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Xtreme Fitness Memberships not honored by new owner Golds Gym

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Frustrated in Lees Summit

Lees Summit, MO

#1 May 27, 2008
I just found out today that Golds Gym will not be honoring my prepaid year membership with Xtreme Fitness after they took it ove. Golds has indicated that they will give me 1/2 of my remaining time free (I and my husband prepaid for 1 year with 3 mo used so far) IF I pay for a 12 month membership with Golds Gym. Golds Gym is saying that they only purchased the building and did not receive any money for the existing memberships. What options do we have to not lose the money we already paid for a membership this year?
Gym goer

Yatesville, GA

#2 Jun 2, 2008
We are in the exact same position- had prepaid Xtreme for another year when Bobby Smith basically fled the scene. Gold's did not, apparently, receive any of our prepaid membership money. Gold's is trying to work with members by giving them breaks on a membership, ie. adding some free months on to the end of a new contract. From where I sit, it's either take their deal or walk away, don't get to use the gym any longer, and lose all value to the membership money we shelled out. Gold's technically doesn't have to do anything relative working with us. Our remedy would be to go after Smith and sue to recover the membership money paid. Given he was apparently in financial straits, leading to him leaving, I doubt there is much chance of recouping anything from him. We decided to go ahead and convert to a Gold's membership as they did give us some free months. It was either that or start all over somewhere else for more money per month and lose all the value to what we've already paid. Frustrating indeed.
Frustrated in Lees Summit wrote:
I just found out today that Golds Gym will not be honoring my prepaid year membership with Xtreme Fitness after they took it ove. Golds has indicated that they will give me 1/2 of my remaining time free (I and my husband prepaid for 1 year with 3 mo used so far) IF I pay for a 12 month membership with Golds Gym. Golds Gym is saying that they only purchased the building and did not receive any money for the existing memberships. What options do we have to not lose the money we already paid for a membership this year?

Since: Mar 08

New York, NY

#3 Jun 10, 2008
I also am in the same situation. I would have thought that Gold's would honor the remaining time on the memberships since the gym can be like a ghost-town most of the time. Anyway, I'd steer everyone away from that gym. Why give Gold's money when they may decide the gym isn't making money and vacate soon also. It seems like 24 hour fitness has taken most of the gym clientele since they opened.
This situation sucks!!!
George Costanza

Leawood, KS

#4 Jun 11, 2008
Another gym/fitness/weight loss rip-off!!Take our money and then run!

Switched to the Lee's Summit YMCA, because some people/organizations do have morals.
power id

Thiensville, WI

#5 Jun 16, 2008
so it sounds to me like you would only be out for 3 months. If you prepaid for 12 months and have usd it for 3 months you would have had 9 months left. So if Golds will give you 6 months free your really only out 3 months. No bad compared o others.
Frustrated in Lees Summit wrote:
I just found out today that Golds Gym will not be honoring my prepaid year membership with Xtreme Fitness after they took it ove. Golds has indicated that they will give me 1/2 of my remaining time free (I and my husband prepaid for 1 year with 3 mo used so far) IF I pay for a 12 month membership with Golds Gym. Golds Gym is saying that they only purchased the building and did not receive any money for the existing memberships. What options do we have to not lose the money we already paid for a membership this year?
Iron Mike

Thiensville, WI

#6 Jun 18, 2008
Gold's did honor my contract. I did change the status by adding my wife, so maybe that is a little different. Regardless, Gold's is metro wide. I can and have used several of the other Gold's and they are top notch facilities.
Join a different gym

Kansas City, MO

#7 Jun 19, 2008
I am glad that I got out before the whole new ownership thing. Bobby Smith's Xtreme Fitness advertised a full service Aquatics Center for over 2 years prior to opening this Aquatics bldg. Then, no sooner does it open, he closes it. It really made people very very upset.(The reason why he closed it remains undisclosed; but there is rumor that he didn't want to pay to maintain the facility).

That's when I knew things were going to buckle and I got out of there. Shady business practice shall not be rewarded with more of my business. What do you know, 2 years after I left = no more Bobby. I'm surprised he hasn't been class-action sued for closing the Aquatics Center -- you can't promise thousands of members a pool for 2 years, then take it away. More than unethical. That owner had a contractual and moral obligation to provide the pool.

