Why do the majority of black people n...
nigglover killer

New York, NY

#264 Jul 19, 2013
the Master wrote:
<quoted text> of COURSE we do. all the time, lol. my friends in the service industry who are black even hate waiting on black ppl. get a clue honey chile, lolol.
I love to fight, if youd like to stand and trade attacks with me I would be very happy to pound the side of your head in. No problem.

Cincinnati, OH

#265 Jul 19, 2013
I work in a field where I am tipped. Most of them did not tip me and I'm black. Yes there were also white people who didn't tip but I don't think any black person has tipped me to be honest. Though that is true, it's hard reading these comments bc I tip. ALWAYS! My whole family tips and we treat others as we want to be treated. I can't answer for others, it's just sad that you would look at me and not want to serve me.
Alex wrote:
I'm afraid it's true, the majority do not tip. A coworker who is black says it's because they weren't raised that way. Not that it was said not to tip, it just wasn't done. The cycle continues until one gets a job in the service industry and works for tips. A white roommate of mine years ago didn't tip either until he got a job delivering and worked for tips. I did have to laugh when he complained of not getting a tip. I'd remind him every time he never tipped before he started delivering.

Cypress, TX

#266 Jul 20, 2013
In 4 years of waiting tables through college, I have NEVER gotten a tip over 10% from a black person...And I worked at a very nice and expensive seafood restaurant. Everyone else would leave 20-40% tips. I, too, wonder why this is???? When I was waiting, I made $2.13/hour so I dreaded getting tables with black families and IM BLACK.
Work hard

Louisville, KY

#267 Jul 20, 2013
notlimber wrote:
the reason they dont tip is because all they got is a food stamp card...
My husband and I are black professionals and we earn 100,000 + a year. We are both black and we tip MORE than 20%. No food stamps here!!!!

Fort Thomas, KY

#268 Jul 21, 2013
Work hard wrote:
<quoted text>
My husband and I are black professionals and we earn 100,000 + a year. We are both black and we tip MORE than 20%. No food stamps here!!!!
Don't be angry, feel proud that you are among the exceptions to the majority of the posts.
just me

Kansas City, MO

#269 Jul 23, 2013
Facts: Old people don't tip ! Black people don't tip ! Rednecks don't tip ! Suck it up swallow your dumbass pride it is what it is but facts are not racism it's the truth
Just Another Server

Pensacola, FL

#270 Jul 23, 2013
idk wrote:
I would hate to serve an all black restaurant, one in 50 might leave a dime
I am white, and worked at an all black club and they did not tip at all. I had to raise the price of the drinks up a $1 to ensure I made something. Most of them laughed and made jokes about me waiting for a tip. Such a shame.
Just Another Server

Pensacola, FL

#271 Jul 23, 2013
ChefsWife wrote:
My husband and I are black and my husband tips VERY generously! I will admit that it is in part to him being in the restaurant industry. I also would like to say that I find it cowardly to make racist comments from a keyboard. I'm certain none of you would say such things in front of a black person.

I would say such things in front of a black person about their tipping, if it did not cause me to lose my job, but it would. I often wish that I would run into some of these non-tippers at Walmart or the grocery store. Some of them are clueless about the tipping standard, and the fact that when they stiff us it cost me money to wait on them. I have to tip out, and that is 3% of my sales and I also have to pay taxes on my sales. So, the ignorance that they just dont know to tip is bull. The black servers at my job do not want to wait on their on kind. Its sad.
Just Another Server

Pensacola, FL

#272 Jul 23, 2013
Memfrica wrote:
I actually had a group of 8 COGIC (church of god in christ) members come into my section once. Ran me to death and they were getting my best since I already knew I was getting a 20% gratuity anyways since it was more than 6 people. After they ran me through a marathon because "something didn't look right" or "there's not enough shrimp on this plate" or "can you change my order" 15 minutes after you ordered and then bitch because your food came out after everyone elses.... they asked for the check. I was called over to the table (after SEPARATING everyone when I asked at the beginning if this was one check) and I was asked, "What is this GRAVITY on my check"? I said, "Ma'am, that is a gratuity...we add this to tables of 6 or more since I will be serving fewer tables with a large group". She yelled (no joke) at me and said if I didn't take it off she wasn't paying the bill. She rallied a few others to her conclusion as well. The manager was called and politely pointed out to the group IN SEVERAL places were it stated a gratuity of 20% would be added to parties of 6 or more. She refused to pay and the police were called. The officer (American-African I will add) informed her that if she refused to pay it would be considered theft of service since she had consumed the items she asked for. She proceeded to pay the bill as she and the others cursed at me in front of other patrons and staff. Keep in mind that this was a CHURCH group of American-African women. The COGIC Convention happens once a year in Memphis and something similar to this happened to me and other servers on several different instances with this group of hypocrites. We all dread COGIC time...especially in the high end establishments like my own.
And for those of you who have stated,"Why do they deserve more than what they are already getting paid"? Go work in the high end service industry for a week and see how it feels to see "THIS IS NOT A CHECK" on your paycheck because $2.13 an hour only covers your taxes. We work for tips! We cannot tell the Federal Government to force the service industry to pay a higher hourly wage. We have no incentive to give anyone lousy service to ANYONE if our income depends on the customers. So, think about the students who can only work on nights and weekends, the single moms who work at night so they can spend time with their kids during the day and the servers who are GREAT at their job and bring home more cash than most professionals do in a week. Think before you sit at a table next time.
I loved reading your post!! Where I work at, when we have parties of 8 or more we can add gratuity, but they can not pay it if they choose.(Yes, that is right.) If they use a credit card, the slip prints up the total of the bill, then the gratuity, then a blank line for ADDITIONAL TIP, and then the total line. I know that you can imagine how many just change the grat to 0. Sure wish I had a company and/or managers to back me up, like your establishments.
Cowboy 71

