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Chasity Johnson

Vine Grove, KY

#1 Nov 30, 2009
Ok this may b a weird thing to be askin, but I really need to know. Ive been dating michael off and on now 4 the past 3 years, as many of u know. plus most of you know he is a lying, cheating bastard. Well ive been with him yet again lately and I would really like to know who he has been sleepin with, besides me. gurls please speak up, im not going to be mad at you all. Ive been there b4, if you didnt know about our relationship then you didnt do anything wrong and Im not going to b mad at you 4 it. I just really want and need to know who all he has been sleepin w.

and as for future relationships of his and women that think they can change him. It wil never happen. He has hurt alot of us and im sure he will hurt alot more. I just want to give you gurls a warning, he is and will always be a lying cheatin bastard and believe me gurls he is very good at makin u feel sorry for him and turning things around to where its your fault.

Thank you!

Greenbrier, AR

#2 Dec 1, 2009
he has been with a bunch of people. but most recently melissa mattingly
someone who knows

Elizabethtown, KY

#3 Dec 1, 2009
yea but now melissa is with stephen lindsey. one of currys best friends. i love how stephen and curry pass there women back and forth. its f*ckin nasty as Sh*t

Vine Grove, KY

#4 Dec 1, 2009
Ya it is nasty but have you noticed they take his leftovers. Steven took another one he had before that is the mother to his boys. As for melissa hes only with her for the money cause thats the only way she can get a man to put up with her dumb hateful ass. Trust me i know i am currys mother i seen it with Michael. So if your a lonely broke ass man and dont mind taking the bs from a woman and getting paid for it look her up i am sure she'll put it out to you just watch out she might scream shes pregnant.
michael curry

Elizabethtown, KY

#5 Dec 5, 2009
u know this is really funny consedering chasity didnt post this.yes melissa is with steven that aint my problem and yes me and chasity got involved again after we started hanging out when her and steven split up.i cared alot for her before and we had alot of problems and shit like this is one of them.people like running there mom has seemed to start doing it alot to and i try to get her to stop but i cant control what she seems that someone got very pissed posted alot of stuff and hacked into my myspace and changed stuff.i know who did it dont care that they did just fixed it all and went on with my life.just wish everyone would get over things and let me live our lifes everyone wants to talk about me but im sure i could say just as much about them if not more but i leave it alone go on and let them live their lives.evadintally they cant exept that for some reason and like to start happy in my life and thats all i care if u dont like me then dont talk to me u want to run ur mouth do it to my face i dont really care.u have to learn when u run ur mouth u might get some where for a lil bit but it goes away and life goes on just the same as always.people try to ruin my life all the time what good has it done none im going to live it anyways and enjoy it.i live my life for me not u maybe instead of worrying about me and trying to ruin my life u should start trying to enjoy not in ur life stay out of mine and if u are in my life and dont want to be im sure u know how not to sure if this is the kind of person u are u wont be missed.
stephanie mattingly

United States

#6 Dec 5, 2009
PLEASE leave melissa mattingly outta ur conversations. She has been through alot, and for you sad ass people to dog her on here, you should be ashamed.

I have known michael for a long time, leave him be. you people need to find someone else to run ya mouths about.
Melissa Hudson

