Stephen Starr Murder in Hickory

Stephen Starr Murder in Hickory

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#1 Feb 15, 2011
Killing someone is no way out of any bad living situation. I know Stephen Starr and I know what kind of person he was. He was a pervert who loved to invite men over to his house for threesomes and sex. He has uploaded videos on X Tube of him and his lovers. Stephen was a control freak looking to have hand on anyone who he could get in bed. His ex and I are close friends and the magnatude of hell that he went through is unreal. Stephen was not a clean person who lived a hoarded life inside of his doublewide. His life was his dogs and his obsession with young men. I know this because of his advances upon me. He was not a good looking man at all. He made me feel like he was trying to molest me and called me many times claiming he loved me. He invited me into a threeway relationship with him and I turned him down. Yet, his lust of young boys caused his own demise. Michael was a victim of Stephen perversion and I feel like he killed out of desperation. He wanted out and could not get out.
Ben Lookin

Greenville, SC

#2 Feb 15, 2011

New London, NC

#3 Feb 16, 2011
Hey Secret X. You're an idiot. You really feel like that's what you need to be saying all over the intranet. Regardless of what you thought about Stephen...he's dead. You don't speak ill of the dead. So shut the hell up.

Since: Oct 10

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#4 Feb 16, 2011
If what was said is the truth, I believe it should be said. It sheds light on why a teenager... someone barely out of childhood... would have become so enraged as to do what he did.

I feel as badly for him as I do for the victim's family.

If what was said is not truth, then the person who told the lie will get back what they give out. What comes around goes around is a faithful and true saying.

Lexington, NC

#5 Feb 16, 2011
SecretX, I didn't know him but for the families sake and the fact he is dead makes what you have said wrong in my eyes. Live up to your name and keep it a secret, geez

United States

#6 Feb 16, 2011
Aggies wrote:
SecretX, I didn't know him but for the families sake and the fact he is dead makes what you have said wrong in my eyes. Live up to your name and keep it a secret, geez
if what he has said is the truth then why is it wrong just because he is dead yes it is an awful thing and i feel for the family because no one has the right to take a life but if this guy speaks the truth then why does him being dead make it wrong if its the truth its the truth

Lenoir, NC

#7 Feb 16, 2011
MrsParkes wrote:
Hey Secret X. You're an idiot. You really feel like that's what you need to be saying all over the intranet. Regardless of what you thought about Stephen...he's dead. You don't speak ill of the dead. So shut the hell up.
Why, they don't know it. Any one can say anything on Topix about anyone when they are alive, and some pretty nasty crap I might add. But when the person meets their demise (the live by the sword, die by the sword type) all of the sudden it's taboo to mention their name or past. Why is that? If someone was a perv while alive, when they die it only makes them a dead perv that will perv no one else.
news flash

United States

#8 Feb 16, 2011
news just said the young man had been taking mucinex dm doctor said 5 or more can cause you to flip out etc. however i still believe the little guys first reply to news was this dead dude was trying to mess with him. so as i see it maybe the young teen was defending himself after all and the mucinex dm he was taking may have caused him to flip out and get the courage to fight off his gay attacker.

Bessemer City, NC

#9 Feb 16, 2011
That young boy was just out of prison and was quite familiar with BJs and hustling of men for money. That is why he was at the queer bar.

Denver, NC

#10 Feb 16, 2011
The alleged murderer doesn't look to be a small, weak person who couldn't take care of himself if someone made unwanted advances - he should have been able to fend them off. But it appears he shot & cut Stephen while he slept, & not during any sort of confrontation. If he was uncomfortable around him, why the hell did he not just leave while Stephen was asleep? He wasn't chained to the house. For God's sake, he's a 19 year old adult, not a helpless child, & surely he knew what was up when he moved in with Stephen. If you're not comfortable in a situation, then get out. But to murder someone while they lie asleep is an act of cowardice. "Mucinex DM overdose" or not, if he is found guilty of 1st degree murder by a jury of his peers, then his fate should be the same as that of his victim - death.
And, "SecretX", you sound like a vile, contemptible person. If you are talking about his ex that I know of (W?), from what I observed knowing the both of them for several years was that this ex was a willing participant in the 3-ways, having had some of them described to me by the ex, having been invited by the ex to participate in one with them, & also sex with him (the ex) only! So I don't buy into this crap of "the magnitude of hell" he supposedly went through - he seemed as much a perpetrator as Stephen himself.

Since: Jul 08

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#11 Feb 16, 2011
They both seem screwed up to me.

Why was a man that age going after a 19 year old?

Why was a 19 year old living with an older homosexual man if he didn't welcome his advances?

Both of them seem screwed up and the perfect storm hit.

shut up

Las Vegas, NV

#12 Feb 16, 2011
They met at a gay bar. Come on....the guy knew what was up. He was living with him!" He wasn't tied up. He could have left. He is a freak and needs to pay for what he did.

Since: Jul 08

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#13 Feb 16, 2011
Oh yeah, I think he needs to be held accountable for what he did, too!

United States

#14 Feb 17, 2011
Exactly, 19, gay bar, older man to keep him up...

oh yes, how many times does this poor defenseless me story come up? He killed him in his sleep! What a coward! He should have just left...and what difference does it make whether he lived there 1 day, 1 week, 1 year? Murder is murder!

Crazy? Insane? Medication? DOES NOT MATTER!!!
Anyone who would not only kill, but also mutilate a person, IS CRAZY AND INSANE!! NO rational person would do that! He is another Elisa Baker...the woman that mutilated poor little 10 year old Zahra Baker! The stories are the same...kill & mutilate! Sicko's
Hell is waiting on people like them!!!

Lexington, NC

#15 Feb 17, 2011
Regardless, he was asleep when he killed him, so he said. He could have left and walked out the door opposed to what happened.
commom sense

East Bend, NC

#16 Feb 17, 2011
everyone seems to be forgetting that the victim is deceased and cannot give his side of the story. no one knows if anything this idiotic killer is saying is true at all. if he is willing to murder and mutilate, it's not much of a stretch to think he might be willing to lie too! use some logic, you moronic losers!

Tomball, TX

#17 Feb 17, 2011
ok... i dont know either of the people in this case personaly. if Michael killed Stephen out of self defense well then let it be. anyone is capable of that if ones life trully depended on it. but come on... how could he do all those things to his body even after he killed him?! those three shots where enough. did he really have to mutilate the body? on another note... Stephen was asleep when Michael shot him the first time. why didnt he just leave the house without him noticing? even though it happend. this could have been avoided.

Clermont, FL

#18 Feb 17, 2011
the idiot killed Starr in his sleep. he could have easily left but chose to murder instead of walking away. No one knows what really happened except the two men involved. no excuses.
cant stand you

United States

#19 Feb 17, 2011
GFTrueBlue wrote:
Oh yeah, I think he needs to be held accountable for what he did, too!
you just make me sick i cant even stand reading your post,you think your so innocent and just know everything, you are a dumb ass mental case on the loose
cant stand you

United States

#20 Feb 17, 2011
and what is it with queers these days this is a queer murder, caldwell has a murder of 2 people with 3 queers in jail jeesh what is really going up there nasty azzes,to make them kill people? wait found one more man in burke co jail for murdering yet another queer? do us a favor stop killing good people and take all of your sico azzes to hell with all are disgusting. i mean think about this,2 queers dead one from hickory one in morganton, then 3 queers murder 2 young people up in caldwell county, so i think we need a queer squad instead of gang squads

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