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#43 Apr 19, 2013
Pope Gregory the great Non Angli, sed angeli – "They are not
Angles, but angels". Aphorism, summarizing words reported to have been
spoken by Gregory when he first encountered pale-skinned English boys
at a slave market,.[ Sooner and later
you will see great changes
Where the doorway is wide enough, Ashkenazi Jews tilt the mezuzah so
that the top slants toward the room into which the door opens. This is
done to accommodate the variant opinions of the medieval Rabbis Rashi
and Rabbeinu Tam as to whether it should be placed horizontally or
vertically, Most Sephardi, Mizrahi and other
non-Ashkenazi Jews affix the mezuzah vertically,[3] though Spanish and
Portuguese Jews living in countries where the majority of Jews are
Ashkenazim usually place it slanting.
The procedure is to hold the mezuzah against the spot upon which it
will be affixed, then recite a blessing:
Blessed are You, Lord our God, King of the Universe, Who
sanctified us with His mitzvot, and commanded us to affix a mezuzah.

The Virgin and Child with St Anne by Leonardo Da Vinci
This painting by Leonardo da Vinci is included in our trail because
in 1910 it was the subject of an astonishing study by Sigmund Freud
, who dared to
discern in it motifs hidden from ordinary mortals. Freud saw in the
Virgin Mary’s garment a bird of prey (a vulture) and interpreted it as
an unconscious rediscovery by Leonardo of the myth of Mut, the vulture
goddess of Egypt. This analysis, which has been controversial since the
day it was published, opened up a new avenue in the history of
pictures: that of their over-interpretation, something The Da Vinci
Code makes unbridled use of. To see the famous “vulture,” you need to
tilt your head 90 degrees to the left. You will then be able to make
out, in the outline of Mary’s blue-green garment, the head and beak of
a bird (on the left of the picture), its triangular body, and its two
inert wings.

•To reach the Angle by land, travelers take Minnesota State Highway
313N (Warroad, Minnesota to Sprague, Manitoba) across the border into
Manitoba, Canada, connecting to Provincial Road 12 in Manitoba at the
border, then to Provincial Road 308 Manitoba, to Provincial Road 525,
then finally crossing back into the United States in the Northwest
Angle south of rural Angle Inlet, Minnesota The
distance from Warroad or Roseau to the Angle proper is approximately 63
miles (313n provincial 308 =7 11)
northwest angle is 123 square miles split by the 49th parallel with 117
above and 7 below

The Albania Angle
Looking at the map below,I notice the 3 is above the 4 (heaven above
earth) the 11 is above the 7 all in an angle (angel) 5 is fier with 117
ALBANIA (notice the 3,11,4,7 on an angle)

I just found another ,SloveniaTraditional regions of Slovenia
1 Slovenian Littoral; Carniola: 2a Upper 2b Inner, 2c Lower
3 Carinthia; 4 Styria; 5 Prekmurje

The Archangel Michael is the greatest of all the Archangels and is
honoured for defeating Lucifer in the war in heaven.[2] He is one of
the principal angelic warriors, seen as a protector against the dark of
night, and the administrator of cosmic intelligence. Michaelmas has
also delineated time and seasons for secular purposes as well,
particularly in the United Kingdom and Ireland as one of the quarter
The Eastern Orthodox Churches do not observe Michaelmas. The Greek
Orthodox honor the archangels on 8 November instead

Old Michaelmas Day
Old Michaelmas Day falls on October 11 (October 10 according to some
sources). According to an old legend, blackberries should not be picked
after this date. This is because, so folklore goes, Satan was banished
from Heaven on this day, fell into a blackberry bush and cursed the
brambles as he fell into them. In Yorkshire, it is said that the devil
had spat on them. According to Morrell (1977), the
saying goes that the devil urinated on them.
my birthday 11/7 my brother michaels 10/11

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#44 Jun 19, 2013
Date and time: 19 June 2013 - 04:29MST

Moon distance to earth: 231358 miles Age moon: 10.2 days Moon phase: Size of moon increases Percentage visible: 78%
This 3/4 moon on 6/18 is near perfection, 1 representing 7 on earth, 2 (11) 313 (7) 58 near perfection miles moon from earth at this time,
Between 3 and 4 is a brilliant spot (look up size of brilliant type used in printing) pope gregory said they are angels not angles /

