I had a appointment at Dr Frost's Dental Office in layton on Dec 12, 9:45 a.m. I have been going to him since the mid 1990's. Until now, I have trusted in him and his staff. I called them on Dec 05, 2011, telling the person who answered the phone that my front tooth had broken out again. She ask me if it was the same one that Dr Frost fixed last year, I said yes. She brought up that I should consider to get caps put on my teeth. I told her Dr Frost has strongly suggested that, and I have signed up for additional Dental Insurance that would not go into effect until Jan 1st, 2012. I told her that I signed up for Met Life, the insurance they thought was the best for me. She immediately told me that Dr Frost could start the procedure now, and we could wait until after the first of the year, to bill the insurance, because that is when he would have to have the teeth seated. I was so excited! The appointment was made, I got all my paperwork, to show proof of insurance, called the insurance co, ask them if there was any waiting period for this kind of procedure, they said no. I received a confirmation call on Dec 9th, from the office, and I asked again, if Dr Frost is going ahead with this procedure. Susan said it is no problem, any questions you can ask Dr Frost when you get here. I got to the office at 9:20 a.m. because I drive from Farr West. Susan once again called the insurance company, ask them if they have anything on me, they told her no because I am not effective until Jan 2012. She then told me that they would not do anything. I said WHY? She said we are not going to do anything today. I said I know that the supplement insurance does not go into effect until Jan 2012, and you know that also, I have talked to you about it, you were the one that told me to come in anyway. I was not allowed to see Dr Frost. I asked her if he could look at my broken tooth, she said no, cause your insurance would not cover it anyway. I called Dr Frost's Office on the 13th left a message that I wanted to talk to him. He never returned my call, however, the office did call my machine today to let me know that they were in. I have never been treated this way before. I felt like I was kicked right in the face. I wish they would have told me that they could not start work on my teeth until after the first of the year. I sure could have dealt with that. I just want other people to know about this! This could happen to anyone!