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#45 Jul 5, 2013
Lynch wrote:
<quoted text>
Well to begin with, enhancing, to en·hance (n-hns)
tr.v. en·hanced, en·hanc·ing, en·hanc·es
1. To make greater, as in value, beauty, or effectiveness; augment.
2. To provide with improved, advanced, or sophisticated features: computer software enhanced with cutting-edge functionalities.
As I stated all politicians state that they are 100% for small businesses. All BS aside Fitchburg is anti-business unless you are connected or within the good ole boy network. I have seen successful businesses attacked and driven into shutting down.
I would like to see a flashing sign stating "free parking" for downtown. I would propose for a councilor fitness day where every two weeks councilors walk up and down Main street and into local businesses. I would like to see the FPD administration officers walking Main street and going business to business to say hello.
I would like to see the meters disappear from businesses.
I believe that we need new energy within all boards concerning Fitchburg from the license board to the planning boards. We need to encourage commerce not discourage it.
We could enhance the business community through a better infrastructure. We need to market and advertise Fitchburg better. Part of which is regaining the full Longsjo race.
Let me tell you that the FU sign directing people to the University and downtown Fitchburg is probably the best advertising method I have seen utilized since I have been in Fithburg. We need more such thinking.
Businesses do not want to be robbed which is a security issue. This is why I would propose for more of a presence from the FPD. At one point I was looking into purchasing the store on South street. This was years ago. The only issue was security. It is out of the way and had been robbed many times. I was going to open up a drive thru a that location and was going to give free coffee to all police, fire and corrections employees. After much thought I did not take the chance because security was too difficult to figure out. Since there has been many robberies at this store. They now have a 4 inch glass window at their counter.
I am a very good listener, I enjoy brainstorming as I will incorporate others' ideas in order to create a full plan. I am a great problem solver. Where there is a will there is a way.
Thanks for providing the dictionary explanation for enhancing, even though it wasn't required.

Please provide SPECIFIC details proving the Fitchburg is anti-business and you must be connected to the "good ole boy" network in order to be able to open a business.

Please provide specific details about the businesses you claim were attacked and shutdown.

Please explain how setting up a "councilor fitness day" will enhance business in Fitchburg.

Please explain how police administrators walking up and down main street will enhance business in Fitchburg.

Please provide evidence that our city boards are discouraging business.

Where will you get the funding for improving infrustructure?

So to summarize all of this want to remove parking meters and institute free parking on main street, have the councilors get some exercise, make unspecified changes in the city departments, make changes to infrustructure with no plan for funding, and have our police administrators walking up and down main street...did I get that correct?
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#46 Jul 5, 2013
Lynch wrote:
<quoted text>
First is businesses. Water and Sewer is extremely high, there are a host of fees that a business must pay city hall even if they want a TV displayed in their store. Insurance rates are extremely high for businesses. Now, you will say that the city government has nothing to do with such private insurance company rates but you are wrong. Insurance companies judge the local police on their ability to control crime. Lighting is an issue. The rate of capture and many other determinants.
Leasing costs for businesses is out of control. Many buildings offer triple net leasing in Fitchburg which makes it not very feasible for businesses to operate. Insurance, taxes, water , sewer
and other lease costs. Electricity and heat is way too high in Fitchburg. Add all these costs up and match them with say Leominster.
We have businesses leaving Fitchburg because Leominster is making sacrifices in order to accommodate these businesses. Think of the sales pitch to the business. Security is better, lighting is better, there is more community focus which makes Leominster more business friendly. Lower taxes offered in order to attract businesses. The police department has a better rating from the insurance companies.
And yes, these problems began decades ago as the city frequently gave buildings to the connected within Fitchburg. In Fitchburg if the police do not like you they will shut you down, no matter the business that you are bringing into the city. We had our license board state that they decided whether or not they like a certain clientele that a business would bring in.
The days of Fitchburg being Mayberry ended over 50 years ago. At present Fitchburg is a war zone. Businesses are closing as they have operated off loans for way too many years to stay open.
We have a long way to go in order to build a community; today was a beginning, we have very nice parks and the people are very nice. There is too much pointing of fingers, we all need to respect each other. As much as people wrongfully state out here; I respect and would always assist the police in the goal for a better and safer Fitchburg.
My Father and Mother are in their 70s, my father just turned 75. They enjoy going to all the parks in Fitchburg and they enjoy shopping all over Fitchburg. I worry that a bullet may fly through their window some night. I respect my elders as I feel that we all owe them in different regards. Our elderly citizens are the main thread in our community; without them none of us would even be here.
Other than the statements of what we all know to be true about high costs, none of this is beyond just being your opinion and isn't relevant to the questions...please focus on the questions. These costs are NOT within the control of city government...that has already been established and proven...please focus on what you actually expect to do.
JaJuan Pincon

Burlington, MA

#47 Jul 5, 2013
Yo Lynch Boy--

Howze come you never talk about what youse is gonna do for da home boyz and our womans?

