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#1 Nov 1, 2011
It a man going around shopping centers saying he lost his billfold on the river and need money to get home.He drives a small red car.He hit me up and I was talking to a friend. The man had hit him up to.He told us two differant towns he lived at.If you see him you might want to call cops.He's taking money from little old ladies.

Black Mountain, NC

#2 Nov 1, 2011
If I see it man need money to get home.I call cops.He hit me up to.It man told me two towns he lives at to.It man should be put at jail with the other It a man.

Crouse, NC

#3 Nov 2, 2011
I was at Food Lion putting my groceries in my car and I think the same guy pulled up behind me and he also gave me some story about losing his wallet he said he lived in Liconton and was almost out of gas. I'm thinking the car also had a cracked windshield, when I told him I didn't have any cash on me he had the nerve to ask if I had an ATM card that he knew where I could use it to get some cash...he was really persistent I finally just told him look I've not got any money to give you and if you don't leave me alone I'll have to call the police I got my cell phone out and he said sorry to bother you and pulled out squealing tires so I figured it was a con!
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaa

United States

#4 Nov 2, 2011
I saw the cleanest cut guy no red face, slender build, nice hair cut just wholesome know normal..very unlike know not nasty looking and fat.

He said he was really embarrassed to ask me but he had run out of gas..blaa ...blah Hey I'm glad I didn't have any money..I felt sorry for him...My wife came out about that time and she promptly told him to hit the road..We got in the car and I said..I said that guy looked almost ligetimatly in trouble...she said I see those people all the time in these parking lots..I said. "Humm, I'll be damned"
the situation is gonnaget worse..lots worse

Since: Oct 11

Granite Falls, NC

#5 Nov 2, 2011
I had a guy at Papa Johns come up and ask not only myself but another car and the pizza worker for money..he said he needed tylenol for his little girl..who had a fever of 104...he was driving a moped...i just cannot believe anything these days..he probably wanted to get some wine!! or something to


#6 Nov 2, 2011
Ron Paul would tell you to kick 'em in da nutz.
Say what

Lenoir, NC

#7 Nov 2, 2011
What about the people wanting donations that carry cards in parking lots saying they are deaf or mute? Do you guys think they are legit while asking for money, or do you look at it as just another scam even if they may actually be deaf or mute?
The Truth


#8 Nov 2, 2011
Pinko wrote:
Ron Paul would tell you to kick 'em in da nutz.
Sage advice, indeed!

Stanley, NC

#9 Nov 2, 2011
It's ashame people have to take advantage of others especially the eldery.. myself I'll buy a homeless person a meal before giving them cash or if someone is in need of something say like the guy that needed tylenol for his daughter I say wait right here go to the store buy it and bring it back to him. Some people are just lazy and useless they prey on the weak I know the economy is bad I'm out of work myself and drawing an unemployment check I worked the same job for 15yrs. so I'm by no means lazy and you never know I may be one of those people in need of help I try to help whenever I feel someone is in need but if they are just looking for a quick buck then screw them!

Spruce Pine, NC

#11 Nov 2, 2011
That same guy got me awhile back. He was in a small red card, I believe if I'm not mistaken was a Saturn. Clean hair, clean shaven, didn"t look homeless at all so I believed him. I was at Wal-Mart and he came up to me and said he had lost his wallet on the river today and he needed money to get home on. I thought about it for a minute and decided he was prob. telling the truth. I handed him $5. He was VERY convincing but after reading these posts I guess he would be. Hes turning out to be a professional scam artist lol. So shame on me I guess cause he sure fooled me. Talking with one of my co-workers today I found out that he got her too. Same car/same guy description but said he had gotten her back in the summer at surprise...Wal-Mart, but said this time he had 2young girls with him pretty girls with brown hair that she says she thought he said was his daughters but same story about the lost wallet. So look out for this lying POS low-life and if you do see him call the police, we need to put a stop to him and his little game....
Tell the scum

Lincolnton, NC

#12 Nov 3, 2011
Tell the sum you have some land that needs cleaning off and you pay two dollars a hour tax free.Take a picture with your phone and put them on youtube.Take their tag and report it to the cops.
Its cons in the church to

Lincolnton, NC

#13 Nov 3, 2011
Were I used to go to church it was a couple that all the time needed something.The church gave them cards,all kinds of cards with money on them.They even came to church one Sunday and cry about they didn't know how they were going to get home.They came on empty and didn't know if they could get home or not.I couldn't beleive it the church took up a 103 dollars and gave them.I thought these people are crazy.So I started doing some checking and the wife gets pain pills and they sell them.To my surprize the hubby is a child molester.So you know it.I stop going.I think I'll take my chance without a cult in my life.

