Just plain wrong: Mack vs Henning
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Frmr Patient Flemington

Flemington, NJ

#21 Aug 7, 2011
Sorry, Objective Observer, wasn't trying to insult, just a little humor!
We have filed an official, detailed complaint with the Board and have received a letter of confirmation from them. We'll see where it goes from here...

United States

#22 Aug 23, 2011
I went for chiropractor care for six months along with my sixteen yr old son to Dr. Henning. He is clearly respectful, professional & caring. I would highly recommend.
R U Kidding Me

Ocala, FL

#23 Aug 23, 2011
Celeste - While you obviously have a right to your opinion, I do question your motive and your relationship with Mr. Henning. You obviously have either an ulterior motive or feel that all of the other pople on this blog, the Police in NY, the Police in NJ (both of whom either have arrested Henning or have/had cases against him), the NJ Chiropractic Board, etc. are all liars?
I think everybody knows which one of the above two choices is your reason for your post?
BTW. If you search enough on the Internet you will find that Henning has currently filed bankruptcy. The proceeding is scheduled to be held in January and open to all. If you want to see if he is the unscrupulous person described above, the hearing is open to all. I know, as a friend of one of the people who Henning sexually harassed, I will be there to see what goes down, will you?
Frmr Patient Flemington

Flemington, NJ

#24 Aug 24, 2011
Amen to you, R U Kidding Me!

You don't have to search far to find all the dirt on Henning. I really wish I had done so- truly! It would have saved my family and I a LOT of problems!

Celeste is either being paid by Henning, is being manipulated by him, or is just plain made up. If not, do your homework and you'll see what kind of pain and disrupt he has caused in many other peoples' lives.

I don't mean to put down someone I don't even know, Celeste, but you chose the wrong place to stick up for Henning! I'm glad for you and your son that he didn't choose you as a victim.
Frmr Patient Flemington

High Bridge, NJ

#25 Nov 20, 2011
My official complaint was filed against Gunnar to the State Board of Chiropractic Examiners a few months ago. It is a long, drawn out process, but Gunnar is going down for what he did to me and to my family! He is a calculating, swift, skillfully devious and manipulative predator who believes that he has every right to exploit others to get anything he wants in life.
I've been tracking the progress of my case and adding any and all information I can can to it, but I wish I could locate some more vicitms to back me up. If you've been taken in by this monster, please speak up, I know you're out there! He must be stopped before more get hurt...
Concerned patient

Blairstown, NJ

#26 Jan 2, 2012
I stumbled on this forum while looking for the phone number to verify my appointment time. I guess I should question whether it is ok to continue my treatments there. Actions by him to date have been more than acceptable and his business dealings would not directly affect me (although, one could ask whether a person wants to support a professional person who allegedly acts in a non-professional and perhaps dishonest manner). I must say...I am shocked and dismayed. So...what is the recommendation for those who have personal encounters? Thanks!
Concerned patient

Blairstown, NJ

#27 Jan 2, 2012
BTW, I did check the web site for the NJ Board of Chiropractic Examiners. There is one ruling there in connection with Dr. Henning that was from 1985. I found no other case bearing his name. That case had to do with charging different rates for insurance vs non-insurance coverage. He was reprimanded and ordered to pay $1500 penalty fee.
R U Kidding Me

Ocala, FL

#28 Jan 5, 2012
You are not checking hard enough!!! Call NJ Div of Law. He was recently sanctioned for sexual harassment of an employee, my friend, and was supposed to attend counseling and pay a $2500 fine. He failed to completed his sanctioning requirements and was sanctioned again for not completing.
If you have any question as to going there, I am sure you saw the articles on him leaving patient files in an abandoned building with all of his patients personal information on it. The Sullivan County Sheriffs Office had to secure them!
You have to make our own choice. BTW, I don't know DR. Mack but if you check on him he is squeaky clean!
Concerned patient

Blairstown, NJ

#29 Jan 7, 2012
I realize "Jackson's" post regarding their experience with Dr. Henning is quite old, but my experience regarding radiograph results is a bit different from Jackson's. In the first place, my radiographs were taken at an independent facility and read by a radiologist. I saw the report signed by the radiologist. Also, if I was to want a copy of my radiographs, I would go to the facility that took them. Perhaps Dr. Henning took his own radiographs back in 2010 or whenever it was that Jackson was a patient, but I did not see any radiography instrumentation in his office, and he seemed to have a working relationship with several different facilities in the area for radiology.

RU Kidding Me, Thanks so much for your emphasis on my failure to dig deep enough for all the dirt on Dr. Henning, but the evidence of this accusation will probably make itself very available without me having to call that department. I'm not young and innocent, so I'll play this out my way. I've seen men in the workplace make very inappropriate remarks to and around female co-workers that clearly would be viewed as sexual harrassment by most folks, and the women (including myself, but my life experiences probably exceeded those of most of the other women in that workplace) never made charges against this deserving individual. Conversely, I have seen women bring charges against men for unintentional remarks or actions that the women pursue as sexual harrassment (SOMETIMES just for the attention or other reward it gets for them).

