Tennessee Hunting Rights Amendment

Tennessee Hunting Rights Amendment

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Dublin, Ireland

#8491 Feb 2, 2013
Look for the Obama goons to start testing the waters on gun confiscation. The test will probably be done in some middle class neighborhood in Chicago, his butt buddy Emanuel will implement the house to house search and seizure with Federal assistance from comrade Obama. Of course the first home raided will have a basement full of illegal automatic weapons and so it begins fire fights, marshall law ,etc..etc. Sound scary read the world history of gun confiscation , how it was done and it's after effects, then you will have a legitimate reason to be scared.
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Oak Ridge, TN

#8492 Feb 2, 2013
Say what wrote:
Get the gangs and the rest of the bad guys off the streets. That is the only way guns should be taken away legally. Take them when you catch the criminals using them against society.
Good guys with guns should not include only law enforcement. What is it they say...when seconds count the cops are only minutes away!
Remember during Katrina how federal agents and national guard went house to house to relieve all the law abiding citizens of their guns? However, those who were walking up and down the streets firing rifles into the air at helicopters were left alone. Am I the only one detecting a touch of favoritism in that?

Okay, that may be a bit subtle for some, so let me make this plain for them. It has happened in living memory, and it can happen again. If you're a law-abiding citizen, it is safer to go after you than the guy that is willing to shoot at anything with a weapon he's stolen.

Jonesborough, TN

#8495 Feb 2, 2013
Really Sassy wrote:
What's the difference between a Topix Gun Owner and an Intelligent Person?
Topix Gun Owners don't know, that would require them to "think" for themselves.
What's the difference between a bi-polar, lunatic, mental case versus someone who posts on Topix 24 hours a day claiming they are the smartest human on the planet? NOTHING!
Charlie Chat

Alexandria, VA

#8496 Feb 3, 2013
Keith wrote:
<quoted text>
What's the difference between a bi-polar, lunatic, mental case versus someone who posts on Topix 24 hours a day claiming they are the smartest human on the planet? NOTHING!
What's ur point?
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Oak Ridge, TN

#8497 Feb 3, 2013
Cassie wrote:
<quoted text>Yes...but guns make it soooo easy to kill in large numbers and quickly . Try killing masses with knives and clubs. Hand to hand combat is a different story. That gun keeps you at a safer distance from your intended victim . Those assault weapons just make it easier.
Cassie, fully automatic rifles are not really for killing, though that does happen. Does that sound strange? Automatic weapons are mainly for intimidation and suppression. They will "encourage" a crowd/group to drop on the ground very quickly, but very few of the many bullets they fire will ever be a "kill shot". They do wound quite a bit though.

If killing is the goal, then a single shot rifle is the order of the day. A good, heavy, single shot rifle with high powered ammunition will allow for kill shots up to 250 yards or so {over 2 football fields} from a location safe from pistol fire, or even common assault weapon's fire. A good sniper will have a kill ratio in the 90% range.

Did you know that rifles generally used by snipers aren't covered by any "assault weapons ban"?

There are also more subtle ways of killing, and some that aren't subtle at all, and each of them can be supplied by items commonly acquired at grocery and hardware stores.

The more weapons that are made illegal, the fewer citizens that can carry any weapons, the easier it will be for criminals and loonies to get their hands on them through what is euphemistically called the "Black Market". All in all, criminal activity goes up, victims are left more helpless and vulnerable, and all thanks to people who fear "guns".
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Oak Ridge, TN

#8498 Feb 3, 2013
This video is from a "Town Hall Meeting" in New York {not the city}. I have no doubt these same sentiments are being echoed across this nation, from sea to shining sea.


This list is found just below the video.


The NY SAFE Act imposes the following restrictions:

1) Further restrict assault weapons to define them by a single feature, such as a pistol grip. Current law requires two features.

2) Make the unsafe storage of assault weapons a misdemeanor.

3) Mandate a police registry of assault weapons.

4) Establish a state registry for all private sales, with a background check done through a licensed dealer for a fee, excluding sales to immediate relatives.