Buzzards Bay, MA

#48 Jul 5, 2013
Lynch wrote:
In reference to Antonucci, I feel that he has violated employment law and involves himself with too many conflicts of interests.
Which specific employment law has Dr. Antonucci violated?

What particular part of the Massachusetts conflict of interest statute has Dr. Antonucci violated? Being on a board is not a conflict of interest.

As usual, you wrote that you "feel" he has committed misdeeds. Also as usual, you have no idea what you're talking about.

Buzzards Bay, MA

#49 Jul 5, 2013
Lynch wrote:
"The Sentinel is on the verge of being reported for their biased protectionism of local government!"

So Lynch-
Please elaborate. To whom were you going to "report" the Sentinel? The National Association of Tinfoil-Hat Wearing Conspiracy Theorists?

And what was your specific complaint? What exactly is "biased protectionism of local government"?

Just more proof that you are an idiot and have no idea what you're talking about.

Buzzards Bay, MA

#50 Jul 5, 2013
Lynch wrote:

"...I have plenty of evidence against the Sentinel as that PUKE editor was told as much in writing!!! In ending, FUCK YOU SENTINEL!..."

Are you willing to share your written communication with the editor of the Sentinel so everyone will be able to accurately evaluate what kind of "evidence" you threatened him with? And just how wild and out of control this particular missive was? By the way, apparently he wasn't too worried, was he?
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#51 Jul 5, 2013
Lynch wrote:
<quoted text>
For one, such a discount wouldn't be that large of a sum as you would have to be a resident and not just a landlord. This question is asked a lot for many different subjects such as you have done here.
First, I would have to say that we must stop aiding the University with mega housing facilities as it is not a need. The Mayor just wants to shift the position of the students in order to attempt to fill businesses downtown. This can be done without moving them next to a bar room or above a CVS. The University pays the big goose egg concerning property taxes. We need to spend our resources on beautifying Fitchburg and not the university. They have their own budget to beautify there area which they have used splendidly well. They are our neighbor, our guest and not our leader!!!
We need to fill all the vacant homes within this area and throughout Fitchburg. We need to market Fitchburg better. I am not kidding when I state that Fitchburg was marked very high on the list as most economical places to live in Massachusetts. In four years this awesome marketing point has been taken away. Our leaders have taken the easy, short term way out again.
Family's were moving into Fitchburg five years ago and now these same family's and others want out as fast as they came. It is a war zone. The constant ignoring of these situations will make it nearly impossible for Fitchburg to climb out of. We need participation from all departments. Both our Fire Chief and our police Chiefs are very well paid!!!! When is the last community meeting that Demoura has held??
Everyone is running unopposed and the voter turnout can almost be held at one building as of lately. The Mayor applauded a 12% turnout. We need to encourage participation and not discourage it. The Mayor the last time I ran against her attempted to have me thrown back in prison where I was at wrongfully to begin with. What kind of message was being sent and relayed to the citizens of Fitchburg?? My attorney was successful at having it dismissed before arraignment as he argued free speech. And yes, I will criticize her especially as she is labeled "first Chinese female mayor"; she should no better as her roots to a communist China has seen her people crushed by army tanks for requesting free speech rights!!!
I like a lot of what the Mayor has done but I will criticize her when I feel that she has done wrong. We need more Kevin Lynch's in Fitchburg. I want to get things done for the elderly as I do not just look for photo opps with our elders. First thing I addressed after the ice storm is where are our elders? Who has the list? And have we checked on them and their well being??
I didn't ask how much the "tax discount" would be, and the amount of the discount isn't relevant. The question was, "where do you plan on getting the taxes to replace the discount".

Although I agree that only so much land needs to be taken over by the university, I also see that the land that has been acquired by the university and modified got rid of some of the trash buildings and trash people living in Fitchburg, so I disagree that it is necessarily a bad idea. The newest project for the corner of North Street will be a project not owned by the university, so it will pay taxes, unless information hasn't been disclosed, so that project is absolutely OK with me. You need to get beyond your hatred of the university for personal reasons.

