Cornbread Mafia

Forsyth, MT

#287 Nov 23, 2008
You have totally missed the point. This is NOT a post about Misty. If is the uncovering of Rick Sapp. I would never say or do anything against Misty. But I will tell everything I know about Rick...

Forsyth, MT

#288 Nov 23, 2008
lostfriend wrote:
I just came across this b/c a friend of mine has called and said it was on here. I am very torn about what was posted on here. I feel as if the last several post have given shame to Misty's name. I knew her, knew her well. We seperated over the years because school, family, distance, and life got in the way. I can tell you that I ran into her a few weeks prior to this tragedy happening. I dont know all the details that surround it only the rumors and gossip that I have been told. What I do know is what she told me, she spoke of her husband, she had her little girl with her and was very proud of her, and she was telling me of her college degree and how she had accomplished it. Being a social worker was what she ALWAYS wanted to do from a small girl.
I dont want people on here slandering her name, I would perfer to think of her as I always have. I only regret that I did not hear of it until after the fact to attend the funeral. I however want to remember her as I have always known her, a long hair girl who I played softball with, laid out at the pool with, drove around on Saturday nights in that old red taurus she had, many slumber parties, fighting over clothing, secrets that I was sworn to take tothe grave with me, and hell she was the first fist fight I had. I may have lost touch with her over the last 5 years, but the 15-20 I knew her before then I think I know her.
I dont know Ricky, nor the circumstances that surrounded her death, but I do know that she was a good person. If you could understand her childhood a lot of things would make more sense to you. I dont think this is the place for people to be on here speaking of those who have pasted in such a manner, nor is it respectful for her for people to be talking abuot her in such a way. I personally will remember the friend that I had, that I visited myself at the grave to tell her goodbye, that I have the foundest memories of a child as. That little girl that I held her hand in the back of the car cause she was upset, and my friend regardless of what took on between us.
She is the only person in life that made her choices for her, and she is my friend so please have respect for her and her family and not speak of her in such a manner on here.... she is and will be missed. If you have a problem with her husband, he has given you his address please go see him, but dont get on here and speak of Misty in such a manner. We all make mistakes in life, but I feel as if everyone has gotten stuck on the mistakes and not the positives in her life. Please remember her as I do.
To lostfriend: I can tell you that yes i understand that it hurts to lose someone you love. And that you feel the need to defend her, but the truth of the matter is that Rick Sapp should be in jail, charged with murder. This was not about Misty, but about abused woman. And the sick monsters that destroy them.

Forsyth, MT

#289 Nov 23, 2008
well wrote:
what happened to her? how did she die?
Her poor little body just gave out. Too much stress on her from being abused by her husband. He used her as a punching bag.
rick sapp

Winchester, KY

#290 Nov 23, 2008
spolier i can see you r a scared litte baby an you dont no anything i have the ball to tell you where i am so why cant u used your name i can tell u dont no melissa like you think if you did you would bring up cincy. you r a scared litte bitch. all you hear is from her drunk u have a real name are u just like being big behind a little baby name like spolier
rick sapp

Winchester, KY

#291 Nov 23, 2008
by the way i was married for 22 years an never laid a hand on my wife nor did i mellissa my ex name is ann wood ask her if you need proof

Elizabethtown, KY

#292 Nov 23, 2008
Spoiler wrote:
You have totally missed the point. This is NOT a post about Misty. If is the uncovering of Rick Sapp. I would never say or do anything against Misty. But I will tell everything I know about Rick...
You made it about her when you started stating that she was using drugs. Maybe she was or wasnt, but I dont think that is something that needs to be put out here. It is disrespectful to her, if you knew anything about her as a person and her childhood you would know that her biggest fear was to become an addict. You could hardly get her to take a drink of alcohol or smoke a cigerette.

If true, it was truely not her and a weak moment in her life. I dont believe that Misty's name needs to be in here. Her deapest fears and secrets need not to be exposed, she would be devasted.

