Columbia, SC

#21 Mar 12, 2010
trailerfun wrote:
Anyone have any experiences here? I am planning to do a research of it on my blog at I know there are some excellent stories about this place.
A woman who worked for me married one ot the Allens. I had the opportunit to meet him when he visitted me in the hospital after a motorcycle accident. Nice guy and she was a nice woman. Very earthy people, one owns a tree service, etc.... She said when she was pregnant, a neighbor would leave a gift on her door step each night when she got home.

United States

#22 Apr 19, 2010
i just went there last weekend with my friends, we were chased out by a truck at about 80mph, no joke. if they caught us we probs would be dead.....
do not go there
Rich Hobbs

Brookline, MA

#23 Apr 24, 2010
I went there, and never came back, bro.
Sue Cohoes NY

Dallas, TX

#24 May 3, 2010
I want to see pictures. Anybody got any good pix of this place. I think I'm gonna ride out there this summer. My boss told me if I do, take a gun.

Altamont, NY

#25 May 11, 2010
i shot one them inbreds with ma 12 gage and he got back up and got in his 1938 ford pick up and chased me about a mile up the road......everyone shut the fck up and get over this sh!t, go thier for yourself i hope all that stuff is true and you get shot in your neck for being a fcking complete ra.tard

Delmar, NY

#26 May 23, 2010
Me and my Bro Craiger just got back from the Hollow. Took a Harley ride up there. These people are not as bad as you think. We have been friends with them for 40 years. I hunt up there in November. Why bash them. I know several Allens and they would give you the shirt off there backs if you needed it. If you do something stupid you might get your ass kicked, but hey that can happen in Glens Falls. As for the State Trooper never happened it was a Sheriffs car that the cop lost. He got out but the car was never found.

Respect is Earned not freely given. Many of you should learn that, They dont come to your town bashing you...
Mrs Finny

Albany, NY

#27 Jun 13, 2010
Ok, and now after reading everyones comments, the movie 'Wrong Turn' is on tonight.....!!!!! CREEPY!!!!!!!!!!

Kane, PA

#28 Jun 17, 2010
I graduated in 1956 from Allentown NY High School.
At that time Allentown, NY was a beautiful little town. A town created from the wealth of the great oil boom. At one time it had 3 hotels. It was one of the richest towns for it's size. Fifty percent of my class went on to college. Probably the most talked of event was when a young man some years older than I went to West Point Military Acadamey. I will never forget the beautiful homes. Now it is a tumble down town but it's people are good people who work hard and are kind to each other. I'm sure most entries in this blog are with tongue in cheek. Just remember these people are genuine and love what is left of there little town.


#29 Jul 5, 2010
yahhhh wrote:
no dont go there, they will shoot at your car
I was there , and nothing happen to me at all, matter of fact some of the ones that were outside, waved, these are all horror stories that people have heard. Grow up guys.

Suncook, NH

#30 Aug 16, 2010
these sad people are my ancestors from my grandmothers side.
i think its quite funny.

Troy, NY

#31 Aug 25, 2010
They are inbreds, yes they live a very different lifestyle than you and I as they are caved back in the middle of the wilderness pretty much. Some of these stories are actually true, and I wouldn't blame them! It would get annoying when random people keep driving through their neighborhood disturbing their peace. People HAVE been murdered there, it's the truth. I live in Lake Luzerne 10 minutes away from the place and many of my friends have been chased out of there because they get annoyed. I go to school with many of the Allens and they like to stick together and be by themselves. Yes, they do look a little bit demented because they are inbred, thats how they were brought up. This is the specifics of the neighborhood. "Allentown" is two roads connected together within the Town of Day, it is pretty much just a tiny tiny town that surrounds Lake Sacandaga. If you went there, you would automatically think of yourself being in a horror movie. It IS scary there, its in the middle of no where in the woods, no service, and if your car broke down in the Town of Day, good luck. But anyways "Allentown" is 2 roads connected together. It's not a pleasant place as its just a bunch of VERY run down trailers. There is ONE trailer with electricity, all the other houses have cables that connect one house to the next to get limited electricity. Many people have heard 'stories', but 95% are not true. But I will tell you a story about my father's best friends brother. Him and his friend ventured into Allentown drunk when they were 18 at 11 pm, making all kinds of noises and being obnoxious, one Allen shot the friend and was killed, the other got away but was still shot in the arm, and he has a scar to prove it. He has yet to go up there since. I have also talked to my friend's dad who is a police officer in Corinth/Lake Luzerne, he says no one ever goes up to Allentown, because if they ever have a problem, they can take care of it themselves.

