good doctors who are not afraid to pr...

Broomfield, CO

#26 Jan 1, 2013
My wife od off of xzanax somas and 30mg oxycodone she had to have her stomach pumped almost died tubes in throat was druling everywhere thank the lord she made it has stopped and now tales suboxen it helps her from withdrawn and pain something for yous to look into it comes in a little strip u put under tounge im in denver had back injury i was on painmeds for 13years after help from my concerned brother i stoped cold turkey and wont take again im in pain but ill deal with it good luck peeps thanks my brother/chris good peeps

Broomfield, CO

#27 Jan 1, 2013
Its easy to get in denver co but Florida it is like candy you pay cash u get what you want its crazy i believe there changing laws you can go from doctor to doctor same day and get tons that's how people die

Jackson, MS

#28 Jan 15, 2013
Dr Trish in Waynesboro ms doles out pain meds and dr Pitts in kaurel ms will give you anything that you want however you have to go a few times before he will write you out anything. I worked at a pharmacy and 3/4 the of all narcotics came from terry Pitts. This is his cocktail for everyone 120 loratabs 12@ valiums and 120 somas he will start writing more and more stronger and stronger I truly do not understand how he gets away with it. He must have some serious pull been doing this for over 20 years now my famy steers clear if him he doesn't seem to reag care about bus patients- just keep coming back!!!! Strange thing he had a fellow doctor fired for the same thing except dr Grafton didn't prescribe third of what Pitts does. I believe he was green with jealousy. Everyone respected Grafton. Pitts us considered well paid trash in laurel ms.

Jackson, MS

#29 Jan 15, 2013
dru wrote:
Its easy to get in denver co but Florida it is like candy you pay cash u get what you want its crazy i believe there changing laws you can go from doctor to doctor same day and get tons that's how people die
Where army in Florida I don't want to go to multiple doctors in a day that's nuts!!!

Stanfield, NC

#30 Jan 22, 2013
update wrote:
since my first post, i have found a Dr. who writes what works and not what is "traditional" There is a big difference in what works and what is supposed to work..
I am in dire need of a Physician that wants to find what works for me and not be so influenced by the people that ruined true help for True chronic pain patients!! I had a wonderful Phy that had me where I was able to even work P/T but when he retired I have fallen back to miserable pain, which at times can make you consider doing things you NEVER would before!! HHHHEEELLLPPP ME !!!

Stanfield, NC

#31 Jan 22, 2013
i ve been clean for 1year wrote:
trust me a pill head would walk cross country to get a dr who would write anything i know of one but im not going to give that info out i did pills every day for 10 years and lost almost everything it damn sure wasnt worth it but you dont realise that when your hooked if you truely need them fine take them but becareful about the time you think you dont have a problem with them what do ya know your hooked and its a hell of a monkey to get off your back just be careful
I am not looking for a Dr who will give anything for no good reason BUT I do want one who isn't afraid to prescribe what you truelly need to function!

Stanfield, NC

#32 Jan 22, 2013
tbenz wrote:
I suffer from spinal stenosis and i think it a shame that junkies have ruined it for people who are truly ill. And to the one who call this person a pill head you have NO CLUE what chronic pain is like..but keep on judging people and one day you will. Karma will come back to bite you.
I used to say I would never wish my chronic pain on anyone...... Lately I have wished I could give one day of it to a Dr so thy understand what I need to function!! I agree.... Karma will sneak up on those who have made chronic pain patients lives hell because of their actions!!

Arlington, TN

#33 Jan 30, 2013
Chronic pain there is something wrong with most every bone and joint I have . After8 years my dr decided to quit all pain patients . If n e one knows of another dr within 50 miles of memphis tn would u let me know ASAP . Very grateful for n e help

Ridgeland, MS

#34 Feb 18, 2013
My sister suffers with chronic pain & has to jump through hoops to get pain meds. Just doesnt make since to me.
Tx gal

Midland, TX

#35 Mar 26, 2013
These people who "choose" to post on these sites!
1) They can't spell (sense/since)... Or they simply are so full of drugs... Does not matter to them how their posts are read and interpreted by those of us reading them!
2) A few are actually giving out names of professionals who (most probably) have NOT GIVEN PROIR PERMISSION TO DO SO!!
3) If a person is competent enough to go "online" to find a website to post their comments regarding pain and their need/lack of pain medications... Yet they aren't capable of going online to their State Regulated Commissions on Health (subjects) in order to locate a good physician to get to know and keep an honest relationship with such physician in order to receive adequate treatment for Chronic Pain!!
Is it just ME? Or does anything I've mentioned seem "reasonable" or "unreasonable"???