Irvington, KY

#7 Dec 6, 2009
wow, i want to know who in the hell knows me as melissa mattingly these days considering ive been a hudson for 4 years now. i dont particularly care what you have to say about me or michael or chasity or stephen. we all live our own lives the way we want to. we dont bitch bout yall, so why waste your time bitc*ing bout us.
for the record lets clear up a few things, michael and chasity got involved BEFORE me and him split up and they still talked a lot when she was with stephen. they never have and never will stop fucking with each other because they both love to live in misery!
stephen and i dated almost 2 yrs ago, he had me long before michael did. and as of today he treats me better than i have ever been treated and we have a lot of fun together and i am far beyond happy with him
no i do not buy stephen a fucking thing, hes got money, he can buy shit himself.
it dont matter if chasity posted this or not, she posted the original on myspace and got all this started herself.
i personally dont fuc*ing care who michael has cheated on who with who, the past is the past
and last but not least, for the last time you dumb fuc*ing b*tch, my name better stop coming out of your mouth. i am sick and fuc*ing tired of having to hear your shit when i dont say one fuc*ing thing bout you!
i live my life the way i want to and frankly i dont care if anyone else accepts or approves it. i am who i am and i like who i am (michael taught me that) if you dont like what i do GET THE F*CK OUT OF MY LIFE!!!!!
isnt it funny how this started to call out the women that slept with michael when he was dating chasity, yet somehow it got turned to me and i didnt even do anything, yall dont care that hes a womanizing lying cheating piece of sh*t b*stard, yall just care that im dating one of his friends?!?!?
Melissa Hudson

Irvington, KY

#8 Dec 6, 2009
stephanie mattingly wrote:
PLEASE leave melissa mattingly outta ur conversations. She has been through alot, and for you sad ass people to dog her on here, you should be ashamed.
I have known michael for a long time, leave him be. you people need to find someone else to run ya mouths about.

Elizabethtown, KY

#9 Dec 6, 2009
This is all so funny and such a freaking joke. Oh and i will say whatever i want i am old enough to speak for myself i dont need some whinny ass sick bitch like you telling me what i can and cant say. I just feel sorry for Steven but then again he was with Crystal so i guess he never learned from his mistakes.

Elizabethtown, KY

#10 Dec 6, 2009
ok i admit i sleep with your man!but shhh dont tell my man was in jail! your a fool he cheats on ya all time!tiffany geary!got a problem come to my house 306south patterson st clarkson
michael curry

Elizabethtown, KY

#11 Dec 6, 2009
i am asumming that u are talking about steven cause i dont know who u are but that is funny
michael curry

Elizabethtown, KY

#12 Dec 6, 2009
oh and to sit the record straight yes melissa was messing with steven lied to him didnt tell me about him to come to my house and be with me.she tried to get alot started between me and him just like she did with her husband and she wonders why i wouldnt be happy with her.and she has been messing with my myspace since we split up this time.she wants to talk about how bad i am i was with one girl that i was with before her.a girl that i cared alot about and let go like a dummy.she was with like 15 different guys while she was with me the last a lieing cheat sounds more to me like she needs to point at herself more then me she has lied more than anyone stealing from family and friends and messing with everyones if she wants to keep it up and run her mouth about me go ahead i can say more about u then u can me.
stephanie mattingly

United States

#13 Dec 8, 2009
as melissa's cousin I think yall are stupid.. and shes good person...:D and curry, stay away from them crazy girls and youll be fine..:D if melissa and steven are happy leave it alone. DAMN

and I miss you too sweetie pies!

Leitchfield, KY

#14 Dec 9, 2009
and what makes you think i didnt write this?

Elizabethtown, KY

#15 Dec 9, 2009
well, i know u didnt.
ur not the shitt starting type !
i know that 4 a fact.
michael curry

Elizabethtown, KY

#16 Dec 9, 2009
well considering i talk to the real chasity everyday and i am now whats that tell u.get a life of ur own and leave others alone if u havent figured out i can live my life no matter what.u try to lie on me and make my life unhappy but it aint going to work.u know im better than that.
One question

Lexington, KY

#17 Dec 9, 2009
Did you change your last name to Curry or was that your given name? I wish my last name were Curry. I love the stuff. The spicier the better..

United States

#18 Dec 10, 2009
one question, you're hilarious.:D
Melissa Hudson

Irvington, KY

#20 Dec 10, 2009
well i dont know if you are the real chasity or not, but check myspace, the real chasity did post that exact same letter in a bulletin before it ever appeared on here so someone needs to stop pretending or step up and admit to posting shit...

Quitman, AR

#21 Dec 10, 2009
Who would want him anyway. Thats just plain nasty.

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