Stay away from Lewisburg
mc voter

Lewisburg, TN

#13904 Jul 5, 2012
Door shut On the Press wrote:
Why blame the voters for does any think the voting machines, voting office, were, are, is, could be crooked?
Who really knows for why when the voting office manager was let go, resigned, or was replaced was there not a complete outside Audit, just to let the public know everything was on the up and up?
Why even vote if your vote don't count or can those voting machines be set to reflect votes for the other person, you did not vote for?
Do locals still service the local voting machines, can those machines be preset?
If this is true could the state check it out during the election process? Who could you call? It would be best for the person who thinks they have the facts to make the call. Was the rumor true a couple years ago where it was said they closed the door while counting votes? If I was running the elections that would be the last thing I would want to do. I would want to dismiss any doubt.
already over

Nashville, TN

#13905 Jul 6, 2012
they have already picked the local winners, they just have to wait til 8-8 to let you know who won
sad sad sad

Lewisburg, TN

#13906 Jul 9, 2012
Please someone, come and save us.

Trust me, it won't be hard to see what is wrong and make things right. People will be happy to tell their minds and point fingers.

We need a hero and we need one now.

To top things off we have a local council member getting on people because they do not know who he is. How sad is that? I witnessed it once myself and was told by a friend about him doing it to another person and that person was a senior citizen.
The person ought to hide their face and pay back every penny he made because of his sorry leadership. Little does the person know, their type of leadership made us all the embarrassment of all Tennessee. Sounds like a real liberal.

Then the person goes on and ridicules the person for not knowing who he or she was. Hasn't the person made enough of a fool of him or herself in the newspaper and was made fun of by outside newspaper writers who heard of his/her local good ole boy/girl actions?
If I were them I would go around and apologies to folks and show some humbleness. Who cares who they are. In the big, big world outside the county line he or she would be treated as if they were the town idiot.

Today, I go to pick up breakfast at the local hamburger joint that promotes a clown and I am waiting for my order which they screwed up royally.(must be the proper English I spoke) and what walks in all "barefooted" and probably pregnant, ole Daisy Ducky and her county boy boyfriend. Not a word was said to her by anyone. I guess health codes only apply to folks outside the county lines. I have to hand it to another local restaurant who state on the door, "Shirts and shoes are appreciated". Now aint that great country appreciation to the health codes?

Same day we were going to stop in another local eating establishment for dinner and it had a sign painted on their window saying something like "Government Lunch specials" m-f in BIG letters. What?

Why are they catering to the local government folks only? What about the average Joe? What are they saying there? Why are local government workers offered an opportunity to get a discount meal and not Joe Blow and his hard working employees who earn their paychecks???? Sad, Sad, Sad. But that is how they think here.

We will never eat there again......ever. I don't drink but the same place had happy hour until 4 pm, which ended right before Joe's tax paying and hard working crew got off work.

To me, it looks like they either cater to the unemployed local drunks or want to show a happy hour but does not want to give anything away at a discount price,(maybe this is so they can afford to offer the local government workers "only" a less expensive meal).

After reading that inviting sign I just waved at the lonely customer-less server as we were driving away, who was outside the restaurant chain smoking away patiently waiting for a customer. It may just be me, but I think the bench may be a bit too close to the entrance according to state rules for outside smoking and I think it looks bad for the business who serves food. But what do I really care I won't be back. At least if someone who cares reads this, it may help the next guy.

Well none of that is life stopping but not pleasant to live with. Come look for yourself and try to save us and the interesting stuff will surely overwhelm you.
would vote

Lewisburg, TN

#13907 Jul 15, 2012
I just really met rm from the city council and although a democrat he seems to be a good guy and cares for the city. I would vote for him again.
i would too

Lewisburg, TN

#13908 Jul 15, 2012
would vote wrote:
I just really met rm from the city council and although a democrat he seems to be a good guy and cares for the city. I would vote for him again.
I know him personally and he is a good man and does care for the city of lewisburg. Also, he was the only person that caught the $80,000 raises that was being given to a select few in the city that even the auditors did not catch it until he brought it to their attention and the rest of the council. Will vote for him if he runs again and he does speak his mind and lets you know where he stands and is one of the few that will stand up to McRady and his bullying.

Lawrenceburg, TN

#13909 Jul 15, 2012
would vote wrote:
I just really met rm from the city council and although a democrat he seems to be a good guy and cares for the city. I would vote for him again.
Is RM Robin Minor or Ronald McCrady?
look at you now

Lewisburg, TN

#13910 Jul 18, 2012
If I meet one more local who has nothing going for themselves who speaks highly of obama, I just may puke.
Why are the communities which support him falling apart and or in shambles? Why are there so many supporters in our local government? The people here who get down on mitt speak of his money. They are nothing more than jealous fools who will be ate up with envy. I will no give a penny to anyone who will vote of obama. Next person who ask for a handout I will ask the question. Most likely people like me support them so don't you think they should at least have the decency to at least vote for those I support?

I can not support those who support this person. He is against business folks who in many cases built their business from the ground up.
I have nothing but respect for those folks who gave all to do something with their lives. He can't even tell the truth to the American people and blame Bush for the rest of his failures.

