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Not A Sports Fan

Marlinton, WV

#21 Oct 3, 2008
In a reply to "not bill". Rest assured sir or mam that most of the folks at the Sheriff's Office would much rather have Jim Childers in office. Bruce Hosey has burned a lot a bridges with deputies that will never be repaired and as for the "future chief" no one has any respect for him, he is a school yard bully and a joke.
Now hold on a minute

Marlinton, WV

#22 Oct 3, 2008
I agree with you Cop Dude that Mr Childers is the man for the job. But be that as it may, I am getting just a little tired of reading about how the S.O. had no integrity under a former administration and has no integrity now. I will be the first to agree that we have problems within the S.O., you have no argument there. But I am here to tell you that there are many Deputies who do their job and do it well. I will also say that there are many, myself included, who take pride in their work. I may not agree with how things are done sometimes, but I don't get paid to do that, I was hired to do a job and to do it to the best of my ability. I love what I do, I can't imagine any other line of work. So please do not generalize and say that the Sheriffs Department has no integrity, for in doing so you are insulting some very good and decent men and women. You know, there are some within the Sheriffs Department who need to realize that if they are going to gain the respect of the public they need to first respect themselves and each other. And I will go so far as saying that for our Sheriffs Department to begin changing directions we need to be a disciplined organization, with accountability and responsibility, not an organization (and I am speaking of the Deputies) who fight change and have factions pulling every direction. You know something else? Like it or not, a police department, be it Sheriffs Department, City P.D. or State Police are all para-military organizations, and are not democracies, some individuals tend to forget that. You don't have a vote, votes are for elections, you have orders, unless the orders are illegal, follow them. Having said all that, I have stated before, who I believe to be the best man for the job, but I will still do my job to the best of my ability no matter who is elected, and there are many more who feel the same way I do, because we do have integrity and a strong morale character. Cop Dude, I understand what you were saying, along with some others who have stated much the same thing as you, and I do not mean to be attacking you. I am only asking that some very good people not be degraded and generalized as having no integrity. Be safe.
Now hold on a minute

Marlinton, WV

#23 Oct 3, 2008
Oh, and one more thing, and this is directed at "not bill". There are few within the S.O. who are supporting the Hosey camp. And there are many who do work, for you to insinuate otherwise, confirms to me that you are not familier with the Sheriffs Department.

Now for another point, Mr Childers and Mr Hosey are running for office. Not their wives or their children. Wives and children should be left out of this in my opinion. I feel like an attack on either is in poor taste and honestly is a pretty low blow. I know how I feel about this. Say what you want about me and I can deal with it, I have thick skin. But attack my wife or children and you will have a fight on your hands.

Marlinton, WV

#24 Oct 3, 2008
well u dont see childers wife out at the bowling alley , drunk and coming on to every tom , DICK , and harry in the place . not to mention the chief deputy to be .

Marlinton, WV

#25 Oct 3, 2008
i did agree with leaving spouses out until hoseys wife got out and made an ass out of herself on more than one occation . support ur hubbys but dont go over board , dont be STUPID

Humble, TX

#26 Oct 3, 2008
thats what im trying to get out to people is what tinman has said!what your SPOUSES do comes back on you!everything she does; dont look very good on the department i dont care who you are!!you can say that childers wife uses her head and dont do stupid shit!the other on the other hand thinks just because her husbands running for sheriff that she can get by with this childish act!its not hurting anyone but her husband!she should have done things that wouldnt draw so much talk!now hosey is the one paying for her acts so it is that in any election EVERYONE is involved!!!now anyother time i wouldnt talk about anyones family but now you need to look at how their actions are going to affect the county not just the sheriff!!
Whos Gonna Be Boss

Lewisburg, WV

#27 Oct 3, 2008
Well, if Mr. Hosey gets elected, who is going to run the Department, him or his wife? Something to think about! Heard she kind of runs the show now, or thinks she does. Why would anyone think that would change?
One hell of a scary thought, hummmmmmmm.

Humble, TX

#28 Oct 4, 2008

“I'm a Cat. MEOW!”

Since: Sep 08

Alderson "Wet Viginey"

#29 Oct 4, 2008
Damn, I would have never guessed that! Wonder if the "new chief" had anything to do with that? I heard he is at the beach bike rally this weekend, him being the big biker he thinks he is. She there also? Humm, something to ponder on.
You are right on the money, NEWSFLASH!
"Jim Childers For Sheriff!"

Amarillo, TX

#30 Oct 4, 2008
WELL i know for a fact she tried to get some other girls to go to the beach for the bike rally too. thats not connected im sure huh ?. and hey NEWSFLASH they might be getting a divorce but its a lil to late as far as hurting her husband. bruce is a nice guy and didnt deserve that B/S .

