Increased policing of Lebanon Maine’s residential areas is needed on Beggars and Halloween nights during the last part of the month of October every year. On Beggars and Halloween nights last month, a home in my Lebanon Maine neighborhood was struck by vandals with toilet paper and the road the neighborhood is situated on was also struck by litterers by smashing pumpkins in the roadway; all this activity took place late in the evening between 9:PM-11PM. Where was the police patrolling the area, when all this mischievous behavior was occurring? I am sure the neighborhood residents were asking the same question, when spending the unnecessary time and money to clean-up this mess. Some say pranks like these are harmless and deserve not to be worried about too much, but I say such pranks are a sign that perhaps younger minds in a community need more positive guidance in their lives to teach them the difference between right and wrong before they get into real serious trouble. More noticeable policing on the residential roadways of Lebanon during nights that are prone to mischief by younger people can provide an atmosphere of deterrence to encourage such persons to behavior better and create a community that feels safer.