Buzzards Bay, MA

#52 Jul 5, 2013
Lynch wrote:
"We need a councilor to read the bills and contract proposals and to question those proposing for new contracts such as the FPD. I believe that we need more detectives and more police on second and third shift where needed. I will be the councilor that counter offers with demands from the city to address these needs."
The City Council's role in collective bargaining is to vote to accept a contract when the finished agreement is brought to them. Or not. You don't get to give "counter offers with demands." You can't even be in the room. That role belongs exclusively to the mayor by law. You should have spent more time in the prison library.
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#53 Jul 5, 2013
Lynch wrote:
<quoted text>
I know what the problem is concerning the water and sewer. People benefitted off of building new complexes which shifted millions of gallons of rainwater into our treatment plant which overfilled and ran waste into the river, hence the federal fines.
Have we looked into going after insurance companies of builders, engineers and other surveyors???? Why should every citizen in Fitchburg suffer as a few builders profited?? Read the planning and board of appeal minutes!!!!
There were new catch basins catching rain water in Leominster as well that was being rushed into our system. I understand that we had a contract with Leominster but it didn't make it acceptable to add so many new homes and catch basins. This is negligent behavior. This is what cities hire attorneys for and not to cover up corruption of city employees.
Besides being compensated through all these different negligent entities we should be marketing Fitchburg as a place to live and not to run from. This would widen the tax base which Mayor Wong has not done besides her massive tax increases for all Fitchburg homeowners.
Let me get back to the Fitchburg boards who OK'd such projects as many articulated just the same reasoning's in opposition to the allowance of all this new building.
I didn't ask about how we got where we are regarding the rates...please stay on task. My question was in reference to your statement for giving seniors a discount on their rates for these services, and how you expected to get the money to replace what they are not being charged for their consumption.
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#54 Jul 5, 2013
Lynch wrote:
<quoted text> You have asked a ton of questions but I will answer them all.
Like the ideal need for infrastructure grants for Fitchburg, this one is easy. 1st, the Leominster barracks is so out of date and it is very small.
The state police have more cruises inside of Fitchburg than they have in Leominster. The gas savings alone would justify them relocating to Fitchburg. Crime is another big reason for having their home base within Fitchburg.
Maybe a good location would be the area where the school bus company is on airport road. This would give them short access to all the projects in Fitchburg and other high crime areas.
This repositioning alone would lower the insurance rates for businesses in Fitchburg.
Please provide specifics that you have to base your statements. How many cruisers (state) are travelling around Fitchburg and not in Leominster...I never see them. Provide projected gas savings that they would achieve. Please also provide evidence that my insurance rates would decrease because the barracks are located here instead of Leominster.
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#55 Jul 5, 2013
Lynch wrote:
<quoted text>
You are wrong. Any and all funds will be deposited in a bank account which I will reveal to the proper state officials.
Actually Kevin, you are wrong and you better think before acting on this. A seperate account at a bank is supposed to be established in order to legally meet campaign finance laws in Massachusetts. If the money is comingled in an account not specifically for that purpose, you can be held liable for violating campaign finance laws.

Also, you really don't expect people that know little to nothing about you to just send maney to a non-qualified account...really?

Buzzards Bay, MA

#56 Jul 5, 2013
Lynch wrote:
<quoted text>
I believe the old Harpers furniture building is ideal as what else is this building going to house?
Are you proposing to just take the old Harper building by eminent domain? Taking it off the tax rolls? And pay current market value? And maintain, light and heat it? With the money to come from.....?

Leominster, MA

#57 Jul 5, 2013
Why are you even trying to reason with him? I've given up. He lives in so many different worlds. One day he will say he's the hardest worker in the city and the next day he say's I can't work for medical reasons. Of course It's all bull. It's interesting I admit. I like his proposals, everything should be free weeeee no bills weeeee no police weeeee no taxes weeeee but it's just not reality.

Fitchburg, MA

#58 Jul 5, 2013
Okay we will start with each issue that Mr.Lynch has.

First we will educate him on insurance and water/sewage rates.

The high water/sewage rates are due and will be in place so we can upgrade our ISO rating to be the same as other communities. Insurance rates are only based on the water supply system in the community.
Cambridge has the highest ISO rating.

Insurance company rates are based on the water supply system in the city, sorry but it is true. Since the past leaders of many years ago never properly constructed a sewer/water system, we are now paying the price for "the sewer separation act".

Insurance rates are based on what the community's ISO rating is. That is something the city can control or fix. Insurance rates are not based on crime, that is just a myth since crime is unpredictable. Insurance companies cannot legally raise insurance rates based on an unpredictable cause. What if your business never gets broken into? That would not be fair and is illegal for a business to pay higher insurance rates.

