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Corinth, MS

#1 Aug 7, 2008
I want to see how many people in Jones County is fooled by this new Sheriff Alex Hodge. I would like for someone to tell me just how many lies he has told to the good citizen of Jones County. Yeah i am sure they wanted change but was this the change they wanted. Crime has not went up he just makes the numbers up as he goes. Seems like he wants to save money but he sure is spending alot of it. I can see pay raises for some but not all of them. I am sure it is easy to solve a case when someone comes in and tells you who the suspect is. I think i could even do that without going to cop school. Oh well let people know the truth.

Baton Rouge, LA

#2 Aug 7, 2008
i dont think the people of jones county are fooled. think he's done a good job. no one in his position can make everyone happy. especially if he is doing his job. look at headlines at bust he has made. didn't see them with dykes. keep up the good job hodge. oh by the way, i didn't even vote for hodge. will next election.

Corinth, MS

#3 Aug 8, 2008
Yeah about the headlines, he is arresting statutory rapist. That is great and they need to get all them off the street but the idiot hired one. Now you tell me whats right and wrong with that picture.

Baton Rouge, LA

#4 Aug 8, 2008
well john, i guess he fiqured if he hired the guy he could keep a close eye on him. with that being said guess he won't have the chance rape again. way to go alex.
Sherriff Hodge

Laurel, MS

#5 Aug 8, 2008
I feel he is doing an outstanding Job in the old Free State of Jones. I know for fact that he is out most night with the other Deputies helping keep Jones Co. safe. However John is correct he did re-hire Scott Sims that was for some reason never convicted of statutory rape of a under age girl from West Jones area. Sheriff Dykes Fired Scott back when it all hit the fan, not sure what happened; but from what I understand her parents let it happen which does not make it right, but I wonder why nothing was done. If he did this he should have had his day in front of Judge Landrum and let Jay Ronald
make him sweat on the stand. Like they did Joseph Jones when he was convicted of the same crime. I would like to know why nothing was done. Maybe it was not true maybe it is I would loev to know.

Corinth, MS

#6 Aug 11, 2008
Well what about the one that he fired for cheating on jis wife? I think the Sheriff should fire his self too but that won't happen

Laurel, MS

#7 Aug 12, 2008
Is it a fact that Hodge is Guilty of anything, are is it just people making up rumor. From what I can see there are a few people hurt because they lost a job. But from what I know of the Pre-Hodge Department some of then need to go and maybe some of them did not, however I do know some of them were just collecting a pay check when you would walk into the so you always see the same people sitting around talking a bunch of bull that did not amount to more then that. At a time when we need people on the street and not a bunch of grown men and woman sitting around and doing nothing but warming the chair that's a waste. I have seen it myself one the once. I have not been up there since the new Sheriff come in so it may not have changed.
As far as firing someone because of personal business not sure maybe that's not the whole story, I would think that the person would have grounds for legal action if this were the case so to say that was the reason is questionable. However he would not be the first sheriff to do such a thing. When the old sheriff was in office there were a lot of people who just sit around, maybe he needed to clean house.

Corinth, MS

#8 Aug 13, 2008
Well thats true about people sitting around. The fact is he is not all he says he is. I wasn't fired by him but people don't see the real person he is who is leading this county in law enforcement. I see it everyday. We have a problem this day in time in politics. People don't elect the ones who have the best interest of the voters in mind. They don't elect the ones who people can trust. I am not a supporter of the old Sheriff or even this one. Both will look you in the face and lie to you. At least the other don't claim to be a PREACHER. When people only see the news they can be mislead. Even the news don't see the inside. Sometimes i wished people would just tell the truth. ex. we worked numerous complaints and are overloaded with calls. No you not when you making your numbers going up for just riding up and down roads. I think as a law officer that is part of your job anyway to look after peoples property. So stop lying and saying you are answering hundreds of calls when in fact you are not.

Laurel, MS

#9 Aug 13, 2008
I am one of those people who believe he has done a good job with what he has been given. It would have to be better then before. I know for a fact Sir that is is 10-8 most night and weekends on the road to help with the coverage. I believe Alex Hodge is a hands on boss who does not just sit up up the SO and BS like then last Sheriff liked to do. Is he perfect no but he does always look professional and like a leader. Are there things that need improving yes there always is.
While on on the Subject The Drug Task Force may have done some things that were wrong, in fact they admitted to but since when does the Head Boss ( Sheriff) come off looking clean should he not have been checking up on them, that is what he is paid to do right. I also know for a fact that one of the Sheriff's ( Not Jones CO.) that was involved in the Task Force was supplying drugs to his mistress by cover of his farm. O ya he was married and dated a young lady.
I'm not sure if the rest of the Sheriff's hands were clean but have herd they there was more going on then ever made public.