Clifton Park, NY

#32 Sep 6, 2010
All of those scary stories are bs, i took a ride to " Allentown " today with my friend and all it is is a bunch of small houses and trailor homes. I even took my flip cam and recorded the whole thing, the so called " rock " with the smiley face and sad face is far from that. The rock is in front of a nice house the back side of it has a smiley face and that's it. The road is even newly paved until you get to the end there is a dirt road to a few trailors. We saw the Allens and they weren't disfigured they were actually out drinking a few beers with their kids playing outside for labor day. Yes it's a small road with a few homes that look like they need some paint and fixing but as far as all the crap about being chased and shots guns that's all a load of garbage. We read all of the comments and information about Allentown before going up there (i live 10 miles from there so i was curious) and from what i expected it was not as nearly bad as anyone who posted on here said. You don't believe me go there for yourself.

United States

#33 Sep 10, 2010
Those inbreds are a bunch of retards who probably don't even pay taxes on their land because they don't have jobs like every respectable human being on the face of the planet. Shit, maybe i'll move in, start a meth lab and make millions because no law enforcement will patrol the area. How can the state of new york just look the other way, and not recognize the severe issues that this situation can create? This isn't appalachia, this is upstate Ny.

Fort Plain, NY

#34 Oct 16, 2010
lmfao...ok to the folks who said allentowns nothing but inbreads who dont work, steal cable own guns, shoot at cars, bla bla bla you all can go FUCK yourselves, why might you ask that i say that. well funny thing is im from allentown, oh thats right boyz, lil ole me was born and raised there, oh just to let you know i was physically born in glens falls hospital. my parents worked all their lives and we own vehicles. just like every single family up there. ide rather live there any day of my life than to live somewhere like john p burke appts ok? why does everyone seem to have guns you ask? well all the men up there like this hobby called hunting....maybe you've heard of it. every family up there bust their ass every day working hard for their family for you "tourist" to come check it out? ummm yeah ive seen so many cars that arent from there and we get upset, its a dead end road, do you drive down every dead end road to see what kind of freaks you can find? get a fuckin life you loosers! there! you want answers heres mine. ps, those of you that have talked all that shit, you might wanna start believing in karma, i bet half the people from "allentown" make way more money than you, drive nice trucks and cars, and have more respect for people. oh and if you ever were to brake down near or on that road, who the hell do you think would stop first and help you fix your car? thats right, allentowners. so how does it feel now to be judged? hope those of you that like to talk all that smack feel like shit....bc you should! would your mother really raise you like that? mine sure wouldnt!

Altmar, NY

#35 Oct 17, 2010
Urban myths that is all it is. They are normal people and even if their last names are Allen, have you met any.. they are normal too, hard working people trying to live there life and raise their families. Bet you all have some messed up stuff in your own life to look at. Get a grip and grow up, anyone that tells you a "true" story with the sentence " i was smoking a bowl" not exactly a reputable source... just a scum bag themselves!
ms ann

Old Forge, NY

#37 Oct 18, 2010
johnny bramski wrote:
i got shot in my ass by some inbred
GOOD enough for ya go back try it again!!!!!

Pittsfield, MA

#38 Oct 21, 2010
i went to school with some of the kids from the hollow and i have never seen as much respect from anyone group or families in my whole life as i got from them. im 48 now and pretty well set in the way of the world and would trade my neighbors and some of my family for a few of the allens.they are the hardest working people ive ever seen and they dont stop until the job they started is finished.more than one time i have seen them help others without asking for anything in return but a thank for you people to make there lives harder than it has to be is just plain mean and ignorant the only people you hurt is there kids having to deal with something that should have been put rest 40 years ago.put yourselves in there shoes how many has somone said something about you or your family member every has that one family member that isnt quite up to par and bother you to if you dont lie about it .now you know how the allens feal .all i know is that i thank god for the allens and people like them
arlinda allen

Johnstown, NY

#39 Oct 29, 2010
were i life aint bade i go two scool an we are vary smert up heer. i am 20 yeers old and i have a kid frome my unckel. that is juss the wey we life. if anty of you went up heer you mait neveer make it oot. we hav hard live

Johnstown, NY

#40 Oct 29, 2010
I really have no problem with the people from the hollow.I know they have had it rough there in the past years. i know there was inbreeding going on and i know they all look the same for the most part. they are nice people say the least

Johnstown, NY

#41 Oct 29, 2010
DONT EVER GO THERE. i went there one time and they all have a face like a troll. I went there about 6 months ago and i saw 2 blonde girls that looked just alike at the beggining of the road and when i got to the end of the road there where 2 others that looked like the first ones i saw!!!!....holy crap i said. the one with the little blonde boy i saw looked just like a TROLL!!!!! i tried to get out of there as fast as i could but then she started chasing me. throwing rocks at my car and smashing my tail light out. she had a bow and arrow and shot my tire out. as she started running after me the little boy jumped on my hood and started beating the winshield with his head!!!! i was so scared.then the troll looking girl came and tried to pull me out of the truck by my leg. then she bit me hard.... i kicked myself free and closed the door. i started the my car again and she ripped the door off it. i spun out of there and made it out alive...PLEASE NEVER GO THERE I WAS SO SCARED

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