White Pitbull Puppies for sale

White Pitbull Puppies for sale

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Pitbull Owner

Lexington, KY

#1 Dec 22, 2011
I have some white pitbull puppies for sale and some dox-bull puppies for sale if anyone is interested let me know and we will go from there. The dox-bull puppies was born on Nov. 22 and the pitbulls were born Dec 2.

Campbellsville, KY

#2 Dec 22, 2011
You mean you have some pitbulls and MUTTS for sale?
Pitbull Owner

Lexington, KY

#4 Dec 24, 2011
No I meant just what I said. Dox-bulls are a mix of Pitbull and dachshund hound but they are not considered mutts. They are a designer dog. If you are not interested in the puppies than why must you get on here just to be an ass.

Clarkson, KY

#5 Dec 24, 2011
Pitbull Owner wrote:
No I meant just what I said. Dox-bulls are a mix of Pitbull and dachshund hound but they are not considered mutts. They are a designer dog. If you are not interested in the puppies than why must you get on here just to be an ass.
Please get these animals out of our city before someone else gets hurt. We don't need another mauling.
Pitbull Owner

Lexington, KY

#6 Dec 24, 2011
I understand that everyone has their own opinion but these is so stereo typing. Pitbulls are great dogs and if raised right they are awesome animals to be around children. I have 3 boys and my oldest is 16 and all we have ever had is pitbulls and he has never been bit by any of them. I have seen just as many boxer, rotweilers and alot of smaller dogs bite. It is the fact that people have heard too many bad things about them because of stupid people that decide to fight them. I just think you need to do a little research on them and you will find a lot of times when a pitbull helped people too. I sure hope you aren't referring to the dox-bulls doing the mauling. They are half wiener dog. They are great companion dogs and don't really get that big. I would love it if someone could post on this site and have something for sale and people that are only interested in the item for sale would post. Wouldn't that be great. So I will not respond to anymore posts unless you are interested in one of the puppies. The pits was born dec 2 and the dox-bulls on nov 22. The dox-bulls are eating and ready to go. I have pictures I can let you see if you are truly interested.

United States

#7 Dec 24, 2011
I am interested in the pitbull puppies. I want to know how much you want and how many females and how many males you have.

Johannesburg, South Africa

#8 Dec 26, 2011
Hi, I have Pitbulls myself and theyr the best!!!!!! My friend is looking for a female. Where do you stay?
Pitbull Owner

Lexington, KY

#9 Dec 27, 2011
To Interested: I have one female and three males. I am asking $200.00 for the female and two of the males. The third male is solid white so that makes him more expensive. He is $400.00.
To Jan: I am not sure but my only female may be gone. I will check with the lady tomorrow and find out if she is going to take her or not. The males are gorgeous also. I am from Grayson Co and at this time I don't want to give out more info than that because too many people like to get on here and start trouble.
If either of you are truly interested than let me know and let me know if you all have facebook. I have pics of them on there along with some of the parents. They are full stock but no papers. If they had papers they would be alot more expensive and the solid white one would be over a thousand bucks. Both the mother and father I own and they are both great dogs. Just send me a message back on here now that you know the price and let me know if you are still interested.
Just to let everyone know the Dox-Bulls are $100.00 each. I have 3 females and 2 males in this litter.
Another pitbull owner

Elizabethtown, KY

#10 Dec 27, 2011
why would the white one be over $1000 with paper's? is it some long lost tribal white pitbull breed? not meaning to be an ass,but the only Apbt worth over a grand is a blue/blue, whites are to common.
If your interested

Lexington, KY

#11 Dec 27, 2011
To Another Pitbull Owner: Go to google and research it. White Pitbulls are actually a more popular breed. A guy sold a solid white one for $1100.00 that didn't have papers. I guess it is just one of those things that just depends on the one a person likes more. I think they are both beautiful. It isn't just that they are white. It has to do with the color of their nose and other traits. I researched the going price thoroughly before pricing them.

Leitchfield, KY

#12 Dec 28, 2011
you should stop breeding dogs to make a profit. Do you know how many dogs AND cats sit in shelters because some a h like you is making a profit on animals that don't have a choice?

Dunkirk, NY

#13 Dec 28, 2011
first, designer dogs ARE mutts--with a designer name to fool fools from their money by saying you have a designer dog, it is a mixed breed. like any other mixed breed = mutt. also thank you for breeding pit bulls at this point 93% of pits in shelters are killed... KILLED because they are unwanted, you are now adding to litters like your own being gassed or euth'd with a shot. white pit bulls are NOT rare and in fact like white boxers can often be deaf, selling your pits for profit gives others the chance to use them for fighting,abuse or neglect them, tie them outside and forget about them or simply let them starve to death.
selling them intact gives others the ability to ADD to the death of those 90% of pits including newborns,in pounds and shelters just so you can make a buck----yeah---you really love those dogs, huh? heres some info for anyone who thinks this asshole is making any sense,theres a reason they dont want you to know where they live.... oh and ms/mr murderer,,,er...breeder the proper spelling is pit bull. NOT pitbull



Dunkirk, NY

#14 Dec 28, 2011
oh.....and the uselessness of those "papers" they say they could charge waaaay more for. you have been busted.

Pitbull Owner

Lexington, KY

#15 Dec 28, 2011
To the last two people that posted on here. Thank you for your opinions that nobody asked for and I think you both know where you can stick them. I do love my dogs. I rescued them both. The female was rescued from a home where some dummy was making meth and the male had been abandoned. I don't think papers mean crap but some people don't want a dog that doesn't have papers. To qwest just exactly what have I been busted for. I never said I didn't want anyone to know where I live. I am not going to post it on here so that just anybody can see. Too many dumba**es like you get on here.
To anybody that actually gets on here for the reason I posted it for. I only have two left of the pitbulls.

Dunkirk, NY

#16 Dec 28, 2011
ahhhhh...the Intelligence. I rest my case. sleep well making bucks off the death of dogs....

Leitchfield, KY

#18 Jan 8, 2012
First of all when you post on a PUBLIC forum you don't get the right to say anyone's opinion is unasked for. You take your chances. Sure you so called rescued these dogs so now you need to make a few dollars off them. Heaven forbid you shouldn't make money breeding dogs that will probably end of in shelters. Hell has a special place for people like you.
pitts are the best

Elizabethtown, KY

#19 Jan 8, 2012
I have a brindle pitt. She is 13 years old and I adopted her from a shelter when she was 6 months old. She is friendly, well trained and very spoiled. She knows when she is on duty and when it is time to relax. She has even raised kittens, and baby chicks.

Baton Rouge, LA

#20 Jan 25, 2012
I love dox-bulls my cousin has one and he is the most loving dog I have ever bee-n around. I am very interested if you still have them left. Definitely not a mutt dog though they are a beautiful breed.

Farmington, ME

#23 Apr 17, 2012
yes a mixed breed dog is a mutt no matter what is said thats why i call blue pits a mutt for generations there was never a blue so called pit then all of a sudden razor a gotti come out wit these dogs..people pits are wonderfull dogs believe me ive owned an breed them for over 12 years..i love the breed even tho so many people are crossbreeding them now..
Doxbull fan

United States

#25 Sep 4, 2012
I had a doxbull and she was the best dog I ever had I would do anything to have another one you ppl with your negative comments should stfu

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