Acknowledged: Dr. Henning may be (or may have been) very poor in the area of business practices. I appreciate having access to that background information. My eyes are wide open.
Objective Observer

Hackettstown, NJ

#30 Jan 13, 2012
did any one notice telephone poles moving back and forth loosely in front of Shop rite?
Frmr Patient Flemington

Asbury, NJ

#31 Feb 28, 2012
Henning does not deserve the benefit of a doubt. There are plenty of chiropractors in the immediate area with absolutely no accusations or complaints of any type, real or not. Why would someone choose one that has so many??
Trust me, my complaints are not those of anything unintentional or misinterpreted. I was not an employee, but a trusting patient who was fully and completely taken advantage of and manipulated by this predator. He even admitted to me how unscrupulously he had attained his education and license to practice, and it was nothing of which to boast. Henning is proud of his cunning and manipulative ways and believes that it is right and fair to use other people to get what you want, regardless of how it hurts them.
Henning has proven himself to be dishonest on many different levels including sexual harassment, billing dishonestly, being unprofessional with documentation/records and more. It is amazing to me that other chiropractors are not speaking out to protect themselves from the bad name that he gives the profession.
Unfortunately it will be months before my complaints to the Board become public, but when they do, trust me, he won't have a license to practice with! You will regret supporting him in any way.
no name

Morris Plains, NJ

#32 Feb 1, 2013
You are all crazy this man hashelped so much. He is a good man and very caring.

Berkeley Heights, NJ

#33 Feb 7, 2013
Dr henning is the Best in world and those of making bad. Remarks I hope you back or whatever it is that ailes you breaks!!!!!!!!

Columbia, SC

#34 Mar 2, 2013
@noname & mepjay
If he is such a good man, why does he have warrants for his arrest in NY, charges pending in NJ, reprimands from both NY and NJ Boards, and countless lawsuit against him (and has lost everyone) and numerous people looking to get paid for the money scammed from them?
You obviously barely speak English, mark my words, you are the next victim!
Frmr Patient Flemington

Franklin, NJ

#35 Mar 3, 2013
I agree with Whatever!
I have found that the Board of Chiropractors does not publicly report all accusations and apparently they're easily manipulated. There is absolutely no viewable record on file of my complaint or the times my husband & I have been to their meetings to "testify" against that piece of crap. They ask us to come back & give more information, yet they obviously don't believe or, more likely, are being paid off to ignore it. Still no ruling on our case, just brushing us under the rug because we don't matter! Henning is slick and cunning. I have learned that predators like him are very calculating and stop at nothing. He even admitted to me that he CHEATED his way through chiropractic school. He has absolutely no respect for authority or even his peers.

Warren, NJ

#36 Mar 4, 2013
WOW!!! Never saw this before going to him but I can say with confidence that he has never been unprofessional with me and I have been going there a few years.

Reading, MA

#37 Aug 21, 2013
Ok,the truth needs to be told about Gunner Henning about 20 years ago I "worked " for this character. At the time he had his office in Washington, NJ and a non-existent office in Bethlehem, Pa. I was shocked at what I saw in the 6 months I was subjected to this individual. I frequently regret not filing a complaint with the Board of Chiropractic Examiners, but as a young Dr I was simply afraid.

Gunner, whom I too will not give the respect to call Dr, was one of the most manipulative and dishonest chiropractors I have ever met. He could convince the most healthy individuals to come to him 3 times a week for chiropractic care and once a week for the rest of their lives. Not to mention when he charged a patient in front of me to "treat her dog."

I had a very bad falling out with him, as a result of his dishonesty, refusal to pay me and what ultimately led to one of his "friends" being arrested when coming to "talk" to me.

There is nothing that could be said on this message board that would surprise me. I take that back I am surprised that he has never been arrested and convicted for insurance fraud, medicare fraud, sexual harassment of employees and/or patients.

From a clinical standpoint I can only say my context is from a very long time ago, but I would not let him adjust me then. I think reading all of the allegations and disciplinary actions against him is satisfying in a perverse way. What is sad to me is that he has remained unchanged and continues to be licensed as a primary health care provider.
Former Flemington Patient

Union, NJ

#38 Aug 22, 2013
Thank you NJc for posting.
I agree that it is unimaginable that Gunnar has not yet been arrested, sued, or otherwise forced to pay for his dishonesty and lack of respect for other individuals. But, having tried myself, can see how he snakes & slivers around the law.
I only ask his "supporters" (whom obviously do not know him very well) not to let your guard down. Get a second opinion. Be careful...

Long Island City, NY

#39 May 21, 2015
I do not know about any of the problems facing both of these Chiropractors but I will say this, I have been going to chiropractors for a long long time and hands down, Gunnar Henning provided me with the best adjustments I have ever had. EVER! So while I hope these issues get squared away to everyones satisfaction, I just wanted to record show that he is an excellent chiropractor. At least from my perspective.

Hackettstown, NJ

#40 Nov 28, 2015
Wow. I am both disgusted for not trusting my creep radar more and thankful I trusted it enough to google him and find this forum. None of what is written here surprises me in the least, either in support or against him, he is a true to form manipulator and narcissist, maybe even sociopath, who unbelievably wields enough power to get away with it. Obviously, because he is still practicing in Washington and Flemington, convincing naive patients they are in need of remedy and his magic cure. I am not a patient but may be in a unique position to help. I don't know if any of you still follow this but if you do and are still upset by the actions of this man I would like to hear from you. I am somewhat uncomfortable divulging my story in this public forum, contact me at [email protected]

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