Stephen Starr Murder in Hickory
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#46 Mar 30, 2011
murder was not the answer.. But with the way he acted and treated other younger men; he had it coming. You should learn from what happened vs. Complaining about other people's thoughts.. Especially you! Good luck to you.
Stephens Friend wrote:
SecretX-You don't what the hell you are talking about. I KNOW STEPHEN STARR....saw him just the other day...while he was with the sick and twisted MURDERER WHO TOOK HIS LIFE. The MURDERER has only been living with him for mere DAYS! He was allegedly in a bad living situation and needed a place to stay. It wasn't about was about a nineteen year old that was having life struggles and had no place to live. You should burn in hell for the things that you said about a man who was killed IN HIS SLEEP and as if that was not enough...mutilated too. You should LISTEN TO THE MURDERERS 911 call where he mentions ridiculous bull shit about not taking his ADD medicine and overdosing on Mucinex D and that somehow being the cause of his violent and reprehensible act. That you could come here and talk such trash about a dead man who surely did not deserve to die, let alone the way he did....sure shows the kind of spawn of Satan that YOU ARE. What comes around, goes around! GOD SEES TO THAT! And He will with you too!

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#47 Mar 30, 2011
i KNOW you are just as sick as stephen was. You may be able to put up a good front for people like Stephen did, but i know from my own experience with both you freaks. What Michael did was not right, but both you guys were asking for trouble.. And you, obviously still are. The only reason Stephen can't anymore is because it ended up costing his him his life. Very sad for Michael, Stephen, and you also. Peace
HGR1 wrote:
<quoted text>
you know nothing.


Since: Mar 09

Engelhard NC

#48 Mar 31, 2011
stevenWASsicktoo wrote:
i KNOW you are just as sick as stephen was. You may be able to put up a good front for people like Stephen did, but i know from my own experience with both you freaks. What Michael did was not right, but both you guys were asking for trouble.. And you, obviously still are. The only reason Stephen can't anymore is because it ended up costing his him his life. Very sad for Michael, Stephen, and you also. Peace <quoted text>
First off, you've never had anything to do with me. You don't know me. Secondly, You are defending a peter puffing, geek a$$ nerd boy, murdering piece of sh*t and you say "we" are sick? Your experience with Stephen? You mean you had relations with the man and he didn't want anything else to do with you because of YOUR inadequacies? That's what it looks and sounds like to us. If your gay and jaded, just say so... I'm not but I don't judge you for being that way and furthermore, Who are you to judge what anyone "had coming"? I don't know all the specifics about Stephens life but I know enough to say that you are about as ignorant of the subject as everyone else except, we never had intimacies with him and undoubtedly you did. So your mad and hatin' on Stephen because he took Michael away from you? Is that it? What's your function? Your just a scorned h0m0sexual huh? Whats your point with your babbling?

Lyman, SC

#49 Apr 6, 2011
Anyone willing to say who this secretx person of the alleged ménage à trois is? Saw pretty much the same post floating around on HDR. I believe that site had the decency to remove the post. The name was Dusty.

Lincolnton, NC

#50 Apr 6, 2011
You all know what? YOU NEED TO SHUT THE HELL UP ABOUT IT ALREADY!!!! The Starr family has already been through enough, they don't need to be reminded of it everyday because of obnoxious assholes like you that keep this post going. Get a life and get off your computer!! I'm going to ignore any responses concerning this post. For one, I have a life & better things to do with my time besides writing posts about bullshit. Also, I really don't give a damn what anyone thinks anyway.

United States

#51 Apr 6, 2011
y'all need to stop talkin shit. Stephen was my fiancee's cousin and it's so messed up that y'all are talking all this shit. It makes me sick. We lost a family member when Anderson could have simply walked away. Stephen didn't deserve it. If he WAS pervert, did he deserve to die because of it? Most guys are perverts but you don't see an idiot going around killing them. grow up and learn to have some respect. i'm sure if it was any of your family members that was brutally murdered, then you wouldn't be saying anything!-- rest in peace stephen. we love and miss you!