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#45 Jun 21, 2013
Moon for 6/18/13 was 231358 miles from earth , near 78% full

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#46 Jun 21, 2013
My input method difficult to see and type , only about 2" visible when typing so cannot read earlier posts, reason for repeat

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#47 Jun 24, 2013
Madame Blavatsky, one of the leading psychic seers of the 19th century, predicted that the Maitreya would appear in Asia around the year 1950.------Maternally, H. P. Blavatsky's lineage goes back through Prince Michael of Chernigov to Rurik, founder of the Russian state at Novgorod. One of Blavatsky's direct ancestors was Sergey Grigor’yevich Dolgoruky, a well-known diplomat of his time and the brother of Aleksey Grigor’evich Dolgoruky, a member of Supreme Secret Council under Peter the Second, both members of the noble House of Dolgorukov. Sergei Grigor’evich was the great grandfather of Helena Pavlovna Fadeyeva-Dolgorukaya (H.P. Blavatsky’s grandmother and also the grandmother of Count Sergei Witte) and great-great-great-grandfather of Helena Petrovna Blavatsky

Gregor'evich....Prince Michael.......Maitreya in 1950's

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#48 Jun 25, 2013
Century 8 - Quatrain 1
Pau, Nay, Loron will be more of fire than blood,
to swim in praise, the great one to flee to the confluence (of rivers)
He will refuse entry to the magpies
Pampon and the Durance will keep them confined.

Century 8 - Quatrain 2
Condom and Auch and around Mirande,
I see fire from the sky which encompasses them.
Sun and Mars conjoined in Leo, then at Marmande,
lightning, great hail, a wall falls into the Garonne.

Century 8 - Quatrain 3
Within the strong castle of Vigilance and Resviers
the younger born of Nancy will be shut up.(this line really rings a bell for me, as does century 2 quatrain 28)
In Turin the first ones will be burned,
when Lyons will be transported with grief

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#49 Jun 26, 2013
(Spain 711-872) The Second Age of the Martyrs
Orthodox England on the Net ^
Posted on Sat Jan 15 2005 03:06:48 GMT-0600 (CST) by miltonim

The Second Age of the Martyrs
The Spiritual Renaissance of seventh-century Spain comes to an end but a no less glorious period then begins. It is a second age of martyrdom, this time under the Muslim Moors or Saracens, who invaded the Iberian Peninsula in 711 and showed themselves to be just as ferocious as the pagan Romans

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#50 Jul 2, 2013
In Greek, which is the language of the mysteries, the word IRIN [related in some way to INRI from the Crucifixion], we find the word EIRENE, signifying PAIX (peace) and another one the Latin word PAX, formed of the Greek X and P of the chrisme (Chi and Rô).... The chrisme is the great Christian symbol and also the idea of peace found associated with Christ. The word PAX, a great Benedictine word, radiates at the top of the Cross’

I'll tie this in later...

