Small Town Corruption
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just me28

Cynthiana, KY

#1 Dec 16, 2009
I am curious as to how many residents believe there is corruption in this small town. We talk about our police officers and how some of them date young girls, eventhough these officers are married, we talk about how some officers do just as much or more than the people they arrest. If this is really true, then what is really going on in this small town.

Clarksville, TN

#2 Dec 16, 2009
If you think half this stuff on this website is true then I have swamp land in Arizona that I will make you a good deal on. Like someone said on a earlier post, they are fishing trying to get people mad.

Louisville, KY

#3 Dec 16, 2009
Dude I know for a FACT that cornish and milton used to fuck around with young ass girls, I should actually say their names but I am sure I would get arrested in the next week or so.

If you guys don't think Cornish used to get stoned with everyone in high school and doesnt mess with young girls you guys are crazy. Milton and Cornish probably still slap each other on the ass every night just thinking about it. I think Milton's ol lady was even cheating on him too, and now they are split up.

Quit pretending.
just me28

Cynthiana, KY

#4 Dec 16, 2009
I will say that there are some really good officers, but I will also say that I believe that many people are set up, I believe that things get pushed under the rug , I believe that there is alot of inticement and entrapment. Just curious and I believe that most of our citizens have no clue what really goes on in this town. Watch , listen and learn. And why arent the officers investigated? Just curious.

Prospect, KY

#5 Jan 5, 2010
It's an election year--- tell us more about Mr. Cornish and his nasty habits
I know

Cynthiana, KY

#6 Jan 5, 2010
which one are we talking about?
Kentucky Girl

United States

#7 Jan 5, 2010
I have a friend that use to be a cop here in town. NO I AM NOT MENTIONING ANY NAMES SO DON'T ASK!!!! He resigned from his position so he could move on with his life. Yes he does miss being a cop because that is one of his life long dreams but he says he doesn't miss being one here. I believe that there are good cops and bad cops but after some things that he's told me (about the force) I know my therory was right.
Its true

Cynthiana, KY

#8 Jan 5, 2010
i am sure you have been told alot and its sad but true and sometimes its hard to believe what really goes on with the people who are supppose to be protecting us. I still believe in small town corruption and small town set up and I must say I do believe it happens here. I have been told to much and I have seen to much to ever think otherwise. Its ashame that this town is only getting worse instead of better alot has changed here in ten years.

United States

#9 Jan 27, 2010
"Good" cops in Anderson County??????????
Funny that would even be thought, much less said.

Lawrenceburg, KY

#10 Mar 1, 2010
I moved to this town about ten years ago,I lived in the country for six years were the police of Lawrenceburg will not come, I dont know why, I had no problem from any police what so ever, then I moved into town, i have had social workers called on me for one thing or another, when I need the police I call , they come but they tell me that I would be the one in trouble no one else, so you tell me what in the world am I to think about the police in Lawrenceburg....I mean come on lets put two and two together.
your right

United States

#11 Mar 1, 2010
You are so right I have had the same thing happen so what do people do? Once you call them a few times they have seem to put you as the one thats trouble. So tell me what you think and what should be done?

Lawrenceburg, KY

#12 Mar 1, 2010
you are not going to do anything...
Robin_The Boy Wonder

Lawrenceburg, KY

#13 Mar 1, 2010
Shine the Bat signal.

United States

#14 Mar 1, 2010
It is common kowledge that there is indeed some secrets in Lawrenceburg Police Department. Officer Cornish (not the goverment offical) was indeed a drug user, and what better way to clean up the old bullshit HE knows is in this town then to become a police officer and start setting up and taking down the people he used to interact with? Personally I think that was a smart idea/thought but in order to clean up a town one must clean up himself. Its upsetting to know that a police officer whom arrested me years ago for a driving offense, was arrested for DRIVING UNDER THE INFLUENCE and relieved of his duties as a Lawrenceburg Police officer..... Its been front page news for several years of alarming issues our PD has. Rape, statory rape, drugs, attempted murder, assult with a vehicle, disrespecting the elderly, allowing a child to be murdered due to lack of reading!!! However I am greatful for some of the officers who go above and beyond their calls of duty to help Anderson county and Lawrenceburg residents.

Lawrenceburg, KY

#15 Mar 2, 2010
maybe i should run for, would you vote for me....
Apparently Im Lost

Lawrenceburg, KY

#16 Mar 2, 2010
Apparently I'm Lost because I do not remember all of those front page issues....Who was the officer relieved of his duties for DUI ?? Statutory rape ...??? Which one was that ?? Assault with a vehicle ???? Which one ?? Officer Crum had resigned his position and left Kentucky before his criminal actions. Officer Young was relieved of his duties after his issues were reported. You have bad apples in any organization, but hopefully those apples get trashed when they are found to be spoiled. I remember Officer Cornish in his younger years, before becoming a Police Officer, and I do not think he has any problem in admitting he may have done things he isn't proud of, but I do not think he does those now. If you know for a FACT something illegal is going on with any of the local Law Enforcement, then stand up for what is right and report the activities to the Chief, Sheriff, Mayor, Judge Executive, County Attorney, Commonwealth Attorney, or the Attorney General. Don't just bitch and whine, stand up and take action.

United States

#18 Mar 2, 2010
What about the city councilman who was convicted of leaving the scene of an accident last fall? What about the deputy that was fired for faking his CDL license last fall(soon to be assistant county coroner)? There are a lot of sneaky snakes running around and people so quickly forget!

Eddyville, KY

#19 Mar 2, 2010
do what i did and get out of this town, everything here is ass backward including school systems and law enforcement. i be danged if i raise my children here after what i seen as a child. when the day comes that everyone gets there head out of there butts this town may be something..until then it's a lost cause
Jeanette Woodrum

Frankfort, KY

#20 Mar 2, 2010
Stuff like this happens in a lot of towns. It is just more noticable in the smaller towns. There are some good police officers there in lawrenceburg. So hard to know what you are gonna get when you call the police to come to your aid. Hopefullt it is one of the good few left.

Lawrenceburg, KY

#21 Mar 2, 2010
I have lived in my curant house for almost 9 years and to tell you the truth nothing good has come of this town.... you can say what ever you want about my thoughts of this but tell you the truth, I think I can run this town better than the people are me a cop in this town that isnt bad...and i will say your on some type of drug they gave you......I think that its to bad that a wonderful town like this is down graded becouse of the police department and social workers, I feel bad for everyone that have to put up with the bull around here...its such a pretty place i wish it could be better I realy do

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