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Billy Gillespie and Lexington Herald

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Since: Dec 07

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#1 Dec 22, 2007
I have heard several rumours about our new basketball coach. I heard that he has been pulled over and got a DUI since being in Lexington. I heard that Mitch Barnhart is making him do all the Public Service Announcements as punishment from this crime that went unreported. I have heard that he jumped naked in the pool at the Merrick Inn and is banned from Sals and Malones who he previously done advertisements for. I have also heard that he actually had a sexual encounter with Alex Legions girlfriend and that was the primary reason he left UK. I know these are all rumours but this talk seems to be coming from many different angles and 1 person in particular I know is in the Athletic Department at UK. What is everyone's take on our new coach's personal life? Does it cross the line? I feel the DUI certainly does and should have been reported by the new and Lexington Herald? Why do these outlets protect him? Is it fair he gets a pass on these things?

Thoughts everyone?
Sam Mattox

United States

#2 Dec 26, 2007
Gillispie has the greatest job in college basketball that anybody can get. I'm not just sayin that because im a huge UK fan... UK Basketball is the greatest in all of college basketball and to be the head coach of such a school is an honor. Gillispie is disgracing this honor. If he is going to be drinking, pulled over for DUI, skinny dipping publicly, having sexual relationships with students and is banned from places he did advertisements for... do you really think he is making the most of the honor as UK Basketball coach? Sure they suck this year, I even hate saying it. It is still something he needs to take pride in. He wanted this job... he needs to act like he wanted the job. Common, UK Basketball doesn't deserve a man like this... even if they do suck they need a coach that knows what to do. It is UK Basketball people...the greatest college basketball program ever. I say if they are gonna have a coach like Gillispie.... they need to get rid of him and find a guy that takes pride in this job.

Since: Dec 07

Jasper, IN

#3 Dec 27, 2007
In the know

Hopkinsville, KY

#4 Dec 28, 2007
LondonTransplant wrote:
First, The Sals, Malones and Merick INn rumors are 100% untrue.

The Sals and Malones because I saw him there in the last month.

The merick because I spoke to a member of the managment team when I was in town for the UK UT game. My buddy laughed and said, trust me, BCG has never even swam in the pool and still eats here often. He's never had too much to drink and is very welcome.

The dui rumor is also false. The HL would EAT ALL OF THIS UP if they could substanstiate any of it.

The rumor I expected to read about was the Campbell house incident in which it is rumored that he got kicked out of there too.

Well that is 100% false to. I know the owners of the CP Campbell house and they are actually good friends with BCG and they really like him. In fact they are going to use him in some ads down the road. He moved out when he bought his new house.

Bowling Green, KY

#5 Dec 29, 2007
In Lexington, if any of these stories were true, you won't have to preface it with "I heard". The media would already have discovered the truth and reported it.
UK will lose a lot this season. But it's to be expected with a new coach, suspect returning talent, and injuries to both guards. Who else in the country is having to play a walk-on at PG?

Since: Dec 07

Jasper, IN

#6 Jan 1, 2008

Frankfort, KY

#7 Jan 8, 2008
If you people are that STUPID!! To believe if any of this was true, ESPN, & every other serious sports outlet out there would be all over this> Give me a break! There are plenty of KY Bball haters out there that loves to spread this JUNK!!!

San Antonio, TX

#8 Jan 9, 2008

Charlotte, NC

#9 Jan 9, 2008
These rumors are due to two things mainly.
1.) UK is losing this year. I think they could have done better than Gillispie but that is purely as a basketball coach. You are all correct. UK is one of the best B-Ball programs in the county and could have demanded a much higher profile coach. I am not saying that Gillispie is not good but I do not think his profile at this point in his career matches what I expect UK to demand.
2.) I am familiar with people in KY. I have found them to be very gullible in general and prone to pass the most ridiculous rumors. I think that this is because many of those that I have known actually believe the most unbelievable tales and when shown the truth will angrily disagree. I think that such empty beliefs provide a false sense of superiority. It is easy to circulate rumors in KY.
Good luck Bill!