If I was a CEO and took over a company which was dying. Do you think 3 years later they would accept me blaming it on the last guy if I did not fixed things and I even helped make them worse? The county is full of obama fools and need to be voted out. Ask before you vote next time.
the first

Lewisburg, TN

#13911 Jul 18, 2012
Clint wrote:
<quoted text>Is RM Robin Minor or Ronald McCrady?
sorry, the first

Fayetteville, TN

#13912 Aug 24, 2012
We are in a fine mess - ls it disable or are we doomed?
lewisburg resident

Lewisburg, TN

#13915 Sep 8, 2012
bentleys_n_drama wrote:
Lewisburg? The drug infested corrupted small town of Tennessee. The worst crack cocaine district in probably the southern united states. Everyone has it out for everyone if your not addicted to some type of drug. Its getting really bad in this city. If you plan on moving to Lewisburg. I do not recommend it. Stay far away from that town much as possible.
Excuse everyone in Lewisburg does not do crack and other drugs thank you..You must of been around the wrong crowd of people.....
lewisburg resident

Lewisburg, TN

#13916 Sep 8, 2012
yer right

Lewisburg, TN

#13917 Sep 9, 2012
lewisburg resident wrote:
ma'am, we heard you loud and clear the first time. You did not have to come back on at 2:30 in the morning and shout at us with capital letters. You are right, I did see someone in town who was not a drug addict, but upon further review I found out he was from brentwood and lost.

Of course not all people are drug addicts. It was a silly comment even to respond to. But I guess the late night/early morning hours along with the cheap beer and smokes affected your thinking. No facts needed.

This place does have major problems but as long as they all get theirs, it is business as usual.

Well off to work I go, a lot of community members rely on me to contribute to their welfare checks and may be a little upset if I don't pull my share of the cart they have been riding in all their lazy lives..

Lewisburg, TN

#13918 Sep 12, 2012
peanuthead22 wrote:
whatever, drugs are everywhwere, quit having tunnel vision!!!!!!!<quoted text>
, Pulaski is no different I lived there all of my life drug addiction is everywhere and it's not the towns it's the corrupt people living in them!! Not everyone will fall into drugs!!

Lewisburg, TN

#13919 Sep 12, 2012
Drug abuse an drug deals are everywhere you go now,it's not just the town of Lewisburg it's Pulaski,Lawerenceburg,Columbia ,and Mt.Pleasant. It's pretty much everywhere you go now. It's not the towns that are corrupt it's some of the people in it, the town it self is not going to make you into a drug abuser or drug dealer it's the choice you will make on your own! No sense in hating on the towns we live in,it's some of the people in the towns that make it look bad. There are alot of really good people who live in Lewisburg,Giles county and places like that, no need in bashing our homes!!! You have your own opinion I just think it's not a very good one, and thats my opinion!

Nashville, TN

#13920 Sep 14, 2012
but lewisburg is a town like no other, so many corrupt folks in the local government , and they allow there own to steal from tax money
heard it first hand

Lawrenceburg, TN

#13921 Sep 14, 2012
right wrote:
but lewisburg is a town like no other, so many corrupt folks in the local government , and they allow there own to steal from tax money
They take care of each other and relatives are dumb enough to brag about it in public.
iron worker

United States

#13922 Sep 27, 2012
Loserburg is full of drugs lesbians and snitches by far the worst place to raise kids
why civil war

Lawrenceburg, TN

#13923 Sep 27, 2012
Why do we civil war dedications? It was a war which matched brother against brother, us citizens against each other. We ought to be ashamed of the war. The only reason they keep the torch a burning is to show the local hate of good folks from the north who never even think about the war. They went on with life and made something of themselves. The south and small town poor as poor can get folks who if wasn't for the government would starve out of laziness are haters. They hate anyone who applied themselves and made something of themselves. They have hate in their hearts and the flame of hate will never be extinguished.
Wont be thre

Lewisburg, TN

#13924 Sep 27, 2012
They will come up with some BS answer saying something about honoring the soldiers. What about the ones we lost in the revolutionary war, WWI, WWII, Viet Nam, Korea, Gulf War etc, etc, etc.? This place does not know how to honor fallen soldiers just celebrate and show grace for those who fought the North. That is why hatred of the northern types still exists and this place is the pits of all Tennessee.

They hold themselves back with bringing up the past and stirring the hatred pot throughout the community. Do they know how many children were hurt even recently by being called Yankee or shown favoritism against, just because they were not born in this rotting county?

Why don't the locals hate the British? the Germans? The Italians? the Japanese's? The Koreans? the Iraqis? and today the Egyptians? and I can go on and on. They all killed Americans serving for their country, didn't they? Because they are so dumb they only know what their grand pappies told them and have hate growing in their veins and will deny it in church, at work, while getting paid by you and in our schools.

Get a bunch together and you will see as true as the day is long. When you see them look around before speaking they are talking about one of two groups and I need not mention the second group.

I hope we did not spend any of our tax money on this event. I hope the people attending are not getting paid to attend. It is for one group and one group only and it isn't always to show respect to, as they will say,(both sides) it is to bring together a group of folks who think the same and trust me, it isn't good. I bet you see all the politicians there. ;)

In more civilized communities the south and north and all who loss members are honored equally but this place takes it to a whole different level.

Afterwards it brings is further hatred in this already outsider hating community. The only reason someone would be so sickening mad after a war which was about 150 years ago is because they felt they were right, and still do.

There is so much more which needs to be done in this county if bringing people together for a cause is their plans. Are they trying to make this place a landmark? It sickens me and the folks need to grow up.

What the really need to say is; admit the past stupidity, move on, love one another and show more respect and caring for each other.

Lawrenceburg, TN

#13925 Sep 28, 2012

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