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Covington, LA

#45 Mar 14, 2013
Dearleader wrote:
<quoted text>
Thought you might be interested in this!
"The president wants Americans to feel the pain of the arbitrary across-the-board budget cuts from sequestration, but to cut off promised education assistance for our service members when there are other lower priority spending programs to draw from is an injustice," Sen. Jim Inhofe, R-Okla., top Republican on the Senate Armed Services Committee, said in a statement. 
He and Democratic Sen. Kay Hagan of North Carolina introduced an amendment Wednesday to a stopgap budget bill that would restore the program. Inhofe told Fox News he has additional Democratic support lined up, and warned that dropping the program not only hurts service members -- it could hurt the military as a whole. 
God, you people only believe what you want to.

POTUS put cuts on the table years ago. Cuts that were FAIR. The Repubs in Congress are in FAVOR of Sequestion (they want even more cuts), but want the Dems to take the blame. Don't cut you nose to spite your face.

They took a closer look at Paul Ryan's budget. Looks like he is in favor of the higher taxes POTUS got (will keep them), but wants to cut programs that benefit the average American to balance the budget. Paul Ryan, like Sarah Palin, could not make it in the Private sector. Turn off Fox News and get the truth.

It was said that mortgage interest and charitable deductions are at least two the Repubs want to get rid of in reforming the tax code.(not limit, just chop)

It has been reported over and over again, the people who watch Fox News are the MOST uninformed. Is that what you want for yourself?
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#46 Mar 18, 2013

Bobby Jindal Pushes Ahead With Plan To Raise Taxes On 'Bottom 80 Percent Of Louisianans'

Ok, in the past few years, sales tax exemptions have gone up from $2/million to over $300/million and the Jindal Admin. has been cutting healthcare and education in LA along the way. Where are all the good jobs with beneifts that would create the additional tax revenue to pay for healthcare and education?

So now he is proposing giving businesses even more cuts???

•The bottom 80 percent of Louisianans in the income distribution would see a tax increase from repealing the personal and corporate income taxes and replacing them with a higher sales tax.
•The poorest 20 percent of taxpayers, those with an average income of $12,000, would see an average tax increase of $395, or 3.4 percent of their income, if no low income tax relief mechanism is offered.
•The middle 20 percent, those with an average income of $43,000, would see an average tax increase of $534, or 1.2 percent of their income.
•The largest beneficiaries of the tax proposal would be the top 1 percent—a group with an average income of well over $1 million. Louisianans in the top 1 percent would see an average tax cut of $25,423, or 2.3 percent of their income under the plan described above.

What kind of math is this?

Click on link and read. Worth your time.

United States

#47 Mar 18, 2013
I see that the new plan would give "construction" exempt status.

Would that mean that sale of homes would be taxable to the purchaser?

Now, you pay sales tax on materials at time of purchase (lower rate), if construction is exempt, would that mean a higher sales tax would be charged on both material and labor? If so, that would also mean sales tax on the land the home is built on, right?

Kinda looks like they will get your coming and going.

We need to look at this proposal closely and ask a lot of questions!

United States

#48 Mar 18, 2013
Heard on the news tonight that around 250 clergy in LA have signed a petition against Jindal's budget because they feel (and they are highly educated) that it would harm the Working Poor and Middle Class the most.

If you find a petition against the budget, please sign it!

Opelousas, LA

#49 Mar 21, 2013

Watchdog Group: Jindal plan $650M short
Hot Spot

Vacherie, LA

#50 Mar 22, 2013

La. State Capitol to go "Hot" Monday
Tax Credits Gone Wild

Hammond, LA

#52 Mar 25, 2013

Tax Credits and Rebates in Louisiana

"Louisiana's tax credit and rebate programs resulted in a tax revenue loss of more than $6.13 billion in revenue in the last seven years, according to a study of the programs released Monday by Legislative Auditor Daryl Purpera's office."


Hammond, LA

#53 Mar 26, 2013

Company to dispute Medicaid contract cancellation

"The grand jury is looking into how the contract was awarded by the Jindal administration. The governor's health secretary, Bruce Greenstein, once worked for CNSI."

I guess the good people of LA are not too stupid after all. It is just who you know! SHAME ON YOU!

We need a watchdog in Baton Rouge.

Hammond, LA

#54 Mar 29, 2013

Jindal health secretary resigns amid investigation

What about awarding contract to a Lousiana based company so LA citizens will have JOBS w/benefits?
Higher and Higher

Hammond, LA

#55 Mar 29, 2013

Opposition for Jindal's Tax Plan

"Changes are being made to Governor Bobby Jindal's tax revamp proposal. Jindal Administration Officials announced they want to increase state sales taxes higher than previously discussed. Currently, the state sales tax is 4 percent. Jindal's proposal would increase the state sales tax to 6.25 percent rather than the 5.8 percent outlined by the Governor. The dollars generated by the sales tax hike would be used to help offset the elimination of the state's personal and business income taxes."

Shouldn't the voters decide this (since it seems like the National GOP came up with it)?

All data have seen to date indicates that sales tax only will hurt the state. Where is the data to prove otherwise?
Acadiana Repub Women

Hammond, LA

#56 Apr 1, 2013

Acadiana Republican Women Question Upcoming Tax Votes

Side note: a commercial that I saw tonight says that changing to a sales tax only state will basically stick it to the lobbyist; which lobbyists?