I'm glad that 24 Hour Fitness opened up in Lee's Summit. A much better place to be. Nicer facility, and longer hours. If I'm paying for my fitness needs I want them to be on MY OWN schedule. At gyms that have closing hours, what exactly are you paying for? My membership to 24 is less than it was at Xtreme. I get twice the time window and can come and go as I please. It's better than being confined to regular hours.

**I also think Xtreme's 6 lane lap pool scared members from using it because schools and organizations would usually have them reserved. That was a bad decision on the owner's part as well. He should have kept the gym institutionalized with no outside organizations allowed. WE WERE the members that paid for that center and to keep the gym being members only.
Golds Gym

Overland Park, KS

#8 Jun 20, 2008
Gold's Gym has not and will not receive any money from Extreme Fitness. We have simply taken over the lease of the building and have been working hard to make sure former Extreme members receive discounted memberships. We are also adding time to their membership if they paid in full prior to us taking over.
Gold's Gym offers all-inclusive memberships to 4 other clubs in the Kansas City area; Merriam, KS, Olathe, KS, North Kansas City and Westport.
Gold's Gym is the largest co-ed gym in the world with nearly 3 million members. Gold's Gym continues to change lives by helping people achieve their individual potential.
We are doing everything we can to turn this into a positive situation for everyone involved.
Feel free to email me with questions at jocgoldsgym@aol.com .


#9 Jun 20, 2008
That is a shame what happened at that gym. I also used to be a member until I had enough. I agree with the person who posted previously that 24 Hour Fitness is better. It's the second largest chain (second to Gold's)...but it's newer, better, and more accomodating. 24 Hour Fitness has a pool, sauna, steam room, basketball court and built in Cardio Theatre systems. Large flat panel tvs. 24 HOUR service. Would you pay FULL price for half of a pizza? That's what you're doing when you join a gym that has regular hours and less equipment.

-Not to offend anyone from Gold's Gym but they simply cannot provide the services that appeal to Lee's Summit residents. They haven't even changed their signage yet--the building still says Xtreme, which leaves the public to wonder if Golds is here to stay. With all of the clients leaving for 24 Hour Fitness, Gold's cannot compete. Everyone I saw in Xtreme I now see at 24. The price is also better at 24. I would urge you readers to check it out. 24 has specials on membership every week it seems. People still remember Golds AS Xtreme fitness which translates into a bad experience for most members. I will be shocked if Gold's is able to turn this around. I welcome the new owners to Lee's Summit and give them about a year to realize that they made a costly mistake. No pool. No sauna. No good layout out of the gym.=No competition. We now have a choice in Lee's Summit, something that wasn't there before...so I urge everyone reading to check out both 24 hour fitness AND Gold's Gym and make the choice from there. It won't be a hard decision.
Golds Gym

Overland Park, KS

#10 Jun 20, 2008
Gold's Gym is a locally owned and operated business that has been servicing the Kansas City Community for over 22 years.

Gold's Gym is recognized for our passion, unique heritage and experience as the authority in fitness.

Gold's Gym offers a complete fitness program including:
1. Blood Pressure Testing
2. Resting Heart Testing
3.% of Body Fat Testing
4. Step Recovery Testing (for oxygen uptake)
5. In club fitness evaluation every 6-8 weeks
6. In club programming and re-programming of your workout every 6-8 weeks. This is the major difference between us and our competition. We not only get you started toward achieveing your goals, we are with you the entire way to make sure you are accompliching your goals. This is included in our membership free of charge.
7. State of the art strength and cardio equipment.
8. Group Exercise Classes
9. Child Care
10. Tanning
11. Beautiful Dressing Areas and Lockers
12. Cycling Classes
**Some clubs offer full-court basketball, martial arts lessons, pool, boxing, juice bar, tennis, massage and much more.

Your membership is good at all 5 Kansas City Locations and over 700 nationwide so you don't have to miss a workout when you head out of town.

Gold's Gym has been #1 for a reason all these years, stop in and let us help you achieve your goals!


#11 Jun 20, 2008
I've been to all of the gyms in Lee's Summit, and let me say: 24 Hour Fitness of Lee's Summit is the complete choice for your fitness goals! You can get your FREE guest pass online at www.24hourfitness.com or stop right on in today for a great deal on membership!

