Heidi bakker

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#1 Oct 7, 2012
Harrodsburg ,Ky is without a doubt the most corrupt town in Ky ! I hate the hell out of it. The cops chase 15 yr old girls & they are known to tamper with evidence. One former cop is in prison for rape & a federal lawsuit is filed by a parent for a 12 yr old. If a lawyer reads this by a miracle , plz help us that want to bring the criminal sheriff & city cops down.... Its BAD . No shit. Commishioners are liars & frankfort don't pay much attention. I need the Right atty or ACLU atty. Thanx.
Heidi bakker

United States

#2 Oct 7, 2012
oh, one more thing. The workers in court clerks office in Harrodsburg put ppl case outcome on "Topix"". So against the law. There are snitches everywhere. I'm leaving as soon as my partner finds out about blood sickness. If anyone can do something , Please. My email is all screwed up but I chk this occasionally . Okay thanks & plz advice . Its Baddd here !!

Since: Oct 12

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#3 Oct 7, 2012
Heidi bakker wrote:
oh, one more thing. The workers in court clerks office in Harrodsburg put ppl case outcome on "Topix"". So against the law. There are snitches everywhere. I'm leaving as soon as my partner finds out about blood sickness. If anyone can do something , Please. My email is all screwed up but I chk this occasionally . Okay thanks & plz advice . Its Baddd here !!
Unfortunately it is not against the law to publicize judgements made in a courtroom. Actually its perfectly legal for court proceedings to be witnessed by any member of the public unless it is a closed trial or closed proceeding. However you do seem to have somewhat of a vendetta against the police force in Harrodsburg, so maybe Is be willing to help if you would tell me what your personal issue is with the police, as opposed to hearsay and opinions on the publicizing of judgements over topic. Though that is low, unethical, and somewhat immoral, it is perfectly legal.

Knoxville, TN

#4 Oct 7, 2012
They pulled me over and took my weed and smoked it in front of me.

Harrodsburg, KY

#5 Oct 7, 2012
Why don't you just move if it is so bad?
Heidi bakker

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#6 Oct 7, 2012
Nutz wrote:
Why don't you just move if it is so bad?
l will definetly leave this horribly corrupt place as soon as a loved one is feeling better. He's having bone marrow procedures done. I hate this "topix" cos it is a smut blog alttho sometimes get good advice. The sheriff here is " ernie kelty & police chief " billy whiteneck are corrupt. Its Not just hearsay. I swear ! The FBI needs to come in & hide but watch & listen. Its always been corrupt but has gotten much worse. The Commishioners are worthless. My lord . I'm not a college grad & not a genius but I can smell a skunk.
Heidi bakker

United States

#7 Oct 7, 2012
To R Hubby, I do wish I cld get my email up & going & could say more but somethin happened on october 4 this yr.{ last thursday ] a loved one appeared in court on a matter of the HPD holding his legal prescription meds. He had gone out to watch some fri nite football at his old school & 2 officers came upon him & made him get out '&' seen his meds & they took it to the level of him "selling drugs at game !! My dear God, not, not true. My loved one is 60 yrs old & not healthy. Has numerous med problems to cut to chase , by the afternoon some SOB had put his case number , lied , exaggerated & we don't even know this person but some did say its a Commishioner that I had talked to on phone. Goes by " Digger" on topic. I wld like to bring charges against this piece of dirt. He is a mentally ill person. I could tell u a lot more but for now I will stop. Someone else also said he ran for Mayor here & no one voted for him at all ! I know the paper publishes court matters but "digger person knew 84 paper ! I'm thinking the women in courthouse are also sending out very private info on ppl. They did over the Child molesting cops & posted on topix! Wrong & dirty the whole damn bunch. Can't trust anybody. Thanx for ur time.

Henderson, KY

#8 Oct 7, 2012
Everybody knows Digger is Bart Mcqueary, he's been hiding in lexington and posting as digger ever since he come in dead last in the elections.
That little Westboro baptist supporting neo nazi wanna be is always spreading gossip.

It's funny, his Facebook changed to lexington as his home the same time digger started posting from lexington. That on top of the fact that diggers posting agenda is spot on for Bart's before he went on the DL during the elections.

He used to slander tons of people on his website but learned to take it to topix. A few people nearly sued him to a lifetime of poverty over his trashy websites so now he thinks he's safe on topix.
He's just a fat, geeky piece of uppity trash that likes to stir the pot from his computer. I wouldn't doubt he's hiding in lexington now because there's a ton of people in Harrodsburg looking to beat him senseless if they catch him out alone after dark.

Anyone interested in seeing some of his work just google search god hates Harrodsburg and there's a blog that reported on his site content. He took his little smut sites down to try and run a campaign for mayor of Harrodsburg. Then that changed to commission for whatever reason. In the end he finished dead last, here's the results..

Harrodsburg City Commission: Kerry Anness (incumbent), 964; Scott Moseley, 830; Terry Yeast, 677; Charlie Mattingly, 613; Marvin “Bubby” Isham, 595; Brent Newby, 487; Chad Horn, 470; Roger D. Steele, 406; Mark Fryer, 371; Jerry Logan Sampson, 308; William A.“Bill” Martin, 269; Bartley McQueary, 164.