Corinth, MS

#10 Aug 14, 2008
there always is more than what others know.

Shreveport, LA

#11 Aug 14, 2008
And in the free state of Jones that is really true.

Shreveport, LA

#12 Aug 14, 2008
Yes it is part of you Job, however the sheriff is paid to always be on-call. I know for a fact the old
Jones 1 did not patrol at night, was he always a phone call away yes he was. But he never went out and help with the large case load that we have in JC. Alex is out every night answering calls like the rest of his crew, that says to me he does care not only about the people in JC but his staff.
just someone

Laurel, MS

#13 May 1, 2009
I myself think alex hodge is 2 faced and makes himself look good! He thinks he is better than everyone. No one is perfect but hes not what we need as a sheriff and I am so glad i didnt vote for him and to all who did how many of you wish now you would have voted differently? Pretty Sad how certain ones move up and others get fired for things the sheriff himself has done. Who is really the sheriff i dont think its hodge even though jones county thinks so! AND MONEY where is the money going?? and why all this new stuff if there is no money?

Since: May 09

Somerville, AL

#14 May 15, 2009
Sheriff's department folks falsely arrested 3 people yesterday at a traffic stop. Seems like this department is rotten to the core.

Laurel, MS

#15 May 19, 2009
"Sheriff's department folks falsely arrested 3 people yesterday at a traffic stop. Seems like this department is rotten to the core."

This a good way to get Hodge re-elected....Have legal action for someone Messing with outsider, wiseass, Libertarian, Yankees. A sure way to get Bubba to vote for him. Doesn't help that these people cannot even explain what happened to them in a 10 minute video. Sounds like they step out of line with an attitude and I am no fan of the Sheriff's dept.

Thx wiseass Libertarians.

BTW- Ron Paul sucks.
Jones bites

San Francisco, CA

#16 May 31, 2009
What ever happened to "Styrofoam" Keller? Biggest dope dealer in Jones. I almost fell out when I heard he was a drug cop. Talk about foxes in the hen house!
Jones County Resident

United States

#17 May 31, 2009
These guys are the fastest retards, They arent exactly the medical school graduates of the area, i have heard hodge speak on several occasions, it the same old jones county song and dance, all the sheriffs drive about 100 mph on any road,its hilarious to most of us being educated citizens who could care less if you drive a blacked out cop car. That would only impress elementary school students, or simpletons. Listen people most of these guys are the lowest common denominator, they are "Good ole guys" and they are only acting how they have been taught. they like to trail cars, There is a real "Fear Factor" in Jones county because of the unreal police state that is enforced there. It is sad that these people are so ignorant to the facts of "WHY" some people dont agree with having such an all powerful arm of the law. It dosent take too many college classes to learn of what happens when police are given absolute power, when the citizens lose there rights. But i promise you, there is not a sheriff in the county that could actually understand the implications of that.
Southern Man

Grapevine, TX

#18 Jun 2, 2009
With Gestapo-like tactics like those used to arrest 'them fer'ener Yankee agitators', Jones County deserves all the scorn that the rest of the country heaps upon it. Why do you deserve it? Because you voted for him!
The Sherrif's Dept. broke Federal Law by searching the RV without a warrant (or fear for their own life and limb), drive like maniacs for no reason endangering the lives of others on the road, abusing the public trust... and according to some of the posts here, if accurate, abusing their office.
Folks, learn something finally... Ditch Hodge in the NEXT election!

Laurel, MS

#19 Jun 2, 2009
Iza voted for da other man. Just ates mr. Alexs food at his votes for mes black folk cookouts din Iza voteds fo mr. Dykes.

Pearl, MS

#20 Jun 3, 2009
One of my friends told me about the thread here on Topix, so I decided to read. It makes me sick to my stomach to know that our sheriff rehired Scott Sims. I remember when he was released from his duties from the drug taskforce because of his dealings with a minor (that is a politically correct statement). So how safe are our daughters now? Im proud the sheriff, decided to give a statutory rapist another chance. Way to Go! Remind me to find of picture of him and try to explain to my daughter how she should avoid this deputy at all cost!

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