All I am merely saying is if you want to talk about him, and believe so fearsely that he is what you claim- go to him. Hire a private investigator, was she autospied? I again know nothing about the situation, therefor I am not taking sides. I am only stating that you are using skeletons that she would have NEVER wanted exposed (from both sides) in your arguements. If you want to talk about each other go ahead. I once saw Misty fight a girl to defend her mother, and Im sure she would do the same for her husband. Given the nature in which she died Im sure there are a lot of specualtions to it. But SHE made the choice, she decided her fate, she made her path in life- if we dont agree with that then that is our problem to deal with, we cant change it, and we can spend all day pointing fingers and asking what if. All I am asking is for people not to speak of her, or her family, or her problems. If you truely knew her then you would have known this already. She never wanted her skeletons exposed- especially not in this manner.

Elizabethtown, KY

#293 Nov 23, 2008
And dont take my first thing on here so personal, I wasnt speaking specific to you. People are on here telling about child protective services and her losing her job. She would turn over in her grave if she knew people had publicly displayed this version of her. I was not speaking directly to you.

I dont believe very few people writing on here knew much at all about Misty or Melissa. Or they woudnt be telling their guts.

And Ricky you stated that her parent was a drunk- she wouldnt have approved of you telling this either. Atleast that was the Misty I knew.

Forsyth, MT

#294 Nov 23, 2008
Rick Sapp, I continue to be in awe at your literary skills.

You challenge ppl to come say things to your face, this is the behavior of an abuser. You call ppl names and try to intimidate them, this is the act of an abuser. Am I supposed to be intimidated?? I would face you any day you sniveling wife beater. And I have never been afraid of you and you know it.

Lets state facts. Your assaults are all public record. All those on Ann and all those on Misty.

Only early this year were the assault charges with Misty dropped. These charges steamed from a 2006 assault. This is all public knowledge.

The child is not your child.. everyone knows this and you do not even have custody of her. You only want the child to get Mistys SSI payments.

You continue to do drugs and slid on the testing but that is about to change... Too many ppl are finding out about your dirty little secrets.

Forsyth, MT

#295 Nov 23, 2008
I have no further comments directed toward lost friend this is between Rick and me. I neither care nor am concerned with how ppl perceive these statements as long as all Ricks dirty little secretes come out.

No one knew Misty as well as I did and Rick knows, this don't you Rick? And should I start talking.. I think I should. But lets start talking to the right ppl. Lets start with the Marion Co. DA and then work our way over to Bardstown and then work our way back to Washington and Perryville. Will Ted be able to keep you out of jail this time?
rick sapp

Winchester, KY

#296 Nov 24, 2008
talk all you want kathy. you an your husband got a few words in the da office in springfield didnt you like giving yor daughter up at age 14 anwe know what you both did to her. i beleive it in the washington co. court is that not right.if you knew what melissa said about your fat ass every one would know how much you lie. you know nothing an if you got something against me again you know where i live dont be so scared an hide behind " spoiler" stil i ask you to call ann wood an ask her i have no secert that why i used my real name you r the secert one. no more comment unless you want to come an talk to me. which i know you wont all u do is hide behind a fake name an like to think u no am sorry for saying that about her parent but i guess i got caught up in all this mess on here . all i have now to say is anyone who want to talk to me know where i live. hell i never been on a computer this much in my life. i see how pople get tie to them i wish all a great life an may God bless you all. the end

Elizabethtown, KY

#297 Nov 24, 2008
Spoiler wrote:
I have no further comments directed toward lost friend this is between Rick and me. I neither care nor am concerned with how ppl perceive these statements as long as all Ricks dirty little secretes come out.
I have a comment directed back to you though, how can you even make this statement? You evidentally dont care about Misty, her dignity, her pride, or her entire life. You are willing to drag her name through the mud just to prove your point. The funny thing is I dont see her parents on here- if anyone should be upset it would be her parents, she was an only child that took a while to concieve. I believe you accusing Misty of being a drug user would upset them. I really dont think that you know her as well as you are claiming, I believe that you are just wanting to make whatever point you think you have to make, regardless of what or who you hurt in the process. If all these horrible things happen that you say, and you stood back and let them having knowledge of them- you are as much to blame. You rended no aid, didnt remove her from the situation, no you sat and watched.

