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Laurel, MS

#1 Jan 17, 2010
A Laurel councilman was on tv last night saying the dream was just as importand today as it was back then. Bullsh!@ This is the same councilman that led the charge to get rid of thw white fire chief so a black could be named chief.

This black chief is in trouble. He has cause more problems with his attitude. He also got help from the naacp and black ministers to get rid of whitie.

Is this the dream, get rid of all the white people and replace them with black!! The mayor yeilded to their preassure and did what he was told.

They are so remove from the dream with racism it is sick!!! It doesn't matter if your qualified or not lets just put them in because "its our season".
Bullsh!@. You have to earn it to sue to get it!!!
Sorry Bast$%^s
DB Cooper

Laurel, MS

#2 Feb 3, 2010
Harry Astrick wrote:
Is this the dream, get rid of all the white people and replace them with black!! The mayor yeilded to their preassure and did what he was told.
They are so remove from the dream with racism it is sick!!! It doesn't matter if your qualified or not lets just put them in because "its our season".
Bullsh!@. You have to earn it to sue to get it!!!
Sorry Bast$%^s
Yes that is the dream. Blacks are as racist as anyone else. Every time I hear them speak about a national issue and Obama they constantly say this isn't about race. Well who said it was? I didn't feel it was and they keep saying it's not. The fact they keep saying it isn't racial means it is for them and that anything Obama does is for them or him being a "black guy." He keeps his distance from them as they keep trying to coax him to profess his blackness. I fail to see what that would accomplish. Everyone knows he is half black, he said he is but for some reason blacks think things will be better if he gives white America the proverbial middle finger every single day.

Funny the blacks are the ones that sank gay marriage in California. So called oppressed groups always go after so called oppressed groups.

Roland Martin on CNN said he was mad to hear people believe we are in a post-racial America. Yeah cause that puts him out of a job since he offer little besides being the black panelist.

They will be defeated with their own methods. Obama is just giving them little tokens that aren't much more than the ones George Bush gave them. They'll never admit it but he's disappointing them with massive support of huge banks and token support of them and will continue to do so.

Mayor Mack hasn't really done much for them. Laurel is turning into a dump. That's not good for property values. Not good for whatever they expect from a broke local government. Private United water can't even fix 1/20 of the leaks that were fixed when the city ran the water dept. Seems the city of Laurel likes Private United water and their lackluster performance. This blacks and whites can enjoy together. More so for black though since most of Laurel is black. Seen leaks that go for months. United Water=clueless and taking your money.

Even though we are in a somewhat post-racial America, blacks will still lose. They'll lose to a group they are afraid to criticize. Hispanics will replace them in positions of power. Then they'll blame Hispanics, poor run Latino governments, white people and industry loud and clear. It'll be too late. You should have spoken up earlier. Enjoy the ride cause whoever is the black mayor in 10 or 15 years will be the last one.
Harry Astrick

Laurel, MS

#3 Feb 3, 2010
DB, I agree with you with the exception of 10 or 15 years. I was told by someone who knows, the city is broke. The council is spending money like there is no tommorow.

How are they going to pay for a new firetruck and fire station when they are having to lay employees off or cut services?

What are they going to do when the rating of insurance goes up because they haven't done anything they promised. What are they going to do when the rates go up to a ten (thats double the rate they are getting now) for Hawks and Windemere being out of the five mile radius of fire protection.

Two trucks out of date means another $800,000.00 to be funded. Sure they can get the money but how are they going to pay it back.

They can get the mayor and police new suvs while potholes and pipes don't get fixed.

They can fly all over the country to attend this and that while employees are told to cancel your memberships because we don't have the money or cancel the newspaper because city hall gets one.

Told don't send anyone for training but the chosen few can go anywhere anytime they get ready for anything they want.

Laurel use to be a great place to be but now because of all the racist council members and others running the show, its a great place to stay the hell away from.

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United States

#4 Mar 1, 2011
That's why me and my family are moving out of jones county cause its full of ignotrant ghetto blacks and toooooo many illegals.. laurel is a shitty place to live.