Salt Lake City, UT

#38 Aug 14, 2013
I have been a chronic pain sufferer for years. I have a doctor that I have built trust with who helps me.
My main problem is not with the doctors because the streets run rampant with pill seekers and if a doctor writes a script to someone who overdoses then they too get in trouble.
My main problem is with close family and friends!! The people that you think you can count on during a time when you are laid up scared and sick will be the first ones to ask you for a pain pill!! My sister, well 2 of my sisters, my niece and supposedly my best friend in the world is constantly asking me for pain pills you say no, then they either steal them from you and try and make you feel crazy like you took too much or get mad at you when you tell them no and call your doctor and report that you are diverting them. It is insane the level of things some would go through to get them and if they could take this horrible disease away from me then they could have them all!!!
You tell them you have been cut off to find them going through your garbage to find your medicare receipts of the medicines you have filled...
It is crazy so if you wanna blame someone dont blame the doctors blame these people who have put us in this boat!!!!

Portland, OR

#39 Oct 9, 2013
I live in Olympia was. I was on a methadon program and have been on s.s.d. I stopped taking all my meds xanax pain to prove my disibility Was non-related to the meds. Now my pain is uncontroled my.anxitey is unchecked and my dr. Is 1of 50 in the office and seems to not be concerned with any of this. Plz help?

Wiggins, MS

#40 Nov 17, 2013
mboutwell wrote:
Dr.okorie in hattiesburg or Pittsburgh or barclay in laurel. They give you what works liberally.
when you say "give you what works liberally"...what exactly are you talking about?
Cat buckley

Ridgeland, MS

#41 Dec 24, 2013
I have chronic back pain. Have had surgery2times. All it did is made it worse. My doctor writes me a scip for 29 lortab 10mg. This is supposed to last 3months. I only take when pain is unbearable mostly at night because my back and legs hurt so bad I cant stand it. I told them they can drug test me anytime anywhere to see I am not abusing them. They tell me take aspirin or tylenol. I am allergic to aspirin, it agravates my asthma. So sick of drs and pain. Junkies have ruined it for all of us

Sheboygan, WI

#43 Jan 10, 2014
PS I have applied for SSI and am waiting for help. What concerns me isthe amount of pain causes spaums and i dro things or twitch bad andworry, how am i to help with my twins hen holding a hammer or bend is very hard without the meds i need.

Decatur, GA

#44 Jan 19, 2014
Hello world, do anyone know of any good doctors in Memphis that will prescribe lortab 10 for patient without insurance

Phoenix, AZ

#45 Jan 28, 2014
I have been doing to a Pain Doctor for over 10 years. The last 5 years I have been going to a Dr. who recently retired. I have several health issues that require I take pain medication. Because of the length of time I have been on Pain Medication no Dr. will even see me in Arizona. I just need help in finding a Dr. who will be willing to sit down hear me out on what medical problems I have and do something for me. Can someone please recommend a Dr. in either Tempe, Mesa, Phx. Arizona
Chronic Pain

Meadville, MS

#47 Feb 23, 2014
Google the herb katoram, I have been taking this for yrs and it has the same effects as hydrocodone but much stronger. It id legal but be carefull where you buy it, There are diff types do research it online before purchasing any.

League City, TX

#48 Feb 24, 2014
ok lets keep THIS SIMPLE. ok im in texas , houston and i have medicaid / molina going to go nuts about all the invasive pain therapy. if i hear that again i swear is anybody having the same problem. ive had all that done. TWICE!! IM AT MY WITS END JUST WANNA FIND A PAIN DOCTOR WHO CAN GIVE ME SOME OLD FASHIONED RELIEF!! ANYONE KNOW A GOOD DOC!

League City, TX

#49 Feb 24, 2014
1darrell wrote:
<quoted text> when you say "give you what works liberally"...what exactly are you talking about?

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