I know a lot about what goes on in Harrodsburg and yes there's a bunch of corruption going on. It's mostly small town politics and old friends turning a blind eye to help each other out. It wouldn't be as bad if it wasn't for the cops doing little with the drug problems. They spend more time cutting snitch deals that never seem to get any results. The meth problem is epic and they're making no ground up on it at all. You can't blame it entirely on those cops though, the state police are doing the same and not getting very far. How many cars have to be stolen and sold to the crusher illegally to realize where one of the biggest drug supporters in town is. It's always the same story "I thought they owned that car"..

The other problem is at least 1/3 or more of the town is people who are previous offenders that get cut loose and serve hardly any jail time. Tons of burglary, theft, drug possession/trafficking, assaults etc just running around knowing the system is a joke and they'll be turned out in 30 days or less if caught.

It's a messed up little town for sure. Problem is its still full of bible thumpers that look down on everyone and support their own. That's why so many corrupt people get put in power. Progressive thinking doesn't own the majority in Harrodsburg, that town is conservative all the way. That's fine if you can keep your town cleaned up, they can't. The population is to big for the small police to handle and they'll never get things under control because they don't have the budget or manpower to do it.
Heidi bakker

United States

#9 Oct 7, 2012
To Zombie , I thank you much for ALL the info. Fascinating ! U hit the nail on the head especially about Dirt bag Digger ! No body was willing to give up his name or address. I figured there were ppl wanting to beat the hell out of him! Van landrum was killed some months back & diggers comment was " I feel sorry for the fence ".! What a horrible thing to say. Anyway. U say he is fat & nasty?? Do u know about how old he is etc? Color of hair. I just want to see him eye to eye. Especially around others. H-burg has come up with several cop cars that they bought from missouri . They do have some dirty cops here. I hope u respond back . I thank u. My email is still down !
Heidi bakker

United States

#10 Oct 7, 2012
there she lots of Bible Thumpers here in Harrodsburg but at the same time God only knows what they do. I've hated this place when I was 14 yrs old but I couldn't leave. Just a young girl but I did at 18. & went to cousins in Hialeah , Fl.... I lived in colorado for twenty yrs & came back cos of family issues & I seen how much worse h-burg has become. But this "Diger" idiot has lied & really said some bad & serious things. I want to report him big time.
" . I'm not the only one by any means ! Lol. Thanx.
Heidi bakker

United States

#11 Oct 7, 2012
Bluecat wrote:
They pulled me over and took my weed and smoked it in front of me.
That's just plain mean ! It ain't nothin makes me more mad than for a Harrodsburg cop smoke a bodys pot. Of all the nerve ! Lol
Heidi bakker

United States

#12 Oct 7, 2012
Bart or digger is saying he is going to publish my loved ones OLD record which was a Dui & he paid a lot of ,money & classes dearly. I don't want a loved one being botherd with this SOB. I posted situation but didn't know I wld be attacked by this devil worshipper. I do want ppl to see what kind of scag they cheer for I know its probaly best to leave it be but I can't stand a bullie & he is one. Any suggestions ? Thks.

London, KY

#13 Sep 29, 2013
Corrupt from top to bottom. As long as they can meet the demands of the churches during election time the will never go anywhere. Yes Churches, cause that's who truly runs Harrodsburg. If there needs are met everything else is overlooked.
Van Landrum had been selling drugs for many years and everyone knew it. Cops didn't care because they were on the take.
Regina Nichols death was it really friendly fire???
Ralph Anderson taking his life, because he wasn't able to stop her death?????????
Sheriffs at a drug dealers house on Bushtown Rd. taking bribes??????(Why else would he be there once a month)?????? If the cops and Sherriff's weren't stuffing there faces with doughnuts and there pockets with money(Ernie Kelty) Harrodsburg wouldn't have one third of the drug problem it does today. The only way Harrodsburg straightens out is a fresh start from top to bottom, judges included.

Miami, FL

#14 Nov 6, 2013
corrupt , you are right on ! Harrodsburg Is corrupt . Has been for God knows how long . You mentioned Regina Nichols ( the deceased cop ) wasn't that other cop named Johnny Camic ? I met him once . I heard they ( the mayor & his wife at the time , found Camic in a cemetery by the HPD !? He'd shot himself & left a note I heard and said there was a girl involved . Teenager he'd possibly been messing wth . He was married w 2 small kids . Ralph Anderson had been sheriff in late 80s., early 90s . The other Anderson was a BIG wealthy buisness guy but died sometimes back . He has or had a BIG nice barn on 127 North . I think he lived mostly in Cincinnati not sure though . Yes , old hogtown is full of crooked backslappers but smile in church on sunday morn. Makes me sick ! They All are the biggest F+cling hipocrites I ever seen . Who is the asswipe called digger ? No one likes this freak . Later .
car mat

Lexington, KY

#15 Nov 7, 2013
that skunk you smell is pot

United States

#16 Nov 7, 2013
car mat wrote:
that skunk you smell is pot

Danville, KY

#17 Nov 7, 2013
Harrodsburg may be corrupt,but Lexington SUX.

United States

#18 Nov 7, 2013
Otis wrote:
Harrodsburg may be corrupt,but Lexington SUX.
Atlest Lexington has got more than two grocery stores unlike Harrodsburg . it has no where to do any real shopping unless you drive to the city 30 miles away . Harrodsburg hasn't advanced like other towns about the size of it . Bardstown , lebanon .( I'm not really familiar with lebanon but I guess its the size of the burg. Its just a suck ass place . Lots of suicides have taken place there .

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