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#86 Jul 14, 2009
I've used Green Dot pre-paid credit cards for years. I got my 1st card from them way back when you could get a card straight from the CoinStar machines. And I've been on the same account for most of those years. I have had only one problem with them all these years. The problem was they didn't send me a new card when my old one expired. I called them and the person on the other end was definitely in the USA. They said they didn't send me a new card because I didn't have any money on it at the time (which was no more than a week, if that, the card was empty) but they sent me a new card no problem. The only problem I have ever had. The company IS NOT a scam but like any company there is bound to be some problems. For my money it is way better than dealing with a real credit card THAT is a scam!

Houston, TX

#87 Jul 17, 2009
Yes, I agree 100%.
My money was stolen from my preload moneypak card without your knowledge and when I called them, they would not do anything to help and support their product. All they told you that files the police report and they will look into it when a subpoena is served.
What a scam...and theft.

Las Vegas, NV

#88 Jul 21, 2009
I have been using a green dot card for the past year, and must say, aside from the $4.95 each time you reload it (but the main reason we all use these cards is because our credit may not be up to par, and we still need a CC for certain things), I haven't had much trouble with the card. I also use their online service to reload my card everytime. Remember that it may look like the exact same reload card, however, depending which store you buy it from (ie. grocery store, different drug stores), some of them can be loaded within 15 minutes from purchase, while other take up to 1 hour. Read the receipt from your purchase. The only problem I've seen in an entire year is that in some locations you can find a reload card with the highest amount being $500, while I've purchased some from a Smith's grocery store where you can load up to $1100 at a time. I've done the $1100 reload about two or three times. However, last week, I bought another reload (the one that reads up to $1100), and it, and we went thru about 10 more would not scan the money through. So, there's either a glitch in the system, or the $1100 amount that existed is still new, or they aren't doing it anymore. I LIKE Greendot, and it has helped me in many cases!!!!:)

Niagara Falls, NY

#89 Jul 26, 2009
i had my greendot card for over 5 years and its great. i pay my bills off my card.the reason for your ss# is to make sure your the one thats on the phone with them.over all i great i use it for everthing.just in case try buyin at rite aid pharmacy

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#90 Aug 1, 2009
I've had my current Green Dot card since 2007 and had only one problem with a site declining the card, but it turned out to be due to an error in the site's credit card processor's computer.

Anyway, my card is due to expire at the end of the month. I have money in the account and have made purchases within the last 30 days. Is Green Dot supposed to send me a new card with the same account number, or will I end up having to buy a new card and somehow transfer my money from one account to the other?

Santa Rosa, CA

#91 Aug 9, 2009
Purchased this card at Walgreens this morning. Online activation was horrible. Took me through a few of the steps but then said there was a problem and to start over. Now when I try to enter the activation # it says it has already been used!

All the customer support phone options require you to have your 16-digit card number (which I never received).

Impossible to reach an actual person on the phone to report the problem!

The 1-877-473-3680 number no longer works. Does anyone know of another customer support number when you can speak to a person?

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#92 Aug 9, 2009
no prbs w_greendot wrote:
<quoted text>
If it's a prepaid MC or Visa, it is still issued by a bank and is treated like any other MC/Visa debit card. That is why your name is on it and your info WILL go into computer systems where you use it. The only difference is that GD does not make reports to credit bureaus because you are paying before the fact, not actually "on credit." But like you, I have had no problems whatsoever with using this card.

Santa Rosa, CA

#93 Aug 9, 2009
After googling, I found these posts which Include other numbers you can try:

I was able to speak to a person by calling 1-866-871-2415. She then forwarded me to 1-877-434-3578. My issue was resolved.

Livermore, CA

#94 Aug 17, 2009
jaj wrote:
I got the greendot visa card. I go to the gas station to only put $6 but when i look at my statement online on the greendot website it states $35 from that same gas station on the same date. I paid at the pump and got the reciept with the total of $6.
I dont see the $6 on the statement i only see $35.
I just need to know which direction to go, is this green dot or the gas station.
I cant afford this. What can i do??
Well I know that if you pay at the pump sometimes the gas station will hold 35 or even 50 off of you card until the payment posts, which could take a few days. After a few days the 6 dollars will show and the remaining 29 dollars should be back on your card.

