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Lake Pleasant, NY

#163 Nov 9, 2007

"watch it again. Maybe you will notice only LC is in turnout. It is the other depts are not in gear.once again a know it all that knows nothing."
OK I did watch it.. and I have a few questions. Since when do non-member "volunteers" drive apparatus for Lee Center? Isn't that illegal? Oh I get it -they change their clothes enroute and slip into some sort of phone both before going into the hot zone ... One more question for ya..even if you could pull the wool over my eyes .. Isn't it the duty of the officer in charge to see to it no one-No ONE- not authorized goes into the hot zone or man's any equipment. It's in your regulations stupid, don't you read them or are you above the State's regulations.
Boy it's a miracle there aren't more comp.claims or law suites.

Cortland, NY

#164 Nov 9, 2007
Melissa Bauer wrote:
It amazes me that they seem to be targeting a woman who is barely 5 feet tall and weighs little over 100 lb. That is the kind of bullying that guys do if they do not have balls.
What upsets me is the swearing that my mother got upset about. She is old. I can look past it but she thinks they are mad at her for calling 911. She doesn't want to upset fireman again. That upsets me.
Old Brown Shoe

Rome, NY

#165 Nov 9, 2007
urlame Looser wrote:
<quoted text>
I am glad you don't. Thats all we need is one more person to comment on things they have no idea about.
Forget how the board tries to bully everyone. What was that "qoute" again.

As for her. Permits are only legal for the things they cover. What about what they don't cover. I'd like to see the permits. "Especicially" the one that says she can "utinize" animals.
The whole town would be better off if she would just go live with the damn racoons in the woods. She looks like one anyways.
How Mature!
You may want to use spell check buddy. I also would like to see a permit to utinize animals, never heard of that one, is it new?<p>///<p>
Melissa Bauer

Marietta, GA

#166 Nov 9, 2007
utinize = become ute?????
Old Brown Shoe

Rome, NY

#167 Nov 10, 2007
Id rather be Utinized than Bakerized
Old Brown Shoe

Rome, NY

#168 Nov 10, 2007
urlame looser wrote:
"The whole town would be better off if she would just go live with the damn racoons in the woods. She looks like one anyways."

How very sweet, I happen to think, as many others do, that Raccoons are strikingly beautiful creatures. You actually just paid a very high compliment.
I'm sure it's better than being a horses ass anyway.

Mexico, NY

#169 Nov 11, 2007
old brown shoe....should be six feet under,with the other shoe
Steffen Bauer

Marietta, GA

#170 Nov 12, 2007
How mature
There you go


#171 Nov 13, 2007
Melissa Bauer wrote:
It amazes me that they seem to be targeting a woman who is barely 5 feet tall and weighs little over 100 lb. That is the kind of bullying that guys do if they do not have balls.
Ok she maybe small but shes a spit fire.. Im not defending her because I dont respect her.. Simply for the reason that at a meeting I asked a question as a TAX PAYER and she pretty much told me to suck it up....But I Also know that thie night she was supposedly pushed by Billy Baker she was in a mad rush to get out of there.. believe me she wasnt the only one that was pushed... She is not as defenseless as she looks believe me...
There you go


#172 Nov 13, 2007
Old Brown Shoe wrote:
Id rather be Utinized than Bakerized
Wow Always slamming the BAKERS.. It amazes me....Really Not for nothing their brother fireman voted them in....So if anyone should be complaining about the Bakers it should be the ones who voted them in.. And as far as traing goes.....Hello!!!!!!!!Fat Freddy taught the majority of the classes these guys took....Talk about 2 sided....Oh yeah and what about MR. Comp got hurt in te big bad fire a few years back...Was so tight with the Chief and all and now hes have coffee dates with Fat Freddy.....
Lets Milk Comp

Rochester, NY

#173 Nov 13, 2007
Not to mention MR COMP seems to get around awefully well these days. Even able to do some lifting and yard work. Another case of my tax money paying for someone milking the system.

Everyone wants to blame the Bakers and the Officers for that injury. Well let me ask a few questions

1. If he was the safty officer what was he doing inside?(Doesn't he know he doesn't belong there)

2. Being the safety officer didn't he realize it was dangerous to go inside?
ANS. NO Because nobody could have forseen that happening and if you think you could then you need to lay off the Bakers about it and attack the safty officer. IT is his job to make sure eveything is safe.

So maybe just maybe if the safety officer did not abandon his post as a Safety Officer and enter the building then he would not have gotten hurt but also could have possible seen the possiblity of a couple ceiling tiles falling and not the entire ceiling like some would like you to believe.
Loss of words

Yorkville, NY

#174 Nov 13, 2007
I'm new to this site...and already I have seen nothing but Baker bashing. Stop bashing the Bakers they are a good family and highly respected family in the town of lee. They do NO wrong. They love serving the people, if they didn't, why would they even be firefighters. To the Bauers...stop bashing bout things you know nothing about. To Goodgod...I firmly agree with you, and to there you go, well thanks for the support.
There you go


#175 Nov 14, 2007
It really is sad to think that someone is milking the system....Fixing cars ,yard work, lifting.. we all have seen him do it...What a shame...And your right he should have been doing his job...And the other one recieveing comp??? She fell over a training dummy at a class that wasnt even in Lee Center....Now she gets like $400 bucks a week....What a crock..

Syracuse, NY

#176 Jun 19, 2009
The Lee Fire Department is exceptional. Anyone who would put their lives on the line for the gutless wonders who write on this form is exceptinal. They do a great job and have alot of heart for what they do and such a lcak of support from the town government. Now thats where these trash writers can find heaps of head turning, money theiving, good ole boy things to write about!

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