1. Open 24 Hours, unlike the competition 24 Hr meets YOUR schedule
2. UP TO DATE State of the Art Precor Cardio Equipment
3. UP TO DATE machines and weights and flat panel TVs, Cardio theatre built into the machines
4. MORE equipment than the other clubs
5. Large, organized workout floor
6. Large Locker and Dressing Rooms with private sectioned off showers
7. Whirlpool
8. Sauna
9. Lap pool
10. Certified personal trainers who can work with your schedule, evaluate body fat %, heart rate, etc.
11. Group Exercise Classes
12. Cycling Classes
13. Bodybug Weight Loss Program
14. Child Care
15. Membership doesn't have to be limited to one club, choice 1 or universal membership
16. Pro Shop
17. Basketball court
18. And MUCH MUCH MORE! See for yourself

I've seen them all, so let me also say: Don't get slammed by other corporate gyms. Get what you pay for. Even being a big corporation, 24 Hr. seems proud to be in Lee's Summit servicing the LEES SUMMIT COMMUNITY as well as the KC Metro Area. You've got a choice - make it wise.
Golds Gym

Overland Park, KS

#12 Jun 20, 2008
Visit: www.goldsgym.com for your 7-Day VIP Pass

Gold's Gym Lee's Summit
725 NW Commerce Drive
Lee's Summit, MO 64086

Gold's Gym North
1141 NE Vivion Road
Kansas City, MO 64118

Gold's Gym Westport
4050 Pennsylvania
Kansas City, MO 64111

Gold's Gym Merriam
6501 S. Frontage Road
Merriam, KS 66202

Gold's Gym Olathe
431 N. Lindenwood
Olathe, KS 66062

I think since Mac is so taken by 24 Hour Fitness I should explain the biggest difference in how we operate in the Kansas City Area.

Gold's Gym offers personalized workouts and programming and re-programming of your workouts every 6 to 8 weeks. This is a huge difference in how we operate. We are the very best at getting people in shape. We take the time to design your workout based on your goals, take you through your workouts so you are comfortable on the equipment and make sure you are on schedule to achieve your goals.

This personal attention is second to none in the fitness industry and is the main reason Gold's Gym is #1 and known for being the authority in fitness!

Walk into another fitness club and ask if they can design a workout for you and they will point you toward a personal trainer for an additional fee.

I strongly encourage anyone that is making a choice for their fitness needs to stop into Gold's Gym and get the personal attention you deserve without the extra fees.

Access to 5 clubs in Kansas City with no extra fees and over 700 nationwide so you don't have to miss a workout when you head out of town.

Feel free to contact me with any questions:
Golds Gym

Overland Park, KS

#13 Jun 20, 2008
Visit www.goldsgym.com for your free 7-day VIP Pass.

I will explain the differnce between us and other fitness clubs.

Gold's Gym will give you a complete fitness evaluation and design your workouts for you based on your goals. We will take you through your workouts and re-program your workouts every 6-8 weeks to make sure you are on track to achieve your goals. These services are included with your membership.

Walk into another fitness club and ask for help with your workout and they will point you to a personal trainer for an additional fee.

Gold's Gym has been #1 and known as the authority in fitness because we are the very best at getting people in shape.

Access to 5 clubs in Kansas City with no gimmicks or workout restrictions.

Any questions or if you would like any additional information feel free to contact me at: jocgoldsgym@aol.com

Scottsdale, AZ

#14 Jun 20, 2008
It seems like good 'ol Bobby ripped off a lot of people, including the new management! Frustrated, Kenny, and gym goer, I feel for you. And Mac, I agree about a lot the things you mention. Personally I don't belong to 24 Hour Fitness but have been there once. The personal trainers have nice form fitting uniform shirts I must admit. I belong to Anytime Fitness which works for me. It's a hole in the wall gym, but it's open around my own schedule (24 hours). None of the high tech toys of the big boy gyms.
I have to wonder if Gold's Gym knows how bad of a reputation the Xtreme building/Bobby has. I (and I'm sure many other ex-members) wouldn't step foot in that area just out of disdain for what happened there previously. As a paying member I felt I didn't get what I'd paid for. Bobby was always nice to me though in our short exchanges. It's sad that it was once a thriving place and could have had most of the town as members it seemed. This girl that works there that is in charge of billing and payments (her name rhymes with Holly) messed up my billing. Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

Kansas City, MO

#15 Jun 21, 2008
Xtreme Fitness was an EXTREME ripoff, it's true. To those who whine about Gold's, they actually done you a favor by offering discounted membership or free months at the end of your contract. The best public relations move for Gold's Gym would have been to simply honor the Xtreme Memberships in full, but if they did that they would have been out of business before they started. Not many people go to that gym and the bulk of those who do are members who are creatures of habit and have been there for forever (i.e. current members) In the world of business it is more economical for Gold's Gym to add months to the end of your membership, giving them 9 months to gain new cliental (ensuring that Golds makes profit in the year) while discounting you old member's to ensure that you stay there.(more profit). Simple business model, actually.

