1,600 boxes of macaroni and cheese

1,600 boxes of macaroni and cheese

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DB Cooper

Laurel, MS

#1 Dec 9, 2009
Howards donated 1600 box of mac and cheese to Salvation Army. Would not need so much window dressing token charity if these same corporations would pay more than the poverty level, Stop using and abusing illegal labor and stop buying junk from Communist China.


Enjoy the mac and cheese suckers.

They put Dell Computer out of business yet?
Minnie Jane

Carson, MS

#2 Dec 13, 2009
DB, Think of it in a different way that the Howards are business minded and they were trying to cut down on expenses when they hire the illegal labor. It says in the Bible to be "Cheerful Giver" Did you know that you can count any charity off your taxes every year. good business sense. Everyone forgets that American was once referred to as the "Melting Pot" because our ancestors came from other countries. Dont be so hard on the illegal immgrants.
Former Member

Clinton, MS

#3 Dec 13, 2009
I have no use for illegal immigrants either. DB is correct in what he is saying. Illegal immigrants are a drain on our resources in this country. There are plenty of ways that they can become legal citizens.

They have no desire to do so. All they want to do is use and abuse the United States of America in my opinion.
DB Cooper

Laurel, MS

#4 Dec 13, 2009
Don't be hard on the illegals? They are "illegal." Like as in breaking the law. As in we don't want 20 million Chinese and Indians showing up one day wanting jobs then asking ourselves why our nation looks like China and India. Ignoring 12-20 million illegals today might be why America looks more like Mexico and Central America than it did ten or twenty years ago. I am talking about economics and massive trailer parks full of 40 year old dumpy trailers renting for 500 mo. Many near nice house that are worth a fraction of their value thanks to American Slumloads. Without those scumlords illegals would not have an overprice place to live.

Know what Mexico calls people entering their southern border? Illegal Aliens. Know what they do with them? Deport them. It's what every nation does except for America which the world always holds up to a standard they will not come close to living up to.

Of course I know you can write Charity off your taxes. Everyone knows that. People tell you all the time when begging for money. That'll only get the Howards a fraction of what they gave back, few hundred bucks. Which really wasn't much for a family with 100 million dollars. It would be the equevelent of some that post here throwing pocket change in a kettle. That's not going to get you in the newspaper or called a hero but it does for the Howards and they got all that cheap PR for the change giving. Got 100,000,000, Give $10-20,000 a year and get yourself more than that in the PR. Sports figures do this all the time.

They don't have to give a cent. The phony "I'm a good guy" act is what makes me sick. taking tens of millions from the government for stupid business plans, massive illegal hires, low wages and then they give some crumbs.

Classic example; Tiger Woods gives to Charity but doesn't seem to busted up about all those American Express employees that are always getting laid off to pay his salary. Don't see him helping or being a free or discounted spokesperson for a year and they paid him over 120 million dollars. Don't see him worried about Americans that could be making Nikes that cost 120 a pr. or about people that lost their jobs at Buick/GM plants. Took 8 million a year and never sold a single Buick that would not have been sold anyway. Doesn't even drive one.

What I am going a long way in Saying is charity is a scam that most wealthy people use to keep the workers from rising up and media from calling them on it. Not really a problem since they own the media. Makes them look good. Many corporations actually give money for high profile CEOs, boards, athletes and TV people cause they will not come off a nickle. Jay Leno is a good example. NBC buys him motorcycles then he gives them away. Well that was charitable. Idiots still think Oprah gave away those cars to those women.

Not saying everyone is bad but giving .0001% of your worth to "charity" or having other do it for you should not be rewarded with praise while you did it by breaking others.
100,000,000 and give 10-20000. That's .0001% If you have 200 dollars that would be like giving 2 cents.

then you got jerks like Warren Buffett giving away his money to Third world nations instead of the one that built him that needs it. How'd he make that money? By ripping off Americans with low wages, breaking companies up and sell off pieces and then shipping jobs to China. Sweetheart guy.

Save Darfur? How about Save Detroit? Not a cent for them from the powerful. Americans with power certainly hate this country.
DB Cooper

Laurel, MS

#5 Dec 14, 2009
Minnie Jane wrote:
DB, Think of it in a different way that the Howards are business minded and they were trying to cut down on expenses when they hire the illegal labor.
That is the way I thought of it. It's illegal AKA CRIMINAL also NOT PERMITTED, Against the LAW. Just like slavery, Violating food safety laws, robbing banks, dealing drugs or selling secrets to the enemy and saying you were just doing it to make income. ILLEGAL. I'd like a new Cadillac. Maybe I'll be creative and take one to cut down on the expense.