The new sales tax is aleady over 6%. That is on top of what you pay local and parish. How much higher will it get by the time it is law if it maks it that far?

Seems to me this will lower the tax rate for the rich while increasing taxes on the poor and middle classes. Less to spend at small independent businesses. Is this the plan?

Why not discuss this more in public?

I tend to agree with the Acadiana Republican Women, something is shady here.
Pops Drop

Hammond, LA

#57 Apr 2, 2013

Poll: Jindal's Popularity down to 38%
which is correct

Houma, LA

#58 Apr 12, 2013
States Without Personal Income Tax Experience Slower Growth: Report
LRLC back Jindal's tax reform

Which is correct? Who to believe?

Why not cut out alot of the sales tax exemptions and lower the Income Tax Rate. That way everyone pays their fair share. No One has the upper hand.

If it goes to sales tax only, it will hurt poor people (less spending on products/services) and small businesses because, as I understand it, unless there is a physical presence in the state, internet sales tax IS NOT collected.

People need to voice their opinions and concerns NOW! Don't let them pull the rug out from under your feet.
Past Errors

Opelousas, LA

#59 Apr 13, 2013
I really don't understand how moving the tax burden from the ones "with all the money" to the poor will fix LA. There is evidence in the nine other states that it slowed their economies.

Just look at the sales tax exemptions given in the past years, went from $2/million a year to OVER $300/million with NOT enough good jobs to show for it. Do something about that!!!

How many businesses want to relocate to a state with poor sick uneducated people???? NONE!

Seems to me Jindal wants to take us in the WRONG direction. Let him run for President on his OWN dime.

And, who are these lobbyists getting all these loopholes? If they can talk about them in a commercial (wonder who is running/paying for the commercial), then they know who they are; why not fix that issue? It would seem to me that would fix the problem; get rid of the loopholes!

Are the citizens of LA really that stupid?

Ville Platte, LA

#61 Apr 25, 2013
Medicaid expansion wrote: iewart/20130424/NEWS01/3042400 34/House-health-committee-reje cts-Medicaid-expansion
House health committee rejects Medicaid expansion
Supporters say Louisiana could save money with the expansion while also offering thousands of working adults access to health insurance in a state where one in five residents are uninsured.
Steve Spires, a policy analyst with the liberal-leaning Louisiana Budget Project, said the expansion could provide an influx of money for the state’s budget, while pumping billions into the state’s economy, creating new jobs and improving health care coverage.
“We cannot simply afford to maintain the status quo,” Spires said.
The nonpartisan Legislative Fiscal Office estimates the Medicaid expansion could save Louisiana as much as $510 million over 10 years, with the state receiving up to $15 billion in federal funding to cover about 500,000 people through Medicaid.
My Opinion: If you are against covering people, then you must allow "assisted suicides". Only humane thing to do.
Dont u ever have any thoughts of your own or do you just copy and paste?You are a mindless liberal nut job!!!!!
Medicaid expansion

Opelousas, LA

#62 Apr 25, 2013
TJB wrote:
<quoted text>Dont u ever have any thoughts of your own or do you just copy and paste?You are a mindless liberal nut job!!!!!
Do you ever have a positive compassionate thought?

Judging from your posts, NO!

Your bullying does NOT bother me. I only feel sorry for you.
Will say a prayer for you to find compassion in your heart. It seems "COLD AS ICE". I hear your pain.

Have a peace filled day!

Slidell, LA

#63 Apr 27, 2013

Lawmakers: LSU deals keep information from public; Lafayette's UMC included

What is really going on?

If the Public had all the info, would they be in favor of it?
TaxCredits vs TaxRevenue

Jennings, LA

#64 Apr 30, 2013

La. spent $800M on film tax credits over 5 years

BATON ROUGE, La.(AP)- Louisiana shelled out $800 million over the last five years in tax breaks for the movie industry, according to an audit released Monday that suggests the state gets back little in direct revenue for the expense.

For example, the review by Legislative Auditor Daryl Purpera's office said, the state spent $197 million tax credits for production projects in 2010 and received $27 million in tax revenue in return.

"The overall fiscal impact to state government is negative," the audit says.
CLICK LINK to read entire article.

"Someone has some XPLAINING to do." Based on simple math, this IS NOT good for Louisiana. Are these the SPECIAL interest groups Jindal was speaking about? What are they doing to fix the inequality?
Colleges and Tuition

Jennings, LA

#65 Apr 30, 2013

Bill would allow colleges to set their own tuition

Is this the first step in doing away with "state colleges"? Going private would mean "profits" with NO accountability, right?

Graduates are already questioning whether the high cost of their degree was worth it; considering the lack of good jobs.

Degree costs should be going DOWN, not up. Businesses want more workers with a college degree. Makes more sense to make it affordable, don't you think? That would improve our economy. More businesses would locate here.

What is REALLY going on????
Support Good Teachers

Ponchatoula, LA

#67 May 8, 2013
It seems to me that the public has fallen behind on supporting the teachers.

Someone said not long ago that it appears there are too many doctors and lawyers in the legislature/Congress. I agree.

We need to send a variety of people that will serve all and go with term limits! We need experts in ALL fields in BR and DC. They need to serve the people, not themselves!

Clean out Congress!!!!!

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