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Hurricane, WV

#1 Nov 21, 2010
i really cant believe how incredible pathetic this guy is.

Princeton, WV

#2 Nov 22, 2010
which brandon are you talkin bout


#3 Dec 29, 2010
He tries to get a piece of ass from everyone!
Ihad that

Charleston, WV

#4 May 20, 2011
I guss you can do that when mommy and daddy are paying for everthing and he also has such a little TODDGER

Princeton, WV

#5 May 20, 2011
so tru this guy is a pos. he will use anyone to get watever he wants. if its sex, weed, a car, or just some head. he doesnt kno how to treat a woman without using them.

United States

#6 May 20, 2011
MMMM, just a thought...don't let yourself be used.

United States

#7 May 21, 2011
If this brandon is who I think he is...son of bo defibaugh & lisa mccallister...then yea he probly a worthless person...after all both his parents were...children learn what they live...
The Keallach

White Sulphur Springs, WV

#8 May 22, 2011
Wow! It's always surprising how many people don't have lives! Did anyone ever think to address their issues directly? No, they've decided to act like high school girls. O! How pathetic are you? Let me count the ways... 1: get off your fat asses and do something with your lives, 2: wax your eyebrows and get over it(you know who you are)3:If you had that, then you know differently, enjoy your time above the Mason-Dixon line, yankee. I see they're still failing to teach courtesy up north. Shame.4: Joliet Jake, you need to watch what you say about Lisa, after all, it's only a short trip to Illinois.5: if you're too scared to put your real location on this page, why bother 6: If Brandon's fucked you over, I'm sure there was a reasonable explanation, besides the fact that you could be compared to a feminine hygeine product,(guess which one, I'll give you a hint, starts with a "d", ends with and "e", is the French word for "shower", could be used on a " Summer's Eve", got it yet?)7:I'm sorry you all are such skanks.Truly a Bunch of fun.8:Why bother? 9: Playing it smart and biding your time and fucking people over are completely different things. If you have had any dealings with politicians, you should know the difference.10: If any of you had taken the time to get to REALLY know Brandon, then you would know what I mean, but you haven't. You've digressed into this childish state. It wasn't even cute when it was age appropriate. Grow up, get a life, wash between the folds. Now, take what you have learned and prosper. Have a nice day!
you smelled

White Sulphur Springs, WV

#9 May 22, 2011
my reasoning (as follows)

1. read my name!
2. i wasn't gonna screw myself!
3. living in filth is not my cup of tea!
4. intelligence level does matter
5. i am an asshole
6. say another word about my mother! you won't see tomorrow
7. if you were a real woman whom washed daily might have been a different story.
8. don't start a war unless you intend to advance.(you look like a russian boar with those eyebrows)
9. look beyond your tiny little existance, get over it grow up before you embarrass yourself
10. don't think your shit don't stink cause it really really does.
11. don't worry bout what the f**k i be doin!
12. im done with you BUNCH of skanks so f**k you and have a nice day...
1 post removed
scrub Exterminator

United States

#11 May 30, 2011
if you have something to say be a man. you talk about any my family.grow some ball and hop in your p.o.s. mustang and come see me anytime looking forward to seeing you
The Keallach

White Sulphur Springs, WV

#12 May 31, 2011
It's obvious why your English and creative writing scores on your GED were so low. You covered the same topic on the other forum, so, there goes the creative writing. You also can't punctuate, spell, or capitalize worth a [email protected] Everything you've said has been in run-on sentences. There goes your English. You two were dating when your father(who apparently has no mechanical skills whatsoever) sold him that car. If you had cared about him, you would've talked him out of it. Good job on spelling exterminator correctly, however, since it's a proper noun, you should also have capitalized scrub.
Scrub Exterminator

United States

#13 May 31, 2011
I am sorry i dont have a ged. I have not dated him I am not a fagot like him and I guess he is not smart enough to look a car over before buying it. this is topix not a english exam. i glad he found someone with BALLS because he has none
The Keallach

White Sulphur Springs, WV

#14 May 31, 2011
Good Enough Diploma aside, at least you learned to capitalize your proper nouns. Class dismissed.
1 post removed
You Smelled

White Sulphur Springs, WV

#16 Jun 2, 2011
Well, I'm surprised my balls didn't shrivel up and fall off after that. You should really have the stench problem checked out.

United States

#17 Jul 8, 2011
ok so this is some pretty petty stuff. I'm not taking up for brandon or putting him down. But i do firmly believe that if your going to talk crap about someone you should have the courtesy to do it to their face. yeah he may get aggravating sometimes, but who doesn't? I get on my own nerves sometimes. most importantly, to whoever feels the need to talk crap about lisa... if you dont stop i will beat ur *s*(as soon as i pop out my baby of course, its not cool to fight when your prego). Lisa is an amazing, smart, beautiful, and loyal person and my best friend. so leave her out of whatever beef you have with brandon. I mean, damn, im his ex and i still love the heck out of her and always will.
Austen Jones

White Sulphur Springs, WV

#18 Jul 19, 2011
Thanks Nytasha, we REALLY needed you to reopen this Pandora's box of a topic. Until you chipped in your two cents, this had been closed. I will refrain from any comments about having just seen you the day this was posted, jealousy on your behalf, or psycho-analysis of any kind(although, you did royally set yourself up for it). I will say thank you sincerely for the compliments on my soon to be mother-in-law. Yes, she is a wonderful person. Congratulations on your pregnancy. I'm sure the child will turn out just like you. Hopefully, they'll give you a raise and some extra time off at McDonald's, because diapers and formula are awfully expensive. Who knows, maybe they'll even promote you to store manager! I'm sure Andy will be a wonderful father. We're both very happy that things have worked out the way that they have, and we both wish you and Andy the best of luck, and a wonderful life. Namaste!(if you didn't know, that's good-bye and good luck in Hindi.)

Statts Mills, WV

#19 Jul 19, 2011
sweetie if you think im jelous of you OR brandon, your brain dead. And, yes, Andy will be a wonderful father so... Namaste :)
Austen Jones

White Sulphur Springs, WV

#20 Jul 20, 2011
Nytasha, why else would you have reopened this discussion the very day you last saw Brandon? Your actions simply suggest that you are. Also, why do you get so defensive when someone offers you a compliment?

Huntington, WV

#21 Jul 20, 2011
i got on this thread because someone told me that day to go here and see what was being said about lisa. as for the compliment, i was agreeing, so i dont see how that is defensive. i have no problem with you. i may not have a appreciated the smart tone around the things said about my job or boyfriend, i do appreciate you hoping for a raise for me, even though my last day at mcd's is aug 20th. and i do hope my child turns out like me. i dont talk sh*t about people, have a good personality, and am honest. I have not talked any crap about you or brandon, and probably never will because i hope you two have a very successful relationship. i'm glad he found someone to make him happy like i have. i am sorry that for some reason you seem to have such a low opinion of me, but if you would not judge poeople before you got to know them, you may see im actually a very nice person.
Austen Jones

White Sulphur Springs, WV

#22 Aug 24, 2011
I agree, I don't know you, and since you don't know me, how could you know whether or not I have a low opinion of you. I neither said you were sh!t-talking me or Brandon, nor that you had a bad personality, or were dishonest.Those are your words. Me thinks thou doth protesteth too much(to quote the Scottish Play). I wasn't judging you, I'm just very observant.

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