and the pain specialist they ended up sending her to. At this time they hadnt found the cancer and kept blaming her pain on irritable bowel syndrome and arthrtis. She suffered miserably, only getting 90 percocet a month which she told them over and over didnt help at all. The doc made her feel as though she should consider herself lucky to be getting that for pain. He made it clear that he never rescribed that and would get in trouble, so he wouldnt be able to keep her on it for very long because of so many people in the stat that were over dosing and misusing it. By the time one of the internists in lexington finally decided to take a biopsy they told her she had 3 months to live. The cancer had spread to her liver, spine, lungs, and brain. For the last 5 years she'd been slowly eat up by it. Unfortunately though, she didnt make it 16 days after being diagnosed before she passed.

People around here have never seen a real drug epidemic, but its coming, and in the form of illegal drugs. Sad to say, bu maybe then, they'll focus their attention where it should be and leave people with real problems in need of pain management alone!

Lexington, KY

#4 Mar 1, 2013
Just wait, you ain't seen nothing yet. This is only the beginning.

Death panels, coming to a doctor near you!!
spinal injury

Covington, KY

#5 Mar 2, 2013
concerned citizen said it all. Couldn't agree more. My doc's tell me they are afraid to write scripts for pain meds in fear of losing there license or even worse put in jail. The pain mgt clinic I go to for severe spinal stenosis was shut down last Friday by the DEA. They tore the office apart going through patient files and harassing patients who were in the lobby waiting to see the doctor. Although the clinic is back open now, the doc told me it would be a matter of time before they found something to give them an excuse to shut the place down. This states law makers are jumping on a political band wagon for there reputations and are not at all concerned about chronic pain sufferers. Its a shame because these politicians just want there name associated with bills that shut down pain clinics for there personal gain in the next election. We are going to have to take a stand. Maybe march on Frankfort or something to let them know we are fed up with how the state government is treating doctors who treat chronic pain issues.
Spinal Injury

Covington, KY

#7 Mar 2, 2013
I have wrote the KY speaker of the house. He is behind house bill one. Although house bill one has good intentions, it also makes it very difficult for doctors to treat chronic pain in an efficient manor like they normally would prior to house bill one being passed in the state of Ky. A few politicians recognized the problems with this bill and did not vote to pass it. Instead they wanted to revise some sections of the bill to where legit chronic pain patients got the amount of treatment they needed. What these politicians got was there names and pictures on television commercial stating that they did not vote to support house bill one. Insinuating that they were against punishing illegal drug dealers and pro pill mills. When in fact they saw what it was going to do to innocent people who have legit injury and illness that puts them in a life of chronic pain.

The speaker of the house did write me back and in a short letter said if you are a real chronic pain sufferer that house bill one will not prevent you or make it more difficult to get treatment and if doctors were telling me that they were afraid to write scripts for pain meds they were not being truthful with me.In other words, this is the way its going to be and your problems with getting treatment that you need are not a concern of mine. Thats the way i took his response.

The pain clinic I go to does drug test on every visit. I have witnessed the office staff escorting patients out the door that fail these test on the spot. So they do weed out the abusers and people who do not need to be there. I also am subject to random pill counts which in one years time I have had to do three times.

What I witnessed from state and federal DEA agents that raided the clinic was a attitude of everyone that was in the clinic was a criminal. They were rude and made snide comments to patients in the lobby of the clinic. This is unjust and very wrong if you ask me. Something has to be done. My advice if you are a chronic pain sufferer is to move to a different state besides Kentucky. The leadership of this state does not care about your condition and there mind is made up that you must be another drug addict trying to get your fix. Its a damn shame.

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