Now I am done commenting to you spoiler. If you are wanting to prove Rick is something, then do that, go to the DA office. However in your commenting you are proving Misty to be things that she would NEVER want people to know just to make your point.
guess who


#298 Nov 24, 2008
i know wrote:
once you rat the feds do not protect you they throw you to the wolves so to speak. you are better off doing your time and coming home and trying to get on with your life. once you rat the rest of the members in the community will make sure you pay for your disloyality.
knows a couple that did there time a few years ago and they was a lot better off in long run by doing time they was set up pretty good when they-she got out. also wonders if all this over talking about it n here going to cause and fish to be put on peoples front step hmmmm lets think about that

Forsyth, MT

#299 Nov 25, 2008
The real point here Rick is that every one know what an evil person you are. I am Kathy and I don't need to hide. But what are you going to do??? Shoot a state trooper in Wyoming??? You think you have that much clout big boy you just come on up here.

I have never been afraid of you and YOU know this. If I could spit in your face and tell you how I feel I would.

Who pulled My girl out of all those bloody situations?? ME. and who gave her a place to live after you beat her? I did. and if I have given just one person an inside into the nasty little vermin you are then I am pleased. I don't have to defend my relationship with Misty. I am at peace with that. But there are still woman out there that can be your next victim.

Spouse abuse doesn't just go away cause the victim dies.. nor is it easier to deal with by sweeping all the nasty little secrets under the rug . Get the truth out there so everyone can be aware and make informed decision. You are an abuser and a drug addict. Everyone around you is in danger. YOU are a danger to everyone around you. Any child or new spouse around you is in danger. These are facts and they are supported by the cloud of death and destruction you have hanging over your head.

In the opinion of this state trooper, which I believe will be taken seriously in any court room, you are a murderer.
rick sapp

Winchester, KY

#300 Nov 25, 2008
well i guess your husband anyou abuse your 14 years old daughter an that all right . well melissa said you was a fat ass an you owe me for 2 chair you broke i think 250 dollars will do thank you.

Leitchfield, KY

#301 Nov 25, 2008
I thought this girl died of a drug overdose? She took too many pills one night and didnt wake back up. From what I knew she was a drug addict. thats what happens spend the rest of yourlife trying to catch that first high. She was the only one who could have made herself and addict blaming someone else for her overdosin is pointing the finger the wrong way
rick sapp

Winchester, KY

#302 Nov 25, 2008
kathy wilkerson
are you

Rineyville, KY

#303 Nov 25, 2008
talkin about the one that is martie deerings sister?

Forsyth, MT

#304 Nov 29, 2008
LOL, Rick, you really have no idea how ignorant you come across when you get on here. You'd better stick with other people posting your brand of poison for you, for your typing makes you look even more of a moron. You can't even get my name right.

And for you "I Think", you are wrong. Misty only got into drugs when she met Rick. If not for him she would still be alive. He killed her.

Everyone wants to cover up the facts and hide behind secrets. Misty used to be a strong willed person that thought for herself until Rick beat that out of her. We have better laws that protect our animals than we do for battered woman.

Anyone can read what you write and know how uneducated and feeble you are, with that drooping mouth and God awful loud voice of yours. Thank Goodness for drywall, right Rick. If not for that you wouldn't ever have been able to find a job.

I fear for those around you though. Especially if you were to be around a child. With your violent outburst, you could easily kill them to. You are a danger to society Rick, and should be locked away. You have no right exploiting others nor to seep your poison into the fabric of our society. I am sure those that are in authority will see this in you at first glance and protect THE CHILD.
good sheperd

Cecilia, KY

#305 Nov 29, 2008
lets keep it about the cornbred mofia' you 2 can start your own topix iwant to hear what dumb shit people say about aquantisesof mine
charles wright

Ogden, UT

#306 Nov 29, 2008
most of us has served our time so leave well enough alone run john run

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