Minnie Jane wrote:
Everyone forgets that American was once referred to as the "Melting Pot" because our ancestors came from other countries. Dont be so hard on the illegal immgrants.
Everyone forgets? I think you means since people are against wide open borders and absorbing other nations they forget. This is by far the most diverse nation on the face of Earth. The most diverse in history of mankind. Two Million people a year come here "legally." More than the rest of the World combined lets in legally. Another One to two million illegally.
Big Mama

Carson, MS

#6 Dec 18, 2009
Illegal Income has been around a long time (prostution, gambling, cheating income taxes, taking money under the table. If the greedy employers did not want to make a larger profit then they could not hire the Illegal workers but I have watch illegal workers and they work twice as fast as Blacks and Whites and do a better job
The Utica Kid

Laurel, MS

#7 Dec 18, 2009
Faster? Maybe, Better job? Never seen it to be the case. They are well known for their lack of attention to detail. Usually can't even get their trash out within 3 days of pick-up or keep a car between the yellow lines. It's ok though since more employers don't care about quality control on final products anymore. "Good enough" attitude with both employers and illegals. Too bad for the end consumer that gets a growing numbers of inferior product & homes without a straight angle. Seen new occupied apartments where they painted half a ceiling and quit. Failed.

Slow whites and blacks I've seen are the result of a mirror image of slow, overweight management being lazy in some office, never stepping on the actual work site or spending half the day making personal phone calls, leaving to pick-up their kids, getting their car detailed or oil changed, taking long lunches and smoke breaks. Monkey see, monkey do.

Carson, MS

#8 Dec 18, 2009
The Utica Kid, Just because some people gain weight does not mean that they are lazy, My Great Niece has gained over 70 pounds working in an office and she is 51 years old but she can outwork most twenty or thirty years old. She recieves two fifteen minutes breaks and a hour lunch break. She does not smoke and if she take s a longer lunch break then she places in her leave. Some days she leaves her car to be detailed and her oil change but she is at the office working. When she recieves her break then she ask a co worker to take her to pick up her car. My niece has not children at home to pick up but she has grandchildren and she has many hours of over time that if she needs to take off to pick up a relative she will. Also, My niece does not smoke or make personal telephone calls. My niece is a work alcholic and she has good work ethics and if all Americans had the same work ethics then America would become the greatest nation on earth again. My niece produces great quality work products and she is very detailed. I agree that if the employers would care about the products most illegals would have to go back home. My goal is to put American's to work then the illegals.
The Utica Kid

Laurel, MS

#9 Dec 21, 2009
You seem to think for some reason I was speaking about your niece cause I said white and blacks are lazy cause they copy the people in the office. I have no idea what your niece does but I am speaking of the person in charge, The person that takes more than two 15 minute breaks, not data entry.

Speaking of lazy managers, Seen cases where no one was lazy but it didn't stop the big man from making up lies to feel better about themselves. Once had an employer express disbelief I was sweating on a cool day. Claimed to done as much work as me and "FELT FINE! and was not sweating!" Never said I didn't feel fine and I worked the entire time. He was on the phone and talking to his buddies for all except 15 minutes of a 10% rate of my work. Don't get me wrong, he signed the smallest possible checks and was the boss but I rather the guy had done nothing instead being a blowhard telling lies about working the whole day.

Had I been an illegal he'd have bragged to his buddy what a good (cheap, more abuseable) worker I was.

Chicago, IL

#10 Nov 19, 2011
For all its worth, mac and cheese is still the best afternoon snack for me…expecially if I have bufala mozzarella sticks to eat it with..i but them here: http://www.idealcheese.com/bufalamozzarella.a... .

Knoxville, TN

#11 Jul 30, 2012
Most of the menial jobs, like the chicken farms, the milking and the fruit and vegetable picking is left to the illegals to do, because the black boys and the white boys don't want to do it, they rather live in a government housing apartment with their girlfriends and five of her or his children, the daddy in laws kids, and live off the system in the form of food stamps. Why work your ars off and get so underpaid that when you get your check, you have to decide between milk and koolaid, one is wholesome and the other goes farther and is cheaper. You get in the grocery line with a jar or two of p'nut butter and a pack or two of balogna and beans and potatoes if you can afford them, and you watch the dead beat women and men get a buggy load of good stuff. It is disgusting. and they get it on your tax money. How fair is that?

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