Stanley, NC

#14 Nov 4, 2011
Not all churches are like this most will check and make sure they're not getting conned my church will not tolerate people like you just described the churchs do a lot of good around here it's unfortunate that some take advantage of others good will but God sees what they are doing and they will have to answer for it in the end..I support churchs without them there would be a lot of people with legitmate needs going without things like food, heat, medicine and clothing. If you let money stop you from going to chuch then you're going for all the wrong reasons anyways!

Casar, NC

#15 Nov 4, 2011
If you are a real man you should keep your family up!!! If not, go lay down in the graveyard. Sick of F....bums, crack heads etc! We have Agency's that cater to the low downs! Mow grass, pick up bottles, get off your ass!!!!!
same here

Spruce Pine, NC

#17 Nov 6, 2011
Same guy came up to me inside Walgreens last week. He asked me if I wanted to buy some fishing poles outside in his truck. He said he had lost his wallet and only needed enough to get some gas to make it home, said he was from out of town. I told him I didnt have cash and then he asked if I could use my debit card to get him some money. I finally just told him to go away, I mean my god Im barely able to make it and I figured it was a scam anyways. I never saw what he was driving but it sounds like the same guy, I hope he asks me again lol.

United States

#18 Nov 6, 2011
Same story here too. This time it was in the parking lot at Shoe Show. Two guys in a red car, the driver was a slim, dark haired guy, the other guy was of larger build, but clean cut. He told his story about how he was from Belmont and had been up on Wilson's creek fishing and someone had broken into their car and stolen their wallets and now they were out of gas and couldn't get home. He added something about how the Money Gram wasn't working at Walmart so they couldn't get the money that someone else was trying to send. Real convincing story, I'd have to admit, told in a very convincing way. Even went as far as telling me that if I gave him my name and address that he'd mail it back to me when he got paid!! So I gave him 7.00 I knew I had my pocket and told him not to worry about sending it back. They said thank you and left.
Later, I went up to Walmart and decided I ask about the Money Gram being down. They said "no", that it was fine. Great! I'd been had!! They said that it happened all the time around there.

I had my son with me that day, so I wanted to get out of that situation as quickly as possible. But I also carry concealed, and would have no matter what it took. One hand was on my pistol the whole time.

Ladies, whatever you do, do not give these guys your home addresses!!!
This could end up being very dangerous!!
Offer to call a police officer for them. I bet they'll leave.


United States

#19 Nov 6, 2011
Same story here too!
Two guys in a small red car. Driver was slim built and darker hair(never looked at me, now that I think about it). Passenger (the one that got out and did all the talking) was heavier, not fat, larger built and clean cut. Almost good looking.
Same story about how they had been fishing up on Wilson's Creek and someone had broken into their car and stolen their wallets. And how that they were from Belmont and didn't have the gas to get home. He also added that the Money Gram at Walmart was down so they couldn't get the money that someone was trying to send. He went on to say that if I gave him my name and address that he'd send it back when he got paid!!!
I gave him the 7.00 that I knew I had in my pocket. Told him I hoped that helped, not to worry about sending it back and kept on walking towards the store.
I was alone with my son that day, and just thought that was the all around best way to just get out of this confrontation. Real or not.
Later, I was at Walmart, and just thought I'd check and see if the Money Gram was really down. And wouldn't you know it, it was fine! And had been all day! I'd been had!!!

Ladies, do not give these guys your name or address!!!!!
This could end up getting really dangerous!!!

I carry concealed and would have done what ever it took to protect my son and myself. My hand was on my pistol the whole time. Just luckily, it didn't go there.

Offer to call LPD for them. I bet they leave.

United States

#20 Nov 6, 2011
Sorry about the double post.
I didn't think the first one went. Then it was gone. Typed another one and sent it. And then both show up.

Lincolnton, NC

#21 Nov 6, 2011
Also beware of Omega Meats, these guys drive around in a white van trying to sale steaks and other meats, they tricked this elderly women into buying over $500 worth of meat she was sorta senile with poor eye sight and gave them her check book so they could fill out the blank checks to buy what she thought was going to be around $25 worth of steaks, they piled her deep freezer full of steaks and other meats. They tried to sale me some steaks but I noticed the cuts they showed me looked really good but the ones in the van they were actually going to sale me looked sorta gray and freezer burnt. I said I want my steaks to look like the one your presenting as a sales pitch...he said ma'am, they look exactly the same one they are thawed out I was like yeah right go on up the road and find another sucker!

United States

#22 Nov 6, 2011
This thread dissappeared. So I thought I'd bump it back.

Citizens Be Aware.

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