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United States

#5 Mar 1, 2011
Typo- ignorant

Waynesboro, MS

#6 Mar 2, 2011
Well come on to Wabo, if you really want to see corruption & violation of civil rights, especially if you have a nice car &/or make good money, you're automatically assumed to be a drug dealer because there's no way you can have these things unless they are obtained illegally! But dont worry, if you take someone's life or a sexual predator, you're most likely good to go!
Where it's easier to deal with alleged drug dealers because it doesn't take much work, if you don't have any on you, they will "miraculously" find them or write you a ticket. The more serious the crime, the less chance of going to jail or getting real justice because that's just too much work & dont pay as well as the tickets or the drugs! JMO

Waynesboro, MS

#7 Mar 2, 2011
Btw, blacks are racists? That's funny to me. The ones that are @ least their vocal about it, they don't have to hide behind sheets! Most think that blacks have a problem with the illegals because of jobs, wait until the illegals start taking jobs from some of the whites, if they haven't already. What gets me is the one thing that blacks & whites have in common is that both pay taxes! You would think that would unite instead of pulling us apart. Illegals come here, make $, send most
of it back home, dont pay taxes & receive
benefits from our government! None of these
things Americans, black & white, could ever
get way with. We would go to jail for tax
evasion & welfare fraud if we pulled that
crap! I can't believe that racism still exists @ the capacity it does when now more than ever this country should actually be the UNITED states of America!!!

Jayess, MS

#8 Mar 2, 2011
Tell that to Obama.

Laurel, MS

#9 Mar 2, 2011
Good points American. You would think it would unite us for reasons listed. My perception has been that many blacks don't care for illegals but if I agree with them in as little as a "that's right" they back away from their comments or have a look on their face that they are rethinking it. It's like oh white guy does not like this either. Like I'm The Man. They walk away from stuff they just said to the point you'd think I was dropping derogatory words. Knee-Jerk reaction. I must be The Man. Making same money, doing same job. In their world I must make more or something.

Some younger blacks I spoke with seem to have bought into the "they just want to work." True but so do 1.5 billion Chinese. If you just let in people cause they want a entry wage job you push down wages, push up unemployment and push up services/taxes. Soon they are going to demand more services. Only way to do that is not provide it and have unrest, provide it and raise taxes, provide it and cut service to Americans.

These young people are going to be shopping for a rickshaw. The nation is going backwards.

Waynesboro, MS

#10 Mar 4, 2011
Agreed. Mostly it's the young people who don't understand the repercussions until it's too late. When they get older & try to get a job & see how hard it will be they will see what us " old people" been trying to tell them. As they get older it will really affect them because social security will be depleted. I understand when you say that you agree then they take it as racism. Don't take it personal, they're just young & clueless. I was guilty of the same " reasoning" when it came to thinking they are just looking for work but after awhile, I came to my senses. By no means am I a racist but I think that if things are so bad in their country, why don't they try to fix it instead of coming here. They have a president just like we do, so if he can't make things better elect someone that can. As for the one that made the " white flight" comment, FYI, the " brown flight" started during the Bush administration!

“John 3:16”

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#11 Mar 20, 2011
What are your concerns and questions for the candidates?

Connie Glenn Wilkerson

Bobby Hendry

Tommy Dickerson
the unknown

Summit, MS

#12 Mar 21, 2011
the president isnt worried about laurel, MS. blacks and whites in laurel are racists. this town will never change. it stinks and worthless.

United States

#13 Apr 6, 2011
Wow !

United States

#14 Apr 6, 2011
Where is the post ?

Petal, MS

#15 Apr 23, 2011

1- crime will drop
2- the national debt will drop
3- no more welfare
4- no more foodstamps
5-- ect,ect,ect.

wouldn't it be nice no more boom boxes, no more hair plated like snakes in their head, no more pant's hanging down around their knees, no more haveing to see them walking around holding their pants up by the crotch.----oh happy day's

United States

#16 May 13, 2011
Preach it

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