Lyman, SC

#52 Apr 7, 2011
Finally, some decent comments! Damnitall and anonymous....You guys are awesome! Talk about speaking the truth. People need to hear what people who really knew Stephen have to say. Do these losers on here know all the good he did for people??? How he even saved someone's life not long at all before he died? Do they know all the elderly and young people who he made a difference for by helping them and being there? Do they know how he was actually working toward something in life? Funny how they will talk trash just because they are drama queens who are probably sucking off the government (no pun intended LMAO). It is all jealousy and envy because Stephen was well loved by many people, and he had talent people only wish they had. I shouldn't even waste my time commenting, but cudos to those in this forum who have been respectful and have decency.

Pittsboro, NC

#53 Apr 9, 2011
It has always amazed me how merciful our God is. Someone like Stephen dies, in such a horrible way, and this secretx idoit lives? Sounds like this jerk has enough issuses of his own, to be worried about Also where are all the big shot gays of this area? Why has no one rallied round this to help educate the public? I knew Stephen since he was a little boy, he was kind, gentle and caring. this cost him his life,and his family undescribable pain. This kid is a psycopath, he was very troubled, and probally should have been apparent in his foster families,and school. this is a product of trash having children and not being parents after the kid was born. He was so angry, and it came out that night, and had anyone else been there they would be dead too. God bless u secretx, I pray you will find your way to being a decent person, and that your family never has to feel the pain that we have with our lost.
i knew him too

Greensboro, NC

#54 May 21, 2012
he was a good man everyone has some parts of their lives that are not for the rest of the world to know about what he did in his home was his business he had a very good heart maybe if being into men wasnt such a taboo thing he could have lived a more normal existence but i knew him well and i dont appreciate secret x youre a real jerk and you dont go around putting stuff like that on line you're pretty pathetic to hide behind a fake name and the internet there were plenty of wonderful things about him and it's a real shame this is all you have to say about him i wonder if i know you he was not a bad person he at least was trying to be a good man i see you arent trying to be a good person at all i am sure he forgives you and im sure you dont deserve it
dont judge either of them

Greensboro, NC

#55 May 21, 2012
see this is the problem with small minded garbage in catawba county why i hate that place you all are so wrapped up in the fact that stephen had a taboo life style and who cares about that it is irrelevant i dont know about that part of his life and it's not my business stephen wanted to help a kid out who needed help and that kid was unstable and did what he did. the real problem is not if stephen was into men or not who cares the real problem isnt if the kid took medicine he should or shouldnt have our society lets children fall through the cracks to the point where this is possible at all there is so much abuse and neglect of children and our joke of a system does not care until we want to house them in prison cuz they mess up stephen was trying to help someone who needed it cuz no one else was going to and it cost him his life for whatever he has or has not done right or wrong in his life his death sure as hell makes him a martyr and a maybe even a saint would any of you judgmental small minded hypocritcal soulless two faced jackasses have even given anyone in michaels situation a second thought let alone try to give him the help he needed? HELL NO YOU WOULD NOT HAVE SO STOP TALKING ABOUT A GOOD MAN WHO HAPPENED TO BE MORE INTERESTING THAN ANY OF YOURS NO ONE IS TALKING ABOUT ALL THE WONDERFUL THINGS ABOUT HIM AND MOST OF WHAT I SEE IS GOSSIP AND IS NOT EVEN TRUE YOURE ALL A JOKE TO ME
love you stephen starr

