scam alert green dot debit cards

Virginia Beach, VA

#25 Aug 6, 2008
i put in 60USD and they decined but took my money ANYWAY, DO NOT BUY!!!!!! THERE IS NO WAY TO TALK TO A PERSON!!!!!!!

United States

#26 Aug 10, 2008
wow...i just bought this card because I wanted to transfer some money from paypal onto the card without having to wait for a check by payapal, etc. you know what is worse than your money being stolen? Them having your personal information especially your social security number. I suggest everyone on this post to call the three credit bureaus and have them alert you when someone tries to open an account in your name.

My credit is so bad, they will be turned down anyway!LOL but anyway, this S##$ is ridicoulous of all the scams they have. I mean, before the foriegners invaded our country, we had scams and everything, but not to this level. Every scam and bad business that has ever been created seem to be from 3rd world countries. There asses are so poor that they come up with these schemes. What I would like to know is why our leaders and CEOS don't step up and take a stand to this crap. Could it be because they are in on it? How do I deactivate my card?

Allen, TX

#27 Aug 12, 2008
I got the greendot visa card. I go to the gas station to only put $6 but when i look at my statement online on the greendot website it states $35 from that same gas station on the same date. I paid at the pump and got the reciept with the total of $6.
I dont see the $6 on the statement i only see $35.
I just need to know which direction to go, is this green dot or the gas station.
I cant afford this. What can i do??
Pissed Off Consumer

Hampton, NH

#28 Aug 23, 2008
Well first of all I have is DONT BUY THIS CARD !!! VISA WILL SCREW YOU OVER !!!
First off, I bought this card on August 4 th of this year, and put $ 90.00 on it. Got home, tried to activate it online and of course ( because VISA is a bunch of crooks !!!) it wouldnt let me so I had to call and speak to someone who also of course ... Couldnt speak f***ing English !!! So they told me they were activating it via their systems and then a few minutes later he comes back on and tells me that it cant be activated !!! What a surprise !!! So anyways, I ask them well, what are we gonna do about my $ 90. We will send you out a check for the $ 90 plus the amount that you had to purchase the card for which was $ 8.94 and it will be at your residence within 10 days. Needless to say I am working on the THIRD week and I still have not seen my cash !!! DONT BUY THESE CARDS ... THEY ARE SCAMMERS !!! So I have been on the phone with these people everyday trying to get answers and they are finally sending me a check via Fed Ex overnight ( supposedly !!!) so we will see ... Anyways, just call them if you have this problem and be the biggest bitch on the planet and threaten them with a lawsuit and you will more than likely get your money eventually because that is what I did. Visa is a corrupted company who tries to swindle hard working Americans out of their hard earned money !!! F*** That !!! Try hard bitches !!!


#29 Aug 26, 2008
My 13 year old bought a greendot card. I went online to register it and realized they wanted my SS # I was not ready to bend over so I did some checking on the web and it is really interesting some of the information about the Green Dot scam and how they are ripping people off right and left. Do some digging and you will be truely shocked what you can find out about this company and all of its shell compaines and complains to the federal gov. It amazes me that they are in existence still stealing people blind.





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Hayden, ID

#30 Sep 1, 2008
I was in Walgreens looking to purchase a prepaid debit card, mistake #1, and chose the Greendot debit card, mistake #2, then I found out that I had to call to activate it, and yes, they wanted my Social Security Number. I had already made the purchase so I filled it out. I had only put $45 on the card, so I paid $4.95 for the card, then to use it it was $3.00 and they ate another $2. Use of Greendot =#9.95
Lesson learned = priceless.........

Athens, GA

#31 Sep 15, 2008
I have a prepaid Mastercard with AccountNOW(MetaBank). I have never experienced any problems with this card and I enjoy using it. I have added funds several times using Greendot and I have not experienced a problem except with Walgreens. CVS, Wal-Mart, Kroger and others make your funds immediately available to be added to your card once you purchase a Greendot. Walgreens makes you wait one hour before you can add funds if you purchase a Greendot reload there.

With AccountNOW you can also add funds via Moneygram and WesternUnion.

Pattersonville, NY

#32 Sep 20, 2008
I Have A GreenDot Debit MasterCard and I Have No Problems With It i Also Gave One To My Mother And She Enjoeys it.