Jacksonville, FL

#10 Jan 9, 2008
As a native Kentuckian I would respectfully disagree with both points made by JDB. Kentucky did demand a higher profile coach, one coming off back to back national championships, but he declined. Kentucky chose the best AVAILABLE coach for the vacancy. As for point number two, I have heard no such mention of these rumors floating around the state of KY. It appears they were brought up by a person in CA. I wish you better luck with your next hypothesis.
BCG reports

Spring Hill, TN

#11 Jan 10, 2008
I have been informed that the Drinking reports are accurate and he has has at least two incidents from Drinking. As for Alex Legions girlfriend, i was informed that their was a incident reported to lexington police that occured at his 20yr old girlfriends apartment and DID involve Indecent exposure. there is also evidence that indicates he has NO respect for the heritage that comes with UK. One incident involved a Golf fundraiser for the football program this summer where he did not want to go to, he called and said he could not be there, was told he had to be there and then showed up in a t-shirt and penny loafers in which he played then went on to play golf in loafers.

United States

#12 Jan 12, 2008
#1. JDB you can kiss our gullible behinds.
#2. There are camera phones everywhere, and I can gurantee that anytime Billy G. is out someone gets a snapshot or video of him. So back the rumors up with pics or video. Until then we will continue to angrily disagree and will always remain superior!

Manchester, KY

#13 Jan 12, 2008
They won today played a hell of a game if you ask me!!!!!WOOOOHOOOO
Harry Jones

Fairborn, OH

#14 Jan 13, 2008
I am a booster and all of these rumors are true. If your a booster and disagree with me, let me know. Ask the people at Paul Miller why they aren't giving Billy a commerical. They will tell you.
Music Fan

Greensburg, KY

#15 Jan 19, 2008
Harry Jones wrote:
I am a booster and all of these rumors are true. If your a booster and disagree with me, let me know. Ask the people at Paul Miller why they aren't giving Billy a commerical. They will tell you.
If this rumors are true, I find it hard to believe the media hasn't jumped all over it. What evidence do you have?
jank rock

Chicago, IL

#16 Jan 19, 2008
I can't confirm any of the above, all I can say is:
A) He sucks as a coach, he should be able to get more out of the talent or non-talent he has if he is so good.
B) He looks like a weasel and his demeanor reeks of irresponsibility. Yeah so what a stereotype.
3) Ok so rumors can run rampant and get out of hand but Lexington isn't New York it's small and instances can be seen easier. Maybe he is being protected just enough to be out of range of cell phone cameras etc etc. Remember all the rumors you heard about Sutton for a long time BEFORE he got popped and it was made public? The "program" has stong and long arms in Lexington, that much I am convinced of.
D)SOMETHING isn't going well in Big Blue BB land and you can sense the problems but they aren't being made public either but you know something is up.
All hunches but wouldn't be surprised if this over hyped mediocre coach was history after the first round loss in the NIT.

San Antonio, TX

#17 Jan 20, 2008

Fisherville, KY

#18 Jan 20, 2008
I'm with the intelligent poster who pointed out that the Kentucky program has been demeaned and berated by every sports announcer on ESPN since Tubby's departure. I find it hard to believe that if these very public rumors were factual that some major network would not love to break them. And for those not familiar with Kentucky there are a fair amount of Louisville fans that hang out in Lexington visiting friends or go to small schools such as Transylvania and with they're camera's and phones they would love nothing more than to destroy UK. So please feel free to gossip all you want but let me know when you've got some evidence. Legal documents are matters of public record by the way.

Blue Springs, MO

#19 Jan 20, 2008
I heard that Billy Gillespie isn't really Billy Gillespie at all!!! I heard that right before Billy G. moved to Kentucky he was abducted by aliens......The aliens proceeded to super impose Billy Donavan in Billy Gillespie's body...So you see Billy Donovan actually won with the Flordia Gators on Saturday and lost with the Kentucky Wildcats.
Unfortunately Billy Gillespie is somewhere in space orbiting around planet Earth. All your rumors are wrong and this is the only factual information that is relavant. The 7-9 record is mainly just because of aliens, Bob Seger, and the albino monkey that they keep in the cellar at Keeneland Race Track.
WooMan NeighborsBear

Lexington, KY

#20 Jan 21, 2008
test wrote:
you are stupid, bill gillepsie is a bozo who drinks too much , gets dui's, sucks at coaching, dates younger women for some odd reason, i don't know why they would date him, it must be the sex, and should go back to whatever rat hole he came from, he's a ounk and i don't like him.

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