Lee discussion in Summary....

Lee discussion in Summary....

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Utica, NY

#1 Oct 12, 2007
I’m sick of jumping around on threads, so I’m starting a new one.

So far we have clear video of how Lee Center Officers handle over site by the fire commissioners

We have filed 990 Forms that documents money going into a Lee Fireman’s Fund (search Lee Center) at significant amounts, but no indication of where that money goes. The same document includes the explanation (to paraphrase five years of filing)‘we are too busy to explain this’

We have an image of checks that suggest money collected to support a firehouse, goes instead to specific Firemen. Last name: Baker.

We have heard protestations Fire Commissioners complain about safety. From this forum we learn that one “Harold Hall” was allowed to go into a burning building alone.

We have learned that one fireman was caught stealing money. No charges were filed by the fire department.

We learned that one fireman was driving fire equipment without a license. Again, no charges filed.

We have an allegation that a fire commissioner was pushed into a file cabinet /wall but no charges were filed.

<I tried to make links to the relevant items>

Utica, NY

#2 Oct 12, 2007
Links didn't work. I'll try that again later.

Utica, NY

#3 Oct 12, 2007
I guess I failed the Linking test.. If someone one smarter can do it I would appreciate it.

Utica, NY

#4 Oct 12, 2007

Utica, NY

#5 Oct 12, 2007
Tas wrote:
Last try
video : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v =Hl04mwyOjmQXX
990 Forms: http://tinyurl.com/y9l46v
checks issued: http://tinyurl.com/2klokq
Sometimes it comes together.

Since: Sep 07


#6 Oct 12, 2007
Well a strong supporter and a member I must say this...First A Fire Commisoner was not intentionally pushed into a filing cabinet...There was so much confusion that night that Bill Baker Brushed by her... He never put his hands on her in anyway....And yes a fireman did steal from the department...He was charged and was found guilty he was asked to leave the department for so long and was able to rejoin again..The money that was taken was replaced in full...I mysepf have recieved checks fromt he Department...I guess Im all part of it huh??? And as far as The fire involving Harold Hall know this he was not in that building alone...2 other people went in with him.. When that ceiling started to come down he pushed the 2 others out of the way... We learned this we learned that ..Non Sense Ask a fireman we have nothing to hide...I dedicated to voluteering in the town of Lee...Im very disturbed by some of the comments left ont his site....What about the Supporters????
This has to be a joke

Westernville, NY

#7 Oct 13, 2007
You should be disturbed by what happened. Mr. Baker charged the table, slammed his fist and came across in a threatening way. He then stomped out of the room in a manner that caused him to run into a fire commissioner. Unacceptable. Police department from across the area were summoned for a "fight in progress". Actually, you shouldn't be disturbed, you should be embarrassed. What a disgrace.

What were you paid for?

Since: Sep 07

Mohawk, NY

#8 Oct 13, 2007
painting,lawn mowing waxing floors....

Utica, NY

#9 Oct 13, 2007
Which lawn, which building which floors?
Was this at the firehouse or the Baker Building?

Fort Smith, AR

#10 Oct 13, 2007
Sorry to divert attention from the volunteer being compensated for the maintenance of the grounds but does this bring tears to anyone else's eyes?

Fighting a fire in the hot zone without appropriate gear on? And quoted from the comments section: "More people without gear than with, 2 people on 1st engine in, wheels not chocked, tanker driver falls out door, no wonder the commissioners are after them!"

Wow. Just wow.

Utica, NY

#11 Oct 13, 2007
Where is the protection? There is really something wrong with this department if they think this is okay. Don't they care about fireman? Do they think they are invisible? What about those things that explode in heat?

What really scares me is in the last few minutes of this video is a Lee fireman without gear on insists on taking a hose from someone that has protection on!

Utica, NY

#12 Oct 13, 2007
I'm sorry but this steams me. I have friends family that volunteer to fire departments. If one of them was in this video I would beat the crap out out the officer who told them to do this.
Un ...F@@@king believable!

I have no faith! No faith!

Utica, NY

#13 Oct 13, 2007
A Lee Center Officer has to explain this video!
On the record!!!!
Let us not forget Lairdsville!
LC Resident

Ilion, NY

#14 Oct 13, 2007
To all LCFD and its supporters,
It is a shame that we have such negative, heartless people in this world and on these posts. I am sorry that you are being picked apart and attacked for trying to help save our lives and our property. It is a shame that people are actually attacking the people who volunteer to put their lives on hold and at risk to save their neighbors. What I see in that video and what is being posted are 2 completely different views, one positive the other negative. I would love to see you guys defend yourselves and I would love to reply to all of the negative comments, rumors and lies that are being made, but we must stop and think, these people already have their minds made up and nothing you or I say is going to change that. They are only going to rip apart anything you say and find something else to fight about, they only see and hear negative, they aren’t worth it. Hold your heads high and know that you have many people that know the truth and that are proud and thank God you are here and do what you do.
Thank you LCFD!
For all that you do,
God Bless you all.

Fort Smith, AR

#15 Oct 13, 2007
Did anyone notice this? I realize it was pretty deep into the form... line 75b on page 6 of Form 990 for 2005.


Utica, NY

#16 Oct 14, 2007
Urafg wrote:
Did anyone notice this? I realize it was pretty deep into the form... line 75b on page 6 of Form 990 for 2005.
Found it and missed it initially. In essence, they lied to the IRS as well. I really am losing my ability to be shocked by this.

For those that do not have the 990 in front of them, Lee Center Fire Department stated on record that William Baker, Ken Baker Jr., and Michael Baker (the three key Officers/Directors) are NOT related!

Then again, maybe they can blame their accountant?
This can't be the fault of the Fire Commissioners.

Syracuse, NY

#17 Oct 14, 2007
why not show the rest of it because you dont want people to see the truth you are nothing but a big bull#$%^

Fort Smith, AR

#18 Oct 14, 2007
Why don't you read all the posts before showing off your intelligence? If you scroll up to the 4th post in this thread you'll see the link to the complete IRS Form 990.*shakes head*

I'm anxiously awaiting any of you that are screaming "you're a liar" at me to show us where exactly the lies are. I haven't lied once. I haven't even stretched the truth. I've done nothing but provided cold, hard proof. Cry all you want but actions speak louder than words.
wunder y

Utica, NY

#19 Oct 14, 2007
How many of you were there the night a "Commissioner was shoved"? I was. You have your facts a little screwed up. And yes, a call went out to Law enforcement - large fight in progress. The cars showed up and walked into the meeting room only to find a calm, orderly crowd. No punches thrown - no "unruly crowd" - no arrests made - and the call was made by a Commissioner who should have been arrested for making a false report which resulted in drawing law encforcement from all around the County for an unneccessary call! Get the facts straight before making judgments. If you weren't there, you don't know what happened! And for support for the FD? The night they were put back in service - the Townspeople showed their support. Cars honking as they went past the firehouse. Donuts delivered to the firehouse. People were relieved to know they had their fire service back. They know the lies that have been purported against them by the press and the Commissioners feeding the press! As Paul Harvey would say - wait for "the rest of the story!" It's not over yet!

Since: Sep 07


#20 Oct 14, 2007
You say you are not trying to stir up trouble.. But from what I see your doing a wonderful job at that..You and all your proof...Big deal..Whoo Whoo for you...Posting checks videos...So what...Sounds to me like you got way to much information...Picking through trash.. Thats just being Noisy to me....

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