Somerset, KY

#33 Sep 20, 2008
I know I don't live in lexington, but I never had that problem with them. I got my card from Kroger and I've had it since January and have put around $800 total, and never have had a problem out of it
quick_ easy_ ya right

Richmond, VA

#34 Sep 21, 2008
so i jus bought a card 2 days ago to buy my prepaid cell phone minutes online and they told me there was a "glitch" in the system.. that i needed to wait one business day and it will be active...THAT WAS YESTERDAY. the number they give you for customer service is only a recording that says .."your acct is still under review... goodbye" wat typa sh*t is that FAST EASY AND CONVIENIENT MY A*S!!!! so now i still have no mins on my phone and still waiting on my money from them... glad it was only 20 dollarz i loaded but i paid 10 for the card.. well wit gas and the way all americans are totally gettin ripped of for everything these days..gas.. groceries.. taxes.. law enforcemnt.. now green dot is jus another way to scam us for our money. as if we all make a billion dollarz a year.. cant tha government jus print sum more of tha denero off and share tha wealth?? but aside all that its another issue,.. i still dnt have an active card and i will be calling again 2maro and if its not active i need my refund !! DONT BUY THIS CARD!!!
Wildcat fan

Macon, GA

#35 Sep 25, 2008
I recently purchased a greendot card. I was in the process of activating the card, when it would not give me any information. I know when you activate it, your account number and so on will appear. This, I suppose so you can pay a bill at the time or whatever. Anyway, something happened and it would not give me my account number. I did receive an e-mail confirming the activation, but I dont have a number where I can actually talk to someone. Does anyone have a number other than the 1-800-473-3636 or the 1-800-443-6227?

United States

#36 Sep 27, 2008
It's a Federal law to collect your SSN. It's part of the Patriot Act. This has nothing to do with your credit, as your credit is not checked to get the card(s). However, some (most) companies verify the validity of your SSN, and of course, it is fraud to willfully provide incorrect ID. Just curious, why are you sending your child to the store to buy pre-paid cards that she cannot use by law as a minor? That's a bit unusual.
Kole wrote:
My 13 year old bought a greendot card. I went online to register it and realized they wanted my SS # I was not ready to bend over so I did some checking on the web and it is really interesting some of the information about the Green Dot scam and how they are ripping people off right and left. Do some digging and you will be truely shocked what you can find out about this company and all of its shell compaines and complains to the federal gov. It amazes me that they are in existence still stealing people blind.
bruce hayes


#37 Sep 27, 2008
i was sent fund to my name through this green dot and i have confirmation number but how do i obtain my funds

Cincinnati, OH

#38 Oct 7, 2008
I have just purchased a Green Dot. I came home nd logged on, attempting to activate my card. At the end of the journey, I was informed that I needed to call. I called and was then told they could not activate my card. Saying that I have a balance of $36.42, froma pervious Green Dot card. This evening was my FIRST and LAST Green Dot card. Finally, I bought a $100.00 card that cannot be activated. So i called to request a refund repeatedly only to be diconnected.

Redmond, WA

#39 Oct 15, 2008
Well you all must have caught green dot on a bad day. I've had my card for months now and I love it no scams done to me. Sure they ask for your social security number but credit cards and banks do too I've completed paypal transactions and swiped several times with no problems. I only tell you to make sure you have money on card in beginning of month because if you don't have the 4.95 they will take it. For example its da first of june they look for the 4.95, if its not on your card you have a minus and two weeks later you put 200.00 on your card, they will take 4.95 you owe them but I assure you there is no scam

Southaven, MS

#40 Nov 2, 2008

Kentland, IN

#41 Dec 6, 2008
They aren't scams. Everything is clearly written on the back of the cards. It explains all of the fees. Read everything before you purchase the product and you should have no problem

Edmond, OK

#42 Dec 18, 2008
I once paid at the pump with my Green Dot card and I can tell you it's not your card but the gas companies. When you prepay for gas at the pump the gas station will put a hold on lets say 40 dollars on your card because they are not sure how much you will be putting in your tank. My rule is never pay at the pump with a Credit Card as it happens with any CC you use. Green Dot did have a warning on their site stating this to alert their customers about the pay at the pump process so I don't blame them. I have had nothing but good experiences with their cards and I love how you can get 2 cards with seperate names. I got one for my Wife who lives in Canada and it's a great (cheap) alternative to western Union.
Jenny from the Block

Fitzgerald, GA

#43 Dec 18, 2008
ibeenrobbed wrote:
I bought a green dot pay as you go debit card from Rite Aid. Put 200 on it in march. In April I reloaded 200 more. Card declined . Called customer service in some overseas office. No money on card. Sam told me there was a glitch in the computor that erased the reloads. Sorry about you luck. No refunds buddy.
Has any one else been troubled by missing money on your cards???
Wow, someone from McKee found their way to a Lexington forum. That's impressive.

Dayton, OH

#44 Dec 27, 2008
I have been using the green dot card for more than two years and i have not had any issues with the card putting my money directly on the card, i have even upgraded my card to platinum because i have direct deposit onto the card. There is no doubt that there has been issues but i was really shocked to hear some of the issues that people have had with the card and it is definately going to make me reconsider my options with banking with greendot. Thanks for the enlightment.....

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