Mikes fam

Louisville, KY

#94 Oct 21, 2012
To listen from talking,my name is cecil slone jr , first, lets stop hiding behind the computer, and be men. you are a piece of shit for not telling who you are. if u look at how are military is set up there are a bunch of white guys at the top. there is a reason for that, they know how to wage war. which is exactly will be waged against your coward ass. you are to afraid to even be who you are, are maybe to ashamed because u are f##king you mother or maybe you kid, u guttless [email protected] so keep on hiding u scared whore.
Mikes fam

Louisville, KY

#95 Oct 21, 2012
to all the people that's likes to be a window warrior the real world holds space land and opp.
Mikes fam

Louisville, KY

#96 Oct 21, 2012
Is it just me or does anyone else see that even after 3 years people are still running their mouth about Big Mike.My bet is it is all the porch monkeys that was scared of him when he was alive the only thing that could deal with him was a gun it is a shame it was a monkey who done it.No one could handle Mike to set the record straight Mike was arguing with another man when will stuck his nose in it had absolutely nothing to do with him but now it does see u soon will..
Mikes fam

Louisville, KY

#97 Oct 21, 2012
listen wrote:
<quoted text>michael got wat he deserved. tried to be big and bad cause he had ppl wit him at the store and tried to fight will. will went to the car got his gun and popped his ass.. it was all over a girl. all hanleys should be done the same way inbread m/fs.. stop wit all the boo hooing. cause u wasnt doing it when he was out doing wat he was doing so dnt do the shit now..thn they wanna threaten will cause of all of it knowing aint none of yall dirty m/fs gonna do nothing.. so shut ya mouth and live ya life..
To listen your wrong about that BRO theres some people who WILL do something tell will HI...
tara hanley

Louisville, KY

#98 Oct 31, 2012
yea none of you know the real story and no he did not know the guy so and it was not over drugs
Eat it

Shepherdsville, KY

#99 Nov 9, 2012
Hey Tara wanna have a threesome with Devin Hobbs?

Louisville, KY

#102 Jan 3, 2013
Yall all have aids an do one another and deseve to die

Louisville, KY

#103 Jan 3, 2013
He deserved to die just like all the Hanleys

Louisville, KY

#104 Jan 3, 2013
He was gay with his bro Brandon

United States

#105 Jan 3, 2013
Bobaily wrote:
Yes its true, not a rumor at all. Michael Hanley was with Jonathan Russell at a gas station here in Lexington gettin gas n ciggs (probaly a cigar too (lol)) Jonathan was in the car and Michael was pumping gas when a black male came up and shot and killed Michael. Rumor has it that it was over pills, now that Idk for a fact. But this is just to inform every1 who is still in the dark over this horrible sad sitution! RIP Michael We all love you and will miss you dearly!!!
No . He was with his cousin nick, me, and a girl named shelby. It wasn't over pills, it was just words being thrown around by william thorton when he saw nicks black eye and michael stepped in. Complete bullshit. William s thorton is a coward ! Michael was an amazing guy ! Rest in peace baby boy

United States

#106 Jan 3, 2013
luvinlife25 wrote:
<quoted text>
Uuuuhhhh, I was asking a damn question, I don't recall talking any shit! But if he was trying to start trouble, so it seems, and into drugs, so it seems, then I believe he got what was coming to him. When you do shit like that, it ALWAYS comes with a price, usually an ultimate price, your life! So, the way I look at it, that is one less drug addict/dealer with a dangerous attitude off the streets that I don't have to worry about my kids or myself coming across!! So, STFU!! I will express my opinion wherever the fuck I want to!
Yeah you're intitled to your own opinion. But it wasn't over drugs, mikey didn't even know him ! This is crazy seeing people like you who didn't even know him talk shit. He was a very loyal guy and yeah he had a rocky past, but doesn't everyone? Don't point fingers unless your hands are clean

United States

#107 Jan 3, 2013
Michael and allof his fam will ALWAYS be close to my heart. They're really good people. & regardless of the sick shit that goes on in your hatin ass heads NO ONE deserves to die. It wasn't over drugs, and it was completely random ! I was there. I gave him cpr until his mom came there and helped . If you weren't there or haven't talked to me or nick personall you really have no idea what happened. Its pathetic you're talking about someone who is dead, just like what shawn nd april said. He's not here to defend himself. But bust believe we will ! Karma is a bigger bitch than you or I can ever be, and I hope it f*cks you in the as* with a rusty saw . I love you mike ! You'll always be in my heart ! 91309 <3
Finally Understand

Cincinnati, OH

#108 Jan 3, 2013
Pretty sad to think there are children that will someday see all this from every party involved and as words always do it will speak volumns to them.I dont care who you are or where you come from our children follow our footsteps.The rage and aggresion thats so evident on this forum is sickening.That man is gone and have none of you come down from your drug stupor yet to let him rest.Stop the nonsense and work on fixing the road that lies ahead for the lives he left behind.As adults if you choose not to well thats your buisness but focus on what this is doing daily to these children.Noone is entitiled to do that for Gods sake.Then you wonder how a mother feels to get that phone call that her son is dying or dead.Well she did.If you even attempt to claim you know how that feels and never been there you got some very serious soul searching to do!Stop this madness please.

Morehead, KY

#109 Dec 26, 2013
kenny slone wrote:
You need to go to Church RACIST!

Winnsboro, SC

#110 Dec 26, 2013
im not even sure why im going to post anything on this stupid bull shit but im going to go on and do it! these people are scum of the earth! the dude that pulled the trigger should get a reward for getting one more pice of shit junkie theif of the streets! now i know that this will piss off a few but i could really care less! maybe if you low life scum would have ever did anything right in your all lifes you would not have such bad luck! but since all you all know what to do is rob and steal from people then all that will happen to you all is hell and you should get every bit of ot! die slow low life fucks

Bowling Green, KY

#111 Dec 27, 2013
Your a damn junkie yourself.No one in their right state of mind would post such STUPID BULL SHIT.Damn im starting to wonder if some of you on this forum aren't physcos.Its hard to tell the difference between serious mental problems or the fact that your a junkie.Very Sad!!!!

United States

#112 Dec 30, 2013
The guy who killed Michael was a Downlow punk used to hang out with a punk Josh Barnett that lives on 12 th St in Lexington they were lovers.They say Josh has herpes?

Elizabethtown, IN

#114 Jan 12, 2014
"Just because he was in and out of prison doesn't make him a bad person"?????? Yes, it does! Get a job. Stop slinging drugs everyday like the POS you are. It's been 5 years and yet all his siblings find new fun ways to go to jail. Worthless. One less POS collecting a check.

Denver, CO

#115 Mar 2, 2014
Old friend here, Yusry. We were in City of Leeds high school back between 1993 to 1995. My good friends were Alexia Sinclair, Leslie Reagan, Steven Wall, Lee Walker and many others but Michael was just simply best friends. We were homeboys too. I returned back to my home country after 1995 and I found out he's shot dead in 2013. Poor Michael. We used to do samba beats together, he's a great drummer apart from his soccer skills. It's long gone now. Missed him and the friends. Peace.
Want sum Dev

Nicholasville, KY

#117 Mar 2, 2014
Girl gotta a$$ on her. Id hit that all ova the place.

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