Amarillo, TX

#31 Oct 4, 2008
just got one thing to say JIM CHILDERS 4 SHERIFF
Tired of the LH BS

United States

#32 Oct 4, 2008
TIN MAN wrote:
WELL i know for a fact she tried to get some other girls to go to the beach for the bike rally too. thats not connected im sure huh ?. and hey NEWSFLASH they might be getting a divorce but its a lil to late as far as hurting her husband. bruce is a nice guy and didnt deserve that B/S .
I am not a Laura Hosey fan at all but seen her today in Union at a midget league game

Amarillo, TX

#33 Oct 5, 2008
i never said she went , i said she TRIED TO GET SOME GIRLS TO GO WITH HER !!!!!!!!!! guess she didnt want to go alone . i saw he on the west end the other night at the meet the canidates night she was wit her hubby but didnt seem happy to be there , and believe it or not she kept her mouth shut for once
WV Attorney Who Votes

Wallback, WV

#34 Oct 5, 2008
A friend of mine recently got stopped by the Quinwood Police Department for a speeding violation. He was issued a citation by the officer and was advised that if he would pay the citation "now", it would not go thur DMV nor would his license be accessed any points for the violation.
I have researched the law reference to radar usage in WV and State Code cites Chapter 8-1-3 which classifies municipal corporations within the State. If one applies this to the radar usage chapter of State Code, 17C-6-7, if the population of Quinwood is less than 2000 residents, it would then be a class IV village or town. Therefore, radar usage within Quinwood would not be allowed. Only class I, II, and III municipal corporations may use radar as a means a detecting speed employing such devices.
The Quinwood Police Department is staffed by a few officers, two of which are Mr. Hosey and his chief, Mr. Martin. If votes from the citizens of this fine County are what Mr. Hosey needs to become the next Sheriff of Greenbrier County, then, he along with his future Chief Deputy, should not be issuing citations to each of them who pass thru the Town of Quinwood.
My vote goes to Jim Childers for Greenbrier County Sheriff, and if the rest of the populace knows what is best for Greenbrier County, when they will vote the same.
I plan of looking more indepth to this matter in order to see if indeed any legal procedures have bee violated.

United States

#35 Oct 5, 2008
TIN MAN wrote:
i never said she went , i said she TRIED TO GET SOME GIRLS TO GO WITH HER !!!!!!!!!! guess she didnt want to go alone . i saw he on the west end the other night at the meet the canidates night she was wit her hubby but didnt seem happy to be there , and believe it or not she kept her mouth shut for once
Keeping her mouth closed isn't something she has ever been able to do,always running off at the mouth but doesn't want any speaking of her. If she could keep her mouth and legs closed she would be alright. No one likes her for long I have noticed throughout the years. She pulls him DOWN. He needs to file if he hasn't already.
one vote

Wallback, WV

#36 Oct 6, 2008
Now, While I do support MR. Childers, I have to admit I am somewhat concerned about his appointment of a Chief as well. He stated to me that Mr. Donnie Hedrick is in line for the job. I hope we can all remember that Mr. Hedrick was FIRED from the State Police. Furthermore, the reason involved underage young ladys. Also, as I research this site I see MR. Hedrick making jokes in regard to domestic violence and battered women.
support who

Wallback, WV

#37 Oct 6, 2008
You are Right, CHILDERS in 09! He is the man for the job. You see, I have lived here for almost 35 years. I have observed Mr. Childers honesty, loyalty, and integrity for a long time. I have never known of Jim to mess around with Bill Goodwins wife, or, run around on his late wife, or, Ms. Neathawk. Hell, I have never seen him drunk on whiskey at the elks lodge. Seriously, I am not a Hosey/Martin supporter. But, Jim Childers is not the guy that a couple of you present. Below, I have given you some references"
Bill Goodwin
Janet Neathawk
Mike Moore
Jan Cahill

Lewisburg, WV

#38 Oct 6, 2008
well i can tell u without a shadow of a doubt DONNIE HEDRICK will not & i repeat WILL NOT be jim childers chief deputy . not going into details but just TRUST me on this one . the job will be posted and resumes will be taken . but it will most likely be from outside the dept. which is what it needs to be . but mr. hedrick was not fired due to UNDERAGE girls either u should do a lil more research
tin man

Lewisburg, WV

#39 Oct 6, 2008
in response to support who , i guess u want a SAINT in the office of the sheriff, well guess what there are none . nobody is perfect but the things ur talking about doesnt effect the way he can run the dept. show me an elk that doesnt drink i lil bit now & then. at least hes not up there falling down drunk like one of the judges thats running for office.and hes in a good marriage now and the fact is he not the same guy your making him out to be . but wait a min. i guess your a saint arent you , youve never done anything wrong have you . youve never made a mistake or done something youve regreted have you ? point is you only have 2 men to choose from for sherriff , so what the hell do you want . WAKE UP !!!!!!!!!!
cop dude

Wallback, WV

#40 Oct 6, 2008
for those of you wondering i am rick honaker!! im not afraid to post it as you said!

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