5) Require a therapist who believes a mental health patient made a credible threat to use a gun illegally to report the threat to a mental health director who would then have to report serious threats to the state Department of Criminal Justice Services. A patient’s gun could be taken from him or her.

6) Ban the Internet sale of assault weapons.

7) Require stores that sell ammunition to register with the state, run background checks on buyers of bullets and keep an electronic database of bullet sales.

8) Restrict ammunition magazines to seven bullets, from the current national standard of 10. Current owners of higher-capacity magazines would have a year to sell them out of state. Someone caught with eight or more bullets in a magazine could face a misdemeanor charge.

9) Require that stolen guns be reported within 24 hours. Otherwise, the owner would face a possible misdemeanor.

10) Increase sentences for gun crimes including for taking a gun on school property.

11) Increase penalties for shooting first responders, called the “Webster provision.” Two firefighters were killed when shot by a person who set a fire in the western New York town of Webster last month. The crime would be punishable by life in prison without parole.

12) Limit the state records law to protect handgun owners from being identified publicly. The provision would allow a handgun permit holder a means to maintain privacy under the Freedom of Information law.

13) Require pistol permit holders or those who will be registered as owners of assault rifles to be recertified at least every five years to make sure they are still legally able to own the guns.

End of Quotation

The lesson we all need to take away from this is that if we're not watching them, we don't know what they're doing.

Newbern, TN

#8499 Feb 3, 2013
14) how about capital punishment.
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Oak Ridge, TN

#8500 Feb 3, 2013
guest wrote:
14) how about capital punishment.
Listen to the video. They try to get the rep to tell them what punishments for those who refuse to register their weapons, and the rep won't answer them.

Which actually does bring up a question, a valid one in my opinion. What business is it of the government what I, or any other law abiding citizen owns.
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Oak Ridge, TN

#8503 Feb 3, 2013

Newbern, TN

#8504 Feb 3, 2013
True if you are a law abiding citizen
hear say....

United States

#8505 Feb 3, 2013

Rock Island, TN

#8506 Feb 3, 2013
4:6 "Like sheaves to the threshing floor"

Newbern, TN

#8507 Feb 3, 2013

Lawrenceburg, TN

#8508 Feb 4, 2013
I agree
Done my homework

Oak Ridge, TN

#8509 Feb 5, 2013
Micah wrote:
4:6 "Like sheaves to the threshing floor"
Here's a thought for you. Notice how the Americas are largely absent from prophecy? I like to think that our destiny is not fixed, that we have a choice about our own role during these last days. We can stand with the globalists, or we can stand for freedom and what is right. The choices we're allowing don't speak well of us as a people, but that can change if we want it to.


#8510 Feb 7, 2013
Done my homework

Oak Ridge, TN

#8511 Feb 8, 2013
If Joe Biden is correct, and fully aware of what he has said, then there is one rather big question that must be answered. Listen to this short video clip and perhaps you'll agree.

&sn s=em

If "gun crime", "gun violence", or "mass shootings" won't be reduced by "gun control", then what is the purpose behind the proposed legislation and the 23 Executive Orders signed into law by president Obama? There are those who are saying that a litmus test for the military is whether they'll fire on American civilians on command. With no Posse Comitatus to protect us from the government using the military against us, this doesn't sound far fetched at all anymore.

San Jose, CA

#8513 Feb 8, 2013
I agree
Really Sassy

Tucker, GA

#8514 Feb 8, 2013
Lite N Lively wrote:
What's the difference between a Topix Gun Owner and an Intelligent Person?

Topix Gun Owners don't know, that would require them to "think" for themselves.
Well I see you have tried to stick yourself over on this thread and start calling names.(Linda, Sassy, LiteLivly, Willard, etc

Folks this one here uses several different screen names including mine so be cautious of dealing with her in any form. She will gather your personal data and then attempt to use it against you in many forms up to court proceedings.

She has wished many of us dead and daily she bashes the men and women who have defended this great country. Avoid at all cost.

La Follette, TN

#8516 Feb 9, 2013
Brr grr beer grrr bee grrr....idiots. Think about other things as opposed to your manhood. Which from your posts would easily be challenged

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