I don't want to have anything to do with Xtreme Fitness anymore, and it's a bummer because I really want to say I work out at Arnold's gym. Someone mentioned that Golds could leave just like that bodybuilder owner did. Then the gym would never have a chance if Golds Gym can't succeed there. It's already a taboo place that workout conscience people avoid like the plague anyway.

"Golds Gym," I've also noticed you've commented on this board so if you REALLY ARE a rep from Golds I have some advise: it might help out your business to actually invest in some new signs. It's been over 2 months now, common. The ugly yellow sign you have is not inviting, I have to drive past your building every day. Get some REAL backlit signs. People are not attracted to your building because it looks trashy with your plastic banner sign. Trashy, ricketty, and fishy. For the most part Lees Summit MO is NOT a trashy place. A new sign will signify a new start and it will draw people to your building. Its all about aesthetics, the visuals that draw people in. Xtreme has been here for 5 years. People have seen it already. Something needs to be done to revamp the gym, a simple takeover probably won't do the trick alone.
Golds Gym

Overland Park, KS

#16 Jun 22, 2008
The signs are on order and will be in place once they come in.

Since: Mar 08

New York, NY

#17 Jun 23, 2008
Golds Gym wrote:
jocgoldsgym@aol.com .

The email address tells you all you need to know about Gold's Gym (they have to use an AOL email server because they cut corners).

Kansas City, MO

#18 Jun 23, 2008
Welcome to town Golds, I'm sorry your welcome seems a bit shaky on this board. I can understand the disgruntled customers though. I wanted to ask -- if I'm interested in joining, are there rates that start around the price of $30.00 month to month? My company will only allow up to that much per month.

I know that you've stressed in a comment that members get access to area gyms, but I don't need that. Extreme was a local gym and that's what I expected to get. People from LS don't really want to be running around over to Kansas and the KC metro to workout. That is foolish. Gas is $4.00 a gallon. I just need 1 local gym here at home LS. So my real question is, do I have to opt in for 5 gyms or can I just purchase a membership to Lee's Summit's GG for a little bit less of a price? thanks

And as for Bobby Smith, shame on you! I checked with the Better Business Bureau and Xtreme Fitness has an unsatisfactory rating.

I used to have AOL Kenny...until it was cheapened by them making it Free to everyone and adding advertisement signature lines to my personal e-mails! And I was paying a monthly charge and they still added signature lines to my private e-mail. It made me ubber upset. I called customer service about 10 times stating that if I pay for the service I shouldn't have ads put in my emails. But all the customer service people are outsourced in India or somewhere and they just didn't understand. So I had to drop AOL.
Indian Girl

Grafton, WI

#19 Jun 23, 2008
Well I can tell all you Golds Members that love that being with golds - watch your back because the owner of all these Golds in the KC metro area MR Wade is a prick and will take advantage of you so watch your back - he is a ruthless person so be warned. I would not pay anything to be a part of that gym - Bobby was never a back stabber he was a very respectful man, don't get me wrong he did make his share of mistakes but are we any more perfect than he is. He greeted every member and knew most of the members by their first name. Golds never greeted the members and asked how there workouts were going and to have a great day like he did. And as for the General Manager of this facility he is just as ruthless and backstabbing as the owner (Mr. Steve Cole) So you will never see my face in that facility. Bobby is not done and will be back and will put Golds to shame!!
Burned by Xtreme Fitness

Prairie Village, KS

#20 Jun 23, 2008
I have to disagree about Bobby. I went there many years and he never spoke to me. If you were not a competition weight lifter he just wanted nothing to do with you and was very stuck up. He knew he was going out of business and took my payment in full for a year in March. Now that is dishonest!!
Shame on you Bobby. If you ever have the gall to open a business you should be sued for everything you have!
What I do wonder is if Gold's is even going to be in town in 12 months. I agree that they should have just honored the memberships, however they did try to give past members some concessions. I am worried they will pull out too. I don't/won't go to another Gold's Gym because I want to work out in Lee's Summit so I am afraid to join Gold's. Make sure you tell all your friends about the Xtreme/Gold's gym saga so that the word can get around.

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