Greensboro, NC

#56 May 21, 2012
that is right most men are perverts i am constantly getting inappropriate behavior thrown at me that makes me uncomfortable men do sick and disgusting things all the time but as long as its heterosexual i guess no one thinks twice about it and i really dont think stephen was a pervert maybe he was trying to give love and refuge to those around him maybe he didnt have a model for this type of lifestyle i think two people giving love to each other regardless of race or gender is beautiful but i dont know that part of his life i just know he was a good friend and a good person who was a talented musician and really really really wanted to try to get himself right with god which is funny cuz the only thing he probably ever beat himself up over was who he chose to make love to idk what else he had to feel uncomfortable about himself he was nothing like these people make him out to be my absolute condolences to his family he was like a member of my family too and was very much loved and appreciated and ACCEPTED for who he was and everyone should love him he loved all of you he wasnt sitting in judgment of others like you are of him he knew he was a sinner but not cuz of his sexuality unfortunately that is all we focus on we are all sinners so get over it dont point out others sins to make yourself look better cuz it really just makes you look like more of a jerk he struggled with his sexuality and he should not have had to that struggle caused a lot of trouble for him why does it matter who he wanted to go to bed with if any one of you had known him you would not get so caught up in his private life cuz none of that mattered in his day to day life and that is not something you would even think about if you were around him he was a good friend and was genuinely trying to do good i know if he could have been straight he would have been and that is what is so damn sad that this type of abuse was what he had to endure so maybe that is why he may have appeared to some to be a "pervert" cuz he had to do things in a dysfunctional way that the rest of the world doesnt what a shame for him and for anyone. one of my friends has a friend who killed herself when she was 15 because her grandma did not accept her sexuality i bet grandma wishes she had now im sure of it. people are using this to be sensational when the bottom line is a man who really tried to do good things and to live his life for god especially at the end of his life is not here and maybe that is for the better i dont know it's a shame that people like these ignorant self righteous hypocritical shallow minded idiots are what pollutes the world im so glad that none of you have anything about you that anyone can throw stones at good for you i hope none of you have any dirty little secrets or anything ever that you dont want blasted all over the internet and in newspapers but hey you are all just making stephen what he was already infamous a starr and keep talking about him for good or for bad keep him around in your memories forever but dont forget most of you dont know him and dont judge people you dont know cuz it makes you feel good to point fingers WHEN YOU POINT A FINGER AT SOMEONE ELSE YOU HAVE THREE POINTING BACK AT YOURSELF a little portion of a sermon from a pastor cheating on his wife
love you stephen starr

Greensboro, NC

#57 May 21, 2012
maybe this is gods way of showing mercy taking away those of us who are the most wonderful who dont deserve this world to nurture their souls and to give them a safe and loving place to go to heaven with them. i feel the same way someone i love very much just died and he showed kindess and mercy and love to everyone and did wonderful things for everyone and did not deserve the awful things he was living through so maybe when god snatches us up from this world it is not a mean horrible thing it may seem horrible for us still alive cuz we dont know what happens next and we think this is the best thing we have to look forward to and dying is so awful but maybe dying is a blessing from god for us mortals i hope so and i hope these people i love so much are okay where ever they are and know how much they are loved and missed and to those who i have been mean to as the last words spoken im sorry you know i love you

Vale, NC

#58 May 21, 2012
Can you post a link to his xtube page, would like to see the sex videos, thanks in advance

Utica, MI

#59 Jul 17, 2012
Mentally retarded people can't legally agree to have sex. If a straight man were to have sex with a mentally retarded 19 year old woman who he calls his 'adopted daughter' that man would be committing rape. With Stephen Starr , it wouldn't be surprising if he had sexually abused other teenage boys who were mentally retarded, got away with it but this time, he got killed by his victim. Yes, Stephen Starr's victim should've called the cops & have the police arrest Stephen Starr for sex abuse. Though the case has been pleabargained, Stephen Starr by having sex with a retarded 19 year old boy committed sex abuse. If you don't see anything wrong with Stephen Starr having sex with 19 year old autistic young man, then there's something wrong. Finally gay/lesbian sexual activities are useless & comparable to drug junkyism. They should make it a crime to do sex change maimings.

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