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#95 Aug 18, 2009
I have not used my card since I returned from vacation in June and I made several purchases with the little bit of money left on it at grocery stores. I checked the balance on it yesterday and it was $-1.57 I guess I owe them money huh? How do you suppose they get it? It's not like I have to load money onto it to cover the negative balance (seriously, think about that)..or will they just send me a bill?

I didn't have any issues activating it or using it on my trip, but I don't like the fact that they deduct $3.00 from it each month. I will not be using green dot debit again.

Salt Lake City, UT

#96 Aug 24, 2009
Ali Girl wrote:
I can't believe all of this junk happens!!! I was gonna get a green dot and I was so excited until I found out about all of this! I will definitly not be getting one of these! What a rip off!!
don't be fooled by these other tards who just want to seem important. i have used these cards since 2001 and never had a problem. i recommend them highly to people who want to build up their credit scores.

United States

#97 Sep 8, 2009
i am in the same boat with you. i have $200 on this card but cant access it due to some error and i am not able to get in touch with a real person to talk to. anyone have any suggestions

Eddyville, KY

#98 Oct 2, 2009
ha you think you're mad about greendot. I went to Kroger today and bought a greendot card loaded $100 on it to pay my telephone bill and I went online to pay my telephone bill and it said "problem with your request please contact your card holder" so i call greendot they tell me i have a transaction awaiting approvel from my phone company. They give me some approvel code and told me to contact my phone company, I call my phone company, they tell me they did not recieve my payment, but they do see 2 attemps to pay my bill. So I call greendot back and my account balance is $0 and customer service is closed. I check my online account with my telephone company.. BILL NOT PAID. WHERE THE HELL IS MY $100. I cant call customer service for greendot cause I have no proof I payed it except a approval code. My phone company billing is closed. SO I LOST $100. IM CALLING THESE AS*HOLES BACK TOMORROW AND I WANT TO KNOW WHERE THE FUCK MY MONEY WENT. I dont have the money to pay my phone bill now. Its gone. Im so p*ssed off right now, im beyond pissed off.

New Windsor, NY

#99 Oct 23, 2009
I see people using them to scam

New Windsor, NY

#100 Oct 23, 2009
scammer central
help at greendotscam com

Smyrna, GA

#101 Nov 1, 2009
We have heard your complaints and as victims of the GREEN DOT SCAM, we have started a grass roots campaign
to file a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT! Dont worry, we have done all the groynd work, we just need you to go to and file a complaint and keep any and all reords, receipts, names, dates and phone
conversations, we will be seeking damages in the MILLIONS for you to share!
help at greendotscam com

Smyrna, GA

#102 Nov 1, 2009
We have heard your complaints and as victims of the GREEN DOT SCAM, we have started a grass roots campaign
to file a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT! Dont worry, we have done all the groynd work, we just need you to go to and file a complaint and keep any and all reords, receipts, names, dates and phone
conversations, we will be seeking damages in the MILLIONS for you to share!

Redmond, WA

#103 Nov 15, 2009
What I have heard is that scammers are taking Green Dot cards, cutting off the UPC and pasting it on another card, they write down the numbers affected, return the cards to the store, and just wait until someone buys the cards. Just checking the balance on the cards until it pops up. Don't try to get refunds from the store, it won't happen, they are directed to tell you to call greendot. Call them up, explain nicely, and when they tell you nothing can be sone, tell them you will sue them to get the money back, they should connect you to the supervisor. The key is to be nice, calling them up cussing and screaming isn't going to do anything for you.

Roseville, MI

#104 Nov 25, 2009
Wow, I ordered a card and never filled it, and was pondering filling it for a something I must use a credit card to purchase..and Its just shocking.

The poster above makes a valid point, I have a suspicion that the MAJORITY of the people with complaints are not problems with Green Dot itself, but the fact that stores OPENLY have these reload cards in the open, where the numbers can be stolen, etc. I know for a FACT that the CVS I go to started putting alot of the Gift Cards and Green Dot cards behind the counter because people were running scams with them. Very very sad.
Green Dot Money Paks

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#105 Dec 3, 2009
Well this is all very odd to me. I have purchased Green Dot Money paks for my nieces and nephews many times, and we have never had any issues whatsoever. We usually by them at Rite Aid or Walgreens.

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