Southland Christian Church

Berea, KY

#64 Nov 23, 2009
looker wrote:
mega and mega bucks. the new church. only attend if you have the bucks to support.
This is very easy for you to say, and you obviously do not attend Southland. I have been there for over three years, and I do not have much money. I give what I can, and I have never once been made to feel that I wasn't doing enough. If you want to find something to complain about, go find another topic. Leave my church alone.

Columbus, OH

#65 Nov 23, 2009
How far back to you sit in this Mega buck church? What im saying is that so many of these large churches has reduced the smaller ones and many people don't want to be in a sports arena atmosphere. In some of these Mega groups you are assigned seating arrangements on your ability to pay a larger amount of gifting to the church. well anyway i didn't mean to hurt you im glad you find solace in your church.

Versailles, KY

#66 Nov 23, 2009
looker wrote:
How far back to you sit in this Mega buck church? What im saying is that so many of these large churches has reduced the smaller ones and many people don't want to be in a sports arena atmosphere. In some of these Mega groups you are assigned seating arrangements on your ability to pay a larger amount of gifting to the church. well anyway i didn't mean to hurt you im glad you find solace in your church.
It's simple really, if you don't like Southland then move on to another thread! Christians have the right to discuss their beliefs, and if you're an Atheist I feel sorry for you.

Lexington, KY

#67 Nov 23, 2009
I happen to love Southland.

Wilmore, KY

#68 Apr 15, 2010
Southland has done so much for the community. I am currently at a much smaller church in Lexington (around 400 people)... but, I see the impact of Southland on the city of Lexington nearly everyday.

Southland gives. The senior minister has sworn to leave if Southland ever becomes lax in their giving. Percentage-wise, I challenge you to find a church that gives as much to the community and the world as this church.

There is no foundation for those who say that this church is money driven. If you say that, I would encourage you to check out your sources and remove and prejudices you might have.

It's totally fine if a more traditional church with a smaller congregation helps you worship Christ more fully. Please don't let your personal worship preferences cause you to drive a wedge between your church and another. We've got to somehow realize that we're all on the same team here.

Louisville, KY

#69 Apr 19, 2010
i tried to volunteer for them but even then they got alittle snobby with me. they act like a big money corp!

Fairborn, OH

#70 Apr 19, 2010
I attended Southland for the first time on 4-18-10, it was the first time I have went to church in over fifteen years. I was amazed! I loved it! and I plan on attending every Sunday at 608. Oh and the girls that sang on 4-18-10 were absolutely amazing!

Thank you Mr Morris for introducing me to your awesome church!
So What Ur Saying

Dayton, OH

#71 Apr 20, 2010 have to go to church every SUNDAY to be a Christian? Is that right Cal? Hmmmmmm, that's not the way I see it.
To Columbus Looker

Lexington, KY

#72 Apr 20, 2010
Have you been to Southland? Do you have experience with us? I am a single mother with nothing to give and I am treated like a part of the royal family of God. It is unfortunate that so many ppl only listen when the pastor talks about giving and tithing and they ignore all of the other things being said. Of course Southland asks its members (and ONLY its members) to give out of our excess to help anyone in need. That is why we have decided to partner with a church to help spread the love of Jesus and unfortunately in a world dependent on money we members give of our money to afford to buy food or pay for housing or medical bills for ppl in need. Maybe someday you can visit Southland in your most ragged dirty clothes and not give a penny and you will still be welcome to sit in the front row with the rest of us.

Lexington, KY

#73 Apr 20, 2010
i think ironic that southland is so large and grandois. do you think god would rather you use church funds to feed the homeless, or buy a jumbotron?
Yes Reallly

Lexington, KY

#74 Apr 21, 2010
If buying a jumbotron (whatever that is) helps bring ppl to church then we should buy 10 of them. And if getting ppl to church helps them find peace and joy with Christ then I am all for it. It takes some investing to get a harvest. We feed many homeless and do alot of other good things around the city too. Maybe you should let us know what we can do for you.

