Gay Depopulation Plan of America
Crazy as a Bedbug

New York, NY

#94 Mar 3, 2013
Hip Hop Schtick wrote:
<quoted text>
I rarely brag about anything, I just felt compelled to mention it yesterday and it's eating you alive you subversive follyhood dog lapping loon. Every day life is a gamble my friend and who the fk are you to dictate my free time?
You still haven't proved where it is that I lied. Liar.
I'm not Praxis, you dumb, lying shit. You take money from the state while you board wayward kids temporarily, and then deny it to pretend you're some sort of saint. You take that money and spend it at the track. You're full of shit. You know nothing of morality, God, Jesus, the Bible, history, finance, education, parenting, or even common sense.

You are batshit crazy.
DSS DCF are Monsters

United States

#97 Mar 3, 2013
Crazy as a Bedbug wrote:
<quoted text>
You are a piece of shit liar! Of course you took money from the Commonwealth, you lying little moocher. DCF wouldn't let you have the kids otherwise. And then you come on here an act like a saint. Only a narcissistic shitheel like you would trumpet the fact that you're a foster parent, trying to save out of wedlock kids from decadent homosexuals. People who actually help people don't brag about it. They do so quietly.
You are a gambler, a liar, a taker, a moral hypocrite, fundamentally unchrisitian, and a clear and present danger to the children in your care.
This really is the truth. One really does have to willingly crawl into bed with those DCF monsters. They have willingly become part of the problem, the unholy process of destroying children and families. And make no mistake about it, MONEY IS AT THE ROOT OF THIS EVIL corrupt racket of exploiting children. It's not by accident that the government has decriminalized DCF's criminal immoral diabolical plot to profit off children. From the front line DCF rabid monsters, to their rabid supervisors they take their evil orders from, to the GAL's who care as much about some kid as they do about a gnat, to the quack psycho therapists/psychiatrist who will find something wrong with the child that requires psychotropic drugging, to the narcissistic sociopaths willing to go along with this destructive enterprise for a few pieces of silver and even worst, they enjoy inflicting pain and suffering on others.
DSS DCF are Monsters

United States

#98 Mar 3, 2013
Not every child snatched by DCF is the child of some unstable transgender "unfortunate failure." Some children are very much loved and adored children, who have been exploited by some crazy mental case sociopath who decided they deserve a second chance to **** up another kid. And of course, no surprise, DCF and the sociopath get along with each other just fine. A match made in HELL!

Pittsfield, MA

#101 Mar 4, 2013
Me lock refrigerator so foster kids can't eat. They thinkum they deserve three meals a day. No way! I go gamble now, spend heap big pile of federal reserve notes. Eat junk food, drink beer. Kids go hungry. Life good for this Injun.
DSS DCF CPS are Monsters

United States

#102 Mar 4, 2013
4 1/2-year-old Ameriana Crenshaw burned to death in foster care from a molotov cocktail. The child suffered at least 17 injuries in less than two years in the foster home the state placed her in. The home was in "chaos." The child gained (1) ONE pound in the three years she was in the foster home the state placed her in before she was burned to death by a molotov cocktail. The foster mother collected about $800 a month for each of the six foster kids in her care. The foster home had a history violations against it. The foster mother had been sited twice in 10 months because the refrigerator was locked with a bicycle lock. The home was cold in winter. Deadbolts had been placed on the children's doors. The foster mother had a boyfriend who was a convicted cocaine dealer. And the child mysteriously burned to death in a vacant rental home owned by the foster mother.
DSS DCF CPS are Monsters

United States

#103 Mar 4, 2013
Woman Convicted of Killing Foster Kids and Storing Them in Freezer. A woman with a troubled past adopted three children. Murdered two of them, stored their bodies in the freezer and continued collecting payments meant to help care for them.
DSS DCF CPS are Monsters

United States

#104 Mar 4, 2013
Murder, Death and Abuse in Foster Care
Cops & Child Protective Services abuse children when they take them from innocent parents
DCF investigator charged with molesting girls
Corrupt DCF Employees Break up Families
DCF investigator charged with cocaine possession
Ex-DCF Investigator Charged With Bribery, Misconduct
Children Abused In Foster Care
Children are much more apt to be abused, sexually abused, even murdered in foster care.....
Abused by CPS
Psychotropic Drug Abuse in Foster Care
Protecting Our Children From CPS
Innocent Baby Girl Brain Damaged By Foster Parents
Foster Care: A Psychological War
Negective Effects of Foster Care and PTSD
Foster Care fraught with private abuses, public excuses
The CPS Racket
How safe is the system? It isn't

and more and more and more and more and more....and more and more and more..........and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more..........AND MORE!
DSS DCF CPS are Monsters

