was mountain lions seen on fox ln in ...
dont know

Chapel Hill, TN

#21 Jan 3, 2012
I don't know if its true or not but, I was told that years ago there were two of them released in Blue creek area by TWRA. This may be false but its what I was told.

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#22 Jan 3, 2012
I didn't see anything on Fox News about mountain lions in Lewisburg.

(Snicker Snicker)
they say they are extinct

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#23 Feb 6, 2012
december 25th, summertown highway. I left meat from the grocery store in the back of my car. a huge animal, jumped on my hood, dented the hood, the hard part, and the front fender of the dodge ram. total 2,300.00 in damage. it had to be heavy. last night, something attacked the donkey and the claw prints are on the ground to prove it. we took pictures and called the game warden. of course they said no cougars, jaguars or mountain lion in these parts. so then, whats causing the destruction, not a bob cat for sure.
Junior jax

Herndon, VA

#24 Feb 6, 2012
I saw one on Robin Hood Rd. Big bastard.

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#25 Feb 7, 2012
Was he taking from the rich and giving it to the poor?

Columbia, TN

#26 Feb 7, 2012
This is from May 2010. If it is true, it is very conceivable that cougars could travel to Marshall county in this time frame.

Reporter: billy and kathy england
City (of sighting): centerville , TN
Time of Report: 16-May-10

Color of cougar: light brown

Description of sighting:
my wife and i were driving on 230 in hickman county we were about two miles south of i-40 going toward nunnelly tn we made a right turn on a black top road at the rock field church of christ when a large cat crossed the road infront of us. it was a cougar or mountain lion what ever you want to call it. cat was light brown and seven foot from nose to tail weighing well over 100 lbs. i have seen cougars before and this was the largest cougar i have seen. the cat was verry fat and well feed. twra can say that there are no cougars in middle tn but we know what we saw. date of sighting tuesday may 11 20010 at 1145 am.

(This was from): https://www.uu.edu/forms/cougars/sightings.cf...

Columbia, TN

#27 Feb 7, 2012
Roger Williams

United States

#28 Feb 7, 2012
I was the one who saw the 2 Mountain Lions on Fox Lane. I contacted Stacy Case at Fox news last year when I wrote the column in the Petersburg Herald. She has been working on the story gathering info since then. If any of you have seen them call her or send her a message on Facebook. I have seen 7 since 1988, never I have I seen two together until the end of last year. I know 50 to 100 witnesses from all over southern middle Tn who see them regularly. They are here, it is not hear say. My mom and dad sold their farm after one jumped off of the roof of their house onto the back deck while trying to ambush a rabbit. There are too many sightings in Marshall County for me to list..I will list some locations.....Lewisburg Middle School practice field, By-pass close to M.C.H.S., Junk yard in Mooresville, Reese Road,Colbert Hollow, Webb Road, Cornersville Highway, Globe RD., Simmons Ridge...many more..I am not trying to scare anyone, I don't care if anyone believes it. They are skittish and beautiful animals. The 2 on Fox lane ran in front of my van from Duckworth's property to the other field and down the creek bank. YOU WILL NOT MISTAKE THESE FOR BOBCATS.Stacy Case called me last Friday night, she is still working on the story. I gave her a phone number to a former TWRA officer in Marshall Co. , who took 7 plaster casts in 1977 of what he believed to be Eastern Cougar tracks. It was confirmed at a lab in North Carolina, but he was told to keep quiet. As for the release of the cats, sir, you are not far from the truth....have a nice day everyone.Oh, and Jack at Fairview said a man came in and asked if someone could kill a mountain lion for him because it had just killed his dog and dragged it off, they laughed at him. Jack said he was going to appologize to him the next time he saw him...lol
Roger Williams

United States

#29 Feb 7, 2012
https://www.uu.edu/forms/cougars/sightings.cf... - Similar check this sight out , you can search Mountain lions in Tennessee .....
Roger Williams