Since: Apr 10

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#76 Apr 21, 2010
ku4uv wrote:
<quoted text>
Good for you. People loved David Koresh and Jim Jones too! Keep in mind that Jon Weece is the same guy that wanted everyone to wite letters to Britney Spears a few back when she was having problems. Get a brain Jon!
The sad thing is that so many people don't use the brain/intelligence/common sense that God gave them. They let someone like David Koresh & Jim Jones tell them exactly what to do & how to think. If something doesn't seem right to you (& I don't care if your preacher is saying that it is something you should do), follow your instinct. I believe in God, but I also believe some preachers can get so caught up in their own desire/quest for power, material possessions & their own fame, that they forget to follow the word of God.

Norwood, MA

#78 May 8, 2010

What do you with a church that has launched two free medical clinics (one in Fayette County and one in Jessamine County)that meet the medical needs of 1,050 people each week!(340 doctors and nurses make it happen!)

What do you do with a church that has adopted 5 square blocks in the heart of the most impoverished area of Lexington to meet the needs of people living on government assistance and two more trailer parks?

What do you do with a church that provides ESL classes to immigrants?

What do you do with a church that throws a huge party every year for 2,000 mentally and physically challenged people?(It takes 1,800 volunteers to pull it off!)

What do you do with a church that provides flowers every week to widows throughout the city?

What do you do with a group of high school students who feed 25 homeless men and women every Thursday night?

What do you do with a church that houses 16 homeless men through the cold months of winter, providing them with foold, medical check ups, hair cuts, social activities, prayer and counseling if needed?

What do you do with a church does over 300 hospital visits a day!!! And most of the people they visit aren't from Southland!!!

What do you do with a church that raised and sent more than $100,000 to Haiti and teams of doctors and supplies?

What do you do with a church that has spent the last 3 years trying to rebuild parts of New Orleans and launching three new churches in the process?(They've invested millions in this project and church memebers have even quit their jobs to go serve there and live there!)

What do you do with a church that is planting 5 new churches in the heart of New York City?

What do you do with a church that in the last five years has helped to plant churches in Toronto, Seattle, Atlanta, Los Angeles, and Milwaukee?

What do you do with a church that is covertly rescuing little girls from the sex trade in Cambodia and Thailand?

What do you do with a church that has a 24 hour hotline to help people wrestling with depression and suicide?

What do you do with a church that provides counseling for our military veterans and support for our police department?

Can you sincerely sit back and criticize people whose hearts are genuinely pursuing the mission of Jesus? Do we take shots at our brothers and sisters in Christ who are royally disrupting the powers of darkness at work in our neighborhoods? Are we so hard hearted that we can't see the difference love is making?

I think Southland is a church that deserves to be applauded and prayed for. They're not perfect at all...not even close...and what's great is they admit it every week...but one thing they're doing right is they're trying! They're in the game making a difference and taking risks. That's faith! And faith is what pleases God!

I don't even go to Southland or support it financially. I watch their TV broadcast and from what I can gather, they are the real deal. And what I love the most is that they never bash anyone. They never say anything negative about another church. As a matter of fact, I've heard them pray in their services for other churches and I know from a friend of mine in a local church that is small that Southland actually bailed them out of a financial mess.

I personally hate the cyncisim that has marked this discussion blog.

Norwood, MA

#79 May 8, 2010
Who believes the media anyway? I was at Southland when they cancelled Christmas services and now live in Louisvile. They didn't cancel because of convenience issues. Jon challenged us to go serve the city on Christmas morning! A tradition they still put in play each Christmas! It changed my family forever getting to take a bike to a little girl downtown and what it led to was amazing! We were able to bring her family to church and they're now active members at Southland.

As for all the country club comments about Southland, that may have described the church in years past, but it doesn't describe it now. Not at all. When we get a chance, we drive over an hour to attend because it is diverse there and they don't water anything down...the comment about the "comfort gospel" made me laugh! You obviously have not heard Jon Weece preach! Seriously, he is clear about God's plan for the Christian life and that's why what Thomas wrote is happening.

Now I have no other experience with other big churches, but when it comes to Southland, good luck trying to pull them down. They're focused and on a mission to change Lexington and with God on their side there is nothing stopping them!

As they say every week at Southland, "Love never fails!" (I Corinthians 13)

Norwood, MA

#80 May 8, 2010
I'm glad I found this discussion...