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#51 Jul 3, 2013
The name of Nanterre originated before the Roman conquest of Gaul. TheRomans   recorded the name as Nemetodorum. It is composed of the Celtic      word nemeto meaning "shrine" or "sacred place" and the Celtic word      duron (neuter) "hard, tough, enduring". The sacred place referred to is      supposed to have been a famous shrine that existed in antiquity on the  top of   the hill known as Mont-Valérien.Inhabitants of Nanterre are called Nanterriennes (feminine) andNanterriens (masculine).Nain or Naina (Inuit:    Nunajnguk)[2]   is the northernmost town of any  size in the Canadian province of Newfoundland and   Labrador, locatedabout 370 kilometres by air from Happy   Valley-Goose Bay. The town was   established as a Moravian mission in   1771 by Jens Haven and othermissionaries. The current population is 1,034, predominantly Inuit andmixed   Inuit-EuropeanThe name of the Fourteenth Letter   (Nun) literally denotes a fish.This gave rise to a variety of related   meanings such as to continue,increase, propagate, and    sprout. The word Nun is the root of ני&#15 03;(neen, son) which occurs   thrice in Scripture, always in conjunctionwith another Nun KeyWord נכ&#14 91; (neked, posterity). This pair   appearsthree times translated twice as as "son" (Neen) and "nephew" (Neked)and onece as "son" (neen) and "son's son" (neked).Integration with the Inner Wheel of IsaiahNeen is profoundly integrated with the chapter sequence of Isaiah, where  it   appears only in Isaiah   14, translated as son.Nun KeyWord Nachal (Heritage)The symbolic meaning of Nun as Son, Progeny, Perpetuity,   and Posterity  manifests in the Nun KeyWord (Nachal, Inheritance) which the Lordplaced in the seventh   Nun-verse of the great alphabetic Psalm 119 (vs.  111):Thy testimonies have I taken as an heritage for ever: for   they are the  rejoicing of my heart.Heir of All ThingsThis meaning of Nun also manifests with perfect clarity in the Book of    Hebrews which opens with the proclamation that the Son is the "heir of    all things." This is the meaning of ני&#15 03; (neen, son) as used in Isaiah     14. It both differs from and integrates with the fundamental BeytKeyWord    בן (ben, son) which reveals   the nature of God the Son, the   Second Person of the Blessed Trinity.Nun (pron.:/ˈnʊn /),   in the Hebrew Bible, was a man   from the Tribeof Ephraim,   grandson of Ammihud, son of Elishama, and   father ofJoshua.(1 Chronicles 7:26-27) He grew up in and may have lived hisentire life in the Israelites' Egyptian captivity, where   the Egyptians  "made life bitter for   them with harsh labor at mortar and bricks andwith all sorts of tasks in the   field." (Exodus 1:14) In Aramaic, "nun"  means "fish". Thus   the Midrash tells: "[T]he son of   him whose namewas as the name of a fish would lead them [the Israelites] into   theland." (Genesis Rabba 97:3.)

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#53 Jul 18, 2013
On July 22, the moon is at perigee - its closest approach to Earth, according to .The best time to see this Supermoon? EarthSky says the moon will officially be full at 1:16 p.m. CDT Monday. So make sure to look up at the Supermoon during your lunch break!Monday's Supermoon is the third one this year, according to EarthSky.Happy skywatching!

Nostradamus uses the moon as a symbol for jesus, It reflects Gods light to us during darkness

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#54 Aug 27, 2013
     The Sail Club of Paris did not restricted its activities to the Seine bassin, it also used to organize regattas at sea in Normandy and Brittany. There Caillebotte became famous by winning many competitions on the "Dahud" he had designed for sea, specially in Saint-Malo in 1893. There too he was to introduce Paul Signac to yachting.Boating on the Yerres (Périssoires sur l'Yerres)I only mention this to tie in other coincidences,The impressionist painters from france, from honfleur, basse normandy, France.La Riviere Saint Sauvier has cross roads 580 and 29/44, north east jobe 312.

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#55 Aug 27, 2013
I see inspiration from god in many paintings, Caillebote painted "Calfs head and Ox
tongue"I worked at a company for one day that the painting depicts perfectly, I fell ill , and did not return to work there

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#56 Oct 15, 2013
Subject: Lunar eclipses biblical
1.Total Lunar Eclipse on april 3/4 1996
2.Total Lunar Eclipse on sept 27 1996
3.Total Lunar Eclipse on dec  10  2011
4.Total Lunar Eclipse on april  4   2015
5.Total Lunar Eclipse on sept 28 2015
From april 3/4 1996 to april 4 2015 is 19 years
From april  4   2015 to sept 18 2015 is 5 months and 24/30 days 
(matthew 24:30)
24/30 =.8
So we have 19 years 5.8 months which is 7117 days (birthday)
September 28 1958 on a Sunday
November  7 1958 on a Friday
1956 Leapyear
1960 Leapyear
Lunar eclipses in bible
Because total lunar eclipses often appear red, people sometimes call a 
totally eclipsed moon a “blood moon.” Therefore, Biltz suggests that 
these eclipses are a fulfillment of the prophecy in Joel 2:31 of the 
sun being darkened and the moon turning to blood and suggests that they 
may presage the Lord’s return.
The moon passed through the center of the Earth's shadow
A total lunar eclipse took place on April 4, 1996.
Total Lunar Eclipse December 10,   2011
A total lunar eclipse will take place on April 4, 2015, the first of 
two total lunar eclipses in 2015. Totality will last only 4 minutes and 
43 seconds.[1]
September 28 2015 Total Lunar Eclipse
The Ascension of Jesus (anglicized from the Vulgate Latin Acts 1:9-11 
section title: Ascensio Iesu) is the Christian teaching found in the 
New Testament that the resurrected Jesus was taken up to heaven in his 
resurrected body, in the presence of eleven of his apostles, occurring 
40 days after the resurrection. In the biblical narrative, an angel 
tells the watching disciples that Jesus' second coming will take place 
in the same manner as his ascension

