I happened on this forum a few weeks ago while researching and have periodically looked in. I have been disappointed to see very little in the way of participation from real Lawrenceville folks and hardly ever about Lawrenceville events. Do any Lawrenceville residents even read this forum? Just by way of curiosity I want to see. I grew up in Nelson and went to school in the old Lawrenceville school for 6 years. I graduated from Williamson in 1967. I worked a year at the A&P in Horseheads before joining the USAF in 1968. I retired in 1990 and now reside on the Tug Hill Plateau which is the Southern tip of the Adirondack Mts here in Central NY. Are there any of you out there who read this and care to respond? BTW, I here there is a Williamson High reunion planned. I never got notified and neither have a few others I know. Could it be that participation is low because the planners are not notifying enough folks? I have had only 1 notification in the 41 years since graduating. I went then and would have gone to others had I known. What say you?