My life was a mess before I walked through the doors of Southland. I was into drugs and porn and God used the people of Southland to love me and help me see that there is a better way to live. I've been there for 3 years now and I'm one of thousands who would lovingly encourage you to check it out for yourselves. I know a lot of hateful Christians which is such an oxymoron and sadly, there are probably some who call Southland home. But don't judge the whole place or the heart of the leaders based on a few bad apples. And when it comes to the size of the place, I'm in a life group that meets every Wednesday morning at a local restaurant and again on Friday evenings in a home. We pray, study the Bible, and ask each other the tough questions in life. I'm a completely different person today as a result of the men God has put in my life. One of them has been a part of Southland for 30 plus years and he is the most joy-filled person I know! So even though it seems big, it doesn't have to be. That's a personal choice. And, there is strength in numbers. Southland is an army! When the people of Southland say, "Let's start a medical clinic," they follow through and make it happen. That's not a bad thing. I've watched the church take on some challenges that even the government won't touch with a ten foot pole and the result has been that thousands of people will be in heaven! People who may not have had a chance to hear about Jesus without Southland's commitment to sharing him with any and all who walk through the doors.

I have nothing mean to say in response to the posts I've read...You are loved and there is hope for you...

Norwood, MA

#81 May 8, 2010
What I love about Southland is that they don't back away from sin or social issues that a lot of Christians have turned a blind eye to. And the other thing I love about Southland is they really do promote unity. Jesus prayed for it in John 17 and Southland models it. They're not out to hurt other churches. The leaders at Southland pray for the success of all churches in this city and that may be why God is blessing Southland's efforts. The leaders I know and I know a lot of them are humble people who keep it simple. When you really think about the things they're doing for others, it is so simple! Southland has chosen to not be complicated and that is so refreshing! And it's not about numbers and attendance at all! Jon says all the time, "Don't just come to church, go be the church!" Southland is not limited or confined by four walls and that is the beauty of it. It's more an idea or thought than it is a place.

And atheists are welcomed at Southland...ask my brother! There are life groups for atheists and people who question faith and my brother tells me all the time, they discussions are healthy and honest and raw.

Whoever reads this needs to spend two months at Southland before they make any judgments and even then, leave the judgement up to God.

Norwood, MA

#82 May 8, 2010
The Britney Spears comment made me laugh! Britney wasn't the only person we wrote letters of encouragement to. We wrote letters and sent gift cards to the families affected by the crash of flight 5191. We also sent letters and cards to soldiers wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan. Letter writing is only a small part of what we do at Southland to let people know we love them.

I started attending when they decided to pack over a million meals to feed starving children around the world. It was a life changing event for me. To see 10,000 people packing meals and sacrificing money for children was so powerful.

As for Jon Weece having a brain, he's not only got a good head on his shoulders, he's got a great heart. And what I've learned since being a part of Southland's mission in changing the city is that Jon has never claimed to be perfect or to have all the answers--he regularly states just the opposite--I've learned that we can't sit on our hands and critique those who try. If nothing else, God has moved me from a very apathetic and comfortable position in life to a place where I'm actually being stretched. I leave for a mission trip next month and I know it's just another step in the journey of my life.

I'm thankful for Southland.

Norwood, MA

#83 May 8, 2010
And yes, we're all from Louisville! But we went to UK and still bleed Blue! Shannon, thanks for informing about this blog. WE also love Southeast Christian in Louisville!

Georgetown, KY

#84 May 8, 2010
I have noticed that lately there are sexual innuendos during his televised services on Sunday on wtvq at 10, such as his wife in a white bathrobe and he say's what about it? Also, in a previous post on here it says that strippers are provided giftcards from victoria's secret?????

Bowling Green, KY

#85 May 11, 2010
The comment about giving victoria's secrets cards to exotic dancers is pure fabrication. My wife serves in the bruised reed ministry and has since the beginning.

As for the video you're referencing, if you're going to critique it, represent the full message of of its content. It was done during a series on Song of Solomon where Solomon beautifully portrays God's plan for human sexuality. Jon and his wife shot a series of funny but tasteful videos that set up the teaching time each week.

If we're going to talk about sex and its purpose, what better place to talk about it then in church and where better to look than God's Word. So many teenagers and college students made commitments to pursue sexual purity in their lives and 1,100 married couples renewed their vows during a special ceremony.

I highly recommend anyone reading this to go to Southland's web site and under the media page, click on Explicit Lyrics and watch the entire series. You will be challenged and blessed if you.

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