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#57 Oct 24, 2013
Many of the dimensions of The Great Pyramid have a perfect relationship to many astronomical measurements which Western Man has, apparently, only re-discovered. Most of The Great Pyramid's astronomicaldimensions relate to the Sun (and light!) which, according to the ancient Egyptians, was a symbol of God. God, from the most ancient of times, has always been symbolized by a star. Our Sun is a star. Many passages in Matthew's gospel in the New Testament, although very deeply veiled in metaphor, refer (also) to the Sun as it appears to transit through the ancient astrological signs.In ancient times astrology and astronomy were the same science. After the invention of the lens, the astrological model of the universe began to erode. Astrology with all of its transcendent mythology was pushed to the side by a new astronomy created by stargazers with technology. Ever since that time Western Man has been lost in space, disconnected from the Earth and without a viable creation myth.The information presented in this archive provides a view into the ancient past and touches upon the Ancient Wisdom which has been abandoned and forgotten by the conventional modern scientific method. An understanding of this material will lead you to "the crack between the worlds", the place where physics distort into divine chaos. A place where science fears to tread... the dwelling place of God.
By far more than just a twinkling, it was the entire solar system which announced the birth of Jesus Christ of the lineage of King David, and the change of the astrological age from Aries to Pisces and the start of a new Great Year of Plato, or a Great Year of Precession of the Equinox (25,920 years in length, a 7 11).The celestial presentation evolved during a 10 day period.(Julian day 1719654.8333 to1719664.8333). The entire phenomenon contains (in astrological symbolism); three "mystic rectangles", a "Star of David", a "Seal of Solomon", a "Grand Sextile", a "Grand Cross" and two five pointed star configurations .

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#58 Oct 28, 2013
Taoism teaches - of everything in the relative world.

Heads & Tails - Another Way of Looking at the Yin-Yang Symbol:

The black and white halves of the Yin-Yang symbol are similar to the two sides of a coin. They are different, and distinct, yet one could not exist without the other. The circle itself - which contains these two halves - is like the metal (silver, gold or copper) of the coin. It is what the two sides have in common - what makes them "the same."

When we flip a coin, we will - in terms of the imprints - always get either "heads" or "tails," one answer or the other. Yet in terms of the essence of the coin (the metal upon which the "heads" and "tails" symbols are imprinted)

No longer will the great one be in his false sleep,
Uneasiness will come to replace tranquility:
A phalanx of gold, azure, & vermilion arrayed,
To subjugate Africa and gnaw it to the bone.
Plus ne sera le grand en faux sommeil,
L'inquiétude viendra prendre repos:
Dresser phalange d'or, azur, & vermeil,
Subiuger Affrique la ronger iusque aux os.

Century 5 - Quatrain 69
Ten Years After (Alvin Lee) "Here they Come"
Century 8 - Quatrain 69

Beside the young one the old angel falls,
and will come to rise above him at the end:
ten years equal to most the old one falls again,
of three two and one, the eighth seraphim.
Aupres du ieune se vieux Ange baisser,
Et le viendra sur monter à la fin:
Dix ans esgaux aux plus vieux rabaisser,
De trois deux l'vn huictiesme Seraphin.


The Politiques were horrified but many Catholics inside and outside France regarded the massacres, at least initially, as deliverance from an imminent Huguenot coup d'etat. The severed head of Coligny was apparently dispatched to Pope Gregory XIII, though it got no further than Lyons, and Pope Gregory XIII sent the king a Golden Rose.[38] The Pope ordered a Te Deum to be sung as a special thanksgiving (a practice continued for many years after) and had a medal struck with the motto Ugonottorum strages 1572 showing an angel bearing a cross and sword next to slaughtered Protestants.