This would be like raising your car insurance rates because they feel you will get into an accident someday even though you never even had a parking ticket. They cannot do that.

They can raise your rates if your business does get broken into several times because it then they have justification to do so. That would be the same as if you had several car accidents.

But insurance companies can legally raise your rates based on the water supply/hydrant system which is something that is already in place and is "predictable". Why? Because they know if there is a fire what the outcome would be due to the water supply.

Buzzards Bay, MA

#59 Jul 5, 2013
Hmmmm wrote:
Why are you even trying to reason with him? I've given up. He lives in so many different worlds. One day he will say he's the hardest worker in the city and the next day he say's I can't work for medical reasons. Of course It's all bull. It's interesting I admit. I like his proposals, everything should be free weeeee no bills weeeee no police weeeee no taxes weeeee but it's just not reality.
You're right, of course. He's quite insane.

Fitchburg, MA

#60 Jul 5, 2013
Lets talk about business.

Fitchburg after the industrial era lacked the flat land of Leominster where development is simple and easy and goods can be delivered easily.

A city that develops along a highway will prosper such as the shopping mall along Rte.2 in Leominster.

We did not develop along the highway because we have all the water supply there and we supply Leominster with their water. The one mistake we made is not selling our water to Leominster, hmmmmmmmmmm.

We have hills, a river running thru the city, train tracks and low bridges. A higher end business would not want to deal with these obstacles and would rather go to a flat land/highway developed city.

Higher end businesses will develop or open here because this is a welfare city. People on welfare here do not go to a business that does not accept ebt or they are not willing or can afford higher end items.

eYou will only see used car dealers, conveniance stores and pizza parlors because that is where the welfare population spends their benefits is the only lucrative type of business for this city.

Welfare recipients do not want to go off welfare so this will not change.

Fitchburg, MA

#62 Jul 5, 2013
Lets talk about taxes.

Taxes pay the city's expenses and payroll.

Here is the big thing, businesses that get tax breaks will go out of business and take their money once the TAX BREAKS ENDS !

Tax breaks do not work and as a Mayoral candidate Mr.Lynch should know that.

There is no tax break clause that says they will have to stay in business once the tax breaks ends or repay the tax breaks they received.

No business owner will agree to that because they know there is always a chance that when the tax breaks end they could still lose money and are not willing to repay the taxes because they cannot.

They know how to play the game. We have seen many businesses do this in Fitchburg because they know for the first 3 years they can declare their business a loss and pay no taxes when filing their income tax returns.

After 3 years they can longer declare a loss or else it will raise flags.

Free parking meters? Good for the business but that does not pay for the city workers salaries and other expenses. The business with the free meter isn't going to pay for the that either.

Free parking does not bring more business into the city. There is free parking on John Fitch Highway, Parkhill Plaza and many other locations. Those meters actually pay for alot of the city's expenses that taxes don't.

Don't think about laying off city workers or cutting back on expenses because we are operating with MINIMAL personnel now. There is no room for layoffs and cutbacks.

Fitchburg, MA

#63 Jul 5, 2013
Lets talk about Grants, because a Mayor has to have an extensive education in Grant writing. That is also an entire separate college business course.

Now we are hiring purchasing equipment under Grants there are some rules that most citizens may not realize.

Once a grant runs out for hiring employees which is usually 3 years those hires can never be laid off and since they are at the bottom of the list no employee above them can be laid off.

Also under these grants the city is obligated to maintain the same number of employees not only during the grant period, but forever even after the grants run out. This is a legally binding signed agreement.

If we don't then all grant money has to be repaid to the federal government.

Here is the biggie, if for any reason we do not abide by any grant and it's rules, the Federal Government informed the city don't ever bother applying for any type of grant again. Not even for hiring, equipment or to construct a new city building.

The Federal Government stated they have many communities that are still on the waiting list and would love to get the grants we have and they will not tolerate any community that cannot uphold their part of the deal.

We would be automatically taken off the grant program forever.

So Mr.Lynch even as a councilor or as a Mayor running a city is not as simple as you think it is. There are many federal laws that cannot be ignored or else the entire city budget will be lost to lawsuits.

It is not something you learn over a weekend.
US Army Airborne

Fitchburg, MA

#65 Jul 5, 2013
This is a joke right cause the can't be real this Lynch for Mayor must be a joke there is no way such a dumb ass would run for mayor

Fitchburg, MA

#66 Jul 5, 2013
ARE YOU STALKING ME lamo, we have your name who are you coward LAMO The FBI has your number call and tell them who you are LAMO I am calling the national guard LAMO

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