Fairlea Baptist in Shambles???

Fairlea Baptist in Shambles???

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Springfield, NJ

#1 Dec 11, 2012
Ever since they got rid of their pastor Kevin, it seems most rumors say that they are doing terribly. Why did they get rid of Kevin Prevett and how are they doing now?????

Oakvale, WV

#2 Dec 15, 2012
The church is doing great. Kevin was a great pastor but there were some things he refused to do that were in his job description. The church deacons and him met and he desided to tender a resignation. Our church is doing great and God is blessing us all. please don't start some hot mess on here. We don't have trouble and we dont need any
the view

Proctorville, OH

#3 Dec 15, 2012
this church has messed up badly,they let a great guy and great pastor go just because of there own selfish agenda,may god pray for this church.
the press

Proctorville, OH

#4 Dec 15, 2012
the church for sure made a huge mistake,always thought of this church as a good place,however not after this stunt,a good pastor gone!!!
just saying

United States

#5 Dec 15, 2012
I know he was forced to resign even though there is nothing in the Bible to support their decision..

Loretto, MN

#6 Dec 18, 2012
just saying wrote:
I know he was forced to resign even though there is nothing in the Bible to support their decision..
Many of the churches in the area don't put a lot of stock in the bible these days. They're more business oriented than bible oriented. They think the thing to do is spend a huge bundle on a Gym that stays mostly unused and run a school that brings in great income I'm sure. God forbid (no pun intended) that they pool their resources and just do it once. You wouldn't want the Baptists from one church to mingle with the Baptists from another one up the road, much less mingle with another denomination. Everyone knows that if you don't believe exactly the way we do then you're going to Hell.

Glasgow, WV

#7 Dec 19, 2012
Now sir, let us be reasonable. EVERYONE I know at Ronceverte Baptist Church is praying that Fairlea Baptist recovers. We all care about other churches. We believe that every denomination that believes in Jesus Christ and believes that people need to be saved are going to Heaven.

Princeton, WV

#8 Dec 24, 2012
Baptists r evil religion pushers that if u don't believe like them u r a nothing and a ad person all baptists have a holier then though attitude no use for them
Dr Kwanhelzie

Charleston, WV

#9 Dec 24, 2012
All you bible thumpers are a joke!

I wonder which "god" is the right one? Maybe we should all kill each other for not believing in the same god??

2,085 BC. Judaism-Abraham
1,500 BC. Hinduism- no specific founder
560 BC. Buddhism- Gautama Buddha
550 BC. Taoism - Lao Tzu
599 BC. Jainism, Mahavira
30 AD. Christianity –Jesus Christ
50-100 AD. Gnosticism-
150-250 AD.-Modalism (Monarchianism)–Sabellius, Praxeus, Noetus, Paul of Samosata
325 AD.-After being persecuted for almost 200 years Constantine made the Church becomes a legal religion, compromise begins to enter.
590 AD.-Roman Catholicism- Developed after Constantine; Pope Gregory?
610 AD.- Islam- Mohammed
1400 AD.- Rosicrucians-Christian Rosenkreuz (1694 US) Rosicrucians- Master Kelpius, Johann Andrea
1515 AD.- Protestantism-(Reformers) Martin Luther, Ulrich Zwingli, John Calvin
1650 AD.- Tibetan Buddhism-Dalai Lama
1700 AD.- Freemasony- Albert Mackey, Albert Pike
1760 AD.-Swedenborgism- Emmanuel Swedenborg
1784 AD.- Shakers - Mother Ann Lee
1830 AD.- Mormonism – Joseph Smith
1830 AD.-Cambellites-Alexander & Thomas Cambell, Barton Stone
1838 AD.-Tenrikyo- Miki Maegawa Nakayama
1844 AD.-Christadelphians- John Thomas
1840-45 AD.-Millerites 2nd day Adventists –William Miller then became 7th Day Adventists
1844 AD.-Bahai- Baha'u'llah (Abul Baha)
1845-1870AD.- 7th Day Adventists-E.G. White
1848 AD.-Spiritualism - Kate and Margaret Fox
1870 AD.-Jehovah's Witnesses- Charles Taze Russell
1875 AD.-Theosophical Society- H.P. Blavatsky, Henry Olcott
1879 AD.-Christian Science-Mary Baker Eddy
1889-1924 AD.-Unity School of Christianity- Myrtle Fillmore
1900 AD.-Rosicrucian Fellowship-Max Heindel
1902 AD.- Anthroposophical Society –Rudolf Steiner
1906 AD.-The Pentecostal Assemblies of the World
1914 AD.- Iglesia ni Cristo- Felix Manalo
1914 AD.- Oneness Pentecostalism- Frank Ewart, G.T.Haywood, Glenn Cook
1917 AD.-True Jesus Church. Founders Paul Wei, Lingsheng Chang and Barnabas Chang
1930 AD.-Black Muslims (Nation of Islam)–Wallace D. Fard
1927 AD.- Mind Science- Ernest Holmes
1934 AD.-World Wide Church of God- Herbert W. Armstrong
1935 AD.-Self Realization Fellowship- Paramahansa Yogananda
1954 AD.- Unification Church- Sun Myung Moon
1945 AD.-The Way -Victor P.Wierwille
1948 AD.- Latter Rain –Franklin Hall, George Warnock.
1964 AD.- Eckankar The Ancient Science of Soul Travel (Eck). Founded by Paul Twitchell
1968 AD.- Hare Krishna (US)- Swami Prabhupada
1968 AD.- Children of God- David (Moses) Berg
1945 AD.-United Pentecostal International- Howard Goss, W.T. Witherspoon (can be traced back to 1914)
1944 AD.- Silva Mind Control –Jose Silva
1950 AD.-Urantia Book- Dr. Bill Sadler
1950 AD.-Lafayette Ronald Hubbard published his book Dianetics-SCIENTOLOGY
1954 AD.-Atherius Society (UFO’s)- Dr. George King
1955 AD.- Scientology- L. Ron Hubbard
1958 AD.- Institute of Divine Metaphysical Research- Henry Kinley
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1958 AD.-Henry Kinley begins (IDMR) the Institute of Divine Metaphysical Research
1959 AD.-Unitariarian Universalist
1960 AD.-Transcendental meditation- Maharishi Mahesh Yogi
1960 AD.-Enkankar- Paul Twitchell
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1970 AD.-Findhorn Community –Peter and Eileen Caddy –David Spangler
1970 AD.- Divine light Mission- Guru Maharaj Ji
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1974 AD.-Assemblies of Yahweh-Sam Suratt
1979 AD.-Church of Christ International - Kip McKean
1980 -1982 AD.- Tara Center-Benjamen Crème
1980 AD.- House of Yahweh (Abilene) Jacob Hawkins

Oakvale, WV

#10 Dec 24, 2012
All I can say of the last post is WOW. You've done a lot of research, however, I feel I will continue to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. Merry Christmas.

United States

#11 Mar 14, 2013
Can someone tell me when the church will be doing their rummage sale...

Hansford, WV

#12 Mar 14, 2013
memos wrote:
Can someone tell me when the church will be doing their rummage sale...
You must be oblivious to the previous comments or what Topix is about...I will give you the benefit of the doubt & explain: This thread is very derogatory to this church. To bring it up again after it has been buried means: 1. you are clueless about Topix & what happens here or 2.you really want to bring this thread up again hoping for comments. If you really want to know when the rummage sale is then pick up the phone and call them!
The Man With No Name

Princeton, WV

#13 Mar 14, 2013
Baptist have changed a great deal in the last few years. They will now speak to you while in the liqour store.

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