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#59 Nov 11, 2013
All gold not made of metal

C1 Q 56

The great amount of silver of Diana (moon) and Mercury (Hermes.)
The images will be seen in the lake (the mind of meditation)
The sculptor looking for new clay.
He and his followers will be soaked in gold.
(a Hermetic reference to the attainment of enlightenment.)

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#60 Nov 28, 2013
Writing in the October 1987 issue of Popular Music, Mark Sullivan observed that various Christian fundamentalist anti-rock activists objected to the chanting of "Hare Krishna" in "My Sweet Lord" as anti-Christian or satanic, while some born-again Christians had adopted the song as an anthem.A number of commentators have identified the mantra and the simplicity of Harrison's lyrics as central to the song's universality."[The] lyrics are not directed at a specific manifestation of a single faith's deity," Ian Inglis writes, "but rather to the concept of one god whose essential nature is unaffected by particular interpretations and who pervades everything, is present everywhere, is all-knowing and all-powerful, and transcends time and space ... All of us – Christian, Hindu, Muslim, Jew, Buddhist – can address our gods in the same way, using the same phrase ['my sweet Lord'].

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#62 Feb 20, 2014
All material posted by me is to be CONSIDERED AS FICTION FOR NOVEL

(Then you'll realize what is going on)

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#63 Mar 19, 2014
Big Bang Theory

This would be true for any spin combination, except one: if the spin along all 3 axes for each particle are the same — up, up, up or down, down, down — then the recorded spins would be opposites 100% of the time.

But Bell's variation still leaves us with one reliable conclusion: the recorded spins would be opposites at least 5 times out of 9, i.e. 55%. If we can test this, we can prove that Einstein was correct about particles having a definite spin direction even at a moment before measurement.

Experiments conducted since then — substituting the specific language of each experiment with the example of the spins we've been using — consistently show that the spins turn up opposites not at least 55% of the time, but rather 50% of the time. This means Einstein was wrong, Bohr was right: particles don't have definite properties when not being measured. Even Bell was surprised: "The reasonable thing just doesn't work."

Brian says there's enough evidence to believe that even when the distance between the entangled particles is in light years, the "spooky action" remains just the same.

If we attempt to bridge the indefinite world of Quantum Mechanics and the definite world of everyday experience, we arrive at a conclusion even spookier: that "the act of observation somehow coaxes that definite reality to the fore", out of many possibilities.

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#65 Jun 26, 2014
Revelation 2:17
17 He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches; To him that overcometh will I give to eat of the hidden manna, and will give him a white stone, and in the stone a new name written, which no man knoweth saving he that receiveth it.

Great Year of Plato, or a Great Year of Precession of the
Equinox (25,920 years in length). 711 . The celestial presentation evolved
during a 10 day period.(Julian day 1719654.8333 to1719664.8333).

The entire phenomenon contains (in astrological symbolism); three "mystic
rectangles", a "Star of David", a "Seal of Solomon", a "Grand Sextile",
a "Grand Cross" and "

two five pointed star configurations ".

Fifty five is the 10th Fibonacci number and a triangular number (the sum of the numbers 1 to 10), it is the largest Fibonacci number to also be a triangular number.It is a square pyramidal number (the sum of the squares of the integers 1 to 5) as well as a heptagonal number, and acentered nonagonal number.In base 10, it is a Kaprekar number.55 is a semiprime, being the product of 5 and 11 and it is the 2nd member of the (5.q) semiprime family. 55 is one of only two integers with an aliquot sum of 17 (the other being 39). 55 has an aliquot sequence of 4 members:(55, 17, 1,0)

Century 5 Quatrain 50
L'an que les Freres du lys seront en aage,
L'vn d'eux tiendra la grande Romanie:
Trembler ses monts, ouuers Latin passage,
Fache macher contre fort d'Armenie.

The year that the brothers of the lily come of age,
One of them will hold the great "Romania":
The mountains to tremble, Latin passage opened,
Agreement to march against the fort of Armenia

Revelation 7:17
17 For the Lamb at the center of the throne will be their shepherd; he will lead them to springs of living water. And God will wipe away every tear from their eyes."

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