I must have driven past 20 certified STIHL dealers just to see these guys! I have never been to this shop and these guys don't know me from Adam! I know ZERO about chainsaws so they could have taken FULL advantage of me! I thought I needed a tune-up on my older Stihl 036. They walked me straight to the back filled the tank, started it, ran it through the paces and then told me that it sounded great. we discussed my saw and it's condition and that was it. They refused to take my money for their time OR the tank of gas!!! I felt obligated to buy something so I purchased some prepackaged fuel, and asked about a Stihl branded scabbard.... he tossed that in FOR FREE !!!! Every other dealer that I talked to wanted to charge my $80 per hour just to look at it, and $15-$25 for a scabbard. I do NOT expect any freebies, but these guys truly exemplify "CUSTOMER SERVICE" !!! I will NEVER EVER go anywhere else, and I will gladly drive 40 minutes to have these guys service my saw!!