United States

#105 Mar 4, 2013
Children kidnapped By CPS
The Truth about CPS
CPS Family Court Corruption
Forcing Parents Who Had Their Children Snatched by CPS to Stay quiet
The Corrupt Business of Child Protective Services
Nazis and CPS
DCF Office A Den of Corruption
CPS Institutional Abuse of Children in America
Children Missing From Foster Care

and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more.......and more and more and MORE! AND MORE!
Joseph Mengele

Huntington, MA

#107 Apr 10, 2013
Subtle intellectual sexual harassment of school students.
Get them thinking about deranged sex at a very young age, even before puberty. Craft their little minds we will with our rainbow of subversion and decadence.

And in other news. "praxis the nimrod" was named champion for this years Kentucky tractor pull.
Congratulations to my personal internet stalker.

Hell has no water, I do.
The Worlds Biggest Lie

Huntington, MA

#108 Apr 10, 2013
Disenfranchised for the corporate profiteers with polititians left and right. Who is your master? Who is their master? Who is the stranger?
Know your enemy.

Jozef Biden
Barry Marx
Bilderburg Clinton

Sucking the world dry.
Washington has become far more dangerous than N Korea could ever be. Hijacking the resources of the world to continue the excess, vice, subversion, and decadence.
The depletion of the rain forest being the one of many examples.
All lies.
Expel and isolate.

Eternal consumption engine, made in the USA.
Tick tock tick

Putin for President
The Worlds Biggest Lie

Huntington, MA

#109 Apr 10, 2013
National security isuues all over the place.
Knowledge has been abused, spirituality has been abused, and neglected, the earth has been abused and neglected, our nuclear prowess is coming to an end, business as usual is over.
The great either or in time.

The Worlds Biggest Lie

Huntington, MA

#110 Apr 10, 2013
Al Jazeera Gore, the evil hypocrisies continue in America. It must be so cool to have your daughter marry into one of the founding families of the federal reserve bank.

Always scheming

Arm yourselves with knowledge, not perversions.

Pittsfield, MA

#111 Apr 10, 2013
My head hurts. It's all the Jews' fault!
War Monger

Hinsdale, MA

#112 Apr 11, 2013
Praxis33 wrote:
My head hurts. It's all the gang bangs fault!
I'm so sorry.
Dio the jabroni

Pittsfield, MA

#113 Apr 11, 2013
Dio the jabroni speaks again, makes ass out of self.

It's a pattern.

Hinsdale, MA

#114 Apr 11, 2013
Praxis33 wrote:
I enjoy making an a$$ out of myself.
It's a pattern.
Yes, I know. Some might suggest you place other topix users well being at risk because you 'may' have posted personal information of them for the public to view. Isn't that right, "praxis the nimrod"
Dio the jabroni

Pittsfield, MA

#115 Apr 11, 2013
There goes Dio the jabroni again. Making it clear to the world what a space cadet he is.
Little Blue Alien

Hinsdale, MA

#116 Apr 11, 2013
praxis the nimrod wrote:
There goes praxis the jabroni again. Making it clear to the world what a space cadet he is.
Poor praxis lost his registered account. At least he still finds the time to stalk me day in and day out, right buddy? Your every waking hour and days yearn to read my posts. You are so insatiable. I'd hate to think what you are actually doing to yourself in the day while so eager to read what it is that I have to say.
I have seen NOTHING like this anywhere in the nation on topix, and the many other internet forums, and I've been to 1000's of forums. Between the stalking and putting other posters and people at risk with your antics, I think it is time for you to get a labotomy.
Poor praxis, the nimrod.
praxis the nimrod

Hinsdale, MA

#117 Apr 11, 2013
Why, you're so stellar you should run for something, or from something, or with something, or over something.

Little man!
praxis the nimrod

Hinsdale, MA

#118 Apr 11, 2013
praxis33 wrote:
My head hurts. It's all the Jews' fault!
Well then, go to the land where your heart is so true. Go find another land without fiat currency. Infiltrate their govt, influence their elections, develop nukes, invoke heavy taxation, run their media, entertainment, open border policy, education, healthcare, military, corrupt their youth, sexualize them.
Tens of trillions, this time however, make damn well sure it is just you, all of you.

The rest of the universe is waiting.

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