United States

#30 Feb 7, 2012
link didn't work, just google mountain lions in Tennessee

Brevard, NC

#31 Feb 7, 2012
Saw one on wiles lane several years ago

Franklin, TN

#32 Feb 8, 2012
dont know wrote:
I don't know if its true or not but, I was told that years ago there were two of them released in Blue creek area by TWRA. This may be false but its what I was told.
i have tracks in my yard from something i measured them they are 4 inches wide notta dog my cat is freaking out and my wife heard some strange screeming noise one morning yell road area

Smyrna, TN

#33 Feb 8, 2012
fire wrote:
<quoted text>i have tracks in my yard from something i measured them they are 4 inches wide notta dog my cat is freaking out and my wife heard some strange screeming noise one morning yell road area
Could have been a Black Panther
Roger Williams

United States

#34 Feb 8, 2012
@fire...go on-line and look at cat tracks vs. dog tracks. It will give you a good idea what to look for. They do make an awful scream. I talked to one of my neighbors who went out to his car to get his cigarettes one night on Simmons ridge. He said something screamed like he had never heard before and his pit bulls and his doberman tried to run into the house and they pinned the front door shut......he couldn't get in at first...hahaha......he said he finally got the door open and said to heck with the cigs...lol He said those big tough dogs were wimpering and they acted strange for days.

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#36 Feb 8, 2012
My son and I found a dead dear on my fathers property that was covered in leaves and twigs like something was trying to hide it. It was a fresh kill too. Still warm. Came back the next day and it was bones.
Roger Williams

United States

#37 Feb 12, 2012
Went to a site yesterday at Brick Church where a few photos were taken by a friend. I sent them to Stacy Case and she agreed they were pics of a Cougar. We took a pic of Peyton beside the same tree 3 hours later to prove location and size...stay tuned...lol

Nolensville, TN

#38 Feb 13, 2012
So glad someone is coming forward about these sightings. The TWRA will not admit it because they will have to spend alot of money to protect them. That's why it is all kept quite! There are to many people that are seeing these large cats in this area! I have not seen one myself untill Saturday night around 8:00 pm. This was in the Clay Hill area close to Horton park. Im still not sure what it was but it was the size of a dog but wasn't a dog! This animal was crouched down and was a dark color almost black! I thought it was a large skunk at first.....and then it stood up! It was a large cougar type cat with a long tail,greenish-yellow eyes! It had to be a cougar but was almost black! I looked for tracks but the ground is frozen to hard to leave tracks. I really would like to confirm it and get some solid proof! I may put a trail cam up and see if I can catch anything! I will let y'all know! As for the story about them being released....I heard that too but was several years ago and it was southern marshall county! May be some truth to that!
Roger Williams

United States

#39 Feb 14, 2012
@shocked..I was the first person that the 2 guys told about running up on the TWRA releasing 2 females and a male in the Mooresville area. I remember that night.I just posted a news story on Facebook, a man in North Alabama has been attacked by one. I saw my first one in the late 80's. It was in the road sneaking up on a raccoon. I almost hit it with my car. Nobody believed me, but I didn't care, and quite frankly, I still don't. Just trying to spread the word, so people will be aware.
new evidence

Clinton, SC

#40 Feb 14, 2012
@Roger.....haskins chapel rd area in the wheel community, a guys dog was killed yesterday and had unusual claw marks and deep bite marks on the neck....his mother who lives behind him found her dog dead along with two goats today!! All with the same type of wounds to the neck area! They have called the bedford county game warden and he is coming out tomorrow to look at them! They think based on the puncture marks to the head and neck that it is a large type cat! I will give you more info as soon as I get it. Hopefully I will know something tomorrow afternoon!
Roger Williams

United States

#41 Feb 14, 2012
@ new evidence..I left a message for Stacy Case and gave her the tip. Someone besides the TWRA needs to be there. They have been trying to cover this up.If it is an attack by a cougar then it needs to be reported as such, if not so be it.Keep us posted. Check your facebook messages.I tagged you in the photo taken last weekend close to Cornersville (now that I know who you are..lol)

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