United States

#273 Jul 23, 2013
Black people don't tip because they have a sense of entitlement. U can go as far as you want in this society based on your own initiative. Poor white kids would kill to go to college for free. They make their own stereotype every day. Go to any city, look at any newspapers police beat and surprise! Look what color they are. Regardless of income, they're cheap. Poorly raised and embraceing violence. Biggest whiners worldwide

Fort Thomas, KY

#274 Jul 24, 2013
I am going to 'suppose' some numbers/comparisons for conversations sake. Here's one way of looking at it For every James Meredith there's an Al Sharpton, for every Bill Cosby there's a Jesse Jackson, for every Louis Coleman there's an Eddie Murphy.
Mr Cosby lost his only son to crime his self, for which he has my sincere sympathy & did NOT whine & cry on national TV like the Martins.
James Meredith was the 1st black college student in Mississippi in the 50's & he wrote a book stating that affirmative action & set asides etc continue to make the black person slaves explaining that because the programs keep the black community dependent.
Eddie Murphy has a long time seemingly good marriage/family which seems to NOT be the norm among the black community.
You don't hear them being bragged about, held up as positive examples or emulated in the media or by Sharpton, Jackson or Coleman. Why is that?
I read a lot

Tijuana, Mexico

#275 Jul 26, 2013
White Tipper wrote:
<quoted text>
Until you get an education you are going to have to do general labor and serve black people. Get a real job you ignorant racist. Maybe they don't tip because you serve them last and you don't work fast enough to deserve a tip.
Actually there are several studies that demonstrate that black people DO tip less IF they tip at all. So it's not really because they are being served last by this particular waiter.

Fort Thomas, KY

#276 Jul 26, 2013
I read a lot wrote:
<quoted text>
Actually there are several studies that demonstrate that black people DO tip less IF they tip at all. So it's not really because they are being served last by this particular waiter.
For the sake of discussion, please identify at least 1 of those 'studies'

Huntington, IN

#277 Jul 27, 2013
What did Abe Lincoln say when he sobered up from a 3 day drunk?


Lexington, KY

#278 Jul 30, 2013
Why do black people allow their children to play in the fountains downtown?

Richmond, KY

#279 Jul 30, 2013
I'm not racist AT ALL. But yeahh, I have to say it is kinda true:/ But then again one of the best tips I ever got was from a super sweet black lady. It does have something to do with how people are raised.. White trash is even worse for tipping.. Just saying.

Fort Thomas, KY

#280 Jul 30, 2013
Whitegirl wrote:
I'm not racist AT ALL. But yeahh, I have to say it is kinda true:/ But then again one of the best tips I ever got was from a super sweet black lady. It does have something to do with how people are raised.. White trash is even worse for tipping.. Just saying.
I would agree 100% except for one thing...NO tip is NO tip. No tip is not worse than no tip the other as far as tipping itself goes.
Now with that said, anyone can be flat out rude, trash their table area, be loud enough to annoy others, etc & in my experience, White trash & Black trash are about tie. Asians & Latino's are better behaved.
steakhouse server

Dallas, TX

#281 Aug 11, 2013
You are either an idiot, or have never waited a table. Black people do not tip. As a server, you pay 3% to the house for your tip share, a black table will run up a $200 tab, and tip you $5 for your efforts... therefore you pay $1 to the house for running your ass off for them... because they are by far the most trivial and demanding guests you will have that night.... they suck... and need to either stop coming to restaurants... or learn how to act (that is a lost cause, because they do not have any fathers to teach them), and have been entitled by by president ochimpanzee.
steakhouse server

Dallas, TX

#282 Aug 11, 2013
I would say that that means you are an idiot
a young black male wrote:
if it was not for the black culture i believe the world would suck and be full of blandness(no kind of taste at all)
B rock

Bronx, NY

#283 Aug 27, 2013
Because they don't understand the concept of work. They only know how to sell drugs to the youth. Only work done is